The word generator bug?

I use the new digital_clock source to trigger a word bitstream generator.

The output using a range of multiple channels for analysis, I see no difference on the time when the trigger when I change between rising edge or external triggering lower edge. It always seems relaxing on the front of the digital_clock.

I use Multisim 11.0.2 and only connected (and data entry for) the least significant bit in the word generator.

Anyone can reproduce this behavior or to confirm that it is a bug?


Yes, it seems you are right. He always fire on a rising edge no matter what. I will communicate with R & D on that issue and I hope that we will fix it in the second version. Thanks for pointing out this bug!

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  • Switch to the word generator

    Hi all

    It is perhaps an easy question as I'm new to Multisim, however I cannot define the word to respond to an external trigger generator.  I'm defining the word meter generator, by selecting external to the source of relaxation and connect a clock of 10 kHz on the PIN in the generator T.  While I expect to see impulses that occur with my trigger, instead I see it always send data to whatever the internal frequency is no matter my trigger.

    I tried the digital clock and the sources of voltage pulse without result.

    I use NI Multisim 12.0 Student Edition version 12.0.0 (12.0.592).

    I'm doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

    Hi MHawn,

    The word generator can have an external trigger, but the clock frequency is always defined internally. The speed with which the pulses are generated are based on the internal clock frequency. The switch only controls the impulse triggering. As a test, try to do the same clock frequency clock and relaxation. Note that it is changing over time.

    I hope this helps.

  • Is the most recent HR is output to Word index bug?

    Before wasting any more time trying to get 12 index pages to match the 450plus-page document, or learn to, in a few days, how to manually index a great Word, not new versions of index RH outputs CORRECTLY doc? Just upgrade is perhaps the simplest thing (here in the corporate world) that he figure out on my own.

    Please let me know as soon as POSSIBLE!

    First of all, I would like to thank Peter Grange for taking the time to help. Even on the weekends! Thanks Peter!

    Problem solved--Yes Harvey, I even took my headers from level 4 to level 2. This helped, but not completely. This isn't the solution. Here's what I did.

    I copped RoboHelp. (!)
    I just couldn't make sense and then began to study more about the word index and information available online.
    For example, the Towson University has large format PDF on the Concordance of the files in Word.

    Procedure to obtain a usable index in Word:

    1. use HR to generate an index. Edit and manipulate according to needs
    2. all work out in Word.
    3 check and confirm your Word document.
    4. has the index Word, copied in the new file, deleted the page numbers and make a 2 column of this table.
    5 copied column 1 column 2 (second colum) can be used to change the display of text real index.
    6. has created a match with these data, which will be later exchanged AutoMark 'Index' of the Word as a file.
    7 closed Word - no need to save the document.
    8. I returned to HR and reloaded the work.
    9. completely remove all the index entries and save this way (without index).
    10 once again this work to the output Word.
    11. open the document in Word.
    12. now do my usual HR induced by need-for-repaginate (because of a bug in the image) and add necessary page breaks.
    13. go to the Index of Word feature and enter the concordance file and place the index finger if you wish.
    14. Add the header that says "Index:" (or whatever you want to the position of the Index.)
    15 repaginate table of contents and the Index and "Whallah! All page numbers now match the table of contents and Index.

    Now, the index is indexed to the PAGE not the SUBJECT!


  • Hello Mr President! I have a few questions about the Word report generation please.1.How can I add a border to a page in word? 2. How can I add gridlines to a table generated related word?. Can 3. how I add a border to a picture of the Word report?. Thank


    Sir, I have a few questions about generating word reports using (C language in labwindows) please.

    1. How can I add a border to a page in word?

    2. How do I add border lines and grid to a table generated in Word report (not "cvi control table"inserted from gui, I wonder about the table generated in Word report)?

    3. How can I fill a table cell of report word with the data type other than 'character '.

    And sir a question on the use of the timer in labwindows cvi please.

    Sir, I'm trying to set a time minimum interval timer to 1millisecond (0.001 s), that I have set, timer cares about the interval set by me he only meets the minimum default time interval which is, I think as 10milliseconds (I'm using windows xp service Pack 3 version 2002).




    Have you read this statement ? It explains how to set the registry value:

    If the REG_SZ useDefaultTimer does not already exist, you must create it under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\National Instruments\CVI Run-Time Engine\cvirte. "" This can be done navigate to the appropriate folder, and then click Edit "New" string value. Then, click on means the name of the new value created, select Rename, and then specify useDefaultTimer as the name. Finally, double click on the name and specify the value True or False.

