ThinkStation S20 - add an active tag in the BIOS

Y does it have that a utility available to we can update the number of assets in the BIOS? I found one for Thinkpad laptops, but not for the thinkstation s20...

for laptops I've used

Thank you


My colleague figured this out...

We have been able to use the winplash utility to update the identification sticker

He had to put the tag in the "serial number" field and change the update mode "bios update and preserve the DMI.

He also mentioned that the method flash2.exe than psuturtle should work too

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  • X130e addition of tag in the BIOS

    I work for a VAR and we have sold Lenovo laptops for years and used tools of Lenovo at the entrance of the labels in the BIOS using the WinAIAPackage (as AIAWrite tool before) to put the numbers in.

    X130e models we receive crash out two programs, and two software indicate not support X130e (software update April 2011). I found some posts on this forum discuss using the WinFlash and associated BIOS update tools to force inventory number down, but for other non-X130e models. The WinFlash with BIOS X130e update installation does not seem to respond to the same commands.

    Someone at - he found a solution? I called Lenovo support and they me, after a few days, just wait to update tool sets. It will not work, I need a solution. I'll keep trying various tools of Flash in the hope of a solution already posted will work for me a little tweaking or whatnot. That or I'll brick one.

    We treat thousands of Lenovo laptops, and if newer models are not compatible with the number of active own Lenovo software, this is a real problem. (And Yes, I tried to enter them manually. You can not...)

    In case somebody stumbles on this post in the future as I did on messages earlier with the same objectives,

    Lenovo has released version 1.02 of the "Windows utility for reading and writing Asset ID Information' and"Utilities for reading and writing Asset ID Information"to




    It also supports:

    - Added support for ThinkPad L430,L530,T430,T430i,T430s,T430si,T530,T530i,W530,
      X1,X1 Carbon,X121e,X130e,X230,X230i,X230 Tablet,X230i Tablet.
    - Added support for ThinkPad Edge E120,E125,E320,E325,E425,E525,S430.

    The Lenovo driver site indicates a release on 8/14, but reading tell me that they were released 7/11 files. I know for a fact that when I called Lenovo from mid-July to August, it wasn't published, nor known to the level of support I received.

    Anyway, I didn't leave this issue pending in itself, in case anyone in the future would be in a similar quandry.

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    I want to create an xml file according to some data in the relational database tables. For the same thing, I created object types and discovers with the types of objects, since the data is divided into several tables.

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    If you want to add the namespace declaration to the root element, I don't think it's possible with DBMS_XMLGEN directly.
    You can ask DBMS_XMLGEN to treat some of the fields of the object as XML attributes by prefixing with '@' (for example '@my_attribute'), but you can't control which for bounding of the elements.

    A possible solution is to add it later, using XSLT, or insertChildXML, but apparently it is not available in your version.


    For the same thing, I created object types and discovers with the types of objects, since the data is divided into several tables.

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  • Updating the BIOS causing system problem...


    I recently had a very bad experience with my hp pavilion g 1201 tx. I though that I should share it with everyone.

    The problem started with an update of the Bios that was available with the help of HP support. He showed me there is an update available for my laptop BIOS (I was happy ) on this subject and has allowed the update run. After the update, that my heart stopped beating (even if it wasn't a heart attack) my laptop stopped functioning, it crashes after 3-4 minutes.

    After 5 days of research and hundreds of tips, I came to the conclusion that the update of the BIOS could go wrong. The update of the BIOS version was F.52 (-supports the nVidia GeForce GT 520 M graphics controller card). But my laptop has a Radeon graphics card.

    I downloaded the version of BIOS F.41 (supports 7450 AMD Radeon graphics M controller) of the previous version on the software's Web site and download drivers. It took about 30 minutes to install (the screen freezes) I gave up and hand over power.

    Put my fingers crossed I switched it on and Hooray! his work, my laptop does not freeze now...

    A suggestion to the team of hp. Please check the software before making it available to the public (updates should be available for the right products).

    I can see the version of BIOS F.52 software on my laptop still available for Pavilion g 1201 tx on your Internet site and through hp support assistance.

    If my interpretation is wrong on both versions, please correct me.

    Thank you

    When they say "adds" support for... It simply means that it is added to this graphics card, but they don't remove it to earlier maps. Don't know what went wrong with F52 install.

    Never update a bios unless it's to solve a problem that cannot be resolved otherwise. F52 update was not necessary for your model. It's the only thing I don't like about HP Support Assistant.

    The reason why they add support for things is HP hardware changes on new laptops from the same series model and have to add support for it in the bios, they do not want to break support for older hardware, but sometimes they do.

  • Packaging of FDT on windows error when you add the Active Directory in the package contents


    Trying new tools of FDT 5.5 for Adobe AIR, so far so good but I just encountered a problem when you try to add an Active Directory package.

