Themes of the removal of blackBerry Smartphones

I tried to delete a theme using the options - advanced options - applications - select theme - press the BB button and select Delete, but it's still there. When I try the following steps to delete once again, is not there as an option to delete, but yet it is always in my themes list.

Do a simple reboot on the BlackBerry this way:

With the BlackBerry powereddevice, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart. A reboot in this way is prescirbed for most the gltiches and operating system errors, and you will lose any data on the device doing so.

Now it should have disappeared.

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  • Voicemail for the removal of blackBerry Smartphones without listening to the entire message

    One of my children made a habit of 'butt dialing' me by mistake, leaving messages of 5 minutes.  Lack of knowledge what else to do, I have to listen to him walk around with a voice hushed for a full 5 minutes before I can hit "7" to remove the message.  There must be a better way forward quickly at the end of a message. I tried all the keys as well as the # and *... Help!

    So you kick 7 is not fast enough?

    Delete, repeat, fast forward, etc., keyboard shortcuts for your voicemail come from your operator, not BlackBerry. You should check with your carrier about voice shortcuts.

    For example, on mine, typing press the 3 deletes the virtual machine.

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 not saved the network of Blackberry smartphones


    I have Blackberry data services with my provider of Meteor, and that they worked with my previous Blackberry 9900. I had to replace it and bought a second-hand 9900, which was a feature of company on the Vodafone network. I have unlocked it and I am able to use the SIM for calls and connect to the internet via wifi, but I'm unable to activate Blackberry internet services. Host Routing Tables are empty and I can't save. In addition, in the e-mail settings, I get only the ability to create a company account.

    I did a full factory reset and I tried to save the Tables in routing host several times but nothing happens.

    Thank you

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Start here please... you did some, but not all, these necessary things:

    • Article ID: KB05099 Steps to take before selling or after the purchase of a used BlackBerry smartphone

    In addition, please check this:

    • Article ID: KB30076 How to check for an it on a BlackBerry smartphone policy

    If there is a COMPUTER policy, please will then this:

    • Article ID: KB31291 How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings

    Finally, after all that, with a strong network carrier (for example, not only WiFi), I suggest the following steps, in order, even if they seem redundant to what you have already tried (steps 1 and 2, each should result in a message from your BB... Please wait just before moving on to the next step):

    1) register HRT

    • KB00510 How to register a BlackBerry smartphone with wireless network
    • Please wait a 'registration' message reach your Messages application

    2) Remove and return Service books

    • KB05000 Remove the maintenance book for the BlackBerry Internet Service email account in the BlackBerry smartphone
    • If you do not have access CMIME, continue deleting
    • KB02830 Send the directories for the BlackBerry Internet Service
    • Please wait "the Activation' Messages, one per already configured e-mail account, arrive in your Messages. If you have not already configured email accounts, please wait 1 hour.

    3) restart

    • With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes.
    • See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

    I hope that will move things again for you! If this isn't the case, then again please contact your mobile provider for formal support. Please ask him to check very carefully as to why your BB cannot receive BIS of their network. There are several possible reasons (e.g., lost or stolen), and you will have to convince them to 'dig deeper' to understand why. Be aware that only they can do this research... nobody here has any access to this research.

    Good luck!

  • Frozen to the software update blackBerry smartphones

    I have a Blackberry Curve 9360 and it is frozen all by doing an update of the software (progress overall backup 13%).  It has been like that for the last two hours.  I tried to take out the battery, but it just goes back to the same screen when it restarts.

    Can anyone help please?

    Two options to try:


    • Open Blackberry Desktop Software & connect your device with the PC using the USB cable, without inserting the battery.
    • You have three Retry option, update or cancel, and then click Update.
    • Once it is at the stage of the "initialization of pocket" update, then insert the batteries.
    • If this does not work, and you get stuck on the safeguarding of social data feeds, go to the second method below.


    • Start your BlackBerry in safe mode.  Article ID: KB17877 how to start a mode BlackBerry smartphone without failure
    • Connect to the BlackBerry Desktop Software and allow handheld to connect. If you are prompted to update, cancel the upgrade for later.
    • IF you can not connect or your desktop software does not recognize your device in Mode safe, please follow the instructions here to force detection: Article ID: KB10144 how to force detect the BlackBerry smartphone using the Application Loader
    • Go to device > delete > SELECT DATA > select this option to remove the Social flow and smart card data bases and follow the rest invites you to complete.
    • Now, you can go back and click to update the device through the Desktop Manager, or restart the BlackBerry in normal mode and continue on the upgrade of the air.
  • Email removal of blackBerry Smartphones

    I am a new user, connection through BES. I store e-mail that I want in outlook in my personal folders on my desk and do not want to keep so many messages on my Blackberry. How do I remove them or specify only keep for say 5-10 days.  I'm on Verizon (if that makes a difference).

