The upgrade of the disk on my Satellite M35 Pro

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M35 (PSM35E-0023J-EN) that has worked well for me (apart from a problem with the mother board 18 months ago and covered under warranty), but I would like to make a few updates.

I have already upgraded the RAM, who brought a big performance improvement, but I would like to put in a new hard drive. For the moment, it has the standard 40 GB (MK4025GAS), but that does not really offer enough storage for my current needs (she barely covers my music collection). I thought I'd do a 160 GB drive - possibly a [Hitachi Travelstar |] or a [Seagate Momentus |].

These are two disks 5 400 rpm, rather than my 4 200 current drive that should give me a little help in speed, but which will cause heating issues?
Is there a limit to the size of the hard drive that my BIOS or hard disk controller can handle?
Has anyone tried putting these in a series of M? Work well?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Tim

I think that the disc HARD higher rotation speed shouldn't t be a problem.
But I wonder about the large size of HARD drive.
In my opinion the 160 GB HARD drive is not much. The BIOS would not recognize the HARD drive due to the limitation of size of HARD drive I think you can try to use a 80 GB but I'm very skeptical on the 160 GB.

Maybe you need to use the advanced option to this forum to get a similar question on a Sat A30/35 computers laptops.

However, you could test this HDD and maybe it will work so your feedback would be appreciated.

Good bye

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    No recovery disc option hard toshiba (IE to factory settings) is available in the console and recovery with the recovery disk.
    Drive D contains all data recovery ok I can move aroud go c > prompt back to alldrives / areas. Have own burned recovery disks. It happened quickly.

    NOW installed win 7 (64-bit) in the frustration of 'a' disc, works but all installed s/wareand drivers toshiba now useless. Bottom line there at - it a patch to install or a work around that allows access to reset the factory settings with the data stored on the disk/drive Normal D. methods of starting this process are not available

    Can you please tell us what error was shown at the end of the installation of recovery?

    In any case, now after installation of operating system with a non-Toshiba drive has no way start HDD recovery Setup again and the recovery image can be installed with Toshiba recovery DVD only.

    > NOW installed win 7 (64-bit) in the frustration of 'a' disc, works but all installed s/wareand drivers toshiba now useless
    To be honest, your ad is a bit confused and I n t understand what you mean with this sentence. If you have own OS you install all drivers and all the Toshiba stuff also. All are available on the Toshiba download page.

    If you have any other questions please be clear and ask a so it will be easier to respond to each of them.

  • Problem creating the disk hard recovery Satellite A200 + touch pad

    So I lent my laptop to my daughter until she could get enough to buy a PC.
    Well, I got it back that only she has installed a bunch of stuff to the point where it is blowing on vista even after than my attempts to clean I decided to start the laptop using the creation of recovery disk came with the laptop.

    But now, I used about 8 dvd discs, trying to create a good drive but I restart fr. with the disc in... nothing happens. I'm trying to spend directly in vista... and he says can not read the disc. I've recreated the disc several times and the same result and well, it was the only type of restore disc that came with the laptop]

    Also as I've gotten at the time when I use the touchpad my cursor is jumping around, is that fixable?

    Thanks in advance.


    Sorry, but something must be wrong in your post. As far as I know Satellite A200 comes with original Toshiba Recovery DVD. You should not create anything. New laptops like A300 do NOT come with DVD recovery and each laptop user, it should only create, but not with Toshiba Disc Creator. For this Toshiba application offers another tool. The name is Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator. It is not the same tool. So you have probably original Toshiba drive.

    So if you have it please use this recovery DVD as described in this thread:

  • Can not boot from the disk of my Satellite C

    1st I have a problem

    Windows Boot Manager
    Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer.

    Status: 0xc00000e9
    Info: An unexpected I / 0 error

    To resolve this problem, I tried to install the Windows 8-64 bit (definitions of factory programs) - with the correct Toshiba drives, but after installation, that it took place...

    "reboot and select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected boot device and press a key."

    I changed the boot disk priority, but it is still this bug.

    What model of laptop do you have exactly?

    Have you changed anything in the BIOS?

