The Satellite Pro A100 has a modem 'voice '?

The Satellite Pro A100 has a modem 'voice '?

If so, can I make phone calls using the Dialer in MS Outlook with a microphone plugged into my laptop.
How can I do this?


Please, don't make it so complicated. As a first step, it would be interesting to know what operating system you are using. On the Toshiba support page you can find sound driver and modem for operating system supported.

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  • The second monitor connected to the Satellite Pro A100 "disconnect" himself


    I use my laptop - Satellite Pro A100 (PSAACE) - with a second monitor with no problems until I did an upgrade to Windows Vista. After installation, the second monitor starts to show problems, i.e. that works intermittedly. Every 5 seconds or so the monitor "unplug" itelf and caps again. I hear the (UN) plug sound when she did this and the two displays flickers during this period.

    Can someone suggest a solution to this problem?


    I put t know what can be the problem but it sounds like the connection problem. Make sure that the monitor is connected correctly. Also try to test it with another external monitor. Is perhaps the cable or connector defective.

  • Error in device IO on the Satellite Pro A100

    I need your help

    I do Win Xp update and PRECAUTIONS Paltalk after that my DVD/CD is broken

    Error message I get: "D:\ is not accessible. The request cannot be performed because of an i/o device error."

    For your information, I have the Toshiba Satellite Pro A100

    Try to remove the drive from Device Manager. After the withdrawal, please restart the laptop. The operating system should recognize the drive again and you could check the functionality.
    But to me it looks to your training goal is dirty and it is unable to read the disc.
    Try to clean it, use a lint cloth and as the part of the lens is delicate, being very soft when you rub.

    I found that also this two links provided a useful info:

    guys good luck

  • Satellite Pro A100 - has no Imaging

    Hi all

    I tried to picture 16 Satellite Pro A100 for several days now. I tried our usual deployment solution called altiris and cela images very well the machine (which means that all files are intact), but when starting says NTLDR error, after looking for awhile, I found that altiris was known to have some problems with SATA disks in function. At this point, I decided to re - build the main image and use Ghost, I tried their exchange of traffic on the network and they picture (the same as previously intact files) but always returned with the same error. Then I tried to drive my main image to another disk drive cloning, once again the same error appeared while my main drive worked fine. I tried all the fixes NTLDR, wrote new boots still with no luck. I don't see it was a hardware failure, because it would be very strange to happen in 15 laptops. What I'm looking for is a form manageable to the Image of these PCs, as they are used in a primary school and will need Imaging regularly.

    Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    You get an error like this: an NTLDR or NTDETECT.COM not found

    If Yes, this problem may occur if your boot device (for example, a floppy drive, hard drive or CD-ROM drive) does not contain startup files.

    The resolution, you will get here on the Microsoft Web site:

  • How to use the Satellite Pro A100 speakers as a hands-free SmartPhone device?

    I have a your Satellite Pro A100 (PSAAC) and a T-Mobile SDA Smartphone. I would use my laptop speakers and microphone to talk to my cell phone hands-free. I use Vista.

    Are you sure that something like this is possible?

  • How can I reformat the drive of the Satellite Pro A100?

    I have a Satellite Pro A 100, that my son has used for more than a year in College!
    There is so much junk on I think that a reformat would be the easiest option for erase everything.

    However, I can't find any way to do it. I tried the usual methods. Start, Control Panel, Admin etc, but the format option is always deleted.
    I even tried to run, using 'format C:', but was informed that the reader was already in use and could not be formatted.

    Suggestions, please.

    AND, I need a CD from Toshiba to replace all the files of Toshiba, or they are in another partition on the HARD drive?
    Thank you very much


    You need a CD of the OS or the Toshiba Recovery CD to format the HARD drive and reinstall the operating system.

    The Toshiba Recovery CD contains the image of Toshiba. It s a package which contains the OS, driver Toshiba, tools and additional software.

    I would recommend using the Toshiba restore for formatting and reinstallation CD.

    And the best is that you would not need to install the drivers because the Toshiba Recovery CD to install everything in one step!

  • Satellite Pro A100 has "limited or no connectivity" & no connection to the local network


    I + really + hope someone might be able to help with this - been going slowly crazy.

    Bought my A100 18 months ago in Australia while I lived there and had no trouble to connect to LANs and others with my wireless. Everything was shipped over to me (here in London) last week and everything seems to have gone pear shaped. The House I live in has Wireless Broadband comes with our Sky Cable subscription, working on (I think - there is no real marking on the device) a router wireless Netgear A/G dual band (108 Mbps 802.11 b/g network). My laptop model is: SatellitePro A100 (part No.: PSAACE-007002EN) and it works on the following network hardware (drivers installed in brackets):

    1394 net adapter (5.1.2535.0)
    Intel(r) PRO/1000 PL Network Connection (
    Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (

    I used the Sky Broadband installation disc to set up the network, but every time I try to connect it tells me that I have "Limited or no connectivity" and will not let me online. I've been on the phone for Technical Support of sky for hours, trying to get this sort, but when I plug in the Ethernet cable to the laptop it will not even get to communicate directly with the router (i.e. put the IP address of the router in explore and view the settings of the router). My 'Connectivity Doctor' shows there is a problem with my wireless connection (which the network has not assigned a network address of the computer), but no problem with my ethernet connection and yet neither will allow me to get online and every time that I try to repair the wireless connection I get an error message saying that Windows could not renew the IP address.

