The use of the dedicated graphics card? Power management works not at all, no difference

I bought a lenovo g500 and after installing every single player on this site, I decided to test some games from my pc to the laptop.

Unfortunately, I see the games from the pc do worse than what they do on the pc (and the pc is old) so I think that the amd graphics card are not at all. Can someone explain how to enable the amd radeon video card? BIOS does not help and the CCC (catalyst control center doesn't help either).

For example:

I could run borderlands 2 in a little weak graphics on the pc perfectly.

However on my laptop I can not even reach the main menu because of the very low fps.

Another example is crysis 2, works perfectly on the graphic means on the pc, runs on 2-4 fps on the laptop.

Features of the laptop:

Video card

Intel HD 4000 (one built-in) + ddr3 2 GB AMD Radeon HD 8570 (128-bit)


4 GB of ddr3 memory


Processor Intel Core i7-3612 QM @2.10 ghz

Specifications of the PC:

Video card

NVIDIA GTX 650 1 GB ddr3 (128-bit)


AMD Dual Core 6000 + @ 3.2 ghz


4 GB of ddr3 memory

Applications in full-screen mode using lags like hell, my mouse moves in slowmotion too much (real slowmotion)

Edit: windows is 64-bit windows 7.


The solution was to install windows 8 (bought a copy of the professional edition x 64), and then install the drivers from the site. Now everything works as expected. Must have had a problem with the windows 7 x 64 and x 86 drivers... Well, now it works.

@shauni: tried with borderlands 2, could get 11-13 fps MAX during the game with graphics maxed out regardless of the diet plan, but as soon as I switched to windows 8, the amd video card started working and I now have 40-50 fps (which for me is UBER OPTIMAL). I always get 11-13 fps if I unplug my laptop well.

Install windows 8 (x 64 in my case)

NOTE: the drivers on the site are buggy for windows 7 x 64 / x 86. Date today: 8 October 2013.

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  • Satellite P305-S8822 - withdrawal of the dedicated graphics card

    Dear members of the forum,

    probably due to a fault of the graphics card dedicated to my

    Toshiba Satellite P305-S8822 (PSPC4U - 02T 014)
    Processor Intel Core 2 Duo T 5550
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 graphics card
    3072 MB PC5300 DDR2 SDRAM
    200 GB Serial ATA hard drive

    I'm not able to install Windows 7 or an another Version of Windows. Because I don't have the dedicated graphics card (only the onboard integrated graphics card) and found no BIOS option to turn it off, I would like to remove it from the motherboard. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find out whether or not the ATI graphics card is welded (which this would make very difficult). Thanks a lot for your answers and a better idea to solve the problem.

    To be honest, it won't be easy to solve your problem. Why?
    Many people who have mobile machines the same logic valid for desktop computers. Exchange upgrade or hardware components on mobile units is very limited and you can simply swap the GPU or change the BIOS settings.

    If the GPU is faulty in many cases entire motherboard must be replaced. I don't know what other people will write here, but what you can do is contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help or advice what can be done about it.

  • Cannot use the dedicated graphics card


    As already mentioned that my laptop will use only integrated hd 3000 graphics, while I have a 6770 m on board.

    I have good drivers for both (or I guess that since there is no warning in Device Manager).

    Whenver I try to play a game well, only the built-in graphics card is available and it doenst go while playing, because I get 20 fps on settings lowest playing while I could play most of the games with up to 60 images per second at the top.

    Catalyst Control Center also has a problem during installation because my hardware version no is not supported even if auto detection selected download I need.

    This is a common problem with computers laptops alienware as much as I found on the web, but they have all nvidia graphics cards.

    If it is of no help: I have a HP Pavilion dv6 6b50eb, my hardware id 6770 m is

    PCI (slash) VEN_1002 & DEV_6740 & SUBSYS_3388103C & REV_00

    If you are sure about the drivers (?) Check the BIOS configuration to see if any option on VGA as:

    Switchable Graphics > fixed or automatic

    or similar

  • Aspire V3 - 571 G BSOD when using the dedicated graphics card


    I just got my new laptop, but as the title suggests, whenever I try to run a program that uses the graphics card, it stutters a bit, before finally being BSOD'ing or saying "NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver display driver, Version 307.17 not responding and has successfully recovered."

    This happens even with own NVIDIA Control Panel program, where it gives you this small window of the NVIDIA logo rotating. I tried with Minecraft, just to make sure it wasn't this one program.

    Everyone has experienced this before or have any advice? Thank you very much in advance!

    PS: I would have presented a ticket of support on this issue, but it asks me to enter the date of purchase, but it keeps screaming at me that I need to enter "valid a date", even if I use the datePicker bit next to the entry field.

