The tool inspector Web Developer disappeared :(

I used to use the tools > Web Developer > inspection (or inspector, I don't remember exactly) tool. It was there without explicitly install me it and suddenly it is there more.

That's happened?
Thank you.


You can set the devtools.inspector.enabled pref to true on the subject: config for the Inspector build-in page but I don't know how it works in versions of Firefox 9. Close and restart Firefox.

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  • The main module controls develop disappeared from the window to develop.  How can I get back them?

    The main module controls develop disappeared from the window to develop.  How can I get back them?  I work with Lightroom 5.3.  The missing controls are the sliders for exposure, clarity, contrast, etc.  I must have inadvertently clicked on something that made them disappear, but nothing I tried back them.  I've never had this experience over the years that I've been using Lightroom (since version 1.1).

    Right-click on any other element curve tone e.g., and tick on 'Basic' if that is what you are missing.

    If you miss the right click the full module to develop any other point Library for ex and put a check mark on develop

  • Inspector on the tools of firefox development is empty

    I have trouble with the Developer Tools tab of the Inspector.

    At times, the Panel is completely empty. the Panel with the rules, calculated, fonts,... is very good and the path is also active, but the main table with the html structure is empty.

    I have to re - open and close the developer tools to reactivated this Panel and after certain times or certain actions (do not know what exactly), the Panel is white, once again.

    I use Firefox 26 (but it was the same thing on FF25) on basic OS Luna (based on Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit)

    Thank you.

    Hi bibichette,

    Please contact our support. It is strange that the Inspector is empty when you inspect an element on the page. What have you tried already?

    Please let us know how it goes, we are happy to help you.

  • The 'save for web' has disappeared... :-/

    I've recently updated my settings, confirmed that the color profile is RGB, and yet I can not save for web. He disappeared suddenly gray and cannot be accessed. I can't yet save in jpg or png. :-/ I use Photoshop on a Mac 10.9.4 CC

    Under Image > Mode > RGB are you fixed to 8bits/channel?

    Nancy O.

  • help - I lost the tools 'base' to develop - how can I get that back

    I've lost the 'basic' toolset in mode help us... How to return

    Right-click on one of the other sections as tone curve (in the header section) and make sure that there is a checkmark in Basic.

  • Where can I find help for tools > Web Developer?

    I'm helping a friend change his web site. Where can I find help for the Tools menu > Web Developer?

    Specifically, I need to find where I can edit the HTML code, preferably in a WYSIWYG environment (that is, not laced with HTML tags), then how can I save the new file (s).

    Firefox does not have a built-in html WYSIWYG editor. You can download an html editor, based on the Mozilla code as Firefox, free like KompoZer or BlueGriffon.


  • Firefox version 21 of it which is the WEB DEVELOPMENT TOOL? What are the functions and what is it for?

    I just want to know what all the tools in the toolbar / web developer

    Each of them control?

    The current versions of Firefox have many tools of web development integrated including an inspector and a Style editor.

    The Web Developer toolbar has a help (F1) menu to facilitate the entry of orders.

    You can also use this toolbar to make a screenshot full page.

  • I was told that Web Developer had buttons that enabled me to disable JavaScript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), but I do not see these keys on Firefox version 10. How can I access these two functions? So how can I activate JavaScript later? Thank you.

    I need the way to points that allows to disable JavaScript (and then to turn it on) and allows to turn off CSS.

    These access points do not appear on the Web Developer (v.10)

    Thank you.

    Are you sure that whoever told you that was not referring to the add-on Web Developer?

    It has features allowing disabling of Javascript and style sheets.

  • Move from Mac to? For Web development

    OK guys, I'm about a possible switch. I am a business owner who uses the computer Mac for our work. Lately I've been do want to eventually move from our beloved Macs once to another system. So my questions are the following:

    1 will be wise to switch to Windows if Mac is what we are accustomed to?

    2. Although I used to use Windows computers several years back. The interface is so different now. What is the learning curve that I will face?

