"The String to Byte Array" and its operations on-site (memory) of twins "Byte Array to string"? (or if they incur sentence of copy/memory operation?)

I can't deduct the answer to this question (topic/post title) of the help of LabVIEW on the functions.

Intuitively, it seems that the two representations of data are equal to the memory and so goes between the two should essentially be a no-op when the code is compiled... but is it? (assuming that the length of the array of strings/remains constant, can I go back repeatedly without performance?)

As a string of LabVIEW is a handful and any other type of data except tables aren't a handful; that implies to me that a string = U8-table-grip handle and so a string into an array of U8-could be a memory or inefficient operation since no conversion actually take place?

The reason I ask, is that when you work with for example TCP Read or read VISA, 'data' reading is always a string, but according to what you are doing, this string is often more efficiently processed/interpreted if converted to an array of U8 and I just want to know if (memory and CPU point of view) I can move freely between the chain and U8 array and return depending on what format is most appropriate to a point?

(Also, I'm at this stage fairly certain that the "array of strings of bytes" is cleaner AND more efficient than a type-cast to an array of U8 strin... but I could be wrong.)

I did some tests on this just now, and my conclusion is that it is completely in place. The local users group had a coding challenge when this became relevant to my solution.

Tags: NI Software

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    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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    The enforcement team asked me to reorg or shrink the table sys.job$ and explained its large size is probably due to the fact that they believe some process went wrong turned for years resulting in job creation, but his long since been cleaned.

    What motivates is to save space in the SYSTEM tablespace and possibly help some query performance.

    I know that in general its forbidden to directly manipulate the sys objects (such as truncation, insert, etc. with the exception of sys.aud$).

    Y at - it a taken way supported to reduce the size of this table.  Any document referencing.

    Yes, there is a way taken in charge.

    It's called "Recreate the database"


    Sybrand Bakker

    Senior Oracle DBA

  • Select the last Date of multicolumn and its value adjustent cust_id

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    date of change_date_1,

    number of custid_2

    date of change_date_2,

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    date of change_date_5


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    Here's one way:

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    OF test_tbl

    UNPIVOT ((custid, change_date)

    Label ((custid_1, change_date_1) AS 1)

    , (custid_2, change_date_2) AS 2

    , (custid_3, change_date_3) AS 3

    , (custid_4, change_date_4) AS 4

    , (custid_5, change_date_5) AS 5




    SELECT custid, change_date

    Of unpivoted_data

    WHERE r_num = 1


    Having several columns for several occurrences of basically the same thing is a bad table.  This problem would be much simpler, but also more effective if each pair custid/change_date has been strored on a separate line.  In addition, you would not be limited to 5 pairs.

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    When you install MSE, it will automatically disable Windows Defender and event he could come at the start, it does not cause performance problem. Start by opening Windows Defender and if it shows that it is disable, then you don't need to do anything. However, if it was open, then go to settings and turn it off.

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    Let us know the results.


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    Do not believe that the inspection of the fragments will particularly affect AnyConnect traffic. It will be inspected for a maximum of 256 fragments before start up package for inspection. It will affect all traffic through the router, but not specifically for traffic AnyConnect.

    Hope that helps.

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    Could you please tell me the correct syntax for this. Thanks in advance.

    You're looking like that?

    Guest os ipaddress, subnet and gateway information

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    I was wondering if there are plans for the forms of the Muse to be hosted on BC and ready to integrate the site of Muse is on a third-party host? If this is already possible... How?  I know of another company that allows for forms (using their program of separate web form) to be hosted through them and integrated into their web design software that can accommodate a site elsewhere... wasn't sure that Muse was able to do this also.   Thank you, I appreciate any help.

    Hi Davz,

    You can use the forms of the Muse on a third party host. But if you create a form in British Colombia and embed it in the Muse, you can not use it on a third-party host. It can be used in British Colombia only.

    Kind regards


  • Is there a way to get the list of hosts and its groups of belonging to the vCenter folder level in 5.5 web vsphere client plugin development?


    I need to get the list of all hosts and its groups of belonging to the vcenter folder level.

    1. I created a view giving the extension point: vsphere.core.folder.monitorViews.

    2. After this step, I wrote the constraint as in my class of mediator,

    var ListConstraint:Constraint =

    QuerySpecUtil.createConstraintForRelationship ( _contextObject, 'childEntity');

    I was expecting a list of all child entities such as hosts, dc, cluster... But I have only the immediate child object which is only the Datacenter as my result.

    Is it possible to get all hosts and vCenter folder level Clusters because I need the entire list to vCenter (highest level).

    Other info:

    Object file has only two properties:

    1 childEntity - list of entities

    2 childType in-kind folder ('Virtual Machine', 'Data center'...)

    Is it possible to write a constraint specifying which list of childEntities I need using childType in.

    Example: Make Me childEntities that has a 'Host' and 'Cluster' childType but childType in doesn't have these two types.

    In addition, at this level, I could see the 'Associated objects' tab which has all the information I need, such as Clusters and Cluster tab hosts and host tab respectively.

    So, I think its possible to get this list to vCenter folder level.

    I have attached a screenshot representing the need. Kindly ignore the Conventions of naming in there since I edited the example comes with the sdk program.


    1. How can I get the host and Cluster (table of relationship) list to vCenter folder level or even at the level of the vise.global.view?

    2. once I get this list, is it possible for me to manipulate that list and send the new list to IU?

    3. is there another way to do the same thing without the help of model classes and mediator?

    Pointers to this will be very useful.

    It is not possible to obtain all hosts a folder specific vCenter from a single query Data Manager.  You need to get the list of centers of data first and then get a list of data center hosts.

    It is best to make these repeated requests to the java level and return only the list that you want to the user interface.

    You can get all the objects in the host of the system with a simple query using a constraint with targetType = 'HostSystem', but you will need to eliminate those from other vCenter servers.  See how this chassis example queries all hosts the Java later in the getHosts() method: samples/chassis-app/chassisRackVSphere-service/src/main/java/com/vmware/samples/chassisRackVSphere/ChassisRackVSphereDataAdapter.java

    Another option is to use the vSphere Web Services SDK to browse vCenter. See the vSphere management forum for help on these APIs.  See this plugin of the sample using this SDK


  • duration of the process and its status

    in e-Business 11.5.10, in the tables in which I see the duration of a process and its status?
    Thans a lot before.


    This process you are talking about here? If you want to say several simultaneous requests, then see the FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS table.

    Kind regards

  • PowerCLI to change vm and its file names

    Hi all

    For 100 VMS, I need to change the inventory of vm name and its file names (vmx, vmdk, etc.) to another name.

    Could you please help to create a script that retrieves the entries to a file (existing name and new name for it) and it changes automatically.

    The easiest way is to rename the DisplayName property of the virtual machine with Set-VM.

    Then do a svMotion, which will rename all of the files for the DisplayName property.

    But, you will need space for moving VMs around, and a svMotion could take some time to complete.

    That's what I meant when I asked if you could use svMotion.

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