the upgrade of quickweb

How to install java for fast web

computer hp laptop 2000 product name

product # a6z99ua #ABA


Follow this link to install JAVA and you should be OK.


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  • is more able to stream video from some sites after the upgrade to Safari 10

    After the upgrade to 10 Safari, I can no longer stream from a certain website. Instead of playing the video stream, I'm prompted to save "player.swf" as shown above.  This problem occurs on el Capitan, and it happens on the Sierra, and it all started when I updated Safari 9.x to 10.0

    Open Safari preferences / Security tab and check the box allow Plug-ins.

    Very soon of Flash player and the plugin will be obsolete and this web page needs to change its code to HTML5.

  • How can I copy files/sub-sub-sub-folders in Icloud on MacBook? Since the upgrade to Sierra, I see all of my folders in icloud but not on my Mac.  Thanks - David

    How can I copy files/sub-sub-sub-folders in Icloud on MacBook? Since the upgrade to Sierra, I see all of my folders (with documentation) in icloud but not on my Mac.  Thanks - David

    Turn off the power of optimized storage and copy the files to your Mac.

    1. Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen.
    2. Select has about this Mac from the menu drop down.

    3. click on the tab for storage in the system information window.

    4. click on manage the...

    5 disable the storage element optimize.

  • Since the upgrade to Sierra - my CPU runs hot

    Recently, I used the app store to upgrade my MacBook Pro for OSX Sierra.

    From this point forward - my laptop is very hot and fans constantly run like a Jet engine.

    I see this in the activity monitor:

    I put all my contacts to synchronize hourly, and nothing has changed before the upgrade and after.

    How can I fix it? My life of the battery is to be purged, permanently.

    Any help appreciated.

    Thank you


    Director general of Tallyfy - cloud-based process management

    Try restarting in safe mode (hold down the SHIFT key while booting). The problem persists?

  • Photos for Mac behaves VERY strangely since the upgrade to Sierra

    Hi all.

    I have improved my mid 2010 MacBook Pro for macOS Sierra September 21.

    The first time I launched the Photos app after the upgrade, I got the usual message on photo library updated, but when that reaches 100%, I noticed that he was missing a large number of thumbnails in my library. The photos in question were display in miniature (or 'moments') view as pale gray rectangles with a cloud icon in their breast.

    I don't immediately panic, because I assumed that they would gradually repopulate for a little while. I got "Storage optimize Mac", the value of preferences so all of my original pictures must be in iCloud. I have a Time Capsule, make automatic backups, and I made a backup Time Machine on which, immediately before the upgrade, so I am reasonably confident that I did not really lose my photos, (and all of my pictures and their thumbnails are present & correct on my iPhone).

    But, almost a fortnight after the upgrade, most of my thumb nails is always reported missing since the Photos of Mac application, which makes it very difficult to find pictures of course.

    Last night I noticed that the Photos app showed 'Uploading photos 10 985 nnnnnn' at the foot of the view of the times, with the first digit decreases slowly, so I disabled the options to ensure that my Mac doesn't go to sleep and I let it run until the download was complete energy saving. Then, he showed "updated... "at the foot of the view of the times for a while.

    I was hoping that my thumb nail would be back after that, but they are not!

    It seems that the Photos app is not sync with my iCloud storage, for any reason, or at least if it does not in fact what it has synchronized.

    A double click on these thumbnails blank to open the photo is not consistent either. On some that I try to open, they do not open, and when I return to the thumbnail display the thumbnail is now also. But on others I try to open I just see a completely white area where the photo should be. However (and this is really weird!) when I return to the thumbnail display after those I see very very briefly the photos as they will shrink to the size of the thumbnail, and then they are virgins thumbnails with clouds still...

    I wonder if I should change the preference of Photos of 'optimization of storage' to 'download the originals' in an effort to recover my thumb nails. It seems that I have almost 62 GB of free space on my Mac, and my Gallery of photos shows that there are currently 31GB. Or do I have to re - install the Photos app? (Is it possible?)

