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I get an error of delay in my exe file but its not working in laptop but its does not work in desktop basically I m do mannully x and axis are using servo motor control first meters in mannully and I'll store data and after I'll are automatically at the time where I get error of wait time at the office. In the same office before it was working now its time-out error is. Please tell me the solution. actully I change office in this office than m... timeout error please tell me the solution.

Thank you.

Hi, I had the answer... I solved the problem of my problem, I have already mentioned above (in his work at the office laptop its does not work) Finally I solved the problem is (I use delta servo motor control, I was using the communication cable connection is not based) in connection only. Finally I gave the connection now its fantastic work...

Thank you for your review of precious...

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  • PCIe-1429 randome time-out errors

    I use a card National Instruments PCIe - 1429 Camera Link which gives timeout errors about 20% of the time every time that the show clock is stopped and restarted.

    The problem I see occurs for a 1-tap 16-bit and 8-bit 8 - tap camera configuration.  Every time the camera changes modes show link camera clock is momentarily interrupted, and PCIe-1429 is unable to acquire an image of 20% of the time.

    In Measurement & Automation Explorer, it returns the error: "a timeout error has occurred while you wait for the specified event.  If you expect a picture, make sure all the video data is acquired during the period.  If you wait for a signal, check that the assertion of signal occurs within the period.

    Now, I know that my timing is correct because if I simply stop the clock to show again the PCIe-1429 will begin to acquire images.  He was to acquire and then always correctly the images until the next time the clock of transmission is interrupted.  It is on a probability of 20% of a timeout error if the clock of transmission is interrupted.  It behaves like the phase PCIe-1429 liaison camera receiver locking loop has re-synchronization problems.

    Our camera (an intern built Kodak) uses the National Semiconductor DS90CR287 channel link transmitter.  When the PCIe-1429 gives a timeout error, I check the clock of transmission DS90CR287 on an oscilloscope and it looks always good.

    Is this a known issue with the PCIe-1429 or a known sender of DS90CR287 problem?

    Apparently, there is a bug in the DS90CR287 channel link serializer.  The phase lock loop, sometimes fails to produce a clock output series of acquisition card and the operating cycle if the input clocks are interrupted.  A phase lock loop should be able to recover from that.  We noticed that National Semiconductor changed their sheets to require power cycling the DS90CR287 after all of the input clocks are interrupted.  We have implemented the procedure of power cycle and time-out errors now appear to have stopped.

    All fixed!

  • I removed mcafee security because the subscription was on now Defender does not illuminate. I get a time-out error?

    I removed McAfee because membership was about to expire. Then I went to turn on the defender and it will not turn on. I get a time-out error. How can I solve this problem?

    Run the McAfee Consumer products Removal Tool (free from here: http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=TS101331 )
    Direct download here link: http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MCPR.exe

    Once done, go to the center of the Action and activate Windows Defender and Windows Firewall.

  • Time-out errors

    Recently, I upgraded my Web server with a Pentium 4 and CFMX 6.1, Linux, MySQL 3.23 to a Dual Core with 2 GB, CFMX 7.0.2 Linux, MySQL 4.1.10. I have several sites of cold fusion using hundreds of scripts of CF who allowing to run flawlessly on the old installation. Now, all pages of CF run slow and I get constantly time-out errors. IT seems that it is usually when interacting with the MySQL database.

    The server itself is not overloaded. It seems to be a problem between CF and MySQL. Since I saw cfoutput time-out errors when there is virtually no data being released, CF is perhaps the only problem. I played with the settings in CF Admin and assembled the recommended levels. The performance is not only improve. Can someone suggest a direction to look on this?

    Thank you.

    It seems that the problem was with the data center network. The server and the CF are working well.

  • Using the MS ODBC driver to connect to Oracle and MS SQL DB - get a time-out error

    I have the driver installed and configured on the Linux host where sits the Oracle DB.  I worked through the configuration and tested along the way.

