TM2 - Win7 hangs at the splash screen after waking from sleep and hibernation

I had intermittent problems with the mode 'sleep' on my laptop TM2T-2200 (Windows7 64-bit).  Wake up sleep & put into hibernation, the system will have problems with log-in intermittently.  Generally speaking, I'll be able to move my mouse cursor and enter my password - but pressing enter, the system hangs at the splash screen, requiring a hard - reboot (by pressing the power button).  Sometimes, I've not yet will be able to enter my password before it crashes.

The problem seems to occur more in energy saving mode, but it occurred in '' HP recommended Mode '' once or twice now, too.  It looks a lot like the problems reported for other models HP here:

Any suggestions?  Is it possible to know if a particular driver or a program that hangs?


Update: my problems seem to be associated with protection against malware of Comcast constant guard and disappeared after uninstalling the program.

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  • Debug build hangs at the splash screen after Update Beta 4

    Since the update of the fall of November, debug builds Dev Alpha hang at the splash screen.

    By release notes, on the basis of known issues:

    "AIR debugger cannot display the IP host dialog box when a debugging session is initiated. This can cause applications to hang at the splash screen and fail to launch. (240219, 242986) »

    A workaround solution is given for people running Flash Builder, where you explicitly give the Debug IP address host instead

    in relying on the auto-discovery.  I use the command line flow (don't have Flash Builder), and my debug builds that were operating out of now drop from September to the start screen. -DebugHost, I added to my blackberry-airpackager command and the debug builds always hang.  Release builds signed with my symbolic debugging normally launch, as they did before the update to the decline in November.

    For people who use Flash Builder and who know how to look under the hood and find the blackberry-airpackager command that distributes when you do a debug version: to debug this launch is built successfully

    on a Dev Alpha with the November update, can you please put the blackberry-airpackager command line which

    Flash Builder is running?

    Got a reply from them and they confirmed that the dialogue will be back. Let's make it a part of our test cases in the future.

    See you soon,.


  • Satellite P300 - white screen after waking from sleep state

    I'm having this problem:
    The LCD screen may be empty when the computer is "awakened" from the sleep state. Nothing is visible on the internal LCD or an external monitor.

    There seems to be a solution:
    An update of the firmware for a component in the main circuit of the computer solves this problem. This update must be performed by an authorized Toshiba (ASP) Service provider. Until arrangements are made for the update, restart the computer by pressing the power on button for a few seconds.

    described here: [white screen after awakening from fallback status |]
    I also found this, but it didn't really help me much further.
    [Satellite P200D and WinXP: no display after waking from sleep mode |]
    In fact, I think I'm able to solve myself, and I don't like not my laptop to be gone for two weeks or more. I just need some advice on where to find a correct upgrade. Is - this driver BIOS or graphics? Which version should download, where... etcetera. More tips on how to solve the problem are also welcome.

    Edit: link and no need for words of line. : s
    Edit2: grammar correction.


    > An update of firmware for a component in the main circuit of the computer solves this problem. This update must be performed by an authorized Toshiba (ASP) Service provider. Until arrangements are made for the update, restart the computer by pressing the power on button for a few seconds.
    If you check the Toshiba document you would see that your Satellite P300 is not related to this issue.

    In your case I would recommend upgrading the BIOS and graphics driver.
    In addition to keep your operating system up-to-date.

    I had this problem under Win XP and a MS patch and an update of the graphics card driver helped solve this problem.

  • black screen after waking from sleep

    have a 2009 Intel-based iMac that wake properly from sleep if more than 30 minutes. It is a screen 24 '', 5 GB RAM and processor Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHz, 256 GB SSD drive and was just upgraded to El Capitan at the start of this behavior. The extra RAM and SSD have been installed a few days before the upgrade of El Caitan, so am not sure that the upgrade of the OS was the culprit, but it seemed to work normally after the SSD and RAM have been added. After that the computer sleep long enough to power down disks, etc., the screen remains dark when the computer wakes. If you put it to sleep then it wake up immediately he returns normally without problems. You can hear the startup sound and can even connect and enter the password and hear the mail and other programs that are running, giving their notification sounds, etc.. However, the screen remains dark. If you restart it 10 or 15 times the screen will start normally and the computer works perfectly. diagnosis seems to indicate normal operation. I tried to reset the SMC and the NVRAM and start in safe mode, but these things have no effect. Is it possible to get help with this?