    Or is there a better solution to the problem please?

    Thank you for all the helpful tips.

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    try to turn a thumbi = nail and reotating back - if it suits it you can do so for groups of up to about 1000 photos at once to correct quickly - how rebuild thumbnails in a photo library


  • Difficulties with all versions of html files since the upgrade of the Sierra

    I have problems opening and dealing with htm, html, html5 files since the upgrade of the Sierra.  Someone else?

    Please provide details. What problems are you having? HTML files open in a web browser, the browser you are using?

  • Random OS freeze or crash after the Upgrade of the Sierra

    Since the upgrade to Sierra, I started experiencing random freezes or crashes, the operating system.

    In general, I keep the mouse control (connected via trackpad), for at least a certain period of time. However, only the movement is possible - applications cannot be selected, there is no reaction to the clicks, etc. Attempts to pass via cmd + tab don't produce no result.

    I tried waiting for the system to respond. She finally slept, then crashed with a wake on the lack of sleep.

    The other answer is a hard reset by holding down the power until button a restart is forced.

    I ran disk in rescue mode utility, and he reported no problems with the disk. I've yet to try some of the more esoteric answers as reset NVRAM and so on... which is probably intended. I saw a report that said this problem was happening with El Capitan, and there is no resolution. I don't know if it's the same problem carried over, or a new.

    I got exactly the same problem you describe, on an iMac of retina of 2014. I've updated all non - App Store applications I have thought (and removed dozens of them), disabled launch points, unplugged my USB hub, downloaded EtreCheck (very useful application, incidentally) and road to combing through reports in the Library/Logs folder. On a Reddit thread on the problems with the Macs wake from sleep after installation of Sierra, someone suggested using the following command in a Terminal: kextstat | grep - v

    The command shows you what non-Apple kernel extensions are running in the background. Extensions of core apps such as Airparrot, strap, and duo caused problems with macOS Sierra. In my case, officer was running a kernel extension - then I deleted this app and went through my library/LaunchAgents and records of the library/LaunchDaemon, remove all items launch left by home and others deleted apps.

    EtreCheck reports said that so-called SIMBL caused several accidents. So I got rid of this, by following the instructions on the site SIMBL.

    Here's the problem: even after all these efforts (and each variant reset, I could think of) troubleshooting, nothing has changed. My Mac always has exactly the symptoms you describe, upon awakening from sleep. Every time.

    In the end I just gave up and restored my iMac to its State, 4 days ago in a backup using Time Machine. (It took 12 hours). With Dropbox, I didn't lose all of the work I've done in the meantime. So, I am now running a stable El Capitan, with an understanding to why people wait a few months before installing the latest OS updates.

    Sorry I can't offer more useful troubleshooting options - but perhaps some things that did not help me could help you anyway? Thanks for posting: it seems that the Sierra has been a pretty smooth update for most people, so I guess we're just out of luck?

  • After the upgrade to sierra, shutdown is extremely slow

    stop takes about 5 to 7 minutes. Screen will Dim, computer does not respond, but the stop takes 5-7 minutes. In the system log, no problems are reported.

    I closed all the software running before shutdown (clamx-av, dropbox, owncloud), but no difference.

    Hi rmschaefer,

    Thanks for the upgrade to Mac OS Sierra! Looks like your Mac takes a bit longer at the right stop. Great way to make sure that all applications are closed before you stop. You can try to check your Mac logs or startup items. Your item journal are applications that run as soon as you start up your Mac. They can run in the background continuously slow down your machine. Sierra macOS: If you think you have incompatible connection points

    You can also check to see how much disk space you have on your Mac. With Mac OS Sierra, you can release and optimize your disk without effort space to allow your Mac to run to its full potential!  Information System for Mac: optimization of the storage on your Mac

    If the release of disk space on your Mac and the removal of the login items not solve the problem, try to start the Mac in Mode safe.  Try safe mode if your Mac does not start-up

    What is safe mode?

