There will be a problem if I restore on an uncontrolled node RAC DB


Just to know, is there a problem if I restore the database (my CARS DB was corrupted and I lost the whole base) in any node that is not originally a master node?

I have a 4 DB node, and usually the master node is the Node1. But we opt to restore by using the node 4, since it is where the catalog DB also resides.

Please enlighten me if a master node is always necessary to be the crux of restoration - to.

Thank you!

There has been a misunderstanding here on the architectures of CARS.

First of all there is no thing such as master node in the CCR. All nodes are equal. There are ud1, Node2, node3 Naming Convention.

Because all nodes are equal they access the same database in "single" storage (average of all nodes access the same data).

Your database crash, kind of database is not available on all nodes because they are to access the same data.

You can use any node of the database restore because all nodes must Access the same data (datafiles, controlfiles, redo, spfile, archive logs and backup files).

The closest thing a master in a RAC is the mastery of the block.

Control a block simply means that master instance keeps track of the State of the block until the next event of reconfiguration (due to the restart of the instance or another). During the CARS normal operation will be master block in all nodes of instances.

But it is another concept at the block level and he died after not open not at the level of the node.

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