    I run Apple Hardware Test and found no hardware problem under standard test or extended. I ran the first aid on the SSD, but no permissions problem have been found. It is not as if I have a hardware problem, but a problem of software not defined.

  • Windows 8 I lose the internet connection after waking from sleep mode

    My wife has a new laptop from Toshiba with Windows 8. When he wakes from sleep mode, it detects all wireless signals. If it restarts the computer, it detects our own wireless, as well as all the neighbors signal. Is there a simple way to correct this trend? She dislikes having to reboot the computer whenever she wants to use it.

    Very interesting what's happening on a new machine. Are you sure the original wireless network card driver has not been updated (i.e. through Windows Update or its equivalent at Toshiba?)

    I guess that the wireless network card driver doesn't handle well "message sent" by the system when it changes the power state change leading to a 'dormant' device (in this case the WiFi network) on the revival of the fashion Watch (same problem with the Hibernate?).

    Not knowing your model Toshiba, or wireless network card let me suggest you try the following if options exist for 1 # *:

    1. Go to the section of the network adapters and Device Manager. Right-click your wireless card, and select Properties. Go to the power management tab, uncheck allow the computer to turn off this device and check allow this device to wake the computer , and then save your changes
    2. Go to the control panel and Power Options to change the parameters of the plan (for the selected power Plan), and then select change advanced power settings / wireless adapter / power save Mode / connected and select value is A maximum Performance otherwise affect this value

    * Not sure about my translation of terms/options used above - I am not in an American version

    If the above does not help I'd you make investigations with Toshiba on this issue as the owner of a new machine, you're probably eligible for a level of support.

    + Feel free to bring your network card and Toshiba models - this helps in search of possible measures and troubleshooting. And it could help other people if solve you the problem sooner or later...

    Hope this helps

    See you soon


  • M6-w105dx envy: envy x 360 m6 convertible w105dx screen after waking from sleep


    Whenever I put my laptop to sleep (I almost cover) and I try to wake up (I open the lid) the screen is full of small squares (they resemble pixels). I don't see a little square that moves when I move the mouse.

    If I turn it off by pressing the power button and turn it on again, its perfect.

    My laptop is brand new.


    Hey! I just fix it! Called the phone to HP support and spoke to a very nice guy who fixed it for me. It took about 40 minutes on the phone (call is free) and now I don't have the problem more.

    It was something on the BIOS and the graphics card updates.

    Suggest you do the same.

  • Much time for re - connect to the router wirelessly after waking from sleep

    Hello, hope someone can help.

    I 64but Win 7 on an Acer laptop, connected to a Belkin wireless router, when the computer wakes up from his sleep, it takes 30-45 seconds for the adapter to reconnect to my network - get the spinning blue "o" for a while.

    At first I thought the wireless adapter was power down, under power options, that I made, it has a maximum performance in all cases.

    No change. Then, I thought that perhaps it was due to the computer, enter the hybrid sleep mode, so I disabled who.

    No change. Then, I checked to make sure that the SSID of the router was broadcast (it is) and that the WEP keys are the same. They are.

    I have to update my firmware on the router? The router is at least a year - I don't have it in front of me, but it supports N and g should change my wireless network card drivers (it is an internal Intel chipset).

    What else could be the cause of this delay? It is very annoying. When connected, everything works fine.

    PS, I should add that I use the power of Microsoft Signature Plan, but I have changed the power adapter, as shown options above.

    Thanks Jack. I guess I'll have to live with it for now, although I might update my firmware on the router just for fun and giggles

    I ended up changed to WEP as WPA seemed to worsen my connection (fewer bars).

  • Windows XP hangs at the splash screen (logo). Dim screen when hooked.

    I do have problems starting XP 2 on two different hard drives.  I'm more concerned at this time is described in the title.  I bought a new hard drive (Western Digital Caviar Blue WD3200AAKS 320) to back up the data on my old hard drive, due to the other XP startup problem and installed Windows XP Home edition, as well as my motherboard drivers, etc..  It starts very well, at first, but then started a curtain to the start screen (and the splash screen is very low in this case).  I tried to remove some additional applications provided with the motherboard, no luck.  I tried to reinstall XP several times, and who has not helped.  I tried to update my video driver, running chkdsk, running Windows Memory Diagnostic (which does no problem), cleaning the registry with Advanced System Care Pro, unplug all USB devices and network cable, etc.  He continues to hang at the splash screen (weakly).  When I try to start in safe mode, it hangs at "mup.sys.  So far, I'm able to get XP to start by repeated restart later...  I searched the web to find a solution for this and have found no definitive answer.  I just ordered another new hard drive and Windows 7.  I intend to dual boot with windows 7 the new HD and XP on the current disc (assuming that this problem can be solved!).

