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I'm working on an application to replace our current generation of report with Diadem program.  Our test feature allows us to perform the same test with different boundary conditions.  Each test receives its own section in the final report.  Given that the test type is the same, the pages of the report are exactly the same model and layout and channel names.  When I process the data incoming I appoint depending on the section of report groups and report page, they are applied to the (Section = year, Page = Y16, group name = YR_Y16).  All sections have a list of pages that are created.  When there are several tests, then the corresponding sections are named by adding a 1, 2, 3... at the end of the Section (YR1, YR2,...) resulting in group names like YR1_Y16, YR2_Y16, etc. etc.  Channels for a specific page (Y16) carry the same names, and the name of the Group (YR_Y16, YR1_Y16, YR2_Y16), that's what makes them unique.

My question is about how to better use the TDR files to create report pages.  I know I have to create a TDR separate for each type of page (Y15, Y16) because content and information varies from page, but for any page Y16 channel names are the same with the unique group name.  Is there a way to put the call on TDR in a loop which changes the name of the group when it is called while I only type Y16 RDT to maintain the page.  If possible, that she keeps the number of TDR is to maintian to 213.  If it is not possible then I'll have to file TDR 1533 to maintain because we let to 9 of each type of test.

Attached is a file of TDR example report page (Y16), and a CT file that contains a set of data for the Y16 page in sections YR YR1 YR2, etc..

I know this can be confusing, so do not hesitate to ask questions.  I use Diadem 11.0 SP1.

Thank you.


Hi Wayne,

Yes, it is possible to reuse a set of TDRs by adding each and then programmatically reconfiguring to point to a specific group in the data portal.  I enclose below the architecture that I always use to do this.  In this case there is that one sheet by TDR, but you could add a loop in each of the leaves of the file last TDR added to generalize this approach to TDR multi-page files.

Brad Turpin
Tiara Product Support Engineer
National Instruments

Tags: NI Software

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