The start screen is displayed on the external screen

Hi guys,.

Recently, I have a Thinkpad L540 and it is pretty cool.

But I had a problem when the laptop starts when a VGA is plugged, the splash screen (the screen just after, when the portable lights) is always displayed on the external screen (projector).

I already checked the BIOS and it is set to "Thinkpad LCD".

I don't know if it will be fixed with a BIOS update.

Thanks for your help.




Welcome to the forum!

What you see, it's quite normal and the way it has always been on ThinkPad.

Don't expect an update of the BIOS to "fix".

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    What do you do? You want to recover the laptop?
    If Yes, you n press any F8 but you will need to boot from the recovery CD by pressing the C key immediately after starting the laptop.

    But this question seems that you have accidentally switched to external display.
    I recommend checking the Fn + F5 option. This combination allow you to switch between the display and the external monitor.

  • My laptop (Dell Inspiron only 3 months old) is displayed on an external monitor, but not on the laptop screen. I am running Windows 7.

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    Press the Windows logo key and the p key, and then set up the PC to display on the built-in monitor only cycle through with the arrow key.  You can make this Store if you want - key Windows-p, right arrow once, paused for a few seconds & the laptop monitor should then appear normally.

    You can do so at the end of each session using the external display while you are ready for the use of the laptop on its own later.

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    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you want to display the date and time on the start screen. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I'm sorry to tell you that it is not possible to display the date and time on the start screen and can be seen in the bottom right of the taskbar.

    I hope tha information above helps you.

    In the future if you fall on any question relating to Windows, please do not hesitate to post your request here on Microsoft Community, we will be more than happy to help you.

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    Repetition and crashes again. Help it does not start!

    Solved! Tried everything in support documents and none of it worked. Frustration massive Adobe Chat staff who knows nothing and just told me to look at the documents of support again and again. They also gave me a phone number in Australia which has a recorde d message saying that the product is not supported! What is everything?

    Finally Adobe technical support Anand called me (from when I have opened the original case of support which gave me the serial number).

    Just had to rename the file SLCache in c:\program (x 86) and again the EULA and reactive. Now everything works fine. Way to hard.

  • Satellite M50-130: no display after the passage of the external display in main monitor

    I have a very strange problem.
    My brother was on his user space as soon as possible and I managed to get the secondary monitor for main monitor and disable the screen of the laptop back, however, when it comes to me, it won't happen...

    Well, any help would be appreiciated.


    Could you please be clearer? Is it possible to see something on the external monitor?
    Do you see something? What happens if you use the function FN + F5 device display?

    I put t know how you managed to set the external display as main screen because on my laptop, this option is grayed out.
    However, you should see the laptop if you will start Notepad in safe mode. Please check!

  • Portege R700 with docking station may not automatically switch to the external display


    In the past, we bought a lot of A600, R500, S10, and always a docking station for every laptop here at Desjardins, we bought.

    Now we have a little problem with the new R700 model: PT318C - 00G 001,
    We bought 30 of them.

    WHY when we put in the tie-down (with the nearby screen) it can display automatically to the external display no/switch? (in this case a 22inc LCD)
    It is connect with the HDMI/DVI cable. And when we get the display by sliding in the graph of intel and media panel (V, after a reboot of the docking, the screen is all buzzy... sometimes both screen are dark, and we must use a combination of keys to move.
    It's really not easy to use for our users...

    With the old model as the A600 or S10, all have always worked well, if we are on the dock, the pop screen directly on the external LCD, so I stopped him, ondock it and start up of all is well on the screen of the laptop.

    We are on Windows XP Pro SP3.

    I tried the utility Toshiba display device change and expansion Mobile from Toshiba. are not clear...

    Thanks for your help.

    Have you installed a version of vanilla from Windows? Or XP has been installed from the Toshiba Recovery Disc?
    Maybe you are missing several key structural factors (common modules for example). Also make sure that you use the drivers to display on the Toshiba site.

    Also try a BIOS update (v1.70 is the last one I think).