    The error message mentioned (reboot and select proper boot device) appear if the laptop can not find a boot device.
    Go into the BIOS and check if the HARD drive is set as first boot device.

    In addition, you should check if the HARD drive appears on the first page of the BIOS with all the details of the unit (size of the HARD drive, name).
    I guess this question could appear due to a malfunction of the HARD drive.

  • The disk controller HARD Satellite L855-10U Sata 2 or 3?

    I want to change my HD to an SSD, but want to know if the controller is 2 SATA or SATA 3.


    The laptop supports Intel HM76 express chipset.
    The chipset supports 2-port SATA 6Gbit/s. (SATA-3)

    However, we recommend to install a diagnostic equipment like Everest Home Edition or SANDRA Soft tool to get information on the pieces of your hardware.

  • Satellite M35 Pro - how to remove the screen bezel?

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    Can you please help me with this!

    Thanks in advance!


    Well my friend, in my opinion you should not try to disassemble the laptop if you n t have the necessary experience and don t know to do this!
    You could damage other parts that you know

    You're stuck on the LCD mask?
    As far as I know the LCD mask is covered by two screws that are hidden under the joints.
    You will need to remove both seals of mask LCD, and then you could remove the two screws hidden under the seals mentioned.
    Then, you could put your fingers between the mask and the LCD screen in order to release the LCD mask plastic locks.

    But note; Be careful, don't use any force!

  • Need driver for Satellite M35 Pro Ethernet controller

    I just installed windows (I lost the recovery disk) and now I can't find the dirvers for the ethernet controller and network controller and Ive looked everywhere. readers on the toshiba site do not work

    someone has an idea?

    Thanks a bunch


    I put t know where you found the driver but the right must be on the Toshiba U.S. page under

    The reader that there are listed is absolutely the same as those included in the recovery image. I really can't imagine that the LAN card will not be installed correctly.

    By the way: I assume you have Satellite and Satellite Pro not. Am I wrong?

  • Need info on the recovery disks delivered for Satellite Pro M35

    I need to wipe the hard drive on my M35 Pro sitting that the machine runs too slow now.
    700 MB of RAM but not good.

    I found my recovery disk but worry as it is said 1/2 which implies that it is the first of the 2 discs.
    Is this the case?

    I have the disk tools and utilities, is considered to be disc 2?
    Is there a way to make it past disc 2 or downloading if it is the case that I don't have?
    Thanks to all who help



    As far as I know older Toshiba laptops have been delivered with the Toshiba Recovery CD and the CD tools & utilities.
    Due to the size of the image large image was installed on 2 s recovery CD
    All CD s are marked and it should be easy to recognize the good CD!

    It seems that you've lost the first game of the s recovery CD and that is why I would recommend contacting the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country and order the first recovery CD!
    It s should not be expensive ;)

    Good luck

  • Audio driver for Satellite A45 Pro

    I tried to check on the driver download page

    But I couldn't find the exact model for Satellite A45 Pro. So I tried to use the driver for Satellite Pro A40. I tried to install the downloaded driver, but it does not work. I was able to use the other driver, as for video, modem, etc. It is only the sound that has a problem. Does anyone know where you can download this driver? The exact model of the laptop is PSA45E - 0016T - from THE.

    Hello Carlo,.

    Satellite A45 was available primarily on the U.S. market and the support and download details is accessible directly from the Toshiba web site us.

    Several different models of the A45 are listed, but curiously they appear under the Satellite don't position not the satellite Pro.

    The American web site addressing:-

    Kind regards

  • Satellite Pro M30: Is it possible to restore the disk Win XP at least

    I recorded the M30 Pro of the Satellite with Win XP Professional 5 years on the Toshiba-Europe website.
    Is it possible to restore the disk Win XP at least?

    I'll ask Toshiba for assistance (already done) or there is a way to create the disks on mine?

    I'm sure someone went down this way (ar tried at least).

    PS: it is a time for the upgrade of the HARD drive.

    Thank you all.

    Sorry, but I don't really know what you are meaning by the Win XP disk restore.

    The Toshiba laptop was delivered with the Toshiba Recovery CD.
    If you want to restore the OS from Windows XP that is installed on the HARD drive, then use this disk and reinstall the WinXP.
    To start the installation, you must boot from the recovery CD.

