To add a 2nd hard drive on my desktop Dell Studio XPS 7100

I have a HD 1 TB there already comes with the system. Add 2 to 7200 RPM SATA 3.5 "HD which is available on the Dell site and make a total of 3 TB? I thought I read somewhere that my office is designed for a maximum of 2 TB. 3 to work always but maybe just a little more slowly?
You can also the 1 TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.5 "HD would work, too? I ask because my office is not listed in the compatibility for this particular HD list.


Hi Bev! I'm about to install second HDD of my Studio XPS 7100 desktop computer and would like to have very practical step by step instructions, but it seems I get pieces different place, suggestions? Lisa
You will need to buy a SATA data cable, there should be an additional power supply connector into the drive case.

The procedure of installing a second hard drive in the 7100, are here:


Tip: Open the case and check that Dell has provides the drive for additional hard drive cage.

Once the drive has been installed, check the configuration of the system, including the SATA port, it is connected, turned on [on] and the hard drive is recognized.

So for Windows recognizes the additional drive, you must partition, format and assigned to a drive letter using Windows Disk Manager.


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    (1) classification of the HDD, hard drive, hardware kit. Disc kit HARD material includes mounting rails, static shield, screws, insulators in rubber and SATA cable from the motherboard. Check your model & product # to ensure compatibility.

    Material of parts HP HDD Kit 517639-001 for DV7-3165DX product # WA794UA and WA794UAR.

    (2) training of consult - Windows 7 PDF, table of contents, 7 replacing a drive in secondary hard drive Bay. This will show you how to install a 2nd HARD drive in an HP DV7.

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    (3) to select a Windows 7 computer, select the installed HDD, Format (if not already formatted).

    (4) if the drive HARD does not appear in Windows 7 under computer, go to the Start Menu, find programs and files, enter "Computer management", select storage, disk (Local) management, look for the 2 HARD drive Bay (should appear as disk 1, Bay 1 HARD drive should show as disk 0), Format of the 2nd HARD drive (the one that you just installed).

    Update: I have the 2nd HDD (WD 1 TB) installed, Windows recognize now after completing the steps I mentioned in step 4, Format with default allocation NTFS 931,51 GB free, 118 MB USED to put in shape. Format exFAT to allocation by default 931,51 GB free, 1 MB used to put in shape. I chose NTFS format to reduce the fragmentation of the file.

    My solution.

  • HP pavilion G4-2201tu: Add a 2nd HARD drive using CD/DVD optical drive Bay

    Hi ch, I, m going to add a 2nd HARD drive of my laptop bu using Bay, CD/DVD optical drive, so I don't know if the connection of optical drive supports SATA 2 or SATA3? And where I can buy a Bay for disk HARD 2 (good quality)? TKS a lot!

    There is that some members have used and reported success with third party products. I can't recommend any particular HARD drive caddy product as I have no personal experience using one. I can provide you with a URL so you can decide for yourself. I will update with more sources as I find them.

    Your laptop uses a SATA interface for the HARD disk and the optical drive.

  • You attempt to add a 2nd hard drive

    I have a HP Pavilion Elite HPE 510 t. I try to add a 2nd hard drive. The 2nd hard drive is a Toshiba 1 TB 7200 RPM 6G.

    Accordingly, the 1st HDD was plugged on SATA2 and the CD-ROM was connected to SATA1. It worked and it started ok.

    I added the 2nd hard drive, plugged on SATA3, went into the BIOS Setup and it has not even see SATA3.

    I then plugged the CD-ROM on SATA3 and the 2nd hard disk on SATA1 and lit, is went into the BIOS config amd saw 2 hard drive and a hard disk 1, it did not see the Wired CD SATA3. Then I tried SATA4-nothing.

    I have advanced and partitioned and formatted the hard drive into two partitions 2 and recovered the data from a backup on each partition.

    It works very well, with both devices, but nothing I have connect SATA3 or SATA4 is recognized by the BIOS.

    Can someone tell me why? is there a jumper on the system board or a setting in the BIOS that turns on SATA3 and SATA4?

    Are my bad SATA3, SATA4?

    I've seen the specifications for hard disks. He is said to use a 1 to 3G 7200 RPM. IS the fact that I use a 1 to 7200 RPM 6 G the cause? Even with the hard drive 2 disconnected and hard drive 1 SATA1 or 2 and SATA3 or 4 CD, it does not yet recognize the CD-ROM drive.