    My other problem is on my old sister Hitachi 160 GB IDE hard drive.  A few months, our PC stop working.  After buying a new power supply (Corsair TX650w) and determine that he was not a power supply problem, I bought a new motherboard (GA-MA785GT-UD3H), (AMD Phenom II X 2 555 3.2 Ghz) CPU, RAM (CORSAIR XMS3 DHX 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) 240 - Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333), and some new fans (old system died due to heat issues).  Once I had it put in place and I tried to boot XP from my old drive, he just went in a "boot loop".  He gets to the XP splash screen, goes black and restarts, again and again.  I tried setting the installation of XP with XP CD 3 or 4 times, without success.  This question is not as big of a deal to me now, because I now have the new hard drive with the new number to start XP (intermittent).  My main goal with the old hard drive was to save all my data.  That is, life turns on if I can't start XP on this drive (the one with the boot loop).

    Thank you for your time!

    The BIOS update has * seems * solved the problem!  I rebooted it 4 or 5 times, but also completely off the PC and it starts today.  Did not repeat the problem so far!

    It is a great place to come to answer my own questions!  Bookmark!

  • Photoshop CS6 hangs at the splash screen.

    CS6 hangs at the splash screen and displays a small black box around it.  This happened all of a sudden without new programs have been installed.  I have CS5 and who still works.


    After attempting to do as suggested and did not solve the problem, I removed and reinstalled.

    Thanks for all the help.


  • Satellite A660-18 - powers off after waking from sleep mode

    My powers of Satellite A660-18 wide for 2-3 seconds after waking from sleep. I upgraded the memory from 4 GB to 8 GB, using the site of Crucial, so I know it is compatible. BIOS is updated to 2.00.

    Don't know what to do, how can I fix without turning off completely from mode "sleep"?

    Hey Buddy,

    > I upgraded the memory from 4 GB to 8 GB
    And have you had the problem before you upgrade memory too or as memory upgrade?

  • Satellite T110 - Defective Bluetooth after waking from sleep

    SATELLITE T110 Bluetooth will fail after awakening from sleep.
    The icon will be flick between white and green as he seeks my device (phone).

    I ve reduced the problem to the laptop, because if I try to pair again phone to the laptop it fails. It's almost like he has a block?

    Operate as planned, then I have to charge fully.
    Bluetooth connects then as planned.

    It only became a problem because I installed the latest BIOS v 2.40
    I use the 64-bit Version.

    When the problem occurs I run the Bluetooth Diagnostics and it comes back as fine no error reported. It s a pain now because I use the laptop mode "sleep" more off.

    This is due to the new update of the bios.

    Can you after waking from sleep just restart BT stack and try to connect to the mobile phone?
    You mean that with the old version of the BIOS, everything was OK?

    Last question: what was the reason for the update of the BIOS? I hope not the fact you want to have the latest version.

  • Photoshop CC 2014 quits unexpectedly after waking from sleep on Mac OS x. How can I stop this?

    Photoshop CC 2014 quits unexpectedly after waking from sleep on Mac OS x. How can I stop this?

    suturenet wrote:

    It's a stupid system, it won't let me post more of the report.

    Yes, the forum software is stupid, but you are insulting the wrong people.


    Do not be abusive or aggressive in your tone

    A post of sounding aggressive, demanding, accusatory or abusive will often evoke a response aggressive or abusive and unnecessary.

    Remember, you do not discuss Adobe here in the user forums.  You ask the help of users of volunteers like you who give their time for free. Nobody has any obligation to answer your questions.

  • Satellite L640 hangs at the splash screen

    Hi all

    I have a L640 / 01 H that I bought earlier this year. In addition to the original Windows 7 OS, I installed a Linux system on a separate partition.

    Earlier today, I was using Linux (which is what I normally use) and everything was really slow.
    Finally I force-shut-down, power button.

