Ticking for Macbook Pro 2015

Hello, I had a problem. Just got my new Macbook Pro 15 inch 2015. And I'm constantly a strange ticking sound it, I think that its the bottom of the computer.


What can cause this problem?

The main suspect is the fan.  Make an appointment with an Apple store genius bar and have examined the MBP.


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  • DeskJet 1510: Macbook Pro 2015 have no usb b female interface for Deskjet 1510

    Hi, Expert, Macbook Pro 2015 do not have usb female interface for Deskjet 1510 b, do I know what cable I can buy to connect? Thank you

    Sorry, I made mistake. I recently to get this product to a friend. When I saw the printer usb cable, I guess that USB Type B male interface must be connect to the MAC and USB Type A is for printer. I was wrong. Thank you for the support.

  • MacBook pro 2015 Diode, heating problems


    I just bought a MacBook pro 2015, one with 2.8 GHZ, 16 GB RAM and ITB Flash. [old just four days]

    The question being, the first day of the machine as well as the charger were burning Red hot when I loaded for the first time, in subsequent attempts, heating got sorted out by itself.

    Nevertheless, I had installed the temperature gauge in the machine, I look one only a few videos YouTube youtube and navigation.

    Once in every two hours a message like

    The led O GPU temperature is 106 degrees, closing applications.

    Once I click on the tool, the temperature is now reset to 30 ° C. It seems that the temperature of the Diode is to reach 106 degrees, some app is closed (no one knows the tabs I have open in Safari are works well) and then it resets.

    Is it really a problem with the thermal conductive paste or a faulty diode.

    I go to the Apple store this Saturday? Can I return the laptop and request a new or a full refund.

    Can someone please advice?

    If you bought Apple with the last 14 days, you can return it for a full refund.

    Then you can buy a new one.

    What about Apple and they can exchange it without having to go the way of reimbursement.

  • MacBook pro 2015 bootcamp error

    Hi all

    I have a MacBook pro, 2015, with 10 Windows boot camp on it (300 GB Mac, PC 200 GB)

    Windows and Mac have been working fine, until yesterday

    I tripped over the cable and disconnected the device (no problem, right?) but it off instantly, even if it had a decent amount of battery left and noticed a time of incredibly long boot, but Windows (which was what it was defined on) seemed fine, so I don't think about it

    But today I tried to use the side mac and I have serious problems

    -Incredible Lag (I pressed the H key, as a test and it came 2 minutes later)

    -Controls unresponsive (keys don't line up with what has been typed)

    -The mouse move (he jumped to a place randomly after trying to move)

    I did not connect, so I don't know anything about the problem

    If anyone has had this problem or knows something about it, I'd be delighted to hear your advice

    Thank you!


    Disconnect all external devices

    Reset SM

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

    start in safe mode

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning - Apple Support

    check the operation of your system

    with deleted devices, restart normally.

    Recheck the system.

    If the problem persists, you can view a report of etrecheck for more Analytisis



    Hello, I recently bought a new macbook pro 2015 13.3 inch edition last month and when I close the lid of the screen or put my laptop to sleep and wake up the display of my network settings says that my wifi is connected but webpages in safari and other features of the internet do not work and I need to activate the wifi and turn it back on and it works again. I tried absolutely everything already to try to solve the problem as reseting; Landau, MSC, deleting of plist files, remove and reset pefferred adding new location and reset service order, pure networks install of El Capitan 10.11 and upgrade 10.11.2 and even get my card replaced airport and macbook pro replaced shorty after. Until I replaced it, it ran from El Capitan. And now the replaced macbook pro is running Yosemite 10.10.5 and the problem is still there.

    I found has temporarily solution which was to download nosleep Yosemite version extension program that disables the function sleep at all times, but eventually it will damage my screen. I would like to know if anyone finds a solution for this problem? My wifi works fine on all my other devices such as my: 2 pc, chrome book, iPad and iPhone. It gives just problems on my macbook pro only. Everyone knows about this problem? And did you find a good solution that I have not mentioned? also I have Time Warner Cable and I have a 2 in 1 router modem by model Arris DG1670A which has 2.4 and 5 G-banding and the problem occurs on both frequencies. I have also the 300/20 DL / plan UL which allows to connect more devices to the internet if that helps. I tried my macbook pro on a neighbors WiFi and on connecting wifi apple store it does not disconnect and worked correctly, but I did not try it long determine if it worked well.

    IM thinking of buying an other internet router modem but I don't want to spend the money if its will not solve the problem and that this problem cannot be resolved it would be wise to return my macbook pro?

    Hello NYFAME,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I understand that you have unexpected drops wireless connection when your Mac wakes up from sleep. It seems that you are connected, but you cannot connect to the internet.

    To begin troubleshooting of this situation, I suggest to use Wireless Diagnostics to help you identify and resolve any potential problems.

    Use Wireless Diagnostics helps you troubleshoot Wi - Fi on your Mac - Apple Support

    See you soon!

  • MacBook pro 2015 stuck in Bluetooth Setup mode after commissioning, recognizes on the keyboard and track pad. SMC reset does not work.

    My Macbook Pro 2015 stopped periodically (and now permanently discontinued) responding on keyboard and touch pad Board. This seemed to start at the same time, I got a Bluetooth headset; When I turn on the computer, he's stuck in Bluetooth Setup mode. I tried to reset the SMC, and it does not work. I don't have a Bluetooth keyboard to even try with it. Also, I can't start in safe mode. It seems completely blocked. Any help you might be able to offer would be great!

    Hello rad trp,.

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    From your post, I understand that your keyboard and trackpad on your MacBook Pro are unresponsive and now you see the Bluetooth set up screen on the computer. I also see that you tried to reset the SMC, but that doesn't seem to work because the built-in keyboard do not respond.

