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Since this update for a given title, 'CD', song or 'track' selection is no longer moves in the regular sequence, i.e.track 1 to 2 to 3 and so on. The automatic progression is random, going to randomly say 1 to 3 to 5 or 1 to 7 or 9 or 8, then sometimes back to 1, even skip a track in a title to another title, then another title. In other words totally unmanageable, without the possibility to fill in a piece of music, for example a symphony or other.

Is there a solution to this, any ideas?

Thank you.

Hi Roedael,

I understand that iTunes seems to be unexpectedly scramble the order of albums when you try to play the songs on the album in order. In 12.5 iTunes the shuffle button appears at the top in the center of the iTunes window.

  • Turn shuffle or disable: Click the shuffle button.

Shuffle is on when a grayed out box appears.

  • Shuffle albums or groupings: Choose commands > Shuffle > Albums (or groupings). iTunes plays the songs in the order in which they appear on the album or group, and then selects another album or grouping at random.

  • Shuffle the songs in an album: Click Shuffle below the album cover.

Help - play iTunes songs

Alternatively, you can access the settings of shuffle in the command menu > shuffle.


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    Once you have added music, go to the Options tab. Now click on Split (in fact the split music) you should see the music bar along the top of the film split.


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    Yes... 'media' refers to what we put on a timeline, so stills, video, graphics,... and the properties of the media used are important. Awhile back, we had someone who has a problem with the graphics that were fuzzy & pixelated and he couldn't understand why... they were perfect on the DVD, he got from.

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    But at this point, the media were 4 k. The sequence/timeline was UHD/1920 x 1080.


  • all the songs are accidentally left organized files

    Hi all

    I moved accidentally all my songs out their records organized iTunes.

    The songs are all still in the music folder, but are now loose in there, and all of their files are empty.

    I find that all my songs are still playing very well, but just do not know if maybe I should get iTunes somehow to put them all back (?)

    Since then, I rebooted my Mac and reinstalled an .itl for her, so not looking is not a cancellation, but rather an organizing method that would not risk ruining his perfect current functionality.

    Any ideas on that?

    Thank you!

    I think probably the best thing to do would have to drag the iTunes folder automatically added to.

    iTunes 9: understanding the "Automatically add to iTunes" folder - - files placed in this folder are actually moved from this folder to the correct location in the iTunes Media folder.

    Items already in the list of iTunes library do not appear a second time.

  • Alphabetically when you play the song on the album

    When I chose to play a song on an album, the next high feature shows the songs in alphabetical order, instead of the next song in the album. This happened after I updated iTunes to the latest version. 12.5.1

    How to disable this option? It's incredibly annoying.

    Thanks in advance.

    I have a similar problem... When you say alphabetical ordered song it is for your entire library or in the album. I have a problem where he plays the next alphabetical song in my library...

    If I have:

    (a) play a song and let it run all the way, the next piece seems to be the next song in alphabetical order in my entire library regardless of the artist/album.

    (b) if I start a song playing and press the "skip" button, the next piece seems to be the next song in alphabetical order in my entire library regardless of the artist/album too.

    I turned random and stopped playing the song seems to have been fixed, as if the random parameter was reversed on is off and visa versa... Although random shouldn't be alphabetical?

  • Unable to get the song on ipod

    I opened it in iTunes and got 51 Wav songs on it but it wouldn't hold any more. I then went online looking at a manual, and I realized I needed to convert songs to a lower compression.

    I formatted the iPod and then tried to compress some songs, but I can't figure out how.

    I need quick tips because if I can not all the songs on it I have to take this and switch so I can have the music while I'm out of town for the next 5 days.

    Thanks in advance

    When you say "formatted", did this using Windows?  Because that completely erases the iPod, including its software shipped necessary to operate as an iPod.  The right way to erase an iPod is to do a restore via iTunes, which implements (after deletion) condition 'factory' by default.

    When you connect it now (with iTunes running), the iPod still appear in iTunes?

    Are your 'Wav 51 songs"in your library iTunes music?

  • Deletion of albums of my iTunes library also removes the songs from these albums of my playlists

    Hello! I wonder if there is a way to delete albums of my iTunes library without removing songs from these albums of my playlists.

    I take my playlists seriously enough (because I know others do too) and would not that they be tampered with. The songs I have in them that I'm here for a reason and a lot of these songs are single whole albums I've saved in my iTunes library. I just recently the desire to clean my library because he got rather crowded with reckless decisions, but I can't do it until I have a solution. I'm glad that I remembered that this might affect my playlists before any serious damage was done.