    I tried to pass autour SATA data cables, but it has not changed. Anyone know why the system will not recognized the connected CD-ROM SATA3 or SATA4?

    Or whatever it is well plugged SATA3 or 4? I can run both hard drives, but then I don't have a CD-ROM drive, or I can run a hard drive and a CD-ROM drive, but not 2nd hard drive.

    Any suggestions? I know choose IDE used to have to set a date for the cable, but I don't think that SATA requires that.

    Am I wrong?

    I bought a $70 motherboard, succeeded him and it solved the problem.

    Someone here even suggested, but me. I forgot what email I signed up for this site.

    Now officially logged as me.

  • Add the second hard drive to a desktop Pc HP Pavilion P6-2100

    I want to add a second hard drive to a HP Pavilion A1700n Pc desktop to a new HP Pavilion P6-2100 Desktop Pc, so I can transfer files.


    Welcome on the user forums.  Section manuals PDF from HP did not offer a guide to upgrade and Service.

    There are several options, depending on your needs and your expertise with the internal components of a computer.

    If you goal is to simply get the data off the drive, then put it back in the A1700n, I would use #1.

    (1) use this external adapter for occasional use:

    (2) first search to find if you have a spare Sata power plug. Or you will need an adapter (molex 4pin to Sata).

    As the player in question is VIsta, it does not start correctly and could delay the start of WIN7.

  • Dell Studio XPS 435MT disk hard clean install of Windows Vista

    My hard drive died on my Dell Studio XPS 435MT. I'm doing a clean install of Windows Vista 64 bit on my new HARD drive using DVD relocation provided by Dell with the PC.

    (1) I am not able to boot from the CD/DVD player, where is the DVD of resettlement. I have set the priorities of boot and disabled the boot from the HDD. Whenever I try to boot from the CD/DVD drive, I gives me a message saying "no Diagnostic Utility Partition identified; Press a key to reboot... »

    If I unplug the new HD, then, I am able to boot from the CD/DVD player and I can not for the Windows Setup screens. However, I can't then point nine hard disk installation.

    (2) as I said, I am able to start Windows Setup screens when the HD is initially disconnected during startup. After I get to the Windows Setup screen I plug HD on the motherboard. The new HD must be recognized if I do this? Currently it is not.

    (3) following the instructions here, I said I need to 'prepare a USB SATA key in advance.

    What drivers to I need? I tried the drivers at this link, but when I try to load them on the Windows installation screen I get a message saying that they can not be found.

    Thank you.

    I found this thread on the same subject. Unfortunately your BIOS update can be run from Windows, so that won't help. But down a suggestion to unplug and reconnect the hard drive. Looks like that might work for you.

  • Satellite A300-1J1 - how to install 2nd HARD drive?


    I bought a Satellite A300 and I see in the workbook loads it is possible to add a 2nd hard drive. So I bought one and when I opened the box of hard drive, I have not found a connector to connect to my hard drive. I think I have to install a SATA connector, but I have not found a way to proceed.

    Thank you

    PS: Excuse me if you find mistakes, I don't speak very well


    If there is no second SATA connector on the motherboard it s not possible to install 2nd HARD drive because you can t add such a motherboard connector.

    As far as I remember there are other threads on A300 and 2nd drive HARD here in the forum and the point is that all A300 using the same case for laptop, but the mothers are different. So you can have a 2nd HARD drive Bay but not connector.

  • install a 2nd hard drive in a c hpe - 257

    I'm considering buying an SSD for my computer HPE - 257c.  However, when I opened the box, I find no cables or cards that would allow me to add a 2nd hard drive.  I intend to use the SSD for the OS and programs and use the old (original) hard drive for data, etc.  I don't know how install the SSD drive and recovery disks allows you to reinstall the operating system on it, but what I need help on is reinstall the hard disk as a 2nd drive.  Any suggestions?

