There seems to be a MAJOR problem (blocking/memory leak) in "subject: House", also known as the Firefox Start Page, at 26.0 Firefox on Windows!

There seems to be a MAJOR problem (blocking/memory leak) in "subject: House", also known as start up Firefox, 26.0 Firefox Page, Windows!

seen on:
-Windows 7 x 64 machine with 12 GB of RAM and high performance CPU (core i7-920)
-Comments Machine virtual WinXP SP3 (in Oracle VirtualBox) running on the same computer
-Intel Atom D525 netbook with 4 GB of RAM, running Win7 x 64

None of these machines are connected through Sync or something like that. The Firefox instance on the virtual machine is a fresh install / clean.

The problem:
-100% of cpu usage for 10 seconds, (util in XP) memory usage goes up to 1.7 GB
-If "subject: House" is actually the Firefox Start Page, it blocks the computer at startup of Firefox for 10 seconds
-If "subject: House" isn't the Firefox Start Page, startup is fine - BUT if I press the "home" on the toolbar button it loads "on: House" which causes the same question once again


Sounds that there is a problem with one of the code snippets that are responsible. I've seen several reports on this issue.

You can set the browser.aboutHomeSnippets.updateUrl pref an empty string on the subject: the page of config to disable loading (new) checked to see if that helps.

You can open the topic: config page through the address bar

You must remove the ' storage\moz-security-about + origin "folder in the folder of Firefox to delete already profile stored clips.

You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder:

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  • [JS CS5] problem with memory leak possible with the dialog box in the event handler


    I'm having a very difficult problem.

    I am attaching a script in a handler for a menu item, by using an installation script menu that I wrote based on one by Marc Autret. My version of the script menu installation attach a bunch of event handlers at the same time, to the actions of different menu.

    What is the event handler, with that I have a problem is to prompt the user for a URL and then applies the URL as a hyperlink to the text selection, with our house style for the way in which the URL should look like.

    The problem is the following:

    1. all other installed menu actions work very well, except for this one.

    2. the addition of URL script works fine, when you run it directly from the script menu.

    3. the combination of #1 and #2 (using the script to add URL by function as an event handler in the Edit menu) blocks to InDesign. But it is only after the addition of URL script has finished and done what it was supposed to do!

    4. when I comment on the section of the script URL adding user input, so that instead of saying

    userInput = myDisplayDialog();

    It is said

    userInput = "";   // userInput = myDisplayDialog();

    It works well as an event handler.

    So obviously a problem with the dialog box, but only when adding URL script is executed as an event handler. My first guess is that this is some kind of memory leak, but I think I am following the model of. destroy() the way I saw it elsewhere.

    Someone knows something like that before?

    I can provide all relevant if necessary scripts, but they are quite complicated. The most important of them is the input of the user function. Here it is:

    var myDisplayDialog = function( defaultText ) {
        var defaultText = defaultText || "";
        var myDialog = app.dialogs.add({
            name: "Type in a URL"
        var myOuterColumns = [];
        var myInnerColumns = [];
        var myOuterRows = [];
        var myBorderPanels = [];
        var myTextEditboxes = [];
        var myInput;
        myOuterColumns[0] = myDialog.dialogColumns.add();
        myOuterRows[0] = myOuterColumns[0].dialogRows.add();
        myBorderPanels[0] = myOuterRows[0].borderPanels.add();
        myInnerColumns[0] = myBorderPanels[0].dialogColumns.add();
            staticLabel: "URL:"
        myInnerColumns[1] = myBorderPanels[0].dialogColumns.add();
        myTextEditboxes[0] = myInnerColumns[1].textEditboxes.add({
             minWidth: 300,
             editContents: defaultText ? defaultText : "http://"
        var myResult =;
        var myInput = myTextEditboxes[0].editContents;
        if (myResult == false) {
        return myInput;

    Hi Richard,

    Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the ScriptUI longer work.

    Thake a peek here:


    Marijan (tomaxxi)

  • Lightroom seems to have a problem of memory "leak" massive building previews

    Lightroom crashes when generating previews of thousends of images. I found out from the memory usage of task is about 1000 MB and CPU usage is about 70%. photos more treatment more's CPU usage and RAM more it uses. It seems to never release the RAM or no garbage collection is made.  at one point almost no pictures are processed more and at the stop of the construction process, Lightroom crashes!

    By browsing various forums on the net I found quite some people with the same problems of crash. No responses were given. Only the typical installation new drivers display etc.

    Is there anyone who has had the same problem and solve it? (except building seen in small batches with reboot inbetween Lightroom that would take days)

    Anyone at Adobe would explain the "behaviour" of the strangest memory?

    Thanks for any help

    My system:

    newly built Win 10, Z170 Chipset, Core i7 6700K, fast SSD (2 m2 with 2500 MB transfer speed), 16 GB of RAM, all drivers updated

    LR CC was updated to the latest version.