    I have disabled the Bluetooth, reset the router I don't know how many times and made sure that all cards have been activated and crosses without bad red and yellow exclaimation in Device Manager. All network devices seem to be "working properly" (according to the properties of the device).

    After days of weeding through the proverbial haystack of resources online while at work, I think that the problem is either something very simple (i.e. a setting random advanced configuration). I read somewhere as you will need to 'install' the router on the system, and that is not "plug and play" as Sky Broadband seems to have deduced by phone... but I would have thought the installation CD has done this, as when I discovered my connections (when the Ethernet cable is plugged in), it recognizes the connection (it won't only ++ anything). If there is no specific process I need to follow in order to properly install the Netgear router (for which I am currently trying to see if there are appropriate drivers, I need to download), I'd appreciate a lot of the age of enlightenment! It could also be a question that I need to reset the network key in the security settings of the router, as there are already three computers in the House connected to the network... but of course I can not do without first sorting on why my laptop can still communicate with the router via the Ethernet connection.

    Points to note:
    -My laptop runs on Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2
    -The disc to install Sky Broadband installed Internet Explorer 7. the last time I was online, I think that I was still using 6.

    If anyone could be of any use to solve this puzzle, you have earned yourself my eternal gratitude!



    I think that the solution should be simple;
    I presume that you TCP/IP settings are false. I mean that the settings should be set to automatically assign the IP address.

    Please check this box. Simply go to the network connections-> local network connections TCP/IP properties properties

    He put everything on automatic

  • Program to close or crash on Satellite Pro A100




    Hi AL Karaoke ;)

    For me it s a clear case. Programs crashed due to high temperature.


    I suppose that the temperature of the environment is a little higher in the pub or club. In addition, I think that the laptop can not cool properly due to the circulation of air.
    I m sure that the laptop is running properly without any crashes if you are going to use it as a common user. Do not forget that there is enough free space around the laptop for a circulation and cooling properly

  • Satellite Pro A100 PSAASE: error Power Saver and LAN? After downgrade to XP

    I have a toshiba satellite pro A100-psaase!
    I could not find this model on the toshiba site, so I chose the A100-psaas software.

    The laptop came with windows vista. I have it downgraded to windows xp, has chosen the psaas model so that I can download the drivers.

    I have 2 problems: the first is the eve of power software, it does not work. Start windows every time I get an error in the energy saver. I can not uninstall.

    My second problem is, that a windows pop who found a network controller and I can't find any software or driver for it. So in Device Manager, an exclamation point on the icon of the network controller.

    The funny thing is that I have internet and all.
    I can't find a solution to these two problems
    Thanks again


    You have chosen the correct unit. The satellite Pro A100 PSAASE is the same model as PSAAS.
    I put t know why the power gain error appears, but for most of these errors occur because the tools and utilities have been installed in the wrong order!
    Seems that the installation instruction has been placed on the page of the driver Tosh! Read and follow the installation guide lines! Proper installation is important and necessary.

    The LAN drivers are also published on the page! There are 2 different versions. Try them both!
    The laptop supports a Lan Intel Ekron-R 82562GZ chip. Compatible drivers, you can also find on the Intel page!

    Good day

  • Satellite Pro A100 - recovery mode sleep with keyboard or media remote

    Hi guys

    I have devoted my Satellite Pro A100 to be a media center which is located under the TV and can play media network and DVD etc..
    It is using Vista.

    I want to set up, is that the lid is closed 24/7 365 days and when I want to use I just press "SLEEP" or power button on the remote control or the keyboard and it fires up ready for action.

    POINT TO THE NOTE. I did it successfully with my OLD Tecra M3. However, was too slow for vista and media center

    However, I put the power settings I want etc, close the cover nothing and activated standby hybrid (favorite sleep).

    Now I CAN put it to sleep with the remote control or the multimedia keyboard. BUT I can wake up?... NO!. I thought about everything... went to the Device Manager and made sure that all the options for the remote control and keyboard and USB receiver are set to WAKE FROM SLEEP. The only thing to wake up it is the power button - which defeats the purpose of it sitting there like a dvd player.

    awake when the remote control and keyboard function very well - I made sure that the batteries are charged.
    I have the latest version of the BIOS and speaking of BIOS there is no option power S3 I noticed, but then there were not on the M3 and it worked very well in terms of sleep and wake up with the IR.

