ThinPro 4.3 - Citrix Receiver 13 - use HPDM to install certificates?


I have an existing environment of about 1200 of the T610.  and we are migrating to a new citrix farm.  on customers now receiving light is 12.  I'm moving to Citrix receiver 13 and install new certificates.

Is it possible to install certificates using HPDM?  I tried options command line with "high-cert-mgr", but for some stupid reason, he began as a script of hpdm because he needs an x environment.

I tried to copy them down to the thin client, putting the new cert in the directory/usr/lib/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts and run c_rehash on the directory, but I always get the certificate error.

What I am doing wrong, everybody has it works?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards, Fred

I thought about it.

Am I missing something basic?  is there an easier way to do this?

You must copy the certificate to PEM format in 3 locations (with the extension .crt)

/ Writable/usr/lib/icaclient/keystore/cacerts / *. CRT

Writable/home/user/.freerdp/certs/*. CRT

/ Writable/usr/local/share/ca-certificates / *. CRT

Then, you create a link in/writable/etc/ssl/certs (with the .pem extension) of the cert file located in

/ Writable/usr/local/share/ca-certificates

Then, you need to run

/ writable/etc/ssl/certs c_rehash

in a work order.

complicated to say the least.

Am I missing something basic?  is there an easier way to do this?

Thank you

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    If the event is on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

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    at Dazzle.Streaming.RadePnaDLL.get_IsInstalled)
    at Dazzle.Streaming.RadeDeployDownloader.get_RadeIsInstalled)
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    Thanks in advance,

    I packed just version 3.2 uses Windows XP and checked the features using a clean Windows XP with IE6 using After that, I moved the package to Win7 and IE8. Some components has downloaded in the sandbox, but once this is done, it worked as expected...

    I does no actual customizations... Just created an entry Point to local IE so I could run IE with the bits of Citrix.

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    PoorHelpDeskGuy, welcome to the forum.

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    Kind regards

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    I am the admin of the server and the password and other settings on the side Server are correct! (I'll take a look at the evolution at the same time. I am already back to an earlier version of Firefox because of sloppy coding and broken features).

    Any ideas?

    If the server name is a secret, how you expect to receive mail. Please, we have pretty bad without guessing. Seriously what you are done using a self signed certificate, they are free by

    My guess is it of OSX who dislikes the self-signed certificate, how Thunderbird to deal with Windows. As you have a copy install Thunderbird and see if it is a question of OSX.

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