The series ze5400 in the same family as the ze4900. ?

I have a ze4900us that the power plug is loose and will not load or operate the system. Repaired once already.
I have a chance to buy a cheap and running ze5400 and I was wondering if I can just share my HDD, Ram and wireless card?
Can someone please help!


Hello @garyslt2,

I read your post on how you're looking to see if you can swap parts of two different booklets in the "ze" series, and I'd be happy to help you in this case!

Two of these laptops are part of the same series, but are not part of the same family. According to the maintenance and Service of Guide for the ze4900 (at page 79) and the ze5400 (on page 27), the reference numbers for the components you want are completely different. If you are still looking for a laptop replace like-pieces with that you currently have, you can do this with the following models:

  1. HP Pavilion ze4900 PC Notebook
  2. HP Compaq nx9040 Notebook PC
  3. HP Compaq nx9030 PC Notebook
  4. HP Compaq nx9020 PC Notebook
  5. Compaq Presario 2200 laptop

I hope this helps!

Best regards

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    Okay, I found information on a different thread.  You can share applications, but it is still open on whether the installation consumes more disk space.

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  • OEM Windows XP or the key issues


    Recently, I dug up a lenovo thinkpad t61. He was missing a hard drive, but I ordered a new one. The COA is still intact. I was wondering if I could reuse this COST to install XP and then upgrade to a newer version, such as 7 or 8. All other parts are OEM, except the HARD drive. If I could reuse this COST and upgrade, that appropriate measures would be updated from XP to 7/8. 1

    If you can return the hard disk that you ordered a refund, it would be the best option.

    Yes, you could install XP... If you have the installation media of XP for the same (family/professional edition) version as the license key on the certificate of authenticity.  You will need to download all XP Lenovo drivers and install them.  Next, you will need to download and install the necessary service packs and updates critical post-sp3... and then you you would end up with a non supported (since April 2014) and increasingly vulnerable system.

    System specifications for the minimum system requirements for Windows 7 and Windows 8 T61... but

    There is no way to direct upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 (or 8).  It takes a "clean install".  If you had installed Windows XP, you would be eligible to purchase a version upgrade of Windows 7 - but these days, which would be extremely difficult to find, at least at the initial price.  In addition, it is not at all clear that Windows 7 drivers are available for all components of the T61.  You can see the page linked above.  If the drivers are available, see this article-->

    The story is similar for Windows 8.   Apparently some people were successfully Windows 8 on some T61s-->

    I suggest you check the Lenovo Forum for advice and suggestions.

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    You can enable/disable signon.autofillForms false on the topic: config page.

    You can open the topic: config page via the address bar.
    You can accept the warning and click on "I'll be careful" to continue.

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    If I open Maps, type in a destination and set it to go home' - it does - no problem.

    If I set a location to the calendar and travel time from home' - again - the arrow.

    But... Click on the graphic of map of the calendar to open cards, and suddenly I live half a mile from the destination (rather than 40 years).

    I tried - as suggested - change my contact card (I changed to 'Home' for the 'work' and changed "Rd" to "Road" - just so that I changed SOMETHING). Removed the appointment. Stop cards and calendar. Calendar has reopened and put in the nomination. This time I went "Home" - all good.

    Click on the open cards - this time I lived elsewhere. Still hurt and still less than half a mile from the destination, but bad nonetheless.

    I tried to put in a new destination directly into maps defining this route, then return to the calendar and redo the previous series of tedious actions: same issue - although sometimes I still moved house.

    This happened just after the last update - that was for Cyberduck! I suspect that they are not related. But I'm not, so understand what has happened to make the change.

    Any wisdom on this?

    Re: How can I change my "Home" location in the calendar.

  • HP 15-p214np: my HP after downgrade windows 8.1 to 7 does not recognize the usb controllers

    Hello I recently dongraded my computer hp laptop 15-p214np for windows 8.1 7 and every time I try to plug in a usb flash drive or other usb device, nothing happening, no autoplay, nothing, simply because I didn't install the driver and the driver only I find for my laptop model is intended for 8.1 or windows 10.
    I've looked everywhere but I can not simply to find the driver for windows 7 and I would please help here...

    Thanks for your time,

    Nuno Cunha


    Yes, you probably have to install the driver of the usb3.

    First, I recommend that you install the Intel chipset installation utility and restart if you have not already done so.

    The second listed file is the auto install file.

    Then you need this driver for USB3 ports to work.  Download, unzip and run the setup.exe file.

  • Conversion of SSD drive for the reader to boot on m7 with Win8

    I just bought a new m7-j020dx (product code E4S19UA #ABA) with Windows 8 from Best Buy.  Unfortunately, it came with a standard hard disc (HDD), and I would like to install a Solid State Drive (SSD).  I have an Intel 320 and 530 series-reader.  But I was not able to get a bootable from that disc.

    The first thing I tried was cloning the drive to plant on a new disk of 530 series using AOMEI Backupper.  I got an error writing on the partition of the third.  I thought that maybe the drive was bad, so I tried again with an Intel 320 series SSD drive.  Same mistake.

    The next attempt was to clone the disk to another disk of 1 TB (connected via USB), reduce the main partition with MiniTool and clone of the 320 series SSD.  The cloning went well.  However, with the new installed SSD, the computer will not start, and I get "Error0x0000225", something about a file not found.  Disable "secure starting" in the BIOS setup has not helped (I did after the clone).

    So I thought I would do a clean install of win 8.  I generated a recovery on a 32 GB USB SanDisk player disc using Win8 recovery disk generator (as indicated on the site of HP).  I then ran the program of recovery out of the USB drive and after a few hours of software installation driver and several reboots, I get a message from HP, indicating that the installation was not complete.  Reinstall did not help.