    Thank you


    Here are the options:

    or combo

  • Dimension E310 will identify the 2nd HARD drive

    I am trying to add a 2nd HARD drive on my Dimension E310 (WinXP Media Center Edition 2005) without success.  I bought a naked WD10EZEX and 1.0 TB SATA cable and have physically installed the drive and connected the power cable from Garland.  SATA data cable is connected to the SATA-2 port.  When I go into the BIOS settings, the original boot drive 80 GB is recognized but the second disc of 1.0 TB is not.  I turned on the port, but the disc ID says 'unknown '.  If I spend two readers autour, the first hard disk (CT 1.0) is recognized but the second disc (the original 80 GB) drive ID: unknown.  BIOS is version A03 (08/10/05).  What I am doing wrong or do I not have a defective SATA-2 port?

    Hi, Osprey4.  Thanks for your suggestions.  I tried to connect just one drive at a time for the second SATA port, leaving the first open port and got the same results.  No disc has been recognized.  I chose to not reset the CMOS.  It seems the second port does not work.  I can accept and manage with just one port I have available with the larger HARD drive.

    Thanks again for your support.  I'll mark this thread as "resolved".

  • Adding a 2nd HARD drive to my 9270 t-cable included already?

    I would like to add a 2nd HARD drive to my t 9270.  I jumped the cover and am fishing around, but I see no alternative power SATA cables.  I see what the data looks like spare cables transfer and I see spare power cables, but they are not SATA interfaces.  Before you start unscrewing stuff to dig deep or purchase cables that I may not be no need, I thought I'd post here.  Every computer I've had in the past has spare cables, at least enough to add a disc more than what came with the basic config.

    9270t comes with power and spare data cable so I can add a SATA HDD, or I'll have to go buy more?

    Thank you!


    Yes, you will need another sata data cable.  Power is Prewired do not buy data cables.

    Here is the motherboard of your PC. It has sata ports 4 four in the lower right corner.  Two are on the edge and two vertical.  The black and white image layout will give you the numbers of labelling and the ports.

  • I like to use 2nd HARD drive tray to add SSD drive


    I like to use the 2nd HARD drive drawer in order to add an SSD.

    Are there additional parts required in order to set the new drive? If Yes, please mention the name and part number.


    What model of laptop do you have? What's second location of HARD disk available?

    What you need is the HARD disk enclosure. Something like this. It is not easy to know what part number, there, but you can contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and order the right one.

  • How can I add a p6204y an other or 2nd hard drive

    How can I add another or a 2nd hard drive p6204y


  • Add 2nd hard drive for HP Pavilion 500 210qe

    HP Pavilion 500-210qe desktop

    Windows 8

    I want to add an additional hard drive.

    There are a lot of empty space in the box.

    There are two empty SATA sockets on the motherboard.

    There is a power outlet extra.

    But I do not see how to fix my new drive mechanically.


    Based on the following specifications, there NOT all alternatives for a second HDD segment:

    Alternatively, you can refer to the following manuals: & CC = US & DLC = in & LC = in & Product = 5399832

    You are a handyman? If so, you can use screws, glue... to add a second HDD in the guest room. Keep in mind: do not block the airflow.

    Kind regards.

  • Add 2nd hard drive for HP Pavilion Dv6-2119tx (WF606PA

    Hi I was wondering is it possible to convert the optical drive for a 2nd hard drive? As I used to get a SSD as my main hard drive and never use the Blu ray burner. See you soon


    Please, try the next option:

    Kind regards.

  • Add the old computer as as 2nd hard drive to new XPS 8700


    My old computer - Dell Vostro 410 just stopped working so I now have a 8700 XPS.

    My problem is that there are some files on my old drive hard vostro that I need. He has been using Windows 7 and the hard drive, I have upgraded to a Western Digital Black Caviar 1 TB SATA.

    But the new '' runs on Windows 8.1.  I can't upgrade the old hard drive to the old computer died. Someone at - it ideas how I can get my info from my old to my new drive?

    I tried to install the old disk until the 2nd hard drive but the system does not recognize it.

    Any help would be welcome.

    Thank you

    Hello and yes I have an answer.

    Also, I had a second drive win 7 ult and it went out to install in my new 8700 XPS thing is that I already formatted the disk to work to the point 8.1. He came to light, a UEFI system installed, may fail to start if a secondary drive is attached that contains logical partitions. Of course, this should be an MBR disk configured, but if it has at least one primary and one extended partition, it will stop Windows 7 and Windows 8 start.

    To correct this test facility 2nd main drive, then use a boot disk to get the computer running then access the disc to remove files.

Maybe you are looking for