  • Equium A100: Nothing on the internal display, but on the external monitor

    For some reason, my laptop has forgotten that he has a screen attached to it.
    I can see everything if I attach an external monitor, but there is nothing on my LCD screen, even if it is on and lit. It is only black.

    I tried to update the display drivers and even the BIOS, but neither one of those who helped.

    And it's not my screen brightness, either - which does not at all. It's as if my screen has just been removed from the system. Help, please!

    Are you sure that the display is not faulty? As far as I know if your laptop is not connected to the external display the home screen Toshiba must be indicated on the screen of the laptop.

    Start the laptop without external screen and wait a few minutes. If you think that the operating system is running correctly, try to use the combination of keys FN + F5 several times to see if you get the image on the screen of the laptop.

  • Tecra S2 cannot switch to the external display

    With my Tecra S2 and when it is docked in the Port Replicator APR - III, I used to be able to connect my external (via DVI) display so that it was to automatically screen output to we by default, not only to the windows startup screen (Yes, I noticed the topic on the forum at the start of windows) but also when display login screen and beyond.

    Only problem now is that there is no more than anything, she now only sends the output to the external display when starting and then switches back to the computer screen displaying the screen Windows login and when you are connected to Windows.
    Also after commissioning and connection, FN + F5 does not at all, even when you switch to DVI, display does not illuminate.

    I feel that either the nVidia properties settings (double screen, unique, etc.) or the Mobile Extension Manager have something to do with it.
    Anyone who knows the answer / solution to this problem?
    Experts on the Mobile Extension Manager or several monitor in nVidia settings with of Toshiba Tecra?

    Thank you



    Well, as I know it is not possible to set the external monitor as a default monitor.
    I use a Satellite phone and sometimes I plug it into the external monitor and use the extended desktop option.
    During notebook startup procedure the windows boot image will appear on the second screen, but the user name and the operating system appears on the screen of the laptop.
    I think you can use the external monitor but you can't set it as a default monitor and you can use it if the operating system has been released.

  • E540 + Dock among Pro - max of the external screen resolution is 1280 x 1024


    This issue could be discussed and resolved already somewhere else, but I couldn't find a match for my situation:

    I recently bought the ThinkPad E540 with Pro among docking station, in which I have connected my external LG Flatron IPS236 monitor. LG max resolution is Full HD 1920 x 1080, but for some reason any the max of my external screen resolution is only 1280 x 1024. The screen is connected to the station Pro among DVI port. I have two day of the graphic card drivers and the LG monitor drivers and started the system. I also tried using 75 hertz and framerate of 60 Hz, but without any help.

    What should I try next?

    HA, I finally got. Research on the subject long enough, revealed the cold made that updated Lenovo systems do not provide you with the last set of drivers (graphics card). On the contrary, it prevents actually update you the drivers downloaded from the provider (Intel) site. * beep *.

    So was the solution for this:

    -Remove the display card drivers (Device Manager / display adapter / preferences / adapter / uninstall)

    -The latest drivers downloaded from the web site of the hardware vendor intall


    Just after I had uninstalled the original display card drivers both the external display and the display of the desktop became black. I had to reset my computer and start Windows Mode safe, where I was able to install the new drivers.

    Now my question for Lenovo is: * beep *.

    Why is - that you can not simply to allow installation of the latest drivers from map display through your own update system OR simply give users the ability to update the original adater than newer display drivers.

  • 2nd screen duplicate of the external monitor no longer works

    I used a 2nd external monitor [TV] for many years, my duplication laptop screen. All of a sudden the TV screen will not appear anything but a black screen with the PC on this subject. In the customization, it indicates that the external monitor is connected.  If I go into display settings - settings-list all the modes-it doesn't show that 63 hz 60 Hz I front of tip - what happened & how to repair my external screen 2nd at work?

    Dpon can't forget to set the TV to the input matches the output on your computer.

    Try these:

    1. press on the keyboard shortcut that turns on an additional display.

