The slopes in ripping in Windows Media Player

When I tear my live CD I don't want a gap between tracks. In addition, I do not what have to rip the entire CD as one long track.  Is it possible to reproduce the CD tracks are separate, but there is no difference when listening to them permanently?

Thank you


RIP you your CD to MP3? If so, there is no solution for making gapless playback. This is how works the MP3 format. It leaves a small silence at the beginning/end of the tracks. The only solution for the MP3 format is to make a big MP3 with all of the disk.

Is there a way to make your CD ripped without interval. The Windows Media Player options media to be ripped off without interval by selecting Format: 'Windows Media Audio Lossless. I believe that no loss is a format which is gapless. A side effect is that the sizes of files when you check out files are rather large.

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  • Get the error message saying that Windows Media Player is unable to extract one or more tracks of CD

    Hi, I'm trying to copy a few tracks from a cd, but the computer rejects the cd saying that windows media player is unable to extract one or more tracks of cd.


    Welcome to the Microsoft Community and forums thanks for posting the question. According to the description, you get an error message "theWindows Media Player can not extract one or more tracks of CD". We will analyze and identify the cause of the problem.

    Method 1:

    You can run the fix provided in the link and check out them.

    Solve the problems of Windows Media Player video and other media or library

    Method 2:
    You can also try the steps and check.
    a. open Windows Media Player.
    b. click on tools-> Options.
    c. tab extract, uncheck "copy protect music".

    Method 3:
    You can also change the Rip settings and check if it helps.

    More information on:

    Hope this information helps. Please reply with the status so that we can help you.
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    I don't think you understand me... they ask you won't miss them but my windows media player... when I right click on my files or files .it's not remove button only remove from the list button.when I click on this file disappears for a while but returned then again.this is not good because I want to delete a large number of my files in my library .so what is the answer do I have to remove windows media player, and then download it again.must be a response,.

    * original title - just had my question answer can not find the button Delete in my windows media player 11


    ·          Are you a right click on the file in the playlist or library?

    Try the procedure described in the following article:

    You cannot view, add, or remove items from the Windows Media Player 11 library:  

  • How do I synchronize the underwater Nabaiji MP3 with Windows Media Player player


    I have a whole collection of music on Windows Media Player.

    I just bought an underwater Nabaiji MP3 player which is a 2 GB, so I can swim to the music as it becomes boring just to get on and off the track.

    It says on the instructions which are very vague and little "Store musicnin the menu root products"and"this player supports MP3 and WMA music files and this player is PC and MAC compatible and connects via a USB cable supplied with the unit.

    Then I plugged the USB and came Nabaiji MP3 icon.

    Because of the music I have on Windows Media Player, being much more 2 GB, I followed the depth in Windows Media Player instructions to synchronize the music chosen on the unit as follows:

    1. I made a playlist and title it.

    2. I sync to the device list.

    3. it will still play music on the device.

    As quite a novice in this area please can someone help me because I lost 11 hours so far and get to the stage where the PC almost took a hammer to it.  Very frustarting and might make you cry.

    All of the suggestions.

    Help, please!



    Try to add content from devices to your music library

    One main folder music is in one of them right click and select Add to library and that it points to the music library

    So WMP will read the library adding :/

  • Is it possible to manage more finely the seek slider bar in Windows Media Player?

    I cannot using the seek slider bar in Windows Media Player with the arrow keys.  Is it possible to manage more precisely where the cursor is moved using the keyboard?  Now, to jump back and forth when I use the arrow keys.

    Thank you!

    I cannot using the seek slider bar in Windows Media Player with the arrow keys.  Is it possible to manage more precisely where the cursor is moved using the keyboard?  Now, to jump back and forth when I use the arrow keys.

    Thank you!

    CTRL + right arrow

    Next playlist in the playlist history

    Focus not on the search bar

    CTRL + left arrow

    Previous playlist in the playlist history

    Focus not on the search bar

    CTRL + right arrow

    Jump forward (large increment)

    Focus on the search bar

    CTRL + left arrow

    Jump backward (large increment)

    Focus on the search bar

    Shift + right arrow

    Jump forward (small increment)

    Focus on the search bar

    Shift + left arrow

    Jump backward (small increment)

    Focus on the search bar

    Right arrow key

    Jump forward

    Focus on the search bar

    Left arrow

    Jump backward

    Focus on the search bar

  • Network for the protection of personal information (Windows Media Player) - Please help

    I use Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit and I have problems when I connect to wifi public wireless. My PC appears in "Other libraries" in Windows Media Player running on other computers on the public network. The files are not accessible, but my computer name appears.