    Also several times when I open messages, I see the oldest FIRST and must scroll through hundreds to get to my current message.   SOOOO aggravating.   Thanks for any help.

    Go to the Inbox of BlackBerry.  Press menu, select options, select general options, set the option "keep messages" for the duration you prefer.

    I'm not aware of an option to sort the blackberry by the oldest messages first.  If you are not at the top of the list when you go into your blackberry Inbox, you can press "T" to jump to the top of the list and 'B' to jump to the bottom of the list.

  • Problem installing the update of blackBerry Smartphones BB App World

    I have a very old BlackBerry App World build my torch.  While I wait for a Z10/Q10, I try to update.  For some reason when I update to to I get a Setup error.  Any suggestions on how to do it?  I don't see a way to remove the BlackBerry App World and reinstall.  Thank you.


    Hi ericschiff

    Welcome to the Forums of the BlackBerry Support

    What model of torch you have! If you encounter a problem with the update you can try to re - install BlackBerry World. For which first of all, go to Options > device > application > locate and remove BlackBerry World of this list.

    KB10040 : How to view or delete an installed BlackBerry smartphone applications

    After deletion to perform a battery pull reboot by removing the battery in your device is on.  After you restart your BlackBerry browser go to and download the most recent version. Perform a restart after the installation.

    Try it and tell us if you feel any problem.

  • How do I remove BES blackBerry smartphones

    Please help I bought bb 9360 and bes it was now the problem is that there are a lot of restrictions in this regard. I wipe it's OS upgrade to 7.1 but stil, say things like (parential controls cannt set on bes server active device) I use BIS. He didn't not political even if try to pass with the devices it is said disabled by administrator pliz pliz help security wipe does not

    Hello goldsalltime

    I wipe simple does not delete any policy of our BlackBerry. Currently, if you use your BlackBerry purely personal purposes so first make a backup and then follow this Knowledge Base and put it back to factory setting:

    KB31291  :   How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings



    After a reset when restoring your backup, do a selective restore, restore only your contacts, calendar, Memo entries. does not restore all otherwise these policies that you just deleted restore back and you have to start over.

  • The phone purchase blackBerry smartphones - alleged duplication/reconditioning of old phones

    Hi, all members in my bb handsets own family and to my surprise as I saw an old box of one of the bb, it contained 3 handsets with imei bb stickers is as follows (one of them being the imei of my phone) a [personal information deleted] b my phone Imei Imei [personal information deleted] and c. Imei [personal information]. These stickers have been glued on top of each other very carefully. My query is whether the phone I bought is tampered with or it's a renovation done by blackberry itself? P.S. I bought the phone of a large chain of stores (India) selling mobile phones.

    akhil_malathkar wrote:
    The unit that I am above statement is a curve 8520. On the status display as mentioned above, there are the following details: a b c d e PIN IMEI f WLAN MAC free file battery Signal: F4:0 B: 93:70:0 D: BD g. Ip address: h. use of data: use of the voice i. k 54396.8: 481:18:08:45 j. political IT: disabled. The phone that I have reported to is about 2 years old; I found that this falsified packaging only now and not earlier. To clarify, Global Access is also a very reputable brand for the purchase of mobile phones in India and its likely to be an authorized dealer of blackberry as well.

    So, you use the phone now for two years and I want earlier if you bought new or else a refurbished device, or used?

    As you've waited two years for this question, it is impossible to answer. As you can see from your reply above, the machine had

    Use of data: 54396,8 k

    Use of the voice: 481:18:08:45

  • Events calendar for the refreshment of blackBerry Smartphones

    My 8310 will not refresh appts now.  I can get them on the screen before, but they don't change when I change date time or add a new one.  I had to change the theme just to change the main screen to view the updates.  Y at - it "Refresh" setting I should know about?  Thank you in advance.


    Please, try the following

    Remove the battery while the device is activated, replace after one minute,

    Let the device reboot 1-3 min, retry the function that was the problem

    Please let me know!

    Thank you

  • Removal of blackBerry Smartphones Hoursgalss, slow, SMS

    Since last week, my Alltell 8130 was the removal of my message history and call for papers. Boring, but I could ignore that.

    For these last two days, however, the phone has handled things extremely slow, constantly updated to the top of the hourglass icon and basically stalling for several seconds at a time on features ranging from fromtrying to check the text / call logs, at the opening of the internet browser, control electronics, even incoming / outgoing calls. Call button the half of the time that the phone does not block for 1-20 of secodns after having clicked on the end.