    I don't know what the problem is.

    What the recovery disk USB one made from the original bad HARD drive (we get only a single shot at it)?  Do I need media of the order of HP on disks?  Are there problems with the use of SSDS on those computers?  Should I not a BIOS settig correctly (UEFI)?  Is there some Intel storage drivers clutter it?

    I think my next step will be to create a disc Image and place it on the SSD drive.  But I doubt that this solves the problem with the start to it.

    Another option might be to build fresh using Win8 media, then download and install each driver from the HP website.

    Any ideas out there in the land of the experts?

    Vachsen wrote:

    Thank you, erico, for advice.

    I tried this with 320 (160 GB) series and SSD 530 series (120 GB and 240 GB).  Actually, I have not tried on the 240GB again, just two other. . The 240 GB SSD is the best candidate. During cloning, using a larger SSD is the best for worms down the road when other programs are installed.

    So far, I've done everything suggested this that caramel:

    -Updated the BIOS for later: F.43. 03/01/2014 (HP support site).

    -Installed Intel Rapid Storage Technology v. (taken from the Intel site).

    -Updated the firmware of the 530 series 120 GB using Intel SSD Toolbox v2.0.10 of 06/20/2013 (from Intel).

    -The series 160 GB 320 firmware was up to date.

    -Installed the Data Migration Software Intel v. 2.0, dated 29/04/2013 (taken from the Intel site).

    -Updated environmental Support UEFI v5.3.3.0 dated 26/09/2013 (on the HP support site)

    -Enabled secure boot.

    Even using Data Migration tool Intel did not work.  Before Support UEFI environment, data migration tool would go to the step to reset but does not start what whether manually or to another.  Support UEFI environment, the software says simply "Operation failed." Following the manual data migration softwarecan be a bit tricky. There are a few things about the bootind of the Acronis loader * which must be carefully designed for the operation to succeed.  Intel also has a forum which can help as well.

    When I hit F10 and in the Configuration of the system, the Intel RST is not available.  So I suspect there is something not right here. The suggestion of updating the BIOS of caramel didn't across before it was made. It was not necessary and therefore not a good plan. I suggest that you use the Diagnostics UEFI and rollback to the previous BIOS. If you need advice with those just let me know. I have a few images that should show you what you should see. 

    A number of things, I noticed I did upgrades:

    -The site of HP support for my computer has Intel Rapid Storage Technology v, dated 30/06/2013 is earlier than on the Intel site.  Maybe I should roll back. That must be rolled back to the version shipped by HP. I see you introduced makes as stated in a previous post.

    -The HP support site has two distinct "RST", storage technology products a quick and a quick start technology.

    Intel has "RST" next to their rapid storage technology, so I might be confused.  I have installed the driver of the technology of quick start on the HP support site so if it is not already on the computer, perhaps it is not running and is the "RST" which is the missing piece.  In fact, same caramel said I need fast boot technology driver and then linked to download Rapid Storage Technology driver. Do not pay attention to what it says caramel.

    Here are two of the same?  Support site of HP with two drivers and version numbers, I suspect not.   Any ideas would be useful.  They are indeed different.

    The Intel Rapid Storage Technology softpaq sp61600.exe driver provides NCQ (native command qeueing) features for the SATA controller.

    The Intel Rapid storage Technology driver softpaq sp61325.exe is supposed to improve the SSD or mSATA consumption of hibernation and also imrove the resume from hibernation.

    You can't even consider installing either softpaq to clone the drive. It is always better to keep things simple.

    The SATA cable USB you use has two connectors usb at one end?  It is necessary to provide enough power for the SSD for data migration is not. Connect each usb connector to a different usb port.


    Intel also recommends the free use of third parties such as cloning utilities

    EASEUS is, in my opinion, the best of the three.

  • Re: Satellite A200-1ZF how to run the Toshiba face recognition system


    How can I use on my Satellite A200 Toshiba face recognition system?

    The only problem with this software is the program do not see my cam.
    I mean... he see cam, but when I try to save the new face in system then I can read something like "the webcam is currently used or there is problem with hardware.

    So I turn off the webcam toshiba utility, but nothing has changed.
    The hand of the webcam is running correctly. Her webcam Chicony as in the series of toshiba A300 same driver is the same (date, time, number, series)
    So if someone knows what could be wrong please answer...

    Thank you
    Good bye


    I checked the download page for your laptop Satellite recognition tool and the face is not available, so I assume that you downloaded it for a different model of laptop.
    It is not so important, and I think it should work anyway.

    I have more Satellite P200 and he was also delivered without face recognition tool. I installed it anyway and it works perfectly. My laptop have factory settings and camera Assistant software is DISABLED.

    Your laptop is installed with the recovery image too?

    Try to remove the preinstalled face recognition software and remove the webcam in Device Manager, restart your laptop and try to install it again. It works on my laptop and I see no reason why it shouldn't work on your too.
    On this forum many people asked if this software can run on older models of laptops and a lot of people have confirmed that it works well.

  • Satellite (PSAG8C-02W013) - what I relfash the BIOS?

    I accidentally installed upgrading bad BIOS for my Toshiba laptop (BIOS was of the same family). Once the BIOS flash my touchpad doesn't work.
    I found the correct BIOS for my lappy but I can't update the flashing app tells me that both versions are the same (1.90). So here are my questions...

    (1) can force a re-Flash?
    (2) can I downgrade to a version previous (1.30)

    Thank you
    -Germ (


    A downgrade from the BIOS is possible that a service allowed even a reflash with the same version. You can only update the BIOS.

    Then you should contact an authorized service provider and ask for help. Technicians can help you.

Maybe you are looking for