    3. If I choose to go with a Dell system, what would be the best for web development and even a certain creation of mobile applications. Please, if possible give me more information on all the options of Dell.

    4. who use Dell for their web development, and why is it a better choice than Macs.

    A consultant will help you. Thank you very much!

    Chris Hines

    Every Mac since 2006 run windows natively. (this isn't a PC virtual but rather native windows)

    IOS application development is done on Mac afaikt.  If its android or another platform then mac is not mandatory.

    Its a draw upward as much as that of something because everyone including apple returned to exclusive pieces.

    My personal preference for development and other work is systems Mac Pro from 2006 to 2012 and Dell Precision Systems of the A380 to the 3400 and 3500 Series.  The T3500 being very close to the nelahem 2009 mac pro in the processor and chipset and ram etc.

    For my personal stuff, I use a mac pro 2009 or 2010.

    When my clients ask me what to do, ask them how much money they have.  Then I suggest T3400 or workstations precision T3500 with a specific 960 GTX video card that works very well with BIOS A09 on the T3400.  The reason why I buy used T3400 or T3500 which is so I can spend money more on Ram and disks and windows etc.  There are ways to get a legal copy cheaper Pro 8.X.

    For less than $500, you can have a machine 64-bit windows 8.x EVGA GTX 02 G-P4-2966-KR 960 2 GB 128 - Bit GDDR5 SuperSC ACX 2.0 + video card and 4 GB of ram or more.

    If your mac is at least 2009, it will run windows 8 and probably 10. I have run windows 8 Professional 64 bit on my 2009 Nelahem Mac Pro Tower.

    Wizard Boot camp is free on all Macs.

    Your copy of windows is not.

    The original version of windows is not adapted to a corporate domain environment.

    The original version of windows is $ 109 and the pro version is $ 199.

    Windows 8.1, it is what is now available and windows 10 out July 29, 2015

    You're not giving anything on a mac, you have a dual-boot 2 OS machine.

    The most ironic thing for me it's easier machines on Earth to install windows on a Mac.

    Mac current back to 2009 or 2010 bootcamp 5.1 support aka windows 8.

    Supported Windows version
    These are the supported versions of Windows (authentic, unique, full-facility). See the tables below to see which of these versions will work with your Mac.

    • Windows XP: Home Edition or professional with Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3 (Boot Camp 3)
    • Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate, Service Pack 1 or later (Boot Camp 3)
    • Windows 7: Home Premium, professional or ultimate (Boot Camp 4 or 5.1)
    • Windows 8: Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows 8 or 8.1 Pro (Boot Camp 5.1 only)
  • Java Web development vs development

    Hello, I have an MDS Runtime application that calls some web services.  The SDM Runtime will not work on new BlackBerry devices I need to re - write the application.  My client has especially World Edition, curve, Tour and storm.  I'm leaning toward the approach of Web development, so I can stay with the IDE of Visual Studio I know, but I have to go the route of development Java?  Thanks in advance for stakeholders.

    I can't say I'm a Java expert (yet), but I came also the route of the MDS Runtime.  Personally, I started web and then moved to the runtime and now primarily Java but I don't think that there is only one solution fits all approach.  Web is generally faster and easier to build and is certainly makes sense in many situations, but Java is more functional.  With that said, most of our projects requires Java due to the need for storage capacity / persistent data as good integration with the native BB applications offline.  New versions of devices/OS provide much better browsers and features, but our Organization still has too many older devices to make it a factor.  BlackBerry widget technology is also established and upcoming but the runtime being dropped so quickly gave me a little wary to jump on that train, until it matures a bit.

    My advice is to build your app for the web offers all the features necessary for your application, but on the same ramp time up your skills, so that you can produce a Java solution when the time comes, it will be.

    Good luck!

