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I bought the original Storm 9530 Saturday. The biggest problem I have with the phone is the internet. I upgraded to OS V5.0.0.328, which I believe is the latest version? I have not installed any 3rd app on the phone and I'm using only what came with the phone and find the internet very slow and quirky. The homepage using blackberry via the browser, I try to access pages under news and to entertain and find that I constantly get the error message to contact the service provider and the video takes over sometimes. My concern is the inconsistency of the phone when accessing information. Sometimes I can access information and sometimes I can't. What is the phone itself? I am constatnly pulling at least three or four bars under a 1XEV signal, the signal 3G OK? I also get the error with the camera after using a looser radio. I even tried to remove some app, I know that I will never use as vz navigator and visual VM with desktop software manager and performance does not improve.

I try not to expect too much of the storm, after all, is just a phone and not a computer. But to pay extra for the plan and not be able to access certain functions is irritating. I consider the upgrade for the Storm 2, if I knew that the phone performs better, but I don't know anyone with the phone. Any advice?

Thank you!

mrsmustang wrote:

The signal is 1XEV. I also use the BB button to close the programs instead of back out of them. Applications that are open are BB messenger messages, the home screen and the phone icon.

OK, it's all good, 1XEV is correct also.

I do as shown above and try the Opera Mini browser.

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    Thanks in advance for any information.


    OK, so have you followed all the steps in the tutorial to remove the cod browser_daemon file and replace as well as 10 to 12 steps I copied above?

    Similarly, until you get the generic TMO service books copied on from TMO so pushed tutorial, you won't get anywhere.

    If you need the TMO BIS site:

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    This may seem a matter of repair, but I have found no clear answers in everything, that I was given.

    Help, please!

    Awesome! Thank you! I'll try it as soon as I return to the PC with the software on it... I'll post a follow-up.

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    first of all Hello to everyone and that being said, I * fact * search both Google in general as well as this forum, in particular, prompt even to Vodafone was not any help, here I am, stuck with 2 problems with my BB Storm 9500 (.141 firmware, user of BES, Vodafone Germany) and it drives me crazy. Maybe someone here can help me.

    1. is it possible to load the storm via a USB cable connected to a computer * without * be disconnected from the network?

    Forcing me carry the charger around like a heavy phone (while previous models of BB) user authorized to charge by computer/USB without being offline.

    2. What can I do to see the missed calls in my call log?

    For the moment, I don't have the option to log in the missed calls message window, but to see them I have to unlock the storm via password I try * very * inconvenient (btw, the option to view missed calls directly in the call log was yet another function available with earlier models of BB).

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    Hi all

    It turns out that everything reported were caused by a screwed up political IT... that being resolved, everything works like a charm...

    THX once again all for your support and advice.



  • Stolen Blackberry Storm 9500 blackBerry smartphones


    has joined the community. Ask for help to find my blackberry lost storm9500. I have very important data in my mobile that is stolen. Is it possible that I can find the cell no. of the person who is curretnly using my cell. Thank you


    Report it to the police. Report it to your wireless service provider. If you have already installed BB Protect or other applications to protect, activate and do what you need to do. Apart from that, there is nothing to do.

    Good luck!

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    Hi all

    I tried almost everything I could think of but it still keeps dying. Just of fades out, dies and restarts

    -A out the battery so that the phone was expected 15 minutes

    -The battery is fully charged

    -J' have upgraded to the latest OS from my provider

    -J' took the only software I had downloaded

    -Disabled the data service

    -A out the SIM card.

    Please someone who has any idea about this please please guide me.

    I don't want to have to get another phone. If he stops just to reboot, I'll be happy!

    Thank you!!!


    I think that Bell has passed. 122... see the following page:

    and go to your carriers download site...

  • Storm or Storm 2 blackBerry smartphones

    I have a chance to be on a Storm 2 of my Storm.  I really love my Storm, I would like WiFi and hopefully a little faster

    experience.  Is there a significant difference between the 2 models?