    I still have to find a question like this or a setting that would allow me to do. Please help me if you have an idea of how to go on this subject! Thank you very much in advance

    No, you cannot delete an album on iTunes and at the same time not delete tracks. You could potentially change the details of the track so that less albums appear in the library, but I'm reluctant to even suggest that he. Data are always more easily thrown only recovered later.


  • See all the songs of the artist to IOS 10 music app?

    Is there a way to display all the songs by an artist under iOS 10?  In the early music app I could find or choose an artist and all songs belong rather than album covers. I want to scroll down any, not one album at a time.

    I'm with you on this one. This is also the case for gender, for example. Now if I go in my kind of rock library, I will get all my albums of rock. We should be able to choose if we want to see the list of songs within this genre. Just like in iTunes.

  • There is no sound when I try to play the songs of desktop PCs.

    There is no sound when I try to play the songs in my library or radio.  The speakers are very well because I can play from iTunes radio on the internet and local music. I've deleted and reinstalled iTunes, restarted my computer and I know that the sound is turned on. Curiously, it seems that the song moving forward and does not in fact (the blue line streaming lights up blue when I select a song or an advance to the next song.

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  • Is there a bug in shuffle the songs? iOS 10.0.1

    Love that I can remove (delete) the next song in shuffle mode, but the songs I delete seem to reappear after a song or two were played. The first person I delete is skipped, but suddenly are playing songs that I know that I removed.

    Is there a setting that I forgot, or is this one bug others have as well?

    I also have this problem.

    I get the following (to allow anyone to follow the bug):

    When the music plays.

    -Delete a song at random from the following list of top.

    -A this time the song removed disappears and won't play in principle.

    -When the current song ends and move on to the next, then the deleted song reappears in its original position.

    This happens with any combination: the random mode, non-aleatoire mode, playing a playlist or songs in the phone.

    So, there seems to be a clear bug in the new music app.

  • Alphabetical list of all the songs in my library

    How can I my iTunes to list my songs alphabetically by song title, so I can scroll on the air, I want to play fast using the letters to the right of the screen?

    If you use the music app on your iPhone, all songs must be sorted by alphabetical order automatically.

    If you use the iTunes on Mac, I suggest you by clicking 'Name' to the list in alphabetical order of all the songs.

  • How to exclude the songs, didn't like in a smart playlist

    How exclude the songs didn't like in a smart playlist.

    Note the songs that you don't like as 1 Star then add side is not 1 star smart selection criteria.

  • music does not sort by name of the song in the iOS 10

    I update my iPhone 6 iOS 10.0.1 yesterday and now when I sort my pieces of songs, he actually mentions the

    music by the artists name, not the title of the song Alphabettically.  Sort by artists works as it should, but by the song, it doesn't

    not work properly.

    Open the settings app and scroll to the app to music inside the application's preferences, you will find 'sort songs & Albums' in the library section. By default, it is set to "Of the artist", but if change you it to 'by title', they are sorted in alphabetical order.

  • How to display the songs up next in the new ios10 iphone music app?

    I've just updated my iphone to ios 10 and I can not find where to see my music «to the top next» It is not in the same place that it used to be.

    When you display the song currently playing, slide up from the bottom.

    So far although I have not seen possible to add songs to the next place you used to be able to do, that * because I used that often. Never understood why Apple feels the need to delete the good features in these updates.

  • The song disappear from iTunes on my MacBook.

    I have a song that shows as being in my library on my MacBook, but it is not. Some time ago I downloaded and then deleted. It disappeared from all my other devices but still present in iTunes on my MacBook. When I try to delete nothing happens, when I try to play nothing happens. When I opened the box of info song that States that it is always stored in iCloud, but it does not appear on any of my other peripheral iCloud library or is available from me to re-download cloud icon there.

    I tried to restart my MacBook & iTunes and also tried to turn my library iCloud off & back on, even running that a repair on my drive does not resolve the issue.

    Anyone got any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    Hi rangers29,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. Based on what you said, it seems that there is a song that is just listed in iTunes and does not react to reading or deleting.

    One thing that can cause this is wrong with the iTunes library file. We can try to restore the file and see if the library updates and removes the song in the list because it is not downloaded.
    If you do not see your entire library after you update iTunes on your Mac or PC - Apple Support

    See you soon

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