    I ended up sending the laptop in for repair, and apparently it was a faulty motherboard, so they changed it. Everything worked smoothly after that.

  • Inspiron 3737 - pass fron integrated to the dedicated graphics card


    I got Dell Inspiron 3737 with integrated graphics card Intel 4000 and dedicated Radeon HD8670M graphics card.

    Several weeks ago, I discovered this laptop works only with integrated IntelHD4000 (Win7 x 64). I installed the drivers of the latest GPU to dell, but it's not not to solve the problem. I installed older drivers, but also, there is no problem.

    I decided to reinstall windows.  I installed Windows 7 x 64, all the drivers from the dell site in the order which they suggest. But laptop also only use IntelHD4000. In Device Manager shows two graphics GPU Intel HD Family and AMD Radeon HD8670M. Catalyst, AIDA64 and CPU - Z will find only Intel HD 4000. Reference Dell start diagnostic tools and Dell Online Diagnostics found no no problem (all tests was passed).

    I tried to contact the technical support of Dell and got the following response "what did you want us? You are no longer under warranty and it's your problem! ».

    If I understand correctly the video driver installation and switching between integrated and dedicated graphics are global problem. Solve someone has mentioned the problem and how?

    Hi p ol,

    Thanks for posting.

    Please try these troubleshooting steps that may help solve the problem.

    First connect your wired laptop so you don't have an internet connection.

    -The first is to uninstall/reinstall the graphics driver AMD.
    -Go to Device Manager and uninstall the graphics driver.
    -Next is to check programs and features and uninstall everything related to AMD.
    -Once done, download and install the latest AMD graphics driver.
    -Here is the link:
    -Restart your laptop once the latest driver has been installed.
    -Test your laptop again after these steps.
    -Do the same with your wireless adapter, uninstall/reinstall it so.
    -This is where you can download the wireless card of.

    Post here and experts can help.  Thank you.

    Kind regards

  • increase the dedicated graphics card

    I want as my graphics video inrease 2.

    the configuration of my PC is as follows...

    RAM - 4 GB

    HD - 500 GB

    Win 7 32 bit

    Map chart-nvidia GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630A

    Processor AMD Athlon (TM) II X processor 2 550

    1407 MB total available graphics memory

    256 MB dedicated graphics memory

    I want to bring to 512 MB...

    Help, please...

    Dedicated graphics memory must be ON the graphics card. For this reason, you cannot increase using software...-Mike Hall MVP Windows: consumer Mike Hall MVP - Windows Desktop Experience

  • HP 15-D103TX computer laptop problem: Windows does not detect the dedicated graphics card

    Hi all

    I recently bought a laptop HP 15 - D103TX , which is held responsible for Free on BACK. I have updated my Windows 8 operating system and have installed all the drivers from the HP website. The laptop has dedicated 2 GB Nvidia Geforce 820 M graphics card.

    But when I checked, I found that Windows displays the graphic memory dedicated only 0 MB.

    As you can see in the screenshot, it shows as 0MB dedicated graphics memory.

    Anyone can clear me, upward on this subject? Is it a driver problem, or what is Windows 8 going crazy.

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Kind regards


    Okay, I found the solution. In fact, the Haswell Intel i5 processor that my 15 HP D103TX has also comes with an Intel 4600 GPU intregated. So when I do normal tasks, the GPU intregated works, so Windows does not display the NVIDIA GPU 820M, but when I play a game or doing intense graphics work, he switches to the NVIDIA one.

    In fact, it makes sense, because it preserves the battery of the laptop.

    Credit: found this solution on the NVIDIA support forums.

  • My Z500 won't read the dedicated graphics card driver.

    Or just got a new Z500, removed the BONE, it came with and Windows 8.1 is installed.

    First of all, I had a problem that the screen was too low, so I fiddled with the driver and after removing and re - install the graphics driver Intel HD4000, I managed to get back to normal.

    However, I tried to install PES 2011 on it, and everytime I open its settings, it would give a warning that my system does not meet the minimum requirements. It would show that he only reads the HD4000 Intel.

    So, normally, I try to re - install the nVidia drivers and install new and others, but to no avail. I tried to check in the BIOS, but I'm only given two options: switchable graphics or UMA and not knowing what UMA is I chose the switchable graphics option.

    Any ideas what to do?

    I'd be happy to offer more information, if necessary. It has a GT 740 M btw.


    You can try checking this thread, see if this will allow you to force start your game with Nvidia graphics

    Hope this helps

    See you soon!

  • Pavilion HPE H8-1121: Pavilion HPE H8-1121 - new graphics card + power supply does not start after screen HP (Revisited)

    I have the same problem as this post 2013!  Ouch. Pavilion HPE H8-1121 - new map chart + power supply, does not start after HP screen.

