There is this bizarre interpretation in Photoshop that I have no idea how fix...

pixels wtf.PNG

As seen in the picture above, I have no idea how to solve this problem. I tried to look around, but I get no answer because I don't know what the problem is - I don't know how it's called. I also tried updating the drivers on this computer and re - install the software (Photoshop CC). Any help would be appreciated. This problem has been bothering me for a long time now and it has been that hinder my progress in several other works of art.


Have you tried setting Mode to basic drawing?  Or if you want to use advanced, try disabling OpenCL (if not grayed out).

Note: you must restart Photoshop after making the above changes.

The HD7770 is pretty low-end.  What type of display are originally with her, and shows how?   I would say that the default value of 4 levels of cache would be a better choice for your system.

What operating system?  I think that Windows 8 is likely a problem with the GPU acceleration.

See the FAQ of GPU and as well as the steps above, take note of what he says on the sniffer of GPU.

I can't see anything about resetting preferences in this thread.  You should try that even after reinstallation of Photoshop.  (Preferences > general tab in 2015 CC)

Good luck

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