Think that rescue and recovery - Vantage won't erase the previous backups

I use the current version of the tool think Vantage

Need to make more space for backups, so I had to delete the previous backups.

It goes into deleting previous backup mode with the red dots transiting via the command prompt.

But it does not stop... I think I need to reintall the tool, what do you think?

Thank you

It seems to work, as usual, I was just excited.

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  • Rescue and recovery blocks for hours at 0% of backup


    My R61 ran quite OK, but slower over time. I got through rescue and recovery made a backup of the entire system on an external hard drive. (I had come back to XP and recently did a total system backup on the external HD). So I haven't started the rescue and recovery, thinking that he should simply reinstall it previously saved system. Alas at step 2 the progress of rescue and recovery, the new generation of the system stopped. Black screen with the message: «backup system is...» 0 % ». Here I wait for hours. Nothing progesses.

    What should I do? Island of 'progress' is already happening for 6 hours! (I see that my external HD flashes from time to time, but the computer does not seem to do anything).

    What should I do? I fear that if I press the power button to restart the computer, I will plant it completely.

    Please help me!

    Thanks in advance


    Rescue and recovery hung several times for hours. Yet, it seemed to work after 20 hours. Puhhhh...

    Lenovo at: Your UI during the rescue and recovery process is ineffective. He left me without any feedback for hours. Almost, I rebooted the computer during critical backups. Here you certainly should help the user to understand what to do and what not. How can I find out, it's OK to have a bar saying 0% progress made for 8 hours.

    Even now, I don't know what to do. The computer restarts, windows is OK. But now I can turn off the computer or is always something during rescue and recovery. The last time, he says, it is step 2 on a total of 5 steps. Is it still now something in the back? The rescue is complete? Where is the message telling me, he did the job.

    All users: be patient, do not hit anything it either by running a rescue and recovery.

    Lenovo: By the way, I had - after installing my computer with xp - makes a backup of the system. that I repeated it several times. When my HD arrived full, I remove some of the older versions, because anyway, I had the newer versions which worked perfectly. Alas, I didn't, which obviously rescue and recovery done a system save, later versions are simply updated. By removing the first version, I lost all the! So, I ended up having no actual backup of a validating at the beginning.  In short: Rescue and Recovery can be a tool very well for an IT expert. For the average user, there are much too many traps. Lenovo: Try to it you like-centered-design user instead of the user Board Chinese garbage, if in the future, you want to keep as «almost IBM» brand name For me, Lenovo - in this regard - is more "almost Chinese It-garbage".

  • Rescue and recovery - how to back up the entire operating system?

    Hi all

    Maybe I'm looking for something that is not supported, but since I got here, then we are

    I'm running Windows 7 Pro (x 64) on the T410.

    Rescue and Recovery 4.31

    I divided my HARD drive into 2 partitions: C for the OS and D for data.

    I have a disk storage network, so, apparently, I did not need to backup the data that is stored on drive D (already to store all my data on the NAS drive)

    What I want to do is to set up the R & R to backup all my drive C (the OS only)

    How can I go about to do?

    Thanks a lot for your comments

    You can do this in "Advanced" mode of Rescue and Recovery:

    1. open Rescue and Recovery

    2. click on the arrow next to "Launch Advanced Rescue and Recovery" in the lower left corner

    3. click on 'Set schedule and preferences' on the right side

    4. click on your "Include partitions" D: drive on the right, so that d will not be saved.

  • Impossible software update think Ventage Rescue and Recovery - pls help!


    My problem is, when I try to install the new version of Rescue and Recovery (tvtrnr42_1016hu)

    Unpacking, extracting ok after I give a following message appears: The Rescue and Recovery program is already installed on your computer. You must uninstall the current version of the program Rescue and Recovery by using the "Add/Remove Programs" utility locatec in Control Panel before you can continue with this situation. OK and complete the set up of InstalSheed.

    When I try to uninstall the InstalSheed RR doesn't ' t find the rescue and the Recovery.msi in the C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded facilities {7D7928D2-33A2-425F-B393-4F67E0D53EE2}------folder. I manually search for and choose this folder and files, but program, it is not even, and I can't remove it.

    What can I do? Whare can I dovnloaded the correct msi file? Now I have the 3.01.1037.00 version.

    Thank you answare.



    do not expect a response from the community of English language for this problem.