    If I execute the following SQL statement I get a timeout error after only 15 minutes:

    SQL > select * from [email protected];

    Select * from [email protected]


    ERROR on line 1:

    ORA-28511: interruption of the RPC connection to heterogeneous remote agent to help

    SID = ORA-28511: lost RPC connection to heterogeneous remote agent to help

    SID = (Description = (Address = (Protocol = TCP)(Host=localhost) (port = 1521)) (CONNECT_DAT

    A = (SID = UCMDB806)))

    ORA-02063: preceding the line of UCMDB9

    Process ID: 4070

    Session ID: 392 serial number: 40935

    If I limit the SQL to give hosting me only that start with 'a', I get this:

    SQL > select * from [email protected] where (name) lower like 'a % ';







    name of the vendor













    name of the vendor








    It seems to be a time-out on this query.  My software is located 20 minutes for a query.  MS SQL server is set to unlimited for remote queries (we did it to help isolate the timeout).  So, I guess the wait time that is happening at the level of ODBC driver.  Someone has all understand how to solve this problem?


    Your question is beyond the scope of this community.

    Please repost your question in the SQL Server TechNet Forums.


    See you soon.

  • Time-out error when you try to calibrate a PXI-6552 using Calibration Executive.

    I make a mistake I never saw elsewhere trying to calibrate a PXI-6552 using Calibration Executive. We have been calibrating these cards for 3 years and never had a problem. The error I get has to do with the HP 3458 A DMM taking a reading.

    1074126845 error occurred at IviDMM Read.vi in audit generation step voltage
    The possible reasons: maximum time state of the driver (Hex 0xBFFA2003) exceeded before the operation is complete.
    The primary error: (Hex 0xBFFF0015) timeout expired before the operation is complete.

    As soon as Cal Exec implements the PXI-6552 module then will take a reading of the 3458A what an SRQ message on the 3458A, then the error message above appears in Cal Exec. I tried to reinstall the drivers OR DMM. The voltage on the meter screen is good for the first stage (5.5 volts DC), but it times out and gives me the error as indicated.

    Nevermind, I got the latest drivers and install and everything works fine now.

  • Fatal OR connect 12170 - time-out error

    Got some errors in the alert.log to Oracle 11 g 2 file
    Fatal NI connect error 12170.
            TNS for Linux: Version - Production
            Oracle Bequeath NT Protocol Adapter for Linux: Version - Production
            TCP/IP NT Protocol Adapter for Linux: Version - Production
      Time: 01-JUL-2010 13:19:32
      Tracing not turned on.
      Tns error struct:
        ns main err code: 12535
    TNS-12535: TNS:operation timed out
        ns secondary err code: 12560
        nt main err code: 505
    TNS-00505: Operation timed out
        nt secondary err code: 110
        nt OS err code: 0
      Client address: (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=
    Thu Jul 01 13:19:32 2010
      Client address: (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=
      Client address: (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=
    My questions are:
    (1) what is a mistake or a designed behavior that Oracle finds the client been waited too long and kill him.
    (2) what is the default time-out value, and how to configure.

    Thank you


    Check out the following instructions:

    The problem of hanging to continue has been identified in alert_db.log, so the following entries have been put into the system to ensure the connections between free WILL and DB server are alive.

    / etc/sysctl.conf:
    NET. IPv4.tcp_keepalive_time = 600
    NET. IPv4.tcp_keepalive_intvl = 60
    NET. IPv4.tcp_keepalive_probes = 20

    Thank you

  • How will probably remember the same activity (subprocess) time-out error?


    How to recall the subprocess/activity if the error activity is?

    My use case is: I need to call vCO of cpo (using Webtarget or by using Windows Powershell Script activity). in case of timeout error, I need to redo the same call. Can someone please help on this.

    Thank you


    It is not intrinsically built in 'reminder' However, it's not hard to do through content creation.

    If you believe that this activity is not much so I could do this...

    * Install a local default variable, boolean false

    * Set a while loop runs while the local boolean is false

    * When the tracks activity if his condition is successful or not is not, then set to Boolean true

    Who should do what you want, but a best practice, I'd be a lot out there try to limit the number of times wherever he would try before you must notify yourself it might be a real problem.