    Is it a software update or something? Nothing has been wise to changed settings, and the only change in the typical use is that I started to surf the web and check e-mail more frequently on the phone.

    Any help is appreciated.

    The device of low, low memory.

    First thing? Check the file without Options > status, what is the number to the free file? Now, remove the battery from your device, hold a minute, replace, and restart. What is now the free file?

    Read this:

    And this:

    Other links to read:

  • Upgrade of the OS to blackBerry Smartphones Logman a success

    Well, I got success install the OS4.5 last night on my 8320 TMOB. However, I had moments of panic. As mentioned earlier, I can move on a computer, but certainly not an expert. Now that I've updated and everything seems to work very well, I have a few questions. (1) with the new OS which size media card can I go up to? (2) can someone tell me how to format the card when I get it back? (3) I lost the prompt "delete on handheld & computer" during the removal of e-mails. How can I restore it? Is it possible to restore? To let everyone know, if I can update an operating system, anyone can. Thanks to the people who gave me answers quickly last night when I was doing the upgrade. Once again this site "ROCKS". Have a great day and I can't wait to find more answers here.  Eldon

    logman wrote:
    Well, I got success install the OS4.5 last night on my 8320 TMOB. However, I had moments of panic. As mentioned earlier, I can move on a computer, but certainly not an expert. Now that I've updated and everything seems to work very well, I have a few questions. (1) with the new OS which size media card can I go up to? (2) can someone tell me how to format the card when I get it back? (3) I lost the prompt "delete on handheld & computer" during the removal of e-mails. How can I restore it? Is it possible to restore? To let everyone know, if I can update an operating system, anyone can. Thanks to the people who gave me answers quickly last night when I was doing the upgrade. Once again this site "ROCKS". Have a great day and I can't wait to find more answers here.  Eldon

    1. this question has been answered in your previous thread where you asked... don't forget to check the previous discussions.

    2. on the device > Options > Media Card > Menu > Format.

    3. messages > Options > email reconciliation. Set the option you want for each e-mail account.

    Good luck!

  • The old messages blackBerry Smartphones keep popping up like new with OWA Exchange.

    My account is a Microsoft Exchange account that I connect using Outlook or Outlook Web Access (OWA).  Sometimes (and I can't find a reason for it) when I reread an email using Outlook/OWA message get redistributed to the BlackBerry as if it were a new message.  Otherwise reconciliation seems to work perfectly (both delete and keep track of read vs unread messages.)  I find it very confusing.

    I tried to find some adjustments in currency options which would explain this and have not been able to.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you



    Here's an article in the knowledge base on duplicates... do not know if one of the causes/solutions are adapted to your situation or not, but it is worth your look in them.

    See you soon!

  • Delete, to the Server Option blackBerry Smartphones

    Until a few days ago, I had a few personal email accounts on my BB.  Whenever I deleted a message, I was presented with two options - remove and remove it from the server (or something like that).  I joined a new company and the phone was put into service for the BES.  Now, when I delete messages from the personal accounts, I can only delete them on the device, that is, I'm not presented with the option to delete the server.  The e-mail from the company account balance very well with the BES.

    Any ideas?

    If you check under Messages | Options | Send the reconciliation can change you to your personal email account and see if you can change the setting remove on to the command prompt?

  • Update of the software of blackBerry Smartphones

    Hi, my wife has a 9320 BB and I have a BB9900. Whenever a software update is available, I tend to update both at the same time via the BB Desktop Software. (the last being 7.1.2061).

    Today I plugged BB9320 my wife to the laptop for the load and the BB Desktop Software identified one update, 7.1.2753. In the end, I have connected my BB9900 but no software updates found, can anyone tell why this should be the case please?

    Thank you very much.

    Hi londonpride

    These device software are developed by BlackBerry, then released by respective carrier specific to each BlackBerry device model, carrier of your wife has published this specific version of the OS for BlackBerry 9320 and for you... you can have the newest software for your carrier device, so you are offered no updates for your BlackBerry 9900.

  • Removes several blackBerry Smartphones


    Performing several deletions on my message Inbox (i.e. email, SMS etc.).  Instructions say to press on and hold the ALT key while selecting messages scrolling on multiple messages, select the menu and the Remove button and then.  However, all that is it just move to leave me a message to another and does not seem to select multiple messages.

    Someone at - it ideas please?

    Thank you.


    His hit aA (case shift) and scroll not alt

Maybe you are looking for

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