To activate the update of the Safari browser

Should I update all Apps to the latest version before updating my iMac OSX 10.75 to Os X El Capitan

Check out the sites the provider for all third party applications can be installed to ensure that they are compatible with v10.1l El Capitan. This also includes external devices such as a printer or a scanner.

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  • My cursor does not work in Blogger using the Safari browser.

    My cursor does not work in Blogger using the Safari browser. I am able to type, but the cursor seems to disappear when I'm in blogger.  It is difficult to navigate if you do not see where is the curse. I used all the other browsers, and this does not happen with them.  In the Blogger help forum other people experiencing the same thing.  He has been as well as a few weeks and I can not say definitively if it coincides with the updates to the OS. Any help would be appreciated.

    I have the same question too! Is there any ideas on how to solve this problem? So frustrating when you can't even say where you are on the page

  • He miss the Safari browser, how can I replace it?

    I'm on a Mac OS X Version 10.8.5, processor 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, memory 6 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8600 M GT 128 MB graphics.  Miss me the Safari browser, how can I replace it?

    If it's in a backup, restore from there. Otherwise, save your data (as a precaution), reboot with the command and R keys, and reinstall the OS.


  • A problem with the Safari browser on my two devices

    Hi all

    I'll go ahead and start with my problem.

    I feel something weird with Safari on my two devices (iPhone with latest iOS) + MacBook Pro with the latest OS

    On my MacBook Pro - I can't just load Web pages on my laptop. It just won't let me type in the search bar. Sometimes it is just to show the letters and characters I type on the screen. And it is not also let me browse in new windows. It just doesn't work, and it is strange.

    Here is a video from my computer struggling to open a Web site-> ov? dl = 0

    On my iPhone - I can't load a page. The entire application falls just crashes and I can't even open a Web page...

    What should I do to fix this?

    Thanks in advance

    OS X

    Hey! Take a look at this. This temporary has helped a number of users here. Over time, everything should be resolved then wait for a while.

    A possible solution to the problem of address bar: disable the Safari Suggestions

    If you have problems to open Web pages, take a look at these techniques proposed by Apple of troubleshooting.

    Go to the Safari menu (at the top right of your screen next to the Apple icon), choose 'Quit Safari'

    Press the "Shift" key and while holding this button on your unique keyboard, click the icon of Safari on your Dock.

    Open Safari - Preferences - Privacy - data to remove any Web site.

    Open the menu to go with the Option (Alt) key - library - key locate Safari folder and place it on your desktop. Restart your Mac, open Safari and delete the file from your desktop.

    Also, try the following steps:

    Restart your Mac.

    Try to start:

    -Stop your Mac

    -Wait until your computer turns off and after that press the power button

    -Just after you hear the startup tone, press in and hold the SHIFT key

    -Release the SHIFT key when you see a gray Apple sign and the progress under this sign bar

    -Once your Mac boot, restart dhcpd as you usually do.


    Hey! Disable Safari suggestions in Settings - Safari - Safari Suggestions.

    Additional information:


    I hope this helps!

  • Google search results do not show in the Safari browser history

    Hi, I can not say when it started, but I noticed that if I use my default search provider, to go pick up this or that, once the results page is up and I click one of the links and go read something else, if I want to come back on this page from search results is it not the case to find.  The BACK button takes me to any page, I was just before I did the search and browsers HISTORY even does not display any page Google serach in his SEO results.

    I think that it is something so new (?) because I went back for the results of research for years, at least, I think that was the case.  But lately, this search page disappears and I have to get again tell a second link, then a third and so on.  That certainly seems good.  I checked for obvious preferences settings in Safari, but can't find anything obvious that could be the cause.

    Can someone tell me why the Google search (or maybe any search page, haven't tried something other than Google) do NOT display in my browser HISTORY folder that prevents me from easily resume the search results?

    BTW, I'm in version 9.0.1 Safari.

    Thank you...

    Click on the "History" menu in the Safari menu, then select "search results Snapback.