  • Eception Exception blackBerry Smartphones: registry of applications wait to time-out Error Messages - BB 8703e

    OK, I hope someone here can help me a bit more then US Cellular has done so far to this problem without end.

    This problem started after I updated my BB device software and application of book of face over the weekend.  Since that time my BB will not receive any what data signal, but I can make phone calls always after confirmation of many Eception Exception: Registry Application wait Timeout Error Messages. Until they start again to come.

    Here are the steps that I tried to fix this problem

    • Remove the battery, and then restart your computer
    • Load up the Blackberry Manager to restore the setting - BB Manager seems to not even see more when I connect it.
    • U.S. Cellular has already tried reloading software BB device again

    Has anyone ever fallen on this or a similar problem like this and found a solution to this?

    If Yes please let me know.  I don't want to end up carrying around some basic cell phones again.  I'm already addicted to my crackberry.


    I fixed the problem of trial and error, a few hours ago.

    For starters, US Cellular had to lie for wipe me the disc of BB and starting over.  because if they did I would not see all the error messages still after they claimed that the BB has been wiped.  In other words, after I wiped the drive of BB all the error messages disappeared.

    Regarding the data plan, yes my company has a data plan on this BB.  The blinking light just does more.  Not much for me, as long as the data coming

  • REPORT_TUNING_TASK made a time-out error!

    Hi all.

    I created the following task of tuning with time_limit = value of 300.
    After executing the task of tuning, I get the error of expiration time to the step in the task of setting up the declaration.

    My questioins are:

    1. What is oracle? during the time _imit, when executing the task of tuning

    2. in the case of a timeout error, it is the olny option to increase the parameter time_limit?

    1. create the tuning task

    l_sql_tune_task_id VARCHAR2 (100);
    l_sql_tune_task_id: = DBMS_SQLTUNE. () CREATE_TUNING_TASK
    sql_id = > "43unw1qzh54uk"
    plan_hash_value = > null,
    scope = > 'GLOBAL ',.
    time_limit = > 300,
    Task_Name = > '43unw1qzh54uk_hoho',-replace TaskName
    Description = > 'Tuning report');
    Dbms_output.put_line ('l_sql_tune_task_id: ' | l_sql_tune_task_id);

    2 the task of tuning

    DBMS_SQLTUNE. EXECUTE_TUNING_TASK (task_name = > '43unw1qzh54uk_hoho');
    3. report of the task of tuning

    SELECT DBMS_SQLTUNE. REPORT_TUNING_TASK ('43unw1qzh54uk_hoho') from DUAL;

    -L' ongoing operation was interrupted because it has expired.


    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.

    1. What is oracle? during the time _imit, when executing the task of tuning

    Depending on the SCOPE, he checks statistics, analysis paths and checks the SQL structures. If the scope is GLOBAL, SQL profiling is done aldo.

    2. in the case of a timeout error, it is the olny option to increase the parameter time_limit?

    Indeed, Yes. Or change the scope.

    See http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e16638/sql_tune.htm#autoId13

  • Error in firmware PSC 2020 & Max connection time-out error


    My PCP 202O status LED will blink twice - which indicates that there is an error in the firmware (according to the user manual). I have already installed the latest firmware downloaded from the Web site of NOR and it says that I'm supposed to update the operating system of the remote system in MAX. When you try to update the system BIOS, it happens.

    Version on the target distance: 10.1

    Available on the host version: 10.4

    I'm a little confused as to which is the remote target and that is the system that hosts? He also says that the previously installed software will be removed if editing continues and it could damage the material so started or off so I'm a bit skeptical to proceed manually.

    I have error alsoreceiving messages in maximum errors in MAX are 'connected - no software installed' and connection to a remote device has expired. I wonder if this error occurs due to the firmware issue, or is it because of the timeout settings? What is the best? A period more or less?

    I'm new with this. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!

    The target is your compact Fieldpoint.  The host is your PC that you are.  Given that the PC has a newer version, you will want to have the software downloaded to the CFP by MAX.  Of course, there is a small chance that you could lose power to the PCP if your luck is bad and that the power is off in the middle of the upgrade.  It would be better to have your diet for the CFP running off a battery backup UPS for safety.

