Thing Snape blackBerry Smartphones weird SMS message.

Ok.  After an exhaustive search here I can't find the answer.  This is my problem: I have a rogue SMS message which means this:

1. it indicates a person in my contact list, but the conversation in the mssage has nothing to do with this person.  It's actually a combination of about 3 different conversations, which is not a person in my contact list.

2. I try to delete the message and nothing.  It is not in one of the recorded files, it is nowhere to be seen other than in the Messages folder.

3. I try to delete several messages out of the TEXT Message folder and a window pops up saying "Delete" with a stationary clock, but then it just sits there, nothing happens.  Nothing clears.  I do a hard reset and this window disappears, but the message is still there.

3. I can delete all messages but this one.

I tried to use my Hardpull app, nothing.  I removed my Otterbox cover and did a hard pull, nothing.  I looked in all my files message, nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.


Solved.  Don't know how, I had already done the steps, but now it worked.

Went into SMS/MMS > BB Btn > sending SMS > BB Btn > Shift, all the messages, BB Btn > Delete Messages? > Remove.

It seemed to separate all the contacts that have been mixed in a single message, then I was able to remove them.  Weird, but it worked.


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    Messages in my phone yesterday and besides are to be found, and I can respond to them in the usual way.

    Info on the device

    T Mobile

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    The only Apps I have installed are Facebook and Twitter and AppWorld.

    I solved it myself my take out the battery and put back in. The score.

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    The message with the envelope is a message for you. The one with the tick mark is the answer or the message that was sent by you. D just means that the message has been delivered.

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    Is it possible to create folders on the BB and then move text messages to them? I never thought to ask before you buy the BB because all other devices for that.

    One thing that seems to be the best about BB is the quality of this forum, so I'm optimistic about getting help although pessimistic about the answer.


    You can create a separte for SMS and MMS message folder by: clicking on the messages icon > touch menu (to the left of the trackball) > options > General options > SMS and E-mail boxes > separated

  • BlackBerry smartphones canned SMS Messages?

    My last cell phone (standard), contained a list of canned text messages (include "Where are you?", "will be there in 15 minutes.', 'Need of guidance'. etc.).  I don't see that on the Blackberry.  They fit?  Otherwise, where I create and store my own?

    The defaults are not present on a BlackBerry. Howewver, you can create an AutoText entry by going to Options | AutoText. In this screen, you can click the menu button and click on new. Replace in the section, you can type a sentence, and in the section, you can type what you want to replace the phrase with.

    So if you write a message if you enter the expression, it will be replaced with the text that you specified.

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    Susan Fleming

    So basically, the answer is no, I can't export the SMS text Messasages to a computer. I can, however, their pass as emails to myself, and that keeps the date and time stamp and phone number, they came.

    Thank you.

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    I just moved to a Curve 8900 for a 9000 "BOLD". On the curve, all messages - e-mail, SMS, MMS, etc - were listed in the Messages folder.  On the "BOLD", email and SMS/MMS appear in two separate folders.  Is there a way for all types of messages appear in the Messages (or am I just not yet familiar with the "BOLD")?

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    It is an option, with any message list, click on the BBKey and select Options > General Options. One of the items will be "SMS and email Inboxes"... set it as you wish.

    See you soon!

  • BlackBerry 8830 Smartphones deleting SMS messages

    Why is my 8830 erasing my SMS messages before they are read.  And if I send a message, it will be also possible to erase my message after 30 seconds.  What should I do?

    You need to free memory.  Your BB memory is full:

  • BlackBerry Smartphones emails and Messages of mixture that can be resolved?

    Is there a way to stop my e-mails and messages in the mixture it is very annoying to have to remove twice. I also need help on how to download ringtones I did what the book said to do but without success, I also tried to connect it to my computer, someone please help!

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with my little problem.

    Did you mean that your emails and text messages are coming in the same folder? If so then try the following-

    Separate messages-> Options-> General Options-> E-mail and SMS: separate

    If you mean your different built-in emails appearing in mail and separate mail folder then please be informed that this default happenes. BlackBerry smartphone is designed as such if you think this is awkward, can hide Messages folder (press the Alt button-> click-> Menu select hide).