    If you want to create a clean image and then install Win XP with a CD of MS Windows, download the Toshiba driver and create the image using the tool like Norton Ghost third 3rd for example.

    Welcome them

  • All disks with the new series of satellites A?

    I searched the Forum from A Satellite and have only found information on the creation of recovery disks...

    I am fully aware that Toshiba laptops do not come out with disks of Vista, but I want to just make sure you Toshiba Satellite comes with NO records of any kind (OS, recovery of the manufacturer, etc.).

    The only reason why I ask is that someone mentioned in another forum somewhere that they don't got no disk Vista, but got the manufacturer for their Toshiba laptop recovery disk... She didn't specify a model, but I was always a little worried. Thus, no Satellite an owners, CD-ROM, or none? I'm sure that there are no drives included with this model, but want to be 100%, just in case I'm missing something and need to go back and get it.

    Thank you, Susan


    Toshiba laptops are always delivered only with a recovery CD! The original CD of Microsoft is not provided!

    The restore CD contains an operating system Windows, Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities.
    So, using this CD or DVD you will set the laptop to factory settings.
    This means that the whole HARD disk will be erased and the new OS will be installed.

    I hope I could bring a precision!

  • The upgrade to Vista seems impossible on Satellite U300

    I have a Satellite U300 psu30a, I come from it.
    He had the professional vista on and I wanted to put a partition on it... Make the partitions, formatted it. And when I used the recovery CD, it just now came back to XP instead of vista.

    Tried all the different options, including the partition recovery on th hd and always ends up on the xp.
    I gave up on linux, now, I want just the vista of return... What should I do?

    Thank you!


    If you really want to go back to vista, then you must format the disk hard INTEGER and cleaning the MBR (master boot record) which stores the information of starting all the operating systems installed.
    The only way to do this is to enter a live linux CD (which should not be installed on the HARD drive, but I guess you that) and delete all the partition/format the entire disk. Don t forget to delete the MBR, it s important.

    Simply perform your recovery as always, and it should work.
    Welcome them

  • Satellite P200-18Z - need to know the geometry of the disk

    I have a Satellite P200-18Z and I do an install of FreeBSD, and I need to know the geometry of the disk because my Installer crashes without obvious reason.
    In the FreeBSD installation wizard reported an error in the geometry of the disk.



    I put t know what disk HARD details you need, but as far as I know the laptop Satellite P200-18Z supports a 2.5 200 GB SATA HDD.
    _Further details are: _

    Height: 9.5 mm
    Disc rotation: 4200 RPM
    Buffer size: 8 MB
    Number of discs: 2
    Number of Heads: 4

    All that s what I found. It is perhaps useful

  • It's the very necessary for Satellite A300-15E recovery disk

    Hello, my house such a problem. I bought when I tried to change drive sharing which was not half and half and that for the C drive he was taken for example 50 GB and disk D has remained. Then, suffered suffered and because of this who did not know that in the BIOS, the tag is established that it was impossible to reach the SATA. All ruined.
    Has also removed even the protected area on a disk to restore system :(

    Help please, I want to go back as it was. That's why need Recovery Disk for Toshiba Satellite A300-15E

    In advance thank you all responded

    Well buddy. You mad a big mistake, you must have created the first recovery disc before you changed or deleted something from the disc.

    I put t know whether you will be able to use the option of HARD drive recovery, but try to press F8 key immediately after you have switched on the laptop.
    Usually, the menu should appear and you should choose the first option called repair my computer and then Toshiba recovery.

    Well, if this is not possible then you have no choice as to order the recovery of this site disk:

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro 440 CDT - message "the disk you selected is not ready."

    I have an old Satellite Pro 440 CDT with a CD drive (no floppy more) who plays the music well, but when I type and want to save to a cd, he comes up with the message "the disk you selected is not ready. Can anyone help, because really, I'm not an irritable type and need help.

    I know it as an irrelivent bits to your problem, but I suggest that you invest in a USB key. They are pretty well the replacement disks are much more portable than a CD.

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