    PS: the same problem has happened on two other systems (more old PC Win 10) and Yoga 900 laptop from Lenovo.

    This was reported, and Adobe recognizes that it is a bug and he's working on fixing it.

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    Make sure that your system meets the specifications for what version it is.

    Premiere Pro -

  • I have a 2004 hp pavilion a527x, which has 32 bits, there seems to be a driver problem, I have windows xp can I switch to java 64 bit?

    When I use qualys analysis on my system, the 32-bit java 6 version is coming as a risk and incompatible.

    How does this relate to the features of Windows Update?

    Is v1.6.0_26 of Java (JRE) installed and is the only version installed? See

    TIP: while you're there, see also...




  • Major problems! Memory problem?

    So I am putting together a Web Flash cs5.5 site and now I'm sitting at more than 300 MB.  IT seems that that the project has received the biggest bugs multiplied by ten.  Now I can't even publish it.  He began to publish, gets 1/3 of the way, then stops.  He tells me that he can't find eternal when trying to import new images or video importers for the project, or cannot read the files copy and pasted from Illustrator and so on... and so on...

    Y at - it something I can do.  IM only at 260 frameworks but the resolution is 1000 x 1000.  I know that some might suggest I drop these things to avoid problems, but I want to know what I can do to supplement with these settings.  According to adobe, memory should not be a problem for a while.  I have 32 GB of ram and enough well equipped so I don't see that there should be a problem on my end.  I'm desperate for answers on what I'm working on a project for a client and would not see this failure.  I still need to import images and a host of other things, and that the project could grow down the road and thank you in advance.

    If you have logo1.png, logo2.png,..., logo100.png of images that you want to load:

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    var imageTotal:int = 100;


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    function loadcompleteF(e:Event):void {}

    If (imageNum<>

    imageNum ++;


    } else {}

    image loading is complete.  You can now view any order without delay.  That is to say, start your application




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    tl.addEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, enterframeF);


    function enterframeF(e:Event):void {}

    tl.removeChild (tl ["loader_" + tl.imageA [tl.currentIndex]]);

    tl.currentIndex ++;

    If (tl.currentIndex<>

    tl.addChild (tl ["loader_" + tl.imageA [tl.currentIndex]]);

    } else {}

    tl.removeEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, enterframeF);



  • Problems of blackBerry Smartphones with the BBkey (also known as the menu button)

    Sometimes when I'm in an application and want to click on one of the list of the menu items (for example, delete), when I click on the menu button, which appears are some of the icons on the home page.  (I'm really tired of looking at this little Penguin...).  If I persist, I can usually get the pop-up menu option, but it's boring.  I'm sure it's a software problem.  I had this problem after a while on my first lap.  I had to replace the one because of other problems.  I used the switch device Wizard to transfer everything, so I guess he also transferred everything that is causing this issue.

    Everyone knows about this problem?  Any ideas on what to do?  I don't want to reinstall the OS - I'd rather upward with the problem.  Thank you.


    Hi again!

    The BBKey/Menu button has two functions.

    (1) to bring up a context menu of the application, you are

    (2) to bring up the Ribbon app-switcher (a list of all your applications in the course of execution so that you can change quickly from a different application...)

    The difference is how long you hold down the key. For 1, it is a support and quick release. For 2, it is down. Sometimes it gets bad, but with practice, you'll be able to get what you want most of the time (not 100% but... I always get a wrong result sometimes).

    Hope that helps!

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    Thank you


    Hi Brian,.

    I believe that this compilation failure could be less related to the implementation of memory coregen, rather the memory of the way that is implemented in the lut and block memory on an FPGA. Lut are built through flip-flops and are perfect for storing information 100-300 bytes, while the memory block is segmented in a fixed size of 2 k RAM embedded. There are only a number of structures of block of RAM in a given FPGA and it seems that in your case that you use more of your resources block of allocated RAM. For example, in the 7831R if we tried to implement a FIFO in the maximum possible storage size block memory would be 81 920 bytes due to the limitation of resources.

    The implementation of flip flop of the LUTs will allow the compiler greater flexibility in the use of resources in compiling because the size of the LUT is not fixed in the way that is a block structure of RAM. This is probably the reason why this LUT implementation is compiling successfully while the RAM block is not in this case.

    Kind regards

    Blayne K

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  • I deleted the bridge and ran the uninstall problem. Now, there seems to be no way to re-download it. How do I do that?

    I deleted the bridge and ran the uninstall problem. Now, there seems to be no way to re-download it. How do I do that? Can someone help me?

    Hi Amy,

    Please download the Bridge application from the link below:

    All updates of Adobe CC: Direct for Windows download links | ProDesignTools

    Kind regards


Maybe you are looking for