    I set sharing off the coast (in the network and sharing Center) and in the library sharing tabs all is set to off. Internet access is set to public, and yet all the other users on the network can still see the name of my pc when they open Windows Media Player. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Juan,

    According to the description, you want your Windows media player must be turned off sharing. Am I wrong?

    Please follow the steps to solve the problem:

    Method 1: Run the troubleshooter

    Using the troubleshooter from network in Windows 7

    Method 2: Disable Windows Media player sharing:

    a. click on the Windows ""Start " the button and select"Control Panel. »

    (b) in the window that opens, double-click on 'Administrative Tools'.

    c. double-click on the "Services" icon to open a list of services currently configured on the machine.

    d. scroll down to the marked service "Windows media Service network share drive

    e. right click on its icon and select "Properties".

    f. Select "disabled" in the drop-down box to "Startup" type This disables the sharing service to run on your computer every time that you start it.

    g. click the 'Stop' button to stop the service to run on the current Windows session. Press the 'OK' button to save the settings. The service will run is more when you log in to Windows.

    Let us know the result. If the problem is still not resolved, we will be happy to help you further.

  • How to change the speed of playback on Windows Media player?

    Original title: slow down the Windows Media feature?

    Is there a slowdown function to allow me to slow down or speed up a song?  I use Windows 8

    Hi Andy,.

    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    I would like to give you some information:

    You want to adjust the speed of playback of multimedia content on Windows Media player?

    If you try to adjust the speed of playback on Windows Media player, you can follow the steps:

    (a) click on Switch button playing in the lower right of the player.
    (b) right click on a space open in the player (such as to the left of the stop button), point to enhancements, and then click play speed settings.
    (c) move the speed slider to play at the speed that you want to read the file, or click the slow, normal or fast links.
    It will be useful.

    Let us know if you need help on issues related to Windows.
  • Can not download usage rights to play CDs ripped in Windows Media Player

    I am running Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7 (64-bit).

    Whenever I try to read a CD ripped, Media Player tries to download of copyrights / license from the web using the browser by default, but I get this error message...

    The license can not be downloaded because your Web browser is not supported.

    To download a license, you must install Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later.

    To install the latest version of Internet Explorer, see the Windows update page.

    Make IE the default browser 11 isn't good. Some say to use another media player, but this is ridiculous. There must be a way to remedy this situation outside the re-rip the CD. I hope that IE 11 is not the problem since it is a new browser.

    For what it's worth, I've migrated my XP Home Library. Copy protection has been added to these files ripped of course, XP. Any music ripped to Windows 7 is not protected against copying.


    Out of curiosity, I opened Windows Media Center and tried to play copyrighted music. I thought some kind of license message opens, and of course, he did. The message / process was a little more complicated than with Media Player and Media Center has managed to download rights of use without problem. I should have documented my steps, but it was nothing more than the instructions.

    I have closed the Media Center, open Media Player, and voila, torn CD music played as it should.

  • CD will not rip using Windows Media Player in windows 7

    I just had Windows 7 a few weeks ago and have had no problems until now to rip CD.

    However now it shows "windows media player is unable to extract one or more tracks from the cd.

    I went to TOOLS - OPTIONS - DEVICES - DRIVE, click on use a connection error (read both rip are default to digital) no change

    I have gone to tab EXTRACT music and tried to drag the bar in the quality of the Audio and/or modify the rip format, but when I do I get "ripping settings could not be suppied" and they reset to original settings.

    I went into the registry editor and delete the MP3 encoding rate low and still no change - it just keeps going give me the "windows media player cannot extract one or more tracks from the cd.

    any ideas?

    Open WMP

    Go to Tools - Options - Rip music and see if you have a location, that music is being ripped off. I did not when I looked, it was empty.

    Then go to organize - manage libraries - music, it should be a location of folder of music here, otherwise click on "add" button and add the music folder.

    Now do the same for the other 3 libraries, videos, pictures and recorded tv, all should have places, remove those without a location.

    try to check out again.

    I hope like me you will be out of service again.