    I installed a new power supply (Seasonic 620W), which works well.  I also installed a GTX 660Ti last year and it was works fine as well.  I recently bought a ZOTAC GTX 970 and attempted to install it, but it will not go beyond the blue HP screen and I get the same code of beeps (1 long, 3 short), who, seems, suggests that the video is not initialized.

    My BIOS date is 2011.

    Where can I find an update for this?

    I'm also using Windows 10, which I found on the HP site is not tested on my model and would probably not favourable to good use.  Should I do back up to 7 or 8?  and then update the BIOS?  Y at - it a update for my BIOS and where can I find.

    In any case, I hope that this is a solution.  Again, this is not a bad machine to be 5 years old.

    Thanks for any help!

    If the video card that you have purchased dose not a legacy vBIOS it will never start. An update of the BIOS doesn't solve that.

    It is likely that your new video card has a vBIOS UEFI and that only is for the PC motherboards newer than yours which have a UEFI BIOS. Your motherboard has a legacy BIOS. 2012 is the year of model when the UEFI BIOS more or less became the de facto on motherboards standard.

    I return it for a refund. Find the candidate of video cards that support the old BIOS. It can be inherited only or switchable vBIOS (legacy or UEFI) vBIOS.  I suggest looking at the site of Sapphire Technology. ZoTac is not known to provide enough information about their video cards in the way. You upgrade a pre-built desktop PC and it's different and a little more difficult to set up a DIY PC. I looked at the site of Zotac and see that nothing is said about their video vBIOS cards.  I would return to the map.  Carefully read the specifications of the video card. A candidate for your motherboard card must have inherited vBIOS support or simply, it won't work.

    ZOTAC (they don't say anything about their product vBIOS)

    Sapphire Technology

    Because you look at game with 4 GB cards. Take a look at the following map. It has a double vBIOS. legacy and UEFI.

  • Call of duty Black Ops Zombies 2, using the wrong graphics card

    Hello, I recently contacted Activision about the mode of call of duty Black Ops Zombies 2 very agitated and jumpy, like what you would get if you've played online with someone across the world, like really bad lag offline server, now I can play the campaign and multiplayer on the highest graphics settings and have no problem at all just the Zombies mode, even in offline mode. People at Activision back to me and said it could be because the Zombies is using the integrated graphics card Intel CPU and not discrete AMD card, and they said I should contact HP to see if if there is a way to activate manually in Control Panel. I'll link the Forum on Activision's post to read what said the people.

    If it does not work the link, then let me know and I will copy them here for you to see, if you think you need.

    Hi Goochster,

    I tried the link you provided, but it is inaccessible, unless we have a forum of Activision account.

    Normally, all you have to do is right click on an empty spot on the desktop and select Configure switchable graphics.

    Select it gpu performance and click apply. That should leave the AMD GPU default graphics package.

    Put a check mark in the box for the "saving GPU on battery switch' your laptop will not consume so much battery capacity.

  • Disable the integrated graphics card?


    I have a Dell XPS 15 L502X. So I recently installed a game called Wolfenstein: The New Order. And everytime I start the game I get an error known on the web as "wglCreateContextAttribsARB failed".

    I know that the cause of the error is that the game keeps identifying my integrated graphics (Intel HD 3000) as the main graphics card so that I have a dedicated onboard graphics (Nvidia GeForce GT 540 M, 2 GB dedicated memory).

    The problem is that my integrated card only supports OpenGL 3.1 and below, although my GPU supports up to OpenGL 4.0. I know for a fact that this GPU is able to run the game and YES I already chose my GPU as the primary graphics card under manage 3D, the global settings settings AND parameters of the program specific AND even tried setting the PhysX Configuration as the GPU itself at unsuccessfully.

    I also tried to disable my Intel HD 3000 by Device Manager (couldn't turn it off via bios), but whenever I do so that turns off the display of my laptop. However, I have a TV that my laptop is connected via HDMI. If my laptop screen is transferred to my TV and I can not change/turn my laptop displays ONE unless I had to re - activate the integrated graphics card. Strange in my opinion!

    On the other side, I ran the game without the integrated graphics card (when), and the game runs very well! CLEARLY the GPU (GT 540 M) is able to run this game, although the game is not identify him. Instead only identify the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 card or identifies the onboard graphics as the main reason any!

    Need help please, I want to play the game on my laptop screen not on my TV... Also on a side question, is it possible to completely disable my integrated graphics (Intlel HD 3000) without losing my screen? If so, how?

    Thank you for your time.

    EDIT: I discovered that a similar problem, I used to have with another game (watch dog) on the demanding game run my video card to support DirectX 11 for the game (so it never ran), now works correctly when I turn off my integrated graphics card and use my TV as my main screen! EVEN IF my GT 540 M is to satisfy the minimum requirements for the game!