    Now, I noticed a problem with the BIOS on this laptop - if I try to start when there is a USB flash drive is connected, the splash screen just hangs. Today when I rebooted I realized that I had left a flash drive, then I got out and I tried to start it again, a couple of times. Whenever the computer crashes just indefinitely on the startup splash screen.

    Finally I gave him enough time and it takes the selection of Linux boot menu, so I tried to start my usual kernel but he gave me some message about a bad MBR.
    I kept trying to start, but the boot process is stuck, what happens is as follows:

    * The three lights on the left (power, battery and light) come on, no problem
    * HARD drive flashes white for a few seconds, then turns off. Occasionally, it will blink again.
    * At the same time, the screen is just stuck on the startup splash screen. If I try to press f2, f12 or any key too many times it will start emitting beeps whenever I press it. There is no way to get into the BIOS settings.

    Also, I can't boot from CD (Windows recovery CD or Linux LiveCD). Finally some kind of time-out of the entry into force, and the computer restarts itself to start the process all. Yay!

    I tried the stuff "unplug the power cord, remove the battery, hold down the power button / stop, plug back in, try to start" but nothing has changed. I also tried switching memory locations (only one chip of RAM, so I can't try a process of elimination on the RAM).
    Finally, I also open the door to HARD disk and removed the HARD drive, then tried to start. This time the BIOS has answered, if only to tell me that there is no appropriate boot media. At this point, the BIOS was responsive and I could change settings in there, but I could not boot from the CD.

    I thought I'd try resetting the CMOS battery, but I'm worried I'll damage something / make the problem worse. Someone at - it ideas? I know that the thing is still under warranty, but service centres are often slow and I don't want to lose the data from the hard drive.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    > Finally, I also open the door to HARD disk and removed the HARD drive, then tried to start. This time the BIOS has answered, if only to tell me that there is no appropriate boot media. At this point, the BIOS was responsive and I could change settings in there, but I could not boot from the CD.

    It could be a problem with the CD/DVD drive what you think of this idea?
    Perhaps the BIOS does not recognize the CD/DVD drive properly and so there is a problem starting the bootable disc.

    In addition, it might be possible that failures of HARD drive and, therefore, you received an error message about the MBR (master boot record).

    Remove the CD/DVD drive and try to install the Windows booting from a USB flash drive.

    _Regarding the battery CMOS: _
    I would not recommend to disassemble the laptop because you could damage other parts and in addition it should know that the CMOS battery is not removable it s soldered to the motherboard

  • Upgrade to Indesign CC 2015.5 - does not open and hangs on the splash screen

    I upgraded to CC 2015.5 2015.  After you have installed indesign, it allowed me to open the program once.  After closing the program, any attempt to reopen causes an error pop up during the splash screen that says "Adobe InDesign CC 2015 has stopped working" and leaves the program.  I uninstalled / reinstalled two times with the same results.  Other 2015,5 improvements seem to be fine, only the Indesign program is having issues.  Any advice would be much appreciated on how to fix or revert to the previous version that worked.

    Hi all

    We are aware of the problem where InDesign crashes on launch while working with library files stored on a network location.

    We are working on resolving the issue and for the moment, please try the solution that we have identified.

    To work around the problem, please follow the steps below:

    Clear the Cache InDesign either by renaming the Cache folder or deleting it altogether. (It is best to rename the folder)

    The location of the cache folder: -.

    Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Settings\Application Data\Adobe\InDesign\------\Caches\

    Windows 7 or 10: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\-\Caches\

    Macintosh: Drive hard/users/InDesign/Library/Caches/Adobe///.

    In addition, if your workflow requires you to work with the (different) library placed on the network, please make sure you close the library panel before leaving InDesign.



    (InDesign engineering team)

  • CC will not open - hangs at the splash screen

    Had a problem with my video card where he died so I went back to the use of the onboard video. First Pro CC will not open at all. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times. All my other CC Adobe software works without problem and the integrated video card has the last update directly from the manufacturer's Web site. When I try to open Premiere Pro the splash screen appears, starts to load, then a Windows error box pops up saying that the program has unexpectedly, he's looking for a solution, says that there is not and the only option is to close.

    Thanks I actually just found the answer on my own - it worked for me: first cc pro trial hangs

Maybe you are looking for