    When you install R & R, it checks the language of your computer. I tried to install the English version, but failed. Then I downloaded the french version and it went well.

    National language support...

    Hope this helps, Jacques

  • Rescue and Recovery will restore all of the disk?

    I searched high and low for an answer to this question, but I'm not. I have use Rescue and Recovery to back up the drive of my laptop. If I have a problem of catastrophic disk, save and recovery will restore my entire drive to a new drive, including the service partition? I have a fully functional and updated disc to date after a full restore? (Guess that I restore using a floppy disk to boot Rescue and Recovery, which have I already have.)

    Well, I decided that I have a couple of hours on my hands and a fresh backup using rescue and recovery (in order to test whether or not he backs up the recovery partition) and a Windows Vista "complete PC Backup" (in this case that it fails).

    The result: Yes, when you restore a recent backup, it will also restore the recovery partition.

    I am very happy.

  • Rescue and recovery lists no backup on USB Iomega eGO drive


    I have been using an Iomega eGO external backups USB drive.

    I was able to identify and remove (if necessary) backups in Windows 7 and rescue & recovery running, but I can't get the list of backups at the start of a recovery in rescue & recovery DVD.

    Basically I replaces unencrypted with a SSD hard drive that supports encryption.

    The goal was to use a full backup immediately before removing the HARD drive to restore the complete system.

    At the start of the recovery DVDs, recovery utility & rescue lists not all backups, even when the check box for the list of backups on other systems is checked.

    It makes no difference if the selection of THE places or USB external drive.

    Any ideas?

    Backups are not much good if you can't get back them.

    If my old drive did not then I would be in a worse state than this. I can't say I'm impressed.

    Well, I've finally sorted this issue.

    I tried to create a new recovery disk.

    I even tried the recovery time in Windows and see what backups it detected. Yet once, I drew a blank.

    The question was this:

    On my W510 at least, none of the USB3.0 ports are recognized by Lenovo rescue and recovery software when you select the USB storage device. Once connected to a single USB 2.0 port the USB eGo has been recognized and listed backups.

    Unfortunately, this means a minimum of 6 hours to restore from a full backup!

  • With the help of Rescue and Recovery to make backups of 3 different machines

    Hello, I have three laptop Thinkpad T400, X 61 and R61i. I want to back up by using an external hard drive. The HD is divided into three partitions, the smallest of X 61, the middle of R61i and most importantly - for T400. I backed up all my laptops in the appropriate partitions (base backups), but now, so I want to make partial backups, they go to the bigger partition (for the T400). Is it possible (and how) do R & R to always use the same partition for each laptop while safeguarding it?

    A few notes, to respond to your previous post:

    (1) Sysprep is used by administrators to deploy and image system to other machines. Basically, the system starts standalone RNR and save the image (drive C and the same HARD drive partitions) on the service partition.  Comment enumeration pleasure has to with additional partitions on the C drive HDD.  For sysprep to work, additional partitions must be of type Extended. The windows PE, is a windows "skimpy" PRE environment. For win7, the EP is based on Vista with a small set of win7 features added.  Thie PE is used for developers (as Lenovo) to install their systems.

    * None of this applies to a user at home like you and me *.

    (2) the logic used in the RNR for the GUI vs bent the advanced GUI are DIFFERENT.

    Example: the user has part C, D and E on C disk HARD drive.  Uses advanced parms to set backup (local) to go to E drive.

    If the backup through the advanced graphical interface, drive E is honored.

    If the backup is performed through simple GUI, the partition with the largest free space is used.

    Note: using the Second HARD drive don't offer NO choice to designate a partition target of \RRbackups.

    (3) view of backups.  It's clearly too.

    When a backup is performed, and RNR is locked on him, it will REFRESH the registry entries for the content of backup.dats in the \rrbackups folder. Subsequent backups of view will probably be read from the registry. That is to say no record of reloading. Simpified mistletoe might once again, just to use the registry, the locks of GUI in the new backup folder.

    (4) your letter removal/restoration

    a: I have no idea how autonomous RNR will react to the 3 folders on the second \rrbackup, IE the part 1, 2, 3.

    b. If rnr backups locked in the wrong \rrbackup folder, you will have a total mess. A symptom of this: you take a basic (full) backup, and the next backup, which should be an incremental, is actually another full backup.  This error could occur if you deleted the wrong letters.