    Very big difference... typing, double the memory of the device and the speed of the aircraft. If you like the Storm1, you will really like the Storm2.

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    Hi all - I am very confused... I want to get a memory card 16 GB for my new storm... BUT

    What I have to buy a "Micro SDHC memory card"... or a 'SDHC memory card '... like, form I would say the two are different things... (they are certainly different) is about half the price of the old... not - where I looked (obvious or other) tells me EXACTLY I need... :-/

    I want to make sure I have the right buy!... so to hear from someone who has actually got a card of memory of a storm and who can tell which one it was and that it works... would be great!

    See you soon! :-)

    You certainly want a microSDHC card.  Cell phones usually use cards microSD (or microSDHC) while the cameras use SD (or SDHC) cards.  A SDHC card simply does not fit into your phone (it's too much).

    I use also cards microSDHC SanDisk class 6 with my Storm and they have been great.  While I only used 8 GB cards, I know another person who got a 16 GB microSD card, and he was very happy with it.

    I hope that helps!  Feel free to ask any other questions you may have!

  • Remove Storm 2 blackBerry Smartphones?

    My company is about to renew his contract of service provider, and we requested a change to the Storm 2 9520 handset. Vodafone have informed us that the Storm 2 is removed from the process as there are many technical issues with the aircraft.

    Can someone tell me if this is correct, and if so what will replace it?

    Michaelz16 wrote:

    If Vodafone are false?

    huh, I was not exactly intend to hear that.

    More like this rep from Vodafone not knowing what it was talking about. Quite possible.

    If they persisted with this statement that Vodafone declined 9520 service, perhaps you should ask for something official Voda in writing. And I bet you'll never have him.

  • How to restart a Storm 2 BlackBerry Smartphones?


    I used a device "BOLD" before and it was possible to restart the unit by pressing Al-right shift + del at the same time.

    How is it is possible to restart the Storm 2 without pulling on the battery please?

    Thanks for help.



    Use QuickPull... in AppWorld.

  • Downgrade to OS Blackberry Storm 2 blackBerry Smartphones

    I need to downgrade the Storm OS V5.0.0.320 2 operating system now available for the Storm 2 Verizon's V5.0.0.607, there, anyone know where to find the older operating system for verizon.  Verizon does not have it, or can't find it.

    Verizon welcomed him yet.

    Y ' All don't look so hard _...

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    I use a storm 9530 accompanying VZW, but currently it is with the Vodafone India.

    I unlocked it by buying the unlock on ebay code. Now my question is if I update the

    device and new it oneself. Then, I'll be able to unlock it by the same code or not

    Good answer to this...


    Once unlocked, always unlocked.

    Nothing, including an upgrade of the operating system will be re - lock.

  • BlackBerry Storm 9530 Blackberry Smartphones / e mail help!

    I had my responsive phone and have 2 folders created for my 2 email accounts in my messages folder. I get emails in the 'messages' folder, as it has always done. However, I get all of the messages in the files set up for each e-mail account. This is why I can't answer. Does anyone know how to reset or fix this problem? Thank you.

    Appears that you have to return your service books.

    On your BlackBerry device, go to:

    1. options > advanced > host Routing Table > Menu > register.

    2 send your service from your carrier's BIS site books:
    Of your handheld:

    Go to the Personal Email Set Up icon and sign. Then under help!, select Service books and select send service books.

    Your desktop PC:
    North American carriers - scroll down to select your carrier
    Carriers worldwide - find your operator from the list

    3. with the BlackBerry device powered time, remove battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart. This restart, even if you have already done this, is often necessary to install the service books.

  • To directory storm torch blackBerry smartphones


    This is probably a duplicate of a duplicate of a duplicate, but I'm really struggling to know how to move my entire phonebook (because not all of my contacts are on my sim card) of my storm to my flashlight

    Can someone please?



    If you upgrade the storm to the torch and then use the wizard of Switch Device in the desktop software.

Maybe you are looking for

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