There is a possible second disc HARD Satellite A300D?


I found in the compartment for laptop to a second hard drive, but don't know if it pop in a second hard drive.
Maybe someone is trying to turn. Thanks in advance.

PS: Sorry for the English - interpreter)



There are different A300D on the market with different motherboards and different hardware specifications. But the cover and the background is always the same.
That is why you can find a second HARD-drive Bay but not all models of A300D would support the second HDD.

You can try to remove the cover that holds the second HARD drive Bay to check the HARD drive connectors. If there are no connectors, then the second HDD is not possible!

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  • removing the disc HARD dv4t-5300

    Oops someone showed me where the maintenance manual is on this.  Thank you!

    I just bought a laptop HP dv4t-5300 series.  I removed the small bottom plate to find that there are no screws to remove the disk hard so that I can put in my drive SSD OCZ Vector (w00t).  Dv6t-7300 there is two screws and disc hard this spell.

    I can't find any on HDD removal textbooks and when I called technical support HP says the hard drive can't get out and it is a particular size for a SSD will not fit.  The hard drive is a standard 2.5 "and I think that the tech knew what he was talking about.

    Anyone would be able to seat me with where to find a manual or something on this computer?  Usually youtube or some forum or Internet HP site it would, but I can't find anywhere, anything on this computer again.  Sometimes, you have to remove the keyboard in order to install things but I don't want to start taking everything as part of discover that it's just a hidden screw or something.

    Thank you!


    I agree that you have received incorrect information.

    Here is the link to the service manual for your PC.

    Drive hard R & R procedures can be found in Chapter 4, starting on page 36.

  • Satellite P300-16 t - adding a second drive HARD-success!

    I have added a second hard drive today for my Toshiba P300-16 t.

    I realized that I had a Toshiba SATA drive in a USB disk device that would spare - 250 gb.

    I improvised by removing the feet spread on the cover of the second cage to hard disk using a sharp knife. I put the Bank in place ensuring maximum safety. I also used a heat-resistant material (say what) to secure the drive up as readers are rarer than hen's teeth. I made sure that the reader also had room to breathe. The cover was then released and I turned on my computer and it found the new HDD, the installed drivers at home but hey presto! Another 250 GB to play with.

    Now, I did it is because I call four FSA in the United Kingdom but they weren't any help by providing a cage for the second disc.
    Two said they only deal with businesses and not individuals.
    Others have said that they only provide power cables and batteries!
    Hope that my Tosh never goes down and I must use their services...

    Anyway, I don't recommend anyone do what I just - it is possible if you are a bit adventurous...

    Have you used the Hotglue?

    Surely, you can get the FSA HARD drive media. Unless there is a global shortage on cradles P300: p

  • All my iTunes music is on a disk hard Ext. connected to my home network through a router. Is it possible that devices that are part of my home network share iTunes can access the music on this disc hard Ext. without my laptop being on?

    All my iTunes music is on a disk hard Ext. connected to my home network through a router. Is it possible that devices that are part of my home network share iTunes can access the music on this disc hard Ext. without my laptop being on?

    Additional information: the laptop is what I used to install all the music, via iTunes, which is located on the external hard drive connected through home network router.

    Is it possible that devices that are part of my home network share iTunes can access the music on this disc hard Ext. without my laptop being on?

    Laughing out loud

  • Can I insert disc HARD 160 GB in Satellite U200-181

    Dear friends!
    If I insert disc HARD 160 GB laptop Toshiba U200-181?
    Version 3.40 BIOS

    Thank you!


    Hmmm, comment of the snipe is not 100% good.
    If the size of the HARD drive is not supported BIOS does not recognize the HARD drive!

    I think you could use a HD up to 120 GB, but I'm not sure of the larger sizes.
    You should really examine it until you buy one.

  • Satellite A200-1XO - recovery disc HARD No. pressing F8 option


    I need to reset my computer.
    When I press f8, I don't have the recovery disc hard choice. Is this normal? How should I do?

    In Disk Manager, I can see the eisa partition, I have no dvd either...



    It looks like a folder of image no longer available on your computer hard drive. You can

    1. order a [Recovery disk |] Toshiba
    2 get Windows copy the installation disc, all the drivers are on the [page driver Toshiba |]

  • Can I build at the second disk on Satellite P200-1I4?


    Before all sorry for my bad English. =((

    I have a toshiba SATELLITE P200-1I4 and the question is: can I install a HDD (additional) more. Or there is only one SATA slot in this laptop? Unfortunately for laptop is not close to me now, and I can't remove the back panel and see.
    On the web site of Toshiba, I can't find any information about it.

    More information:
    SATELLITE P200-1I4
    S/N: z7269306k - M/n: PSPB3E-0J601MRU

    Thanks, and I hope that all written above is understandable. =)

    Best thing you can do is to remove the cover for the second HARD drive and see if the HARD drive connector is available.
    If this is not the case, there is no possibility to upgrade the HARD drive.

    Maybe someone on this forum has the same laptop model and can check for you.