    Safe mode (sometimes called secure boot) is a way to start up your Mac so that it performs certain checks and prevents certain software from loading automatically or opening. From your Mac in safe mode does the following:
    Check your startup disk and attempts to fix problems if necessary directory
    Loads needed kernel extensions only
    Prevents elements start and the login items open automatically
    Disables the user installed fonts
    Delete font caches, hiding the kernel and other files of the system cache
    Together, these changes can help resolve or isolate issues related to your startup disk.

    These measures should have your Mac off normally as expected and the Mac OS Sierra also runs fluid it is supposed to. Please use the Apple Support communities to post your question.
    Good day.

  • Cannot move photos to the computer after the upgrade to iOS10

    Yesterday my iPhone updated to iOS 10 and now when I plug my phone into my PC (HP m6w103-dx / Windows 10 / iTunes the computer will ba - beep once iTunes sync, charge the phone but I no longer have access to the photos via Windows Explorer folder.  The phone does not appear in Windows Explorer and I don't get the second ba - beep that normally, I had before the upgrade.

    I restarted the phone and the computer, then tried again with no luck.  I myself have sent pictures that were on my phone, deleted all of them film, then took some new pictures and tried again.  Still no luck.  Help!

    Your post is the 4th now ask about the same problem. One user solves the problem by connecting the phone to a different USB port on the computer. You might want to try it.

  • Cannot connect to more than one mail account after the upgrade to Sierra

    I have several provided ISP e-mail accounts that work successfully for a long time on elCapitan.  After the upgrade to Sierra this afternoon cannot connect all accounts and I asks me to enter the password.  Why isn't Sierra pick up the passwords of my trousseau?

    Oddly enough, my Hotmail account seems to be ok.

    How can I fix this without having to re - enter all passwords?

    As a result of the foregoing, I found that my connection Keyring contains entries for all of my email accounts.  However, these dates are back in July 2011.

    After an episode of lost or stolen iphone, I had to update all of my passwords by e-mail in February this year (2016).

    Search in my keychain, I found dated entries for my email accounts in iCloud Keychain section.  I don't think that I never activated iCloud for my email.

    How the entires of e-mail account eventually sub iCloud and why the old entries from email account not updated?

  • MacBook Pro has started to randomly stop when it is on battery since the upgrade to El Capitan

    I have a MacBook Pro (15 inch, early 2011) which works very well on the Mountain Lion for a long time. I finally got round to upgrading to El Capitan last week: directly to 10.11.6. A few days later he just powered down without warning while I was working. He was so very well for a few days, but then made several times in the last 48 hours.

    I am moderately sure it happens only when it is on battery (it did not in the past hours 8 while that plugged). Whenever it happens, that there is no warning and the Mac then fine restarts (manually) - Although the clock resets always in 1970 until he can contact an NTP server. One of the curious side effects is that my PostScript fonts were blank on the screen in Excel for a few reboots yesterday but then OK once again!

    No hardware has changed. Major software change is only El Capitan and possibly an iStat Menus update.

    I have reset PRAM and SMC. I ran the short AHT. I disassembled the machine and clean the fans. they were OK, but the problem seems to occur when the Mac is hot.

    Spotlight and Time Machine sometimes seemed to be struggling for the upgrade, and I also saw rpcsvchost with 100% of a core for a while. The machine feels sometimes slow - but for the last 8 hours, it was very good. The only model that I put in place, is that it seems to occur only on battery; It's even happened then that the Dock (etc.) were loading after logging in after an unexpected shutdown.

    The other thing common is in the newspapers every time:

    Cause of previous stop:-128

    I scanned a number of related posts to aspects of it, but do not look at who blames El Capitan rather than material. Yet, many people reported this kind of problem after the upgrade... Coincidence?