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    Recently (for the last month or almost) my curve blackberry 9320 received no texts, I do not think a lot that I use my BBM more than I text so I just thought that people were not to contact me, but then I asked someone text me, I saw that they sent and he had delivered, but my phone has never notified me of the received message I went into the folder of text messages, and nothing is found, the text I had just been sent, I can send text easily and they are delivered successfully to others but I can not just receive texts, I even texted me (Sad I know), but the phone said they had delivered but I never received them I tried battery pull, pull out my card sim for a while (30 minutes) and then to restart my phone, nothing... It's weird because I've never had this problem before.

    I contacted my service provider and this has baffled them also because they could not help and did not know what it is, has anyone here ever had this problem?

    Hey Curt7946,

    Welcome to BlackBerry Support Community Forums.

    You can either the firewall is enabled on the BlackBerry smartphone, click the Options icon > click Security > firewall > is selected text Messages?

    Thank you.

  • Problem blackBerry Smartphones with SMS notification on my 9780

    My Bold 9780 has started reading my SMS messages aloud. It's very irritating, especially if I'm sitting in a meeting!

    He only reads TEXT messages and emails not.

    I know I must have changed a parameter by mistake, I can't find this function in the menus to turn it off.

    Can anyone help please?

    Spin the

    Thank you

    Hello becon1417

    To clarify, when you receive a new text message he read your text message, to the right!

    If it is then can you confirm if you have installed any 3rd party app that does this, you Homescreen go to Options > device > application > locate and delete such a request.

    KB10040 : How to view or delete the application installed on a blackberry smartphone


    Or let us know if I misunderstood your message.

  • Device of blackBerry Smartphones, sending text messages invisible to the unknown mobile number

    Hi, just bought a unlocked 9360, having a strange, new problem in Blackberry, so be, permissions or something, but the device sends texts to a number of mobile which is not in my repertoire, recent calls or texts. My allocation of text on O2 came down, I changed to a Giffgaff sim and who goes down also.

    I know that the phone number as Giffgaff sent me a list of numbers, the texts were out to and they are all the same one.

    Sorry to be a beginner, if it's as simple as the app permissions.


    Let's be clear. There are SMS messages are automatically sent from the device and you're not sending them? If this is the case, then now, follow these steps:

    Turn off the mobile network radio. Perform a full backup. Do a security wipe. When you do the wipe of security, check the box to delete applications.

    See about security wipe.

    After clearing security, do a selective restore of just your personal data. Do not restore settings or application data. But, if you can start from scratch and go do a restore, do.

    Go ahead: set a device password and lock your device when you have eyes on her. Don't lend your device. Don't let anyone use it. There is a setting in the options to require the device password in order to install an application. I recommend that you enable that. Finally, be careful what apps install.

    My best guess is that there is a malicious application on the device. Maybe it was when you bought it, maybe someone put there after you acquired it, or perhaps you have inadvertently installed. Cannot be sure. But obviously this is not something you want, at the very least, and you don't know what it is to delete.   This is my reason for the security wipe.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Self Delete Message Log

    My phone call log and SMS are rid of all calls and text messages 2 minutes after they are comlpleted.  I checked YES to save all the calls and sent display messeges in the General options settings and they are not always displayed in the folder.  Can someone tell me why my phone still deletes messages itself (against the settings)?  Thank you for your time.  -Neal

    Read the links posted by JSanders inside here.

    your phone is low on internal memory and Manager's memory to free more memory by disabling the log of phone calls and text messages on your phone.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones sending SMS with accents

    Hi, I'm implementing my blackberry so I can send the accent on the letters in a text message. For example in the Irish language, there are a few names with a or u. As the Irish does not seem to be an available language is it possible I can do this as if the game input language is English accents can be selected by pressing the letter and scroll through the options, but when I send the message, they disappear immediately and do to appear in the message addressed to me. Thank you

    Try this:

    go to the sms messages window, click the menu button, click options.  Set the data to UCS2 encoding

  • BlackBerry Smartphones voice SMS icon went into hiding


    When I got my new camera "BOLD", it came with an icon for e-mail messages and one for voice sms messages and indicated SMS messages in the form of a separate icon, then I transferred my old info for the new device and this feature suddenly dessapered; is there some way to this came as initially? Should what steps I take to get two separate icons for email and sms messages?

    Hi lourdesa and welcome to the Forums of BlackBerry,.

    To have a separate icon for SMS go to the menu, main folder message, press new menu options, General options, change the SMS and email inboxes to separate.

Maybe you are looking for