Time capsule for iTunes and photos


I'm looking to use a time capsule as a library for my media such as iTunes, photos and videos, and have more than one mac to access all records.  Disks hard on Macs at home are getting clogged with this type of file and I would like to have both machine to be able to add to or reading of the time capsule.  I hope that this is possible, as a proper storage solution.  It is possible that I have buy another mac with a smaller SSD drive and such shame to not be able to access or control my support of it.

I hope this is the solution you are looking for.


Unfortunately supports for photos is all local computer or iCloud.

What happens if you move the library to the CT and open it it is unknown..., ask people in the photos section.

iPhoto have a part with network functionality, at least until the latest version... but note... it was never to be shared on a TC... Apple said he explicitly did not load the libraries of iphoto on the TC as they have damaged. It could be shared to the network from a computer.

You can store pictures in raw form, of course... but you can not use a central library on a local network device.

iTunes is a little different... library of the CT should be ok... I doubt, however, that several computers can do at the same time... You can have several copies of the library maybe... Although apple do try and control... every computer and device must register via iCloud... and up to 5 devices is allowed.

Apple do not have a server edition of pictures or iTunes... strange that sounds... and a lot of sharing with the local network moved to iCloud, which is another way for apple to make money... but unfortunately even if you can pay for it... It is only for the rich internet... Ie download and upload speeds for the vast majority of people internet speeds are still to achieve anything beyond race snails in a wall.

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  • I have 2 routers.  Both can have time capsule for wifi?

    I have a Netgear C3000 Modem/Router, where my internet comes from the wall.  I also have a router VPN Sonicwall for work.  My sonicwall going through my Time Capsule for wifi.  Recently, I upgraded my internet speed with my ISP to 150.  When the internet is channeled through two routers, the speed is quite slow (about what it was before the upgrade).  When I get wifi directly from my Netgear, the speed is much faster.  Can I have 2 sources on the internet through my Time Capsule?  1 for the work (slower wifi) and 1 for home (faster wifi)?

    Can I have 2 sources on the internet through my Time Capsule?

    Unfortunately, the time Capsule cannot handle this... because it would need to have two WAN ports to be able to handle two Internet connections. Since then she has only one, you will need to decide which source you want to use with time Capsule.

  • Can I use my time capsule for wired Internet?

    The fundamental question is, I can connect my time capsule to my wireless internet router and then use the capsule to connect my iMac to the Internet with an Ethernet cable?

    The back story: I have an i7 iMac late 2009 that has worked perfectly until that somewhere around OS x Lion. The update came, and suddenly the wifi became shotty; intermittent connectivity that could last from 2 hours to 2 minutes and often, the computer would suddenly turns off. So, I just took an Ethernet cable from my gateway wireless comcast directly to my time capsule and then another was running for the TC to the iMac. It worked perfectly when the router and the iMac were in the same room. Since then, we moved and there is only a single coaxial connection of work in the new House, and this room that can hold your desktop. Now, I searched high and low for a fix for the problem of wifi, without success; reset the PRAM, change the wireless channel reset wireless packet, you name it I tried it (with the exception of a reinstallation of firmware lion before the airport summary-pretend). I really do not have the money to have someone come run an Ethernet cable through my walls now or to understand the situation of coaxial cable (I tried to do it me but there are about 10 outputs and the room that I want to use seems to actually be connected directly on a former satellite Hughes-NET on the side of the House). Now, this wireless to the dream of the Ethernet connection is my only option... Anyway I can make it work?

    The fundamental question is, I can connect my time capsule to my wireless internet router and then use the capsule to connect my iMac to the Internet with an Ethernet cable?

    The answer is not quite as simple.

    Yes... If your 'hand' wireless router is another Apple wireless router.

    No.... If your 'hand' wireless router is a part 3.

    However, you have two options if you have a 3rd party router that provides to your wireless network:

    (1) add an AirPort Express and it set up to 'join' the network wireless provided by your 3rd party product. Then, the AirPort Express can provide wired Ethernet cable of the Time Capsule and the iMac can connect to the time Capsule using Ethernet as well.

    (2) If you can not run the Ethernet cable... (always the best performance option)... a pair of Ethernet over Powerline adapters could be able to send the Ethernet signal via power lines the existing AC in your House.  In other words, the theory with EoP devices is that you already have the wiring in place, you must just adapters.

    An adapter would be located near your router 'primary' and plugged into an outlet. A short Ethernet cable connects to the router to the EoP adapter.  In contrast, an another EoP adapter is plugged into a power outlet near the time Capsule and a short Ethernet cable connects from the adapter to the time Capsule. Then, the iMac connects to time Capsule using a different Ethernet cable as well.

  • I have my time capsule for base station; How do I set up just for Time Machine?