    You can switch between graphics cards - Intel low performance for graphic intensive application of navigation/less graphically and using nVidia graphics high-performance hungry applications in graphics resources like games.

    You can take a look on the link shows to switch between the graphics card Intel and discrete graphics (nVidia, in your case):

  • dedicated graphics card problem

    Hi all!

    I have a HP probook 4530 s and after 2 years of using the dedicated graphics card (ATI Radeon 7470) seems to have a problem. I was playing my game, which is a flash game based on chrome and suddenly the screen frozened. I use by default the ATI graphics card because the system supports switchable graphics. So, after this screen frozen, I turned off my laptop and after I turned once again he doesn't want to go through the screen of windows welcome. I went into safe mode, disabeled ati graphics card and after I restarted again, I could get properly into windows. A funny thing is that after that, I reinstalled windows and the first thing is to install the graphics driver. After clicking on restart my laptop frozened again in the Welcome to windows screen.

    Can anyone help me please with this problem?

    Thank you in advance.

    Try from the BIOS, there is something that you can uncheck it from the BIOS and it will work exclusively on the second card, of the processor.

    The thing is that I found the problem and it is verry annoing. I disassembled my laptop to renew the theat conductor paste and I saw that the old spent was melted by the heat by the graphics card and drained on certain components close to, and I know that this dough is a conductor of electricity now so bye bye dedicated graphics card.

  • Zbook Studio G3 HP: How to disable the integrated graphics card Intel and use the dedicated Nvidea graphics all the time?

    Dear all,

    I have a HP zbook studio G3 laptop. I want to go to the Nvidia graphics card permanently.  I tried to disable graphics integrated in the Device Manager, uninstall the driver and allowing even the nvidea card chart of all profiles in the parameter 3D tap in the Nvidia configuration software. Non of them seems to work as the integrated graph is always in action and simple games could not be executed. I always keep in the option to high-performance mode, and the laptop is still connected. Should I manipulate the bios setup?

    Thanks in advance,


    I have the version non-studio of Zbook 15 G3 which has removable video card. I added the video card after purchase and found that it worked just right if I went into the BIOS and set it to use only the nVidia card. However, because yours is graphic switchable I don't know that you have this option. Have you looked at even the BIOS? Press ESC you turn on, then F10

  • Integrated above the graphics card dedicated graphics card, I think?

    OK, just to put my problems in perspective, I have a laptop-> Hp pavilion dv6 (on the laptop). It is 2 months old, has a processor intel i5 2.30 GHz processor (Duo of course). I have a graphics card integrated on the motherboard according to the usual and a dedicated Radeon 6490 M. in the past, I've never used Nvidia so I'm not at all familiar with the material.

    The problem I have is when I go to play a steam game (for example today, counter strike source (CS source)) said that the graphics card I use is not known for their serves. Then I'm fine, if that's the case, the computer must choose using built-in dedicated memory (the best clear). Now for the players no, engine cs source is not really powerful compared to our days the games.

    My logic is that a graphics card as up-to-date as mine and the fees I paid for the laptop, I should have dedicated memory and computing power necessary to run the game to its full potential. Its really frustrating, I suggest that person never buy HP again. I already have so many problems. Maybe it's not right to blame the company material, but most of the problems were hardware problems (a part of the single Pass system - TERRIBLE!). I'd appreciate any help, ANY HELP reallly! Thank you


    Your PC think that Steam does not need a lot of graphics computing power. So, it's not getting 6490 m and thus, Steam only detects the integrated graphics card. What you want to do is spend on 6490M before launching Steam.

    Read this

    It solves your problem, I hope

  • Skyrim - using the integrated graphics card

    My Dell has a built-in Intel and a dedicated Radeon card. For the high range, such as Skyrim 3D games, I obviously prefer to use AMD, but the game is auto detection of the onboard. I've tried everything. I tried all ini files and that you can find no reference to intel or AMD, display or whatever it is. I have manually disabled the card intel in Device Manager, but then the game comes with intel base made graphic, I went into the bios to try and the value of the main graphics card to AMD, but I can't find it anywhere in the bios (which has very very few options) I also used the AMD Control Panel to set the game to run using maximum performance , but continues to use the map intel. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks Matthew

    You cannot set the AMD GPU as primary - it is not connected directly to the screen.  Only the GPU from Intel is directly connected - the AMD GPU is NOT a dedicated GPU.  It's a video coprocessor - all passes of video data by the Intel GPU on its way to the screen, even if it has been processed by the AMD GPU.

    If you selected the AMD GPU for the game by using the catalyst control center, that's all that is needed. No matter where you look under Windows, you will always see the Intel GPU as active.  It is a system controlled by software - controlled material no.

Maybe you are looking for