    I add the shape of directory the FDT-> FDT AIR properties of project-> BlackBerry-> content tab package properties

    I click on add a directory and add the path to my Active Directory. (My current directory is in D:\Users\Julien\Travail\SRC\FDT5-workspace\MonArc\bin\assets)

    I then run a debugging, and I get the following error:

    Start debugging package.
    Package failed!
    Package failed: 1
    Error: File or dir does not exist: D:\Users\Julien\Travail\SRC\FDT5-workspace\MonArc\D:\Users\Julien\Travail\SRC\FDT5-workspace\MonArc\bin\assets error: file or dir does not exist: D:\Users\Julien\Travail\SRC\FDT5-workspace\MonArc\D:\Users\Julien\Travail\SRC\FDT5-workspace\MonArc\bin\assets

    There is a bug filed in Jira of FDT: go vote for ;-)

    I get only this error when packaging of BlackBerry app, iOS or Android, everything is fine, so I guess that maybe it's a bug in the BB Plugin for FDT...

    If anyone has experienced this problem and know a workaround solution?

    Thank you!

    Yay, this has been fixed in FDT 5.6!

  • When I add a < br > tag for my album the div width gets wider (White right border)?

    Hi I have recived this code lightbox and I tried to change it because I want some image in the lightbox iframe icons, I did this by adding a < br > tag so that the photos was aligned under the < iframe >... but somehow the < br > tag adds that more width to the div as well on the right side of the light therapy device there is a white border or something? It is the background color, but why the tag < br > did this?


    (1) how can I fix the width of the div when the < br > tag is added?

    (2) how can I add a second video to the light therapy device? so that when you press the 1 button a video if displays in the light table and when you press the key 2 a different video appear in the lightbox?

    Other issues it would be great if the answer

    (1) when I use this bootstrap code and I put the < iframe > with a width = '640' and a height = '480' and put in a class of favouring incorporate it or stir-reagent-point is not at all sensitive? what I can do here

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    padding: 0px;

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    Width: 100%;

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    position: fixed;

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    " < script src =" "> < / script > .

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    {$(document) .ready (function ()}

    $('.page-overlay,.lightwrap').hide ();

    $('.tmb').click (function () {}

    $('.page-overlay,.lightwrap').fadeIn ();


    {$('.close-lightbox') ('cursor', 'pointer') .css ravishing (function ()}

    $('.page-overlay,.lightwrap').fadeOut ();



    < /script >

    < / body >

    < / html >

    demmacs wrote:

    The only problem I have with this gallery of images, is that some of my photos has a height that exceeds the screen... then I tried to change the height so that the img would be smaller, which worked just fine the only problem is that the width of the image do not match the width of the Gallery / modal... that looks a bit silly , and the modal / Gallery does not automatically adjust the width of the image :/

    Have you looked at:

    Example #12: Global galleries

    Bootstrap 3 Lightbox

  • Add tags for the documents tool put an object behind the other or just the contents of page deletions?

    Using Acrobat Pro XI to make PDF documents compatible 508. I had a number of questions went using Add Tags to the document option, it is one object behind the other or remove them all together. Also had problems when you try to adjust the reading direction, content is moved or deleted. This PDF file is created from InDesing CS5

    Someone knows what I'm talking about or have any ideas on how to fix it? Thank you

    Content should always be deleted by adding tags, but it can appear so because - as you note - objects can hide behind other objects. In theory, you can bring out them of hiding to rearrange things in the part of the order, but I have much more luck using the content pane - it provides a level of much finer control. If the text is hidden behind a shaded box, for example, I'll move the box over the text in the content order, then usually convert the box to an artifact if it is already.

    I hope this helps.

    a 'C' student

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  • Add several attribute of a tag in the xml file


    I have a donnees_xml in the xml_test_table of the table in the format

    <? XML version = "1.0"? >
    rowset <>
    < ROW >
    < CLASS > XII has < / CLASS >
    < 50 OFFICES > < / DESKS >
    < / ROW >
    < ROW >
    B XII < CLASS > < / CLASS >
    < / ROW >
    < / LINES >

    I need to change the xml in this format:

    <? XML version = "1.0"? >
    rowset <>
    < ROW >
    < CLASS > XII has < / CLASS >
    < age TEACHER subject = "37" = "Math" > KATE < / TEACHER >
    < 50 OFFICES > < / DESKS >
    < / ROW >
    < ROW >
    B XII < CLASS > < / CLASS >
    < / ROW >
    < / LINES >

    You will need to add several attribute to all the 'teacher' in the XML tag.
    I am able to add a single using attribute

    Select insertChildXML (donnees_xml, 'game of LINES/LINES/TEACHER', '@age', ' 37 ") of test_xml_table;

    Thanks in advance

    In this scenario, we have a simple find and replace the XML function using which i can replace the tag with (I understand this is not good was to solve this).

    Why not use two calls separate insertChildXML?
    The premiera adds the attribute to @age, and the other adds the attribute @subject on the result of the first.

  • How to add tags in the existing XML file?

    I have a requirement in which I need to add a tag to the existing xml data.