  • How to activate the repository browser

    Hello world

    Can you please guide me to activate the repository in owb 11g browser. We should be accessed from the server itself, or can access us from the customer if so can u please give me the steps in detail as to enable? and we must allow for the client or the server itself?


    You can access the repositry of your client browser.

    Under the Adminstration in OWB in start-program. Click Start OWB browser listener.
    Then click on the OWB/repository Explorer
    Connect to your storage space.

  • Alert about the Safari - browser by default


    I've updated to El Capitan November 25, 2015. Since then, I have essentially been locked out of Safari due to an alert that is displayed. It reads: "alert - any Safari these when you started to use it on November 25, 2015, then you could try Safari with your data." Below, there is a checkbox then 'do Safari, the default web browser'.

    The box is already checked, and Safari is my default browser. I uncheck, nothing happens. I check again, nothing happens. I am unable to use Safari, I can't access even preferences in the menu because everything is gray. There is a screenshot of what I see below, including the menu grayed.

    I have Google Chrome Canary installed on my computer (the regular Chrome would not work after that I updated to El Capitan), but I am unable to set it as my browser by default because it is a "secondary installation of Google Chrome.

    I'm usually fairly warned that I can understand things like this, but I searched everywhere (including the help of these forums... and it is possible that I missed something similar) and can not understand. I'm the only person in my office using a Mac (even who knows really well with a Mac) because I am a graphic designer here, so no work can help me.

    So, how can I make the alert go away? Do I need to run updates? I checked, but there is no any demo available right now...

    Safari worked fine, without any problems, until I upgraded to El Capitan.

    Please download and install EtreCheck from

    Run it and post the report here.

  • If please help me solve a 400 error message that I receive for a site I've visited several times and is accessible via the Safari browser.

    I am an owner fitbit and downloaded their app on my macbook pro several weeks ago. I have consulted this app to review the progress of fitbit several times a day since. Today, I can't do that. I can not even access the Fitbit site. I get an error 400 - your browser sent an invalid request.

    I cannot access any other internet content through firefox.

    I can access my account and the Fitbit site via Safari. I can also access the Fitbit site and my account via my iphone. The problem seems to be something specific between my firefox and Fitbit.

    Thanks for your help.

    It seems that sometimes, cookies and cache files can be damaged (they not be saved correctly). Why does that happen? I don't really know. I don't know there are several reasons for this. If we could, we could stop him from past ever. Because we cannot do this, we have just this way again.

  • When I try type n in the safari browser bar turns off and the iPad is going to the homepage that it won't let me look at all

    WWhen I start to type in the browser bar in Safari the page Safari turns off and my mini iPad goes to the home page of ideas?

    This is something that Apple know and our engineers are working on a complete resolution. For now, we can offer a simple solution to fix this problem! Please tap Settings > Safari > and turn off Search Suggestions and Suggestions of Safari engine, then close background applications and reopen Safari.

  • How can I activate the "Expression browser dialog box Button?

    I work on a type of step with LabVIEW TestStand to configure a Spectrum Analyzer and I would like to review the TS variables at the time of the edit sequence, so I have included the 'TestStand UI ExpressionEdit Control.ctl"in the Panel before edit LabVIEW VI call Module but "Expression browser dialog box Button" is disable and I can't find a way to enable it.

    Could you get it someone please let me know how to activate this button, or let me know what is the best way to browse the variables and select them as parameters for my LabVIEW to TS modules, run time?

    I use 2009 LabVIEW and TestStand 4.2

    Thank you

    I found an example of the 'TestStand UI Expression Control.ctl"and it works exactly as I need. (click the link)

    Good use of 'TestStand UI ExpressionEdit Control' in LabVIEW

    Stays "Expression browser dialog box button" f (x) turn off when you change the VI, but he become available when the VI is called by TestStand.

    Thank you


  • Problem using the Safari browser's ' back' button

    Hi, when I use the back button of the browser Safari in a site, the page remains white (white) and I need to use Refresh to make it appear. Who would confuse some people to use the back button in a site. But it is only with Safari. Other browsers work fine. Does anyone have a similar problem? How did you solved it? Thank you.

    It is a known issue with Safari, (with no final solution) try to clear the cache and browser history.