  • What is the use of generate bug to R12.1.3 EBS report?


    After opening at EBS R12.1.3, when I click on the "to comment this page" located at the bottom. It refreshes with another page html, where tabs Page, personalization, Page context etc. are available with lots of information. In addition, the "Generate Bug report" button is available on the upper right. When I click this, it refreshes with another html page, where the profiles and PL/SQL Packages fields are empty. What should be given here? And when I press the 'Go' button, what is its role?

    Please notify.

    It generates a report that is what is required for logging SR or Bug.

    OA framework diagnosis how 'Generate Bug Report' (Doc ID 1077173.1)

    Thank you


  • With the help of large paintings for a random word generator


    I am currently working on a random word generator quiz this kind of thing, you press a button (click/touch) and a random word appears, you must then click/touch again to choose that if you think it's a real word or a compound word, whenever you get a right you get a point. No problems so far, I have all this works with the help of a few global variables (eep) and a couple of berries that store the image names and the true/false values so that they are real or not.

    Now that I'm starting to fill the building with the final content I am realizing that the table of the image is going to be huge, some 250 more entries and currently he is sitting on an action to click the button. Is it the right way to go about this or is there a better way to store the information about all? In a text or .js file maybe?

    All boards that much appreciated, thanks for reading!

    Hi spiders.

    If you push 200 objects a picture, you probably want to use a loop "for".

    Alternatively, if you load an image at random, and they are all named in the order, you can try something like this:

    wordCount var = 200;

    var imageIDToLoad = Math.floor (Math.random () * wordCount); / / Choose random num

    Substring var = ' images/word'+imageIDToLoad+'.png';// added this var to work around quotes

    var imageURL = "url (" + subString +")"; / / create the URL based on the random ID num and substring

    var randomWord = sym.createChildSymbol (imageURL, "wordWrapper");

  • Cannot generate the Word .doc

    100 classic page chm project compiles successfully. You will need to create the document Word for graphic designer do a nice .pdf. Get warnings (style not defined, mapped to normal). Can not find the style not defined in the code, but see some class = msonormal elements. Then, I get error "Word Document became corrupted when you attempt to add a topic malformed". Then, RoboHelp is unable to deal with a subject. Then it has Fatal Error "Word Document got corrupted" and she is abandoned. A little more of these erros and he cannot generate the rest of the Word document.

    Cannot search this forum for "malformed", either. Get a "Variable FTVAR_RESULTTYPE is undefined." Message.

    Cannot find the whole chain, but the deletion of any reference MSObookmark did the trick, thanks

  • Pages to change the word "modulo" when writing BUG

    Hello to everyone, I'm having this problΦme during work on the pages, when I'm writing and start typing the word "modulo" pages automatically replaces the word exactly once I typed "mo" and press the "d" pages replaces the word by 'mad '.

    I download a video to see the clear error.

    Thanks for your help.

    Hi Jose,.

    I use Pages ' 09, but instructions for 3 Pages may be similar.

    Go to the Pages menu, click Preferences, and then choose AutoCorrect.

    Uncheck «Automatically use suggestions from the spell checker»

    Type the word.

    If she does not get "corrected", right-click (Ctrl-click) on the word and select learn from the menu that appears.

    Kind regards


  • Fixing the quotes generated by Word in the HR project

    Hi all.

    I'm running RH8 and the generation of HTML help. I have imported a large amount of text from Word and have since learned that "Quotes" of the Word appear as question marks in the context of the user (although they seem OK in Robohelp). I want to fix this in the Robohelp HTML file.

    Here is what I see when I look at the HTML in Robohelp:

    "Curly quote of the word opening shows that:

    "Curly quote of the word opening shows that:

    Quote on the right shows that: & quot; (This is the goal for both word quotes.)

    "Curly apostrophe Word shows that:

    Straight apostrophe indicates that: "(this is the purpose of the apostrophes).

    Looks like a search/replace simple should solve this problem. But when I try to use the HR "Search and replace in files" function on the folder of the project, looking for citations of the word, I get the error "no files found matching text.

    I was using copy/paste to copy the characters in question directly from Robohelp HTML and in the areas of search/replace. I tried the two parameters of the checkbox "Ignore HTML tags" and helped search for files named *. * (for example all files in the folder), but I get the same error.

    No idea what I could do wrong?

    The only posts on what I find on this forum suggest using a tool third find/replace, and I'll find and install one of these if really necessary, but it would need approval of our internal IT Department, so I'd rather not.