    (5) you have a mess.

    If I save it again this PC, R & R is a point instead of a differential backup<>

    It would take a lot of work on you end to look in the backup files.  Not worth it.

    Again, the simpifed GUI backup use different logic. He likes the larger partition.

    From what you say, you used simplified and got the base of the machine backup 3 all go good part 1, 2, 3.

    Somewhere in this mess, he locked in a \rrbackups without a base backup folder and took another backup.

    who knows.


    Release notes:

    Review 4
    Location of backup changes when you select a smaller partition through the advanced interface of the Rescue and Recovery program.

    In the advanced interface of the Rescue and Recovery program, you select a partition more small capacity on your local hard drive as the backup location. Then, you switch to the simplified interface to create the backup. However, the backup is created on the partition with the highest capacity.

    To resolve this problem, back up your system in the advanced interface of the Rescue and Recovery program after you have selected the backup location.


    The solution is the cleanest way to follow. I would always use the GUI advanced for now on.

  • USB hard drive not recognized in rescue and recovery

    After having successfully copied all my backups on an external hard drive, now that I have restored my T61 to its factory condition, rescue and recovery refuses to overprinting of the reader. I have made sure it is connected before turning on my laptop, and I also tried to connect only once I'm inside R & R, but nothing makes no difference. I'm desperate to seize my old files so I can continue to work, any help would be really appreciated. Thank you! Sarah

    Me again: by the way, I forgot to mention that my resettled version of Vista is quite happy to recognize the external hard drive - as R & R before I started the restoration process... Sarah

  • Rescue and recovery question

    Can I do the following with the installation of a new hard drive in my x 200 under xp pro update with all SPs and patches victory. ?

    1 create a Rescue and Recovery Using ThinkVantage disc.

    2. backup the 'information' using windows backup on an external hard disk utillity.

    3. install the new hard drive in my x 200

    4. start x 200 with Rescue and Recovery disc

    5. connect the external hard drive and restore 'Any Information' using the xp utillity

    6 make essentially a version cloned my original hard drive in the hard drive installed one.

    Thanks for any help/suggestions.

    Of course, you can use your method

  • How to cancel a Rescue and Recovery

    Hi, I have a Lenovo X 61 laptop. My hard drive has been divided into two partitions: operating system and data. Recently, I found that my Windows was no longer able to boot. I managed to install Windows 7 in OS partition. All my files in the second partition has been preserved. My laptop was working fine then. I realized later however that the Lenovo drivers are gone (for example: recognition, which was not necessary, but good to have fingerprints). So by digging the box where my laptop was packed, I found the CD "Rescure and recovery." So I plugged in and restarted, thinking that it will just install the drivers needed in return. But then not only if it deleted Windows 7 that I just reinstalled, but it destroyed the partitions and delete all my data in the second partition. Is there some way I can restore the configuration partition and all data I had? Thanks in advance.

    not at all, rescue and recovery media is for the recovery of the device in default, as it was delivered to the customer. It is impossible to restore this operation in a standard way, if you did, which confirmed the operation in the wizard of R & R.

  • Question of rescue and recovery, and Client Security solution

    I have a thinkpad edge e220s for home use and I am trying to understand that these two thinkvantage tools will be of no use to me since I'm not on a corporate network or whatever it is (all marketing materials HE mentions admins etc.).

    Is the rescue and recovery just a backup solution with imaging of disk (as ghost)? I use a drobo for all my data storage, so I am not too concerned about backups as the drobo offers redundancy in the event of disk failure. The laptop has a SSD which doesn't have a lot of capacity if I don't want unnecessary tools that will have a lot of space. However if the rescue and recovery offers really useful features then I might consider its installation (and not using the backup feature). I could not make out what marketing materials meant by the solution of a single button for viruses and crashes.

    Second, the client security solution features other than Vault/Manager password on my model? I'm already using the beta version of the new (4) version of password manager which is autonomous and requires no client security solution. Again once the marketing material does not help a user at home like me understand very well.

    Any help will be appreciated!

    Based on your description I don't think rescue & recovery or Client Security Solution any value for you.