    I know that you do not have a bluetooth keyboard, you can connect, but you have a USB keyboard? Even a USB keyboard for a computer Windows will work. If you do, I would say connection that the keyboard and you use these keys to perform an SMC reset, but reset the PRAM as well. Instructions on both of these resets can be found in the links below if you need.

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

    OS X Yosemite: reset PRAM your computer

    See you soon!

  • Could not import the 5S for macbook pro

    Since the last update of my 5s, two days ago I can no longer import pictures for macbook pro.

    "Pictures in the film"the ___ iphone cannot be imported because the device is locked with a password"but it is not."  Can and would someone please help. "Thanks I also:" iTunes could not connect to the iphone '-iPhone "because an invalid response was received from the device.

    On the phone, try pressing these buttons at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appear: the sleep/wake button and the Home button. On Mac, it just reboot and then try again.

  • how spyware & best for macbook pro antivirus software

    e-mail account hacked. possibly get password spyware or virus vi somehow, I downloaded on my Mac. What is best spyware / virus scan software for MacBook Pro (El Capitan 10.11.5 running OS X version)

    What makes you think that you have been 'hacked '?

    Download and run MalwareBytes. Malwarebytes was developed by one of our colleagues here to ASC. He received rave reviews and is on the more proven anti-malware for Mac software.

    There are no viruses that can attack Mac.OS X. For example, anti-virus programs are selling a cure for a disease that does not exist. And they are known for the Mac was systems.

    A Mac peut picking up malware, but not if you just use common sense. Really need to actively invite some malware in for making it happen. This means that download and knowingly give your password for it to download. Mac offers all the protection you need with SIP (Protection of the integrity of the system). I have on the Protection of the integrity of system on your Mac - Apple Support

    If you happen to download adware, you can use MalwareBytes to get rid of it. Malwarebytes was developed by one of our colleagues here to ASC. He received rave reviews and is on the more proven anti-malware for Mac software. If you use torrents, don't. Torrents are a good way to pick up malware because something can to hitchhike in on a download.

    Safari pop ups are different and easier to deal with. In Safari 9.1 and later simply close the window. For previous versions force quit and hold the SHIFT key while restarting Safari.


    Finally, away from programs that are intended to «clean your Mac» They can do damage to your system. Your Mac should any in the first place of cleaning. Any necessary cleanup is systematically supported by OS X.

  • MacBook Pro 2015, closing the lid!

    If someone can confirm the following:

    When I close the lid on my Macbook Pro 2015 - done just go to sleep or is it all the same set up to close completely?

    Also when he is asleep the battery continues to flow?

    Just goes to sleep.

    It's a little if will not connect to a power source.

    To stop it down click on stop in your menu Apple .

  • Where can I find Keynote v6.5, for Macbook Pro?

    Where can I find Keynote v6.5, for Macbook Pro?

    The Mac App Store has only the latest version of any application. The only way to install an earlier version of Mac App Store apps is so if you have a backup on the Mac, another Mac or a separate disk file.

  • What is the best OS for Macbook pro 13.3 mid-2010

    What is the best OS for Macbook pro 13.3 mid-2010.

    I am currently using OS X El captian and it's extremelly slow. Please tell us which is the best OS for her to be able to function properly.

    Thank you very much


    2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

    4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

    NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB

    The Snow Leopard is one of the more stable OS Ive ever used, but you won't have a lot of features.  Mavericks is in the Middle, has more features and is always quite stable. I would, however, try to reinstall El Capitan, or deleting some files to free up space.

    See you soon,.


  • I have a Macbook Pro 2015 retina and I wonder how the cycles of battery are calculated?

    I have a Macbook Pro 2015 retina and I wonder how the cycles of battery are calculated?

    If I load to 100% and then run it down on battery to 0% of course it counts as a battery cycle.

    If I recharge to 90% and run up to 5% or 10%, which count as a battery sprays?     Between what % are there?

    The reason I ask is that I try to keep the cumulative battery cycle count down.

    Thank you


    Whenever he finishes a full charge, it's a cycle.  If you charge 70% one day, then 30% another day, it's a cycle.

    The Apple site, I posted above, it explains very clearly.

    A cycle is counted when the battery has completed a 100% charge, not a discharge.

  • How to replace the speaker for Macbook pro mid-2010

    My right speaker and subwoofer for Macbook Pro mid-2010 are broken. Apple makes this new part to replace? If Yes, where can I buy it? If not, can I replace it it by another company?

    Apple sells not components individual themselves. They only make repairs. If you insist on doing the repair yourself, you can take a look at: https://www.ifixit.com/

  • Mavericks on macbook pro 2015

    It is possible to install the mavericks in a macbook pro 2015, something?

    Thank you!

    N ° your computer requires the version of Mac OS X it came with or a later version. Mavericks would even boot up the computer.

  • Charger for MacBook Pro 13 inch, late 2011

    What charger for MacBook Pro (13 '' end 2011) since the megasafe 60w charger is no longer available?

    Thank you very much for the help.

    According to find the right power adapter and cable for your laptop Mac - Apple Support end 2011 MacBook Pro 13 "uses the following http://www.apple.com/shop/product/MC461LL/A/apple-60w-magsafe-power-adapter-for-macbook-and-13-inch-macbook-pro?fnode=8b which shows it as being available (at least in the United States).

    If this is not available, note that you can use an adapter of higher power such as mentioned in the following extract from the first link above:

    Adaptors for Apple laptops are available in 29W, 45W, 60W and 85W varieties. You must use the adapter appropriate for your Apple laptop power supply. You can use a power adapter higher compatible without problem, but it will not collect your computer faster or work differently. Lower power adapters do not provide enough power.

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