    The FN + F5 keyboard shortcut is used for this purpose on many laptops. To determine what keyboard shortcut turns on another view, see the documentation that came with your mobile PC or go to the manufacturer's Web site. On my HP laptop, it's the F4 key, there two image from monitor on it.

    2. open Windows Mobility Center by clicking the Start button, click on the Panel, clicking Mobile PC, and then click Mobility Center Windows.

    Then, on the external display tile, click Connect display.

    You can also click on the button "Activate" on the presentation settings tile.

    3. turn on the dual display
    Make a click right on the desktop, Graphics Options, Output To, Dual Display Clone, notebook + monitor (it may vary I use a HP laptop).

    ASO, read this:
    Connect your computer to a TV

  • Black screen after on native screen only hp logo, but the external monitor is ok

    Hello everyone. HP Pavilion dv9700.

    The graphics card has been burned, and I ordered the new motherboard of eBay and replaced it.

    The problem is:

    When I turn on the unit, the native screen flashes once the HP logo then it becomes black. If I unplug the video cable and connect the external monitor, it works perfectly. The same thing with remote access. I start with a blank screen, and I can connect remotely to the laptop.

    What did I miss? where to look for potential problems?

    the problem has a link between motherboars and display.  I could see the screen by moving the display cable. Maybe it's because the poor quality of the motherboard, I bought

  • Of failure, white screen MacBook Pro HARD drive try to boot from the external HARD drive


    I have a 2008 Macbook Pro which is having some problems, I was able to fix them, but eventually the hard drive failed. I know that because at startup until it would have a white screen Uni (no logo) and you can hear a clicking on in the lower left corner. I thought initially it was a memory problem, but after opening and verification of memory, it's clearly the hard drive.

    I solved this problem temporarily (until I can replace the HARD disk) by installing El captain on an external HARD disc and start from that. Here's the twist, I couldn't he can begin to El captain, I tried CMD + R, CMD + OPT + R, CMD + OPT + R + P and now shift. Everything that's happened would be that clicks would cease to release the keys.

    I left the macbook on while I'm at work, when I got home it was on the screen to connect the external HARD drive.

    I accidentally closed the macbook yesterday and again once when I tried to log on, I could not and I left it on a white screen while I was sleeping. There is a possibility that he may have launched from the HARD drive when I get home, but if not, is there something that escapes me to force do this?

    See you soon

    Usually start up to a blank screen without the Apple Logo, may report one of the following:

    • Hardware failure
    • Boot drive is not recognized as valid and updated updated
    • OS X essential software is missing, hurt moved or renamed or corrupt
    • A firmware update is necessary

    No matter who, in order to boot from an external drive "bootable", you would normally hold down the Option key until you get a screen that offers a number of devices to try to boot from.

    Alternatively, you can try holding down the C key to try to boot from the external drive.

    If none of these startup options work, then the bootable disc or the USB port on your MacBook Pro can be the question.

    Since you have a Mac pre-2013, if you hold down the D key while booting, the built-in Apple Hardware Test should start up.  This can help to identify hardware problems.

  • Interruption of the external connection USB - C display after sleep

    I connect my MacBook (retina, 12 inches, beginning 2016) directly via a USB - C cable for an external display Lenovo X 1. The MacBook recognizes the display when I plug in the cable. I then close the MacBook and work exclusively in the external display. However, after that the MacBook wakes from sleep, he does reconnect not to display. This means that whenever the computer goes to sleep I have to disconnect and freshly plug cable USB - C to connect to the screen. Anyone know what to do the display remains connected?

    Hello forestforger,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community Support from Apple. I know just how you feel. I have a few different external monitors, that I use with my MacBook - I depend on everything working properly!

    One way to solve this problem is by resetting the management system (SCM) controller on your MacBook. MSC helps to regulate the functions of some of the other material on your Mac. This article will guide you through how to reset: reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac.

    Let us know if this works, or if you experience other problems, the entire community is here to help.

    Best regards

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