  • Double disc HARD MacPro boots on one, not the other

    I have a MacPro 2008 with two drives hard bootable. We have OS x 10.6.8 Snow Leopard and the other Mavericks 10.9.5. I use the first for my daily work and the second opportunity for LogicPro.

    The drive of the Mavericks has stopped booting and I don't know how to fix it. It appears as an option if I hold the alt key after the Gong to start, but if I select it, I just get the gray Apple logo screen for several minutes and eventually Mac starts on Snow Leopard disk. The two drives appear in the startup disk pane in the Control Panel, but by selecting the Mavericks an and the reboot leads to the same result.

    The volume of the Mavericks is visible from Snow Leopard, I can open the files subject to the permissions of the user, so I can't to my Logic Pro files. I had some weird user account problems when I installed the Mavericks on the second disc of the first and had to set up a new Userid on it.

    I ran disk utility (when it is started from Snow Leopard), which notes that the Mavericks drive is OK. I ran repair permissions and the ERD; the first made many changes, this last, no.

    I tried to reset the PRAM.

    I tried out the Snow Leopard disc there is only the Mavericks in the Mac.

    In case it is relevant, Snow Leopard is sitting on a 960 GB SSD, Mavericks on a classic 500 GB drive (which was the original drive provided with the Mac). The content of all the two have been cloned at least once using Carbon Copy Cloner through other intermediate readers, and both worked very well several times in the current configuration since the cloning of the last.

    I still have a disk of 250 GB which was the first facility of Mavericks/LogicPro and could restore but would not be able to get to any LogicPro project since this swap.

    Any suggestions please?

    Reinstall OS X without erasing the drive

    Make sure that you have a current backup before continuing.

    Boot to HD recovery: restart the computer after the ring, press on and hold the COMMAND and R keys until the menu screen to appear.

    Repair the hard drive and permissions: at startup, select in the main menu disk utility. Repair hard disk and permissions as follows.

    When the recovery menu appears, select disk utility and press the continue button. Disk utility charges and select Macintosh HD entry indented from the list on the left.  Click the first aid tab, and then click the repair disk button. If disk utility reports any errors that have been corrected, then again run repair disc until no errors are reported. If no errors are reported, click repair permissions . Wait until the operation is complete, then quit disk utility and return to the main menu.

    Reinstall OS X: Select reinstall OS X and click on the continue button.

    Note : You will need an active Internet connection. I suggest to use Ethernet if possible because it's three times faster than Wi - Fi and more reliable.

  • Second HDD in Satellite X 200-21 K (PSPBUE)

    I am looking for information on installing the second HARD drive in my laptop.

    Laptop has a Bay "void/replacement part" for the second HARD drive, but there is no connector of drive in the Bay. Therefore, there is no easy way to upgrade.

    So I looked on the net, and as far as I know I have two options:

    (1) buy appropriate hard drive connectors and 2.5 "HDD. Take apart my laptop, connect the cables on the motherboard and install second HARD drive into the empty Bay.
    T1) motherboard X 200-21 K she second (to spare) SATA connector? I guess that this motherboard have only two SATA connectors (one for the HARD drive) and one for DVD.
    Q2) is possible to connect two hard drrives on a motherboard SATA connector?

    (2) replace the DVD with HARD drive
    Q1) is it possible? Is there anyone from replaced DVD with HARD drive?
    I saw on the internet that this is possible on the MacBook and some other portable/laptop (HP,...)

    Thanks for the replies

    If there is no connector to the second HARD drive, motherboard is not ready for these updates.
    These upgrades are not supported, and I fear that you may damage the motherboard just.

    If you want to have accurate info contact the nearest authorized and ask if something like this can be done. My personal opinion is no and think about the warranty too.

    BTW: If you need second HARD drive you can connect small 2,5 HDD as another external via USB port. You can also take with you anywhere and connect to other computers/laptops. For me, it is definitely the best solution.

  • What is the recovery disc include - Satellite A300?

    Hello. I have a laptop Satellite A300.
    I have seen that my computer has 1 hidden partition in the first drive and another recovery file in the second disc.

    (1) what is the difference between the 2?
    (2) I accidentally deleted the file on the second drive, and now I am unable to create a recovery disc, so I need to order a new one.

    What is the disk? It only installs the operating system, or it will also include some of the software came with my laptop (Microsoft works, using the camera software and so on...)

    Thank you.

    (1) it's pretty easy. The hidden partition contains the Windows recovery environment and the file on the second partition in HARD disk recovery file, factory settings or leave a picture of her.
    The recovery environment is a feature of Vista, not a Toshiba. If you want to return factory settings, or to reinstall Windows, you need the HARD drive recovery function or the Toshiba recovery disc.
    Here is a useful link to the recovery environment:

    (2) the reason why you can t create the recovery disk is that you deleted the file. On the second partition in HARD disk recovery file is normally only for this image and this can also be used for the recovery of HARD drive feature. Therefore, you need to go into the advanced boot menu and select Repair my computer. But now it s too late and you can t use this feature.