    If you do a search for the problem there are a number of other suggestions to solve the problem, (little useful, isn't much). _ rd = cr

  • Historical research Google clears never when I clear the history browser and data

    I have a question that I barely noticed what is happening, it has never been a problem before. If I wanted to erase all of my internet history, (including searches on google), then all I do is go to settings, safari, clear history and data from the Web site, and it would be gone. Or even if I went to the history section on the safari browser whilse and clear of all time, he would go.

    However when I do it now, it still shows google searches!

    It is very annoying because I have to manually clear google searches, that clears only 3 search at a time.

    This AP is an ios issue, because it's never happened before.

    Your Google search history is stored on Google's servers. You should be able to erase by going to (this on a computer), login and go to your search history. Access your account, your personal information, the search parameters. Down at the bottom of the page, you will see a "search story" a hyperlink. You can click on that and change your story here.

  • Safari browser

    When I open the Safari browser, it opens and then closes immediately

    Please post the results of your report to EtreCheck .  It is a tool of diagnosis developed by a contributor trusted and respected here, and this will allow us to see what is installed on your hard disk in the path of the applications, drivers, plugins, extensions, etc..  No sensitive information is included in the report, such as names, e-mail addresses or serial numbers.

  • Im still on 10.5.8 on my G5, I use the mac to pay the Bills... can I update to the latest browser safari with this OS?

    Im still on 10.5.8 on my G5, I use the mac to pay the Bills... can I update to the latest browser safari with this OS?

    N ° try to use TenFourFox.


  • Addition of Google Chrome, now Safari does not open, impossible to link electronic mail links.  Just received message "Safari is closed."  Tried deleting 3rd party add ons. Is went into preferences, Safari is the default browser, but it does not open.

    Add Google Chrome, now Safari opens Cannot link e-mail links.  Just received message "Safari is closed."  Tried deleting 3rd party add ons. Is went into preferences, Safari is the default browser, but it does not open.

    Third party extension and plug-ins?

    If Safari is slow, unresponsive, which closes unexpectedly, or has other issues

    The problem may be caused by a Safari Extension, Internet plug-in or another add-on.

    The safari Extensions, Internet plug-ins, and other modules are designed to improve or customize the browsing experience. Modules are widely available on the Internet, and some are installed as part of an application or other software. If you have Add-ons installed, an add-on might be at the root of the issue.

    If the problem is the unwanted pop-up windows, advertisements and graphics while surfing on the web, discover how to remove the ad-injection (adware) from your Mac software.

    Disable the Safari Extensions

    You can disable Extensions Safari to learn if all are causing the problem.

    1. In the Safari menu, choose Preferences.
    2. Click the Extensions icon, and then select an extension from the list.
    3. Uncheck the box enable disable this extension.

    If turning off an extension solves the problem, look for updates of the extension by clicking Update in the lower left corner of the window. Or remove the extension by clicking on the button uninstall.

    Remove Internet plug-ins and other add-ons.

    You can remove Internet plug-ins and other add-ons to see if everything is the origin of the problem. To find them, quit Safari and open these folders in library:

    • The library folder at the top level of your hard drive. Open it from the Finder by choosing go > go to folder in the menu bar. Then type /Library and then click OK.
    • The record library in your home folder. Open it by organizing the Option while choosing go > library in the menu bar.

    The folders in the library contains the following folders for modules. Move all the files in these folders to the trash.

    • Internet Plug-Ins
      Do not remove the default Browser.plugin, nslQTScriptablePlugin.xpt, Composer.webplugin of Quartz or QuickTime Plugin.plugin.
    • Input methods
    • InputManagers
    • ScriptingAdditions

    If the removal of the files in these folders solves the problem, quit Safari again and gradually put the files until you find the one at the origin of the problem:

    1. Open the Recycle Bin and select one of the files that you removed. Chose file > back up. The file back to its folder.
    2. Open Safari and see if the problem returns.
      • If the issue is returned, you have identified the add-on causing the problem. Do not use or contact its manufacturer for an updated version.
      • If the question does not return, quit Safari and put back another file.

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