  • Rescue and recovery work do not

    I erased from my hard drive and installed Ubuntu. Now I need Vista to use some software to test for my state bar examination. Rescue and recovery disks as well as keep the f11 system restore gives me an error of starting. Vista is gone for good? Lenovo wants to charge me $45 to send discs that will work. Can get an a .iso for this version (Vista Business SP1 64, I think) somewhere and use my activation key product on the lower part of the PC? I don't have time to search the forums and I'm not an expert. Help, please.

    something here should work for you.

  • IBM ThinkPad T43: Rescue and Recovery question


    I have an IBM ThinkPad T43. The Rescue and Recovery program opens whenever I turn on my laptop after a failed attempt to restore my laptop to factory settings. I cannot even connect on Windows, because the Rescue and Recovery program opens upwards immediately after I turned on the power. I tried to restore my system to factory settings using the program and the product recovery disc I bought at Lenovo, in the hope of resolving the issue, but every time I'm prompt "IBM could not restore your system.

    How can I stop Rescue and Recovery of the opening and resume with normal startup in Windows? What should I do so that I am able to restore my laptop to factory settings?

    Please help if you have any suggestions. I appreciate it greatly! Thank you!

    You can use this TI pc doc disk bootable its been a long time since I used it, but I think that in the top right there is a tab that says utilities or something like that you can wipe the HARD drive from there as I've always used the quick option worked for me

  • Rescue and recovery of backup fails: current drive does not match the previous backup

    I have just rebuild my T60p with a new hard drive for the recovery of Lenovo CD via the rescue and recovery CD. Once the system restore is complete and the laptop running, I took a full backup using Rescue and Recovery. This backup is the C:\ drive which was the only drive I had and was on a USB hard drive.

    In recent days I have the C:\ split in two, giving me a new D: drive, patched all system software, added my own data, and obtained the machine configuration as I want. I've also trashed the R & R hidden partition so I could make a bigger drive D:\ and created my own bootable CD R & R for future use - not that it makes a difference.

    Now, I want to take a second backup with the Rescue and Recovery tool. Naturally I want to back up the disks C:\ and D:\, but the backup fails saying: -.

    "The last backup of this system include the following drive letters: C: .

    Your system is now back up these drive letters: C: d:

    Please define drive letters, as they were before and Christine backup. You may need to exclude partitions created since the last backup. »

    Is there anyway that I can make a backup of disks C:\ so my D:\?

    The only option I see is to delete my previuos backup and I don't want to do because it can be useful in the future if I still want to restore my system to original state manufactured.

    Suggestions anyone?

    Thanks, Iain

    Given that you have saved on an external USB disk your backup will be saved in a

    the folder named RRbackups.  If you rename this file I - think - R & R going to think

    you do not have any backups, so the next backup will be a 'base '. If you

    never have to restore the original of your 'base' backup, rename the folders should allow.

  • Rescue and recovery - hard disk external bootable


    I had a problem with my external hard drive

    I formatted it, created the first 160 GB (mbr) partition

    I created backup top and makes bootable by the option "create rescue media.

    What is completed "successfully."


    I can't it boot from usb, because I got error:

    "NTLDR is missing".

    How to fix?

    Thank you very much

    What operating system are you using and what version of rescue and recovery?

    It is my understanding that ACTIVATE set must take place until all the data is placed into the USB port.

    My USB-hdd(1 tb) had files of data provider on it when I bought it. I ran to create a rescue support; It wouldn't boot.  I made the ACTIVE partition and still it would not boot. I have copied the close data of USB on my C drive, reformatted the USB with set ACTIVE partition.  I ran then create a support of rescue on the USB port and it will boot now.

    During the "boot failure" I think that it started just a black screen with a flashing underscore. Your system says NTLDR (nt bootloader) was not found. What is probably expected. It appears during the rescue process create a media, the necessary files are placed on the USB port, showing your list of directories. For some strange reason, the partition do NOT bootable after data are placed on the USB, then the rendered partition active. (Probably a problem breast to create a rescue support?).

    If you have a DVD burner, you can create a DVD rescue media, leaving your intact (with the data, but not bootable) USB. During a power outage, start you the DVD (standalone RNR) and that it points to the RNR backups on the USB port.

    I think that you focus too much on the message NTLDR not found and wait the NTLDR to appear on the USB port.

    On the other side of the room, there may be a problem with your boot sequence, which I doubt.

    I copy your files on your C drive, if possible _user, reformat the active USB/serial  Then everything should work.

Maybe you are looking for

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