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

    Cause of previous stop:-128

    A negative stop code generally indicates a hardware failure. Have the Apple to assess your Mac. The fix may be as simple as a spare battery.

    Start here: contact support

  • Is there a reason for not going to the Iphone 7 if on the upgrade plan?

    We arrived the 6s Iphone last year and we pay for the upgrade plan. To be honest, I'm not impressed with the Iphone 7 and still like the 6s. But because I pay more than a month for the upgrade package, it would be stupid not not to upgrade? I suppose that in theory if I have not improved, I would pay the phone is turned off at the time where the 7 fate.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, how they paid you for the phones now is a little obtuse.

    I see no reason not not to go other than to repay your existing phone and get out from under the need for payments monthly.

    The CPU of the 7 is significantly faster than in the 6s, and water resistance is a big bonus. The best camera is nice, but I'm not good in taking pictures of everything under the Sun...

  • How can I buy an iPhone AT & T using the upgrade program and replace it with T-mobile?

    I intend to buy the iPhone, which will be released this morning, and I heard that the next iPhone will run out quickly, the configuration I wanted, as 6s and 6 s iPhone more runs so quickly, but this time, I want to start from the beginning because I don't want to miss a day of work, or otherwise I won't get it that $5000 per day , so if I don't have a number to AT & T, what do I do because I am on T-mobile, and I can't go to the Apple Store Friday on time to conduct a review of YouTube and get views and re-read soon on my site. I am currently on AT & T, but I heard that the iPhone is going to be better with the upgrade program, and I wanted to sign up. So, why do you need an AT & T number, and why should I go to the Apple Store if I want a T-mobile and last year, I had to wait until October 9 to get my 2nd iPhone 6 s more of Apple and a back of pre-orders unlocked without AppleCare.

    Nothing is still announced by Apple, but wait like everyone else.

  • Mac book air cannot detect my iPhone 6, after the cable on my I phone 6 to connect with my mac book air, nothing appear on the mac book. Seems like it can't detect the file i phone 6. I want to export my photos and do the upgrade version.

    Hi, after plug the cable on my phone i 6 to connect with my mac book air, nothing appear on the mac book.

    Seems like it can't detect the file i phone 6. I want to export my photos and do the upgrade version.

    Current situation is nothing exportable phone and also cannot do anything mac book because they cannot detect each other. Please advise, thank you.

    You can try to move to a different USB port. And if your just trying to swap photos try Airdrop. Also try to go here If iTunes does not your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Apple SupportHope this help, good luck to you.

  • Major Outlook and timing of the problems after the upgrade of the El Capitan

    On the advice of the Apple support (phone call) I recently upgraded from Yosemite to El Capitan 10.11.6.

    I have many problems. The two largest are (1) stands (2016) Outlook and frequently "must be closed; (2) calendars quickly goes to "not responding" after the launch and shows multiple entries for a single event. Example: I have a class to repeat each week (when I was in Yosemite). Before the upgrade, he showed the event once a week. After the upgrade, it it shows 13452 times the same day. I followed the advice on these topics, but nothing has worked. Similarly the calendars on my iPhone5 freezes as well.

    Hello Steve,.

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. I have a problem with your MacBook Air use after update is not what you expect. Based on what you said, it seems you can experience some software related issues, and here's how I recommend refine you and resolve these issues:

    1. first of all, try to run a quick with the disk utility tool test, as this can correct simple problems that you encounter. Then restart normally and retest your problems.

    Disk utility (El Capitan): a disc repair

    2. use Mode without fail to start up your Mac so that it performs certain checks, remove files from the system cache, check your startup disk and trying to fix problems if necessary directory. Test mode safe questions, then restart normally and test again.

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning
    Graphics performance limited in recovery of OS X or in safe mode

    3. you can find out if unexpected behavior is related to the user file or a parameter in trying to reproduce the problem to a different user account. This process includes creating a new user account, connect to it and test for the issue.

    How to test a question in another account on your Mac.

    See you soon!

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