    If you want the recovery disc, you can order directly into a new to Toshiba:
    The recovery disk contains the operating system and all the drivers and tools you need for the Toshiba laptop.

    I m that you have right didn't look in the manual? ;)
    Otherwise you all know what I told you.

  • Available to add the second internal hard drive to 17-e117dx


    Can you let me know, if there is provision to add the second internal hard drive for HP Pavilion e117dx 17.

    If so, one) is there requirments or the specifications of the hard disk (any make or model); (b) what equipment will be needed and where I can get to and c) Finally will be doing so make sure the warranty of my laptop HP Sub

    HP Pavilion

    Product: F9J38UA #ABA

    Model: 17-e117dx

    Thank you

    Not in the way you probably do. Here is the Service Manual:


    See Page 50. Unlike the Envy 17 and Pavilion dv7, Pavilion 17 has that a single hard drive Bay. The only way to add a second hard drive is to remove the DVD (optical drive) and insert a DVD to the hard drive bay adapter. The manual shows how to remove the DVD player and you can buy the adapter at or Note that this is a 9.5 mm thick disc, not a 12.7 mm. Both types are available. I do not recommend the adapter DVD player solution because you lose the use of the optical drive, and also because the interface of optical drive is usually not as fast as the main hard drive interface. Always fast enough for simple storage and you can run a video of her, but you do not want to edit the video of this disc, for example.

    If you decide to go the route of adapter DVD I would buy a large capacity 5400 RPM SATA 2.5 inches wide and drive hard thickness 9.5 mm. No sense in buying a reader more expensive high-performance.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • AG3-605-UR1C supports a second internal hard drive?

    I would add a second internal hard drive of my AG3-605-UR1C. Is this possible?

    If it's important, the player that I'm considering is Seagate Desktop HDDSATA.

    Thanks in advance for the answer.

    your PC has 4 SATA ports on the motherboard, so if you have 1 HDD and 1DVD, you have 2 spare SATA ports to be used, and there is too much room on the chassis.

  • After the clean install of windows 7, it gives an error saying that there is a problem in the hard drive.

    * Original title: hard drive

    I have a lenovo laptop, processor Intel i3, 500 GB hard drive. After the clean install of windows 7, it gives an error saying that there is a problem in the hard drive. I ran chkdsk looking for bad sector and its display 6000 KB in bad sectors. After completing the audit when it began to restart its stuck when the windows logo appears. What should I do? Reinstall the windows help?

    Run the hard drive HD diagnosis extended CD scan manufacturer to know with certainty the State of the reader.  If your brand has no bootable diagnostics in the link, use Seagate Seatools burned onto CD or SeaTools for a USB key .  Follow this with a full check disk command from the installation media kicked prompt know with absolute certainty the State of the reader.  If he repeated the errors after you run the two tests twice, I replace it or at least keep everything backed up in real time.

    If by chance the drive past diagnosis then compares the steps you've done with the best possible Clean install Windows 10 in the link, you can do more if it varied too - especially if the partitions were not deleted during install.  If you do then I additonally run own Diskpart command command line of the punt media accessible to the first screen after startup by pressing SHIFT + F10 keys, or through the repair your computer on the second screen.

  • Access denied to the second disc

    My hard drive went wrong, so I bought two new albums: SSD for the OS and a few applications and a regular hard drive for data. I pulled the old drive, threw the new ones, reinstalled Windows on the SSD, and everything was good! I have created a few directories on the HHD, downloaded files in there and then I rebooted to finish a few things from Windows Update.

    When I logged in, I could not open the phonebook on the HHD containing my downloaded files. "D:\ is not accessible. Access is denied. "This has constantly produced with the second disc.

    Some info:

    • Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
    • C: drive is a NEW SSD drive with an operating system installed on it
    • D: drive is a NEW HHD for data
    • I connect with the user during the installation, I created. This user is in Admin group.
    • As far as I can tell, I have no problems with permissions on the SSD
    • A lot of people have this problem with the old disks after upgrade or reinstall - this is not the case here! These discs are new.

    I tried the things:

    • Granting of permissions/access my user group is part of the
    • Granting permissions/access directly to my user
    • Granting a group ownership of the directory my user is part of the
    • Granting ownership of the directory to my user
    • Do the foregoing to various combinations of input drive root, parent directories, etc.
    • Reformat the drive several times - this solves the problem for a while, but he returned after a few reboots

    Granting permissions or take ownership usually results in an "access denied" message I can perform these functions if I log in safe mode.

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I am completely frustrated and confused at this point. I have full access rights and have even files, but still receive "access denied" errors

    I reinstalled the latest Intel storage drivers and the problem seems to be resolved.

  • Password disk HARD Satellite 5100

    I have a 5100 satellite which, once I try to boot it hangs on the Red toshiba screen and the small blue window in the front shows HDDPassword = I never set a password for it. I tried unplugging all sources of energy but not yet transmitting suggestions?


    If there is really a game of HARD drive password, this is very bad, because there is no way to remove it.

    But maybe it's just some sort of failure. Try to reinstall the system or access the HARD drive from another computer.

    Good bye

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