    Any help is appreciated!


    Hmm, I see the problem now. I think that the quotes used to enter with HTML code, now they show as the french quotes.

    Good news, however, I found the search and replace failed until I turned on the respect of the case. Try this.

    See for creating tips and RoboHelp


  • I installed the fix for bug TB31.1 and now my e-mail lists do not work because TB does not recognize it as a reference to a list of e-mail addresses.

    I get an error message that says:

    < "list name" > list name is not a valid e-mail address because it is not the form [email protected] You need to correct before sending the e-mail message.

    It is true for lists I often used in new buildings, old and new of these lists since the upgrade.

    Well, it of a regression and pointed out that the Bug #1060901. If you have a Bugzilla account, please consider voting for this question.

    Several other people have sent in the same request of support you, noting that it happened after they upgraded to version 31.1.

    The exact error message is: XXXX is not a valid e-mail address, because it is not the form [email protected] You need to correct before sending the e-mail message.

    This happens in Thunderbird 31.1.0 when the description of your mailing list includes several words separated by spaces.

    Well that isn't ideal, these workaround solutions should allow you to use your mailing lists until a proper fix is implemented:

    • All by composing an email open the address book and select the list you want to send, to highlight all the names in the list and drag them to the To: box. This example uses your existing data without changing it.
    • Replace white "" between the words in the descriptions of these lists with an underscore "_". This requires modification of your descriptions of mailing list (s).
    • Upgrade to an earlier version and disable automatic updates (Windows)

    On the automatic updates

    Automatic updates are by default in Windows.

    You can Customize this behavior, however, it is under Tools > Options > advanced > update.

    My suggestion would be to put to check for updates but let me choose weather to install., especially if you depend on critical business e-mail / important or personal questions.

  • Yahoo speaker icon Chinese big5 dictionary web to pronounce the Word does not work on firefox 26,27.;_ylt=A3eg.nXHREBSxRUAzBh7rolQ?p=test & fr = SFP
    the speaker icon of web for the Word does not work on firefox 26,27. It works on firefox 24,25.

    Hello mizuc, thanks for reporting that - I can reproduce the problem and get an error in the web console:

    Media resource http://___.mp3 could not be decoded.

    Edit: I have filed bug 919572 for this question

  • Character set for the words


    Does anyone know what charset LPX uses for the words when you export a project at noon?

    I have set in Hungarian language of OS X. The correct character set for the Hungarians should be ISO-8859-2 (Latin 2), yet when I export a logical project that uses these words at noon, the external drive is not displayed correctly the

    That is to say. o is displayed as Ăł or similar, any set of characters I use in other software

    P. S.

    I submitted a bug report, as this seems to be a bug, but there was no reaction yet on the report


    Never mind, I just realized the character encoding used is UTF-8

  • How to set the size of text with the report generator


    I'm trying to set the size of the text with the report generator, but I find that I can't do this. Here is an example of the code that I use. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong please?

    Thank you, Alec

    I was generation from a word template.

    I hacked my version of the Toolbox to give me maunal indicator control "model? He had obtained his permenatly self stuck on "T". I exposed this flag outside the API, so I can control under certain weather conditions I may or may not use the model police.

    Does anyone know how to use this toolkit, or I did the right thing?

    Cheers, Alec

  • the words "how much" in any sentence will change the information contained in the typed in the field when it is selected on

    help I created a pdf form that is sent to the few hundred people very few will accept something very strange is happening when people try to fill it.  If the words are together in any sentence the field will change the information contained in the typed in when it is clicked on. If the 7 is entered in the field once on it out of the chaanges filed for view '0'.  23 or 230 happens every time.   This does not happen when if the form is opened in Adobe reader or Adobe Pro, but it seems for the most part that it opens in the browser, which is where it is filled.

    Thank you for any assistance.

    Many browsers have their own PDF plugins now that are used by default, and are unfortunately very bugs, especially when it comes to scripts and form fields. There is nothing much we can do about it, except for sending complaints to the manufacturers of these plugins and ask your users to avoid their use by saving the file and open it in Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) directly instead of inside the browser window.

    PS. the same also applies to the application overview of Apple.

  • After I exported a PDF (written in Hebrew) in a Word document, the Word document is written in mirror writing, how can I solve this problem?

    After I exported a PDF (written in Hebrew) in a Word document, the Word document is written in mirror writing, how can I solve this problem?

    This is a known bug in Acrobat. The conversion of PDF to Office documents was never designed to deal properly with the languages from right to left like Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi. There is no work around at this point.


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