    For several years, I have used Time Capsule as a wireless base station more backup Time Machine. I back up a Macbook Air (single user) and iMac with 2 users (two computers running on OS X 11.5). With Comcast Xfinity I need is more like a base station. In fact, I reset my router Xfinity name and password to replicate what was the name and the password to my Time Capsule network. But, now that it's done I can't understand of set up time capsule without set it up as a base station. The installation guide seems to suggest that I could do so by plugging the ethernet cable from the modem to an ethernet port which is not the WAN port. But this configuration did not work. The installation wizard only took me the steps to set up a wireless network. How can I simply we it with Time Machine as an external hard drive?

    The installation wizard only took me the steps to set up a wireless network. How can I simply we it with Time Machine as an external hard drive?

    Simply turn off the time Capsule wireless.

    To do... Open AirPort Utility, click on the Time Capsule, then click on modify in the window that appears

    Click on the Wireless tab at the top of the next window

    Change the setting for the Mode of network on 'Off '.

    Click Update to save the changes

    But... and this is a big BUT... This work of pourrait ... and maybe not. Even if the backup on the Comcast network seems to be working, there will be no help from Apple in case of questions or problems of backup.

    The reason is that, so that your Time Machine backups be supported officially by Apple, users must save on the Time Capsule wireless, or connect their Mac (s) directly to one of the three ports LAN <>- on the Time Capsule using a wired Ethernet cable connection.

    If you decide to try the method of failure to load, please let us know how things work after a few days.

  • Why the airport Time Capsule for P/W after update to 7.7.7

    Time Capsule ask P/W when I click on it in the Airport utility to see whats connected to it, but never recognizes the P/W or back with the icon to forget.

    He returns to normal after a disconnect and a return to the restart card. This happens since the latest firmware update to 7.7.7.

    Once the Capsule is back to normal and you can access the settings in AirPort Utility, my suggestion would be to delete the current password on the Base Station and add a new password. It worked for me with the same question, and it might for you as well.

    Make sure you remember the password in the keychain in your Mac is checked, and then click Update at the bottom right of the window to save the new settings.

  • Cannot remove old Time Capsule for time Machine destinations

    My MacBook Pro moves with me between my home office and the different clients that I visit. At home, Time Machine backs up a volume of Time Machine on my Xserve served to the network by OS X Server. I guess that for the Mac it looks like a Time Capsule, although in my case, it's a RAID 5 with 12 TB of capacity.

    The problem, when I connect to one network other than my home network. As you can see, the window from system preferences Time Machine offer 'Time Machine backup on 'Dominik AirPort Extreme' network', which is not actually present on any network. When I go home, Time Machine continues to try to save this destination does not exist and does not back up the volume on my Xserve. I have to manually switch for my Mac starting the backup on the Xserve again.

    How can I make my Mac forget this volume forever? A couple of system reinstalls, to the end that I use the Migration Wizard to copy the configuration of the system from a backup, have not helped.

    On the computer of my wife as a backup destination appears, the good pair:

    This simple procedure will erase your settings of the time Machine, including the list of excluded items. The backups themselves will not be affected. If you have a long exclusion list that cannot be easily re-created, you may prefer a procedure more complicated that maintains the list. In this case, ask for instructions. If not, see below.

    Please triple - click anywhere in the line below on this page to select:


    Right-click or Ctrl-click on the highlighted line and select

    Services ▹ reveal in Finder (or just to reveal)

    of the menu.* contextual A Finder window should open with a selected file. Copy the file to the desktop. Bring the original (not copy) to the trash. You will be asked for your administrator password.

    Restart the computer and re-create your settings in the Time Machine preferences window. Falsely, it will show that you have no backups. Don't worry; your backups have not been affected.

    Perform a backup to test. The backup can take much longer than usual. If TM now works as expected, delete the file that you copied to the desktop.

    * If you do not see the item context menu copy the selected text in the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination. In the Finder, select

    Go ▹ go to the folder...

    from the menu bar and paste it into the box that opens by pressing command + V. You won't see what you pasted a newline being included. Press return.

  • Migration of data from Time Capsule for external hard drive

    On previous posts, I received advice to use a single TC to buy a new one, with the intention to use them both as backups Time Machine for three different Mac. So right now, I have a 5th generation unique Time Capsule of my network that serves as a backup for three Macs drive. The older TC is still connected, but only until he ends the disc, which transfers to a 3 TB Western Digital My Passport Ultra HD, connected directly to the TC via USB to archiving.

    The old TC is filled up to 1.99 TB, and I imagine that it would take a long period of time to archive and copy all of this info, but the process is already underway for more than 24 hours, and it always shows 1 day 0:31:59 is this normal? Do I have to cancel and try another method?

    Shared experiences or advice will be appreciated.

    See you soon!

    BTW, I don't like the new layout of this post!

    The old TC is filled up to 1.99 TB, and I imagine that it would take a long period of time to archive and copy all of this info, but the process is already underway for more than 24 hours, and it always shows 1 day 0:31:59 is this normal? Do I have to cancel and try another method?