  • Rename CD ripped with Windows Media Player titles

    I'm ripping a lot of CD on my computer using WMP. I have you encountered a problem and cannot find the answer. I have a box of 6 music CD which is a compilation of songs by various artists. After the extraction of the first CD, I noticed that the track names and album covers have been completely messed. The album art for the CD that was used was album art of another album of the artist on the CD first, and the remaining tracks were renamed to match this incorrect album. The second CD had the titles of 3 artists, but this time he split CD 3 "separate files" and used album art for each of the albums by artists. I thought I had disabled the function where the details are obtained from the internet, but the second time I tore it is the same thing. I want the Tracklisting to stay EXACTLY as it comes off the disc, and if necessary, I can add album art myself JPEG is available online.

    Try this automated troubleshooting to see if it solves the problem.

    Solve the problems of Windows Media Player video and other media or library.

  • RIP in Windows media player

    I have a dell laptop inspiron laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate edition with Windows Media Player version 12. When I insert a CD and go to the RIP, I don't have the ability to choose where to save the ripping, so I can't copy a CD. How can I solve this problem? I can't add an extraction location form or choose a.

    have a quick check in Windows Explorer, libraries to ensure that your music library files are appearing there.

    If your music library files are not appear in Windows Explorer, libraries then go back to the Control Panel, input troubleshooting steps for solving the problems of the library from WMP.

    If your music library files are appearing in Windows Explorer, libraries then don't bother with half measures then.  Instead, unload and then reload WMP: -.

    1 unload WMP - Panel, programs and features, [left] turn on or off has Windows, multimedia features, clear box Windows Media Player, Yes, OK, restart the PC.

    2 reload WMP - Panel, programs and features, [left] turn Windows features on or off, multimedia features, set the Windows Media Player box, Yes, OK, restart the PC.

    [, Is equivalent to uninstall then reinstall.]  [WMP is a core Windows component & so can not actually be uninstalled.]

  • No option to rip in Windows Media Player.

    Original title:

    RIP problems

    In Windows 7, I use WMP that comes with it which I suppose is WMP 12.  In the past, I was able to rip the CD with no problems.  I opened my player now and there is no option to Rip.   Support pages are an option to just rip next tab "Create playlist".  On my player, he's not here and I don't see it anywhere.  Help, please. Thank you.

    1. is the option greyed out or missing?
    2. you remember any changes made to the computer before the show?
    Method 1:
    Run the Windows Media Player settings troubleshooter.
    Open the troubleshooting Windows Media Player Settings Troubleshooter.
    Method 2:
    Reset Windows Media Player.
    a. open Turn Windows Features on or off on your computer.
    b. location and uncheck the check box for Windows Media Player. Click Ok
    c. restart the computer.
    d. open the Windows features turn on or off again.
    e. Locate and check the box for Windows Media Player.
    Links for:
    · Extract music from a CD
    · Change settings for ripping
    · Rip music: frequently asked questions
    Let us know the result!
  • Can't listen to the radio online streaming with Windows Media Player

    Online Radio Web sites that use Windows Media Player - opens the player in a new window, but instead of buffering, said he plays but not output / sound. Certainly not security/pop up/firewall issue. Windows Media Player works fine CD playback, etc.


    then, you definitely have a machine which both sound and you can establish a Internet. I think that it s a problem of pure mediaplayer (softwareproblem).

    You have the following options:
    1. reinstall your mediaplayer or update.
    2. install another software mediaplayer like winamp or some other jukebox
    3. .. no other options

    Give some feedback, then maybe I can help you with your problem. ;)

    See you soon

  • Matshita UJD360 burner will read CDs but get the error message indicating that Windows Media Player has to close when I try to burn



    Welcome to the community Microsoft and thanks for posting the question.

    According to the description, it looks like you are facing some problem with Windows media player.

    He would be grateful if you can answer this question in order to help you further.

    1. which version of the Windows operating system is installed on your computer?

    2 have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    3 is the issue limited only when burning to disc?

    I suggest you to consult the following Microsoft article if you are using the Windows XP operating system.

    Windows Media Player has encountered a problem and needs to close:

    If you have any other questions or you need Windows guru, do not hesitate to post your questions and we will be happy to help you.

  • 2 copies of the same video at the same time play in Windows Media Player 11

    Original title: Media Player 11

    When you play a video file, I find that 2 copies of the same video play at the same time, we're over the other filling the window while everything seems tense. If I change the settings of mode full-screen, the same thing happens. All advice appreciated.


    1 are you facing this problem with a particular video?
    2. which version of the Windows operating system is installed on your computer?
    3. have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    I suggest you to follow the steps in the Microsoft article and check if it helps.

    Solve the problems of video and other media or Windows Media Player library:

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