    I come to the forum because even though I know that some older systems will not work with vista - IF the M3 will work - I'm sure that the A100 twice as new and powerful.

    Has anyone had this before - that I missed it must look me in the face.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS Also lately the touchpad played upward IE left and right clickers Exchange feature so one second your work as normal the next minute you click left and right clikc menu appears. Reset the synaptic reinstalled - rebuilt - BIOS - no difference.

    When I worked in management for a large company when it started happening was not good news - it's a bad news?


    I m not very well why it doesn t on your Satellite Pro A100 and why it works on M3.
    But the fact is that the Satellite Pro A100 doesn t support the FIR (Fast InfraRed) port and the
    Tecra M3 supports the fast infrared port.

    Maybe this could be the reason why you can not activate the laptop using the infrared remote control multimedia.

    Welcome them

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite Pro A100-840

    The specification for the Satellite Pro A100 840 said that memory has a maximum of 4 GB of memory. But it does not seem to be all provided by Toshiba that allows me to level to 4 GB of memory. This current has the default 1gn that was shipped when ordered. Anyone know how to get the 1 GB to 4 GB?

    Thank you in advance for any help


    I just wanted to check the specifications of the laptop but I was not able to find the Satellite Pro A100-840. Can you please check laptop model and send us the laptop model number.

    In any case I really don't understand what your problem. It seems that your model of laptop can handle with 4 GB RAM max. According to your assignment, your laptop comes with 1 GB of RAM.

    So if you want to use the maximum RAM on your laptop satellite, you must buy RAM 2 X 2 GB module. As far as I know, 2 GB RAM module are available and if you want to be sure of compatibility please check the Kingston products.

    Please check this Kingston Memory Configurator

  • Satellite Pro A100 - after installing XP I can't work


    I reformatted the satellite Pro A100 PSAA3E and Windows XP SP3.

    I'm not all the sounds to work on the laptop.
    I tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers from the Toshiba site, but no luck.

    Any ideas how I can get this problem resolved?

    Thanks in advance.



    You have installed a sound driver? You can download it on the Toshiba page: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    The SP3 for XP contains two important fixes for audio cards high definition. SP3 must be installed first and then the audio driver, otherwise it won't work. So maybe reinstalling the audio driver might also solve this problem.

    In addition, you must use the forum search. You will find a sufficient number of threads on this problem! ;)

  • On Satellite Pro A100 BIOS password

    I have the Satellite Pro A100-PSAACE since 06

    On 08 February he made that it self a BIOSpassword and when I went to Toshiba they me charge about $ 100 to reset but it is November again and they reset it without charge.

    They told me to do a BIOS password, so he can't make a password that it self but today I left it open, and as usual he go to Hibernate it self but when I turned on it asks for a password. I entered the password. I know, but it's not accept it!

    I don t know where the problem is.
    Can an authorized here tell me how to fix or what the problem?



    > Can someone with authority here tell me how to solve or where is the problem?
    Don t understand what you mean by authorized. Here, you will meet common Toshiba users like me and you, and not just any ASP guy!
    If you need to remove the BIOS password that I recommend you contact the ASP guys one more time and to clarify this issue.
    Perhaps the BIOS should be updated after removing the BIOS password again.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A100 becomes warm while playing a game

    I had a problem for some time with the Satellite Pro A100 when I play games.

    I'm glitchy spells during the game, sometimes with the fan runs much and the laptop is very hot.

    Is there something I can do?


    As you've probably experienced peripheral internally as CPU and GPU have to work with the best performance all in game. This leads to higher heat dissipation.
    If fans and the internal vents are clogged then the CPU and the GPU may not be cooled properly and may lead to overheating

    What can you do? You can ensure that your vents are free of dust and debris, and that air can circulate properly.
    I would recommend so clean the fans with a jet of compressed air. These aerosols can be ordered from dealers different computer/laptop.

    In addition, don t use the laptop in the bet, couch or on the knees because the cooling fans would be stuck and this would lead to a higher temperature.

    Good bye

  • Virtual sound on Satellite Pro A100 problem


    I have the Satellite Pro A100 (PSAAC) "PSAACE - 00200DG 3"with Windows XP."
    I recently formatted my hard drive and run my Toshiba Recovery CD. Everything worked very well. As I downloaded the latest drivers for my computer including the Toshiba Virtual Sound drivers. After I deleted the old Virtual Sound driver and started installing new version of same message appears "Toshiba Virtual Sound can't stand your computer."
    Then I tried to install a later version of the same thing that was on the recovery CD and I would get the same message again. Moreover, after any new installation of Windows XP, Virtual Sound works OK. Please someone had the same problem and could you give me a solution.

    Thank you!!!

    Have you downloaded the right version? I mean the version for your model of laptop (PSAAC)?

Maybe you are looking for