    I'm guessing that the error is due to your firmware issue.

    If you are really unsure on how to proceed, it may be best if you contact DIRECTLY, they can help guide you through the update process.

  • Agilent 4263 B time-out error

    I changed the model of implementation of Agilent 4263 B to include three additional screws (seen on the bottom row of the image included). I get a timeout error (GPIB-213, ignored measure opening request for another measure was already underway) to initiate her block, the block right in the bottom line. What causes this error and what can do about it?

    A bit of a guess, but if the: TRIGONOMETRIC function triggers a measure then the error is probably correct that a measure is ongoing and probably indicates that the function MEAS READ has enough intelligence to wait as the fill.

    If you try to do is to measure different parameters, you need to move your new block of code after the function MEAS READ, set the FREQ and measurement, and then call: TRIG again, instead of the function INIT to trigger another measure.

  • Time-out error waiting for VMware Tools start in the prompt

    Hello people,

    I used PowerCLI 5.5 Release 1 connection to my 5.1.036098 vcenter (ESXi host 5.1.0 1065491 management).

    I'm connected (non secure warning) and be able to start the virtual machines.

    I try to run a task on the network of a VM VMware documentation example below interface.

    The first two commands work fine, but finally it fails with the error below.

    I upgraded VMware tools and hardware to the latest version.

    $vm1 = get-VM-name VM1

    $guest = get-VMGuest $vm1

    $interface = get-VMGuestNetworkInterface - VMGuest $guest - GuestUser password1 administrator - GuestPassword - ToolsWaitSecs 100

    Timeout error while you wait for VMware tools start in the comments.

    Someone at - it suggestions?

    Thank you


    The 3rd line to access the guest OS via VMware tools that must be installed in the virtual machine.

    There are a number of other prerequisites to be able to make that kind of call.

    See my work Will Invoke-VMScript? post.

  • Why windows store still displays the "time out error".


    Initially, I had a problem with windows apps metro does not connect to internet when I was on a wi - fi "proxy". I managed to solve it (I do not know what actually solved the problem, but it had to be sfc/scannow which someone on the forums of HP suggested or windows update).
    My problem now is that I can't access the store windows and he always tells me "we could not connect to the Bank. This could have happened due to a server problem or network connection has expired. Please, wait a few minutes and try again. "I tried to uncheck the proxy, clock synchronization, but nothing works. AM not even on a wi - fi connection now (use a dial-up connection).
    I don't know if the second updates I made had nothing to with him. Other applications can access the internet. Am not sure. Help, please.

    Just all the questions addressed.

    I just hit (win + w) performed a search for "Troubleshooting" and then choose "resolve problems with windows update" - under "system and security." After the initial search, he did not bring to the top of all the solutions, but he gave me a choice of troubleshooting again as an administrator. I chose this option and it solved the problem.

    Am now able to access the store (and even get windows updates) even on a dial-up access.

  • smart camera of the trigger of the time-out value of the error - VBAI 3.6

    Hello that tal?, el tema are that I have a problem with the Smart camera're tengo una fotocelula conectada has the patilla of trigger and (2), el u Trigger-(12) masa in las patillas del conector DB15 of the smart camera para as cuando PASE una pieza realice the fotografia. The cuestion are el solo time-out error me already poner 60000 ms, y for example, so una pieza soon en pasar 60000 ms en el paso of the closing of imagen mas me pone time-out error, y sigue por el diagrama of blocking como if would Fall the imagen. In principio imported me that salga el time-out error, pero me gustaria that esperase has the following pieza sin avanzar por el diagrama of blocking, not so to me explico very well.

    If alguien tiene alguna idea como el problama delivery could be lo agradeceria mucho.

    Cordially, is muchas gracias of photos. David.

    Hey David,

    entonces Perfecto. If the respond you vale marcala como tal in el foro o con UN kudo en knew defecto para as other users themselves can the answer is beneficiar.

    Duro con ello!


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