    For example:
    < ROW >
    < EVNT_ID > 7333976 < / EVNT_ID >
    < DISTRCT_CD > 67 < / DISTRCT_CD >
    < TIME_OFF > 6 May 2008 10:50:04 < / TIME_OFF >
    < / ROW >

    The desired output is,

    < DI_DATA >
    < ROW >
    < EVNT_ID > 7333976 < / EVNT_ID >
    < DISTRCT_CD > 67 < / DISTRCT_CD >
    < TIME_OFF > 6 May 2008 10:50:04 < / TIME_OFF >
    < / ROW >
    < / DI_DATA >

    I must add < DI_DATA > < / DI_DATA > at the beginning and end of the entry.

    Anyone of you could help me with that?

    Thank you

    If your XML is just in a CLOB, you can just use manipulation of strings to add/add nodes on. If you have it in an XMLType you could just do the following

    select appendchildxml(XMLTYPE(''),
    06-May-2008 10:50:04 AM
    '))  -- this would be your variable
      from dual;

    which will put your data in the DI_DATA node.

  • ThinkStation p300 supervisor password activated by the update of the BIOS - None previously defined

    I unpacked a new workstation p300 today and it works.

    The complete Windows 7 preinstalled.

    I logged on the Lenovo Web site and downloaded the latest version of the BIOS.

    After installation, I tried to set the BIOS settings to see that there is a prompt for the supervisor password where none had been defined previously.

    The workstation is the 30AG variant and BIOS installed is now FBKTCCA 24/11/2016.

    I've updated the BIOS with the Flash version of the operating system.

    The workstation now works normally except that I can not make any changes to the BIOS settings.

    What are the steps needed to solve this please?

    Welcome to the forum

    Page 55 of the P300 HMM will guide you through resetting the CMOS and clear the supervisor password. I would copy / paste instructions, but you will need to refer to the other pages in the manual and follow the diagrams to locate the clear CMOS jumper.

  • User error needs help correction-&gt; repeatable Tag on the attribute custom section

    Okay, I v.6111.  Today, I put manually the tag supplier_eq_create on all the existing attributes in our sections for suppliers can add them when we send the EQS. Unfortuately, I accidentally clicked on the reproducible tag instead of Supplier_EQ_Create in some cases in our environment Export/setting in scene.  When I try to remove its repeatable label, I get the error that says "reproducible State of the line can be changed after the outbreak of the line"... we did not really use the reproducible feature of the tag.  I need to know how I can remove this tag with the attributes of active due to human error before importing it to PROD.  The forum can help me?

    Best, Beckie

    Hi Beckie,

    As long as you are sure that nobody use it you can remove this tag with a database script.

    As with all scripts, make sure that you back up your data.

    With the following script, you can find the lines that contain the reproducible tag of a particular section model

    select rowTemplate.* from eaSectionDynamicTagJoins rowTTagjoin
    inner join commonEARowTemplate rowTemplate on rowTemplate.pkid = rowTTagjoin.fkEAS
    inner join commonLookups tag on tag.pkid = rowTTagjoin.fkTag
    inner join commonEASectionTemplate sectionTemplate on sectionTemplate.pkid = rowTemplate.fkSectionTemplate
    where tag.Name = 'Repeatable' and langID = 0 and Category = 'EASRowDynamicTag'
    and = '';

    Tags are related to patterns of row of section customized using the eaSectionDynamicTagJoins table.

    You can remove the tag of a specific line by using the following script

    delete from eaSectionDynamicTagJoins
    where fkEAS = '';

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions,


  • CS3 - add xmlElement for referral to the

    Hi all

    InDesign, Javascript, Windows, CS3

    I'll put the process in Indesign XML, in this reference process has more problems, giving note will not add tags, I would like to add the number of reference to "< > 1 < /fc > CF" like that.

    How can I get the reference number?

    Kind regards


    All visible in InDesign is not "so" marking is possible and exportable to XML format. If you need to add a tag for the reference number, you need to insert a duplicate 'real' text number, so you can tag and export instead. You can 'hide' this number by setting its size to 0.1 pt and its fill color "[None]". However, if you never insert or remove a note, you must re-create this information.

    To get the 'number' in a note, you must inspect the real index of the note in your current history, and active FootnoteNumberingStyle and FootnoteRestarting values.

  • How to create an active link in the Pages?

    I use Pages 5.6.2. I type a paper and try to include active links in the text (for example, 'the Church', which would take the player to a certain image/site). But by following the instructions to this effect in the "Help menu", my attempts to always default link on Any suggestions? Thank you very much.

    Hi EdMusical,

    I understand you are trying to add links to your Pages document, but they are default I know it's nice to enrich your documents in this way, so I'm happy to help you.

    Because your links go to, by default, looks like you can not be remove the sample text in the box when you prompt for what URL you want the link to train. This page provides more details on the use of this feature:

    Pages for Mac 5.0: link text in a document

    Turn text into a link

    You can use a word or an expression as a link without displaying the URL or e-mail address in your document.

    1. Select the text, click on inserer insert in the toolbar, and then choose Add a link.

      The window opens with the selected text in the display area.

    2. Enter the full URL in the link field.

    3. Click open to check the link.

Maybe you are looking for