    Unfortunately, these can take a long time. I suggest that you let it run for at least 24 hours and then see where is the check-in process. So again, it doesn't show much progress later, let know us and we can provide you with possible options.

  • Can I use old time capsule for storage only with a new airport extreme (standard want latest HQ)?

    I have a time Capsule elders (802.11n). I would like to know if I can still use this time Capsule only as a network storage device, if I decide to build my network with a new Airport Extreme (802.11ac). If I can do that, how would I set up the network to continue automatic backups with a router to update?

    To do what you want, the new AirPort Extreme 802.11ac would be installed as the "main" network router The time Capsule would be connected to the AirPort Extreme, using a wired Ethernet cable connection, and the time Capsule should be configured to run in bridge with the service Mode Wireless off.

    Any Mac you want to save in the time Capsule would need to have Time Machine preferences on each Mac adjusted to ensure that the time Capsule has been set as the target for backup.

    If you decide to add the AirPort Extreme, post back for more information at this time, if you need installation instructions step by step.

  • How can I configure Time Capsule 3 to and Motorola NVG589 to access the Time Capsule backup drive?

    I have ATT Uverse service and am ok with the performance of the WiFi of the NVG589. I want to configure my Time Capsule 3 to extend the network and be able to access the drive for backups Time Machine. I think I am following the steps in Airport utility, but once installation is complete I can find is no longer the time Capsule.

    I want to configure my Time Capsule 3 to extend the network

    The time Capsule cannot "extend" the network Uverse using a wireless connection, if that's maybe what you're trying to do. The time Capsule can only wireless "extend" the signal of another router from Apple.

    The Capsule can be configured to extend the network to Uverse if it is connected permanently... anytime... to the Uverse router using a connection through wired Ethernet cable.

    Please specify on what you're trying to accomplish, so that we can provide the correct steps.

  • Could not find the Time Capsule for Time Machine backup drive

    My iMac is running El Capitan and Time Machine is unable to find the Time Capsule backup drive.  I blew the backup several times in hopes that it will fix the problem.   The only thing I found which will allow a return to the top is to unplug the Time Capsule and plug it in again.  The work around works only once, then it's back to "can't find the backup disk.

    For anyone a cela or similar questions are you go in your Utilities folder (in your applications folder) and run the utility airport to see what he says about the disks attached. This cannot work for the readers of time capsule Apple rather than third party readers who have been designated as the backup time drives machine.

  • Port forwarding on Time Capsule for Geniego

    Anyone know how to configure the port forwarding on time capsule?

    I need to set a port 8082 & 8083 for my Directv Geniego.

    Press the bar area and order at the same time.

    Airport utility type, press ENTER.

    Select time capsule, and then select edit (enter the code for the device).

    Select network, select "+" sign

    Firewall entry type: IPv4 Port Mapping

    Description: GenieGO

    Public UDP: If manual of the Consult of UDP user, enter the numbers of the port here (use commas to separate).

    Public TCP: If manual of the Consult of user TCP, enter the number in port here (use commas to separate).

    Private IP address: IP address of your GenieGO

    UDP private: same as the public

    Private TCP: Same as the public

    Select Save

    Update of TimeCapsule.


  • If I delete files that have already been uploaded on my Time Capsule for more storage in my Mac, will I still be able to have access to them, while I am connected with the TC?

    I'm in desperate need of storage so I need to know before you start deleting all the files.

    You copied the files on the TC directly... you don't mean in TM backups?

    What files are you talking about because some applications are NOT supposed to work network... for example APA iphoto and photo storage.

    You must also remember to backup... TM can back up files to a TC.

    You may end up losing your files, so be very careful... It is better to use a fast USB... plugged into your computer and then add it to your TM backups.

  • Can I use time capsule from Apple and an external hard drive that is connected to my Mac at the same time to save?

    I have an external hard drive (1 TB ADATA HV620) and a time capsule of Apple 2009. So far I have used the external drive-DATA to back up regularly on my Mac, but it uses one of my USB slots. I would like to start using the time capsule from Apple to everything back up, as it does so wireless, but I still want to be able to back up by using the ADATA hard drive occasionally. Is it possible to use two devices to back up or can I use only one device? Thank you.

    You can use the two devices, but Time Machine... If that's what you use to back up... can back up only to a disc at a time. So if you set up Time Machine to back up on both discs, it will support drive until one first, then the other after the first drive of the backup is complete.

  • BlackBerry smartphones cannot zoom for videos and photos


    I have a blackberry curve 9300 and I used to be able to zoom in for pixture and videos in justing moving the trackpad, but when I don't move the trackpad, I can't zoom in! Anyone know what could be the problem?

    Thank you very much

    I had this problem on my phone.  People of the Orange support forced me to take the battery out while the phone is still on and then replace it.  Once the phone is started again then the zoom worked once more.

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    Please post on the Adobe Forums.

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