  • I lost FireFTP. It is in Tools/Web Developer, but he disappeared. I tried to download it again, and I am told that it is installed. I also downloaded the FireFTP button which appears as a small tab, which opens a new tab of FireFTP, but nothing happens!

    I use FireFTP on this laptop for a couple of years. He disappeared once before and found in Tools/Web Developer. This morning he was gone - I hadn't used for a few weeks. I tried to download the add-on gain and I told her that it is installed, but I still don't see it. I also installed the FireFTP button that appears to the left of my tabs. When I click it opens a new tab called chrome://fireftp/content/fireftp.xul, but is not displayed the usual page of FireFTP

    You can check if it is disabled.

    Orange Firefox button or classic menu Tools > Modules > Extensions

    The extensions are listed in two groups, with those activated on top, then the disabled those below. If it is disabled, you can enable it. Or, if she says it's not compatible with Firefox 11, you can see the updates.

    A little luck?

  • I can't open the web development tools

    I can't open the web developer tools tab in the firefox menu and the text is bold

    This happens with all the tools in this menu?

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe or make changes.
  • How to make the tools of the web developer toolbar appear in the menu bar of firefox

    View > toolbars > Bar Menu under

    Under Tools, I get:

    Web Developer (the web developer toolbar flyout menu item - I use it all the time)
    Web Developer (the element of standard context menu of firefox - including firebug if installed)

    However. View > toolbars > Menu OFF bar

    The web developer toolbar flyout menu item is no longer the orange "Firefox" to the menu drop down. I don't want the visible whole tool bar horizontally along the top, I just want to use the orange "Firefox" menu but with the old fashioned Menu Bar OFF.

    I don't know why this is happening, but to have access to the tools of the web developer toolbar, I must now, press Alt + T to bring up the Tools menu to access.

    The toolbar of the web developer must not be nested under:

    Orange drop Firefox button > (drop-down) Web Developer > Firebug (flyout) 1, the Web Developer toolbar (flyout) 2.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Thank you



  • In Firefox 30, how can I turn off the console of the Web Developer?

    I use a keyboard macro program. Its parameters, however, are other shortcuts to the Web Developer Tools. So, I want to be (a) completely disable the console Web Developer or (b) remove/reset the shortcuts used by the latter.

    Preferences to turn off some DevTools (devtools.*.enabled) are there on the topic: config page, but I don't see anything in the code that they are supported and tests include only a few prefs.
    Deactivation of the developer toolbar works, but do not turn off the tools in the web console AFAICT.

    I don't know if there's a bug on this subject or must be filed?
    Why have prefs if they do not work (I tried with lockPref so)?

  • I clicked on the source page and remove nodes with the web developer and removal became permanent. EBay does not load pictures. How to fix?

    The problem is on my desktop and my laptop. I got a little happy click on my desktop and click the Web Developer. I tried to remove an ad really annoying flash on the side of the screen. I think I entered in the source page and remove the node. I really don't know what happened, but stopped loading for ebay pictures and everything is a list written on the side of the page. I deleted the cache and cookies. I have reset mozilla. I uninstalled and reinstalled mozilla. Laptop is not immediately affected, but now having the same problem.

    It is a very strange problem.

    Any changes made with the web developer tool will save and should be cleared when the page is reloaded.

    Try disabling graphics hardware acceleration. As this feature has been added to Firefox, it has gradually improved, but there are still some problems.

    You will have to perhaps restart Firefox for it to take effect, so save any work first (e.g. you compose mail, documents online that you are editing, etc.).

    Then perform the following steps:

    • Click on the orange top left Firefox button, then select the 'Options' button, or, if there is no Firefox button at the top, go to tools > Options.
    • In the Firefox options window, click the Advanced tab, and then select 'General '.
    • You will find in the list of parameters, the checkbox use hardware acceleration when available . Clear this check box.
    • Now restart Firefox and see if the problems persist.

    In addition, please check the updates for your graphics driver by following the steps in the following knowledge base articles:

    This solve your problems? The report please come back shortly.

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