Tiara (image) to the database file

Hi all

Recently, we found a problem with our application. Instead export the report to a network drive images, we save it in a database.

So far, we have saved on a network without any problems. We are able to access our database and insert some text values in the application, but now we need to save files (images). This is where things are more complicated. Tiara features a textStream object, but not an inputstream that allows to read a byte array...

Then, someone had a problem like this and found a solution? I found a few samples of something similar on the site of NOR, but they are all for labview...

Any help is greatly appreciated,



Void Base64StringToFile (ByRef, ByVal fullFilePath vCode)

If FileExist (fullFilePath) then
FileDelete (fullFilePath)
end if

Dim OXML: Set oXML = CreateObject ("Msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0")
protected oNode: Set oNode = oXML.CreateElement ("base64")
oNode.dataType = "bin.base64".
oNode.text = vCode

Dim BinaryStream: Set BinaryStream = CreateObject ("ADODB. Stream")
BinaryStream.Type = 1
BinaryStream.Write oNode.nodeTypedValue
BinaryStream.SaveToFile fullFilePath

Set BinaryStream = Nothing
Set oNode = Nothing
Set oXML = Nothing
End Sub

Sub Base64FileToString (ByVal fullFilePath, ByRef vCode)

Dim BinaryStream: Set BinaryStream = CreateObject ("ADODB. Stream")
BinaryStream.Type = 1
BinaryStream.LoadFromFile (fullFilePath)

Dim OXML: Set oXML = CreateObject ("Msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0")
protected oNode: Set oNode = oXML.CreateElement ("base64")
oNode.dataType = "bin.base64".
oNode.nodeTypedValue = BinaryStream.Read)
vCode oNode.text =

End Sub

I've used these two methods to read binary files and put it in the base64 string. Maybe it helps.

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    Initialization, use the following code

    utilities.getFileService().writeStringToFile("C:/Sample.csv", "ColumnName"+"\n");

    Use the following code in a race where you want to capture the data in csv format

    Let your data is in the variable variable_value

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    Kind regards

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    The most commonly used method is to store the photos in folders and let the db collect just the absolute path.

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    Finder has the ability to rename files with various models of lot.  Simply select all the files to rename, right-click one of the selected files, choose 'Rename X points... '. ", and then set the options and click on the button"Rename ".

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    Best regards


    You want to edit the FLA file?  Because if so there is nothing that neither currently offers that will work for you.  If you want to use the FDL in XNet and you want to change the settings imported from the FLA so you can use the XNet API to achieve this.  When you use XNet you import the FLA (or other database files) and then you can modify the database, but is not edit the FLA.  This changes the database using the XNet, which began with the importation of the DFL.

    Recently, there has been updates of XNet which allow you to export a database, but I think they don't support that export to a database BOX.  So with CAN you can import a DBC XNet, change it using the database, editing tools, and then export it to a DBC should have the changes you made.

  • Set of images of Device Manager, but not a valid image of the flash file: / asdm - 512.bin

    I'm putting this new image that I have loaded by ASDM version 5.0 and the name of the image is in my config and I wrote from memory, but all I get is the error message above.


    Referring to the new image of ASDM image ASA (pix 7.x) file?

    Anyway, if it doesn't work, try reinstalling the image again through CLI.

    a. to load image PIX 7.0-> copy flash tftp:

    b. to load ASDM image-> copy tftp flash: asdm

    * Make sure that the tftp Protocol is ready, and probably to remove previous load from file.

    Once the installation is completed and after reboot, check the loaded file using 'sh version' command. You can also use 'sh bootvar' command to check system startup properties and image which is responsible for operating the unit.



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    The maximum file size is 64 k pixels from the edge of the longest (so OK there), or a maximum size of 512 million pixels, the lowest being retained. I think that your file is more than 700 million pixels, which makes it too big for Lightroom.

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    Hi experts BDB.

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    Hi Min,

    What Mike says is that you do not expect that the empty space after an operation of truncation (for example a delete or update that empties a page) in the database (empty pages) to return to the file system and therefore to see the physical file size decreases.

    The next section of the documentation explaining this: required disk space

    Space released by removing the key/data pairs in a Btree database or Hash is never returned in the file system, even if it is reused when possible. This means that the databases Btree and hash are to develop alone. If enough key is deleted from a database which shrinks the underlying file is desirable, use the DB-> compact() method to recover disk space. Alternatively, you can create a new database and copy the folders of the former into it.

    So, as Mike suggested, you can dump and reload the data into a new database, or copy data from the existing/old database to a new (to remove the old database and rename a new one the old name), or you can try to compact the database using the method compact().

    If you use compact(), then in order to force the return of empty for the file system pages when possible, use the DB_FREE_SPACE flag and try to avoid using an explicit transaction (use a NULL tnxid pointer, so this BDB will use internally of several transactions that will be engaged periodically to avoid locking large sections of the tree).

    When you use the compaction in order to free up space and return pages from database empty in the file system that it is generally recommended to repeat Compact with a value low 'compact_fillpercent '.  In addition, the following output statistics fields in the structure DB_COMPACT, compact_pages_truncated and compact_pages_free should be examined to determine if there is a point, continuing to run the compaction with the same compact_fillpercent.  If the values are strict positive it is then compact() calling again with the same compact_fillpercent (and specify the DB_FREE_SPACE flag).  The compact algorithm allows a single pass on the pages of the database;  pages so not empty at the end of the file will prevent the free pages (which are placed on the free list) to be returned to the file system.

    Kind regards


  • Scipt OpenScript/Bank of data/hand scipt:Second used can not find the database file

    Hi all

    I want to palyback a main script containing three "scripts", two of them are the same script. Separately, they all can read successfully.
    For example, in the script 'Hand', there are 'A' 'B' 'A' script ssuccessively. and 'A' 'B' have their own databases respectively under "a data bank / ' and ' B/database /. Each database has two records in the .csv file.
    Now I'm reading 'Hand', the script of the child 'A' can run successfully then child script "B" run correctly too, but the second, run the script "A" says more no record and the main script to stop there.

    So, how can I do the 'Hand' performance full script without being stopped by the second script used 'A'?
    Thanks a lot for your help ^ _ ^!

    Kind regards


    Mention the database settings in initialize(), IE.

    public void initialize() throws Exception {

    Kind regards
    Dembélé M

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