To bookmark all tabs in Firefox 4.01?

I used the function "to bookmark all tabs" in Firefox for several years. I recently upgraded to 4.01 FF (I really like him BTW), but the bookmark all tabs menu item is missing. Please let know us if there is another way to perform this function.

Thank you, RW

Right-click on a tab to see the bookmark all tabs... menu item.

Or use {Ctrl + Shift + D}.

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  • I can't find the function "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 5 used to be there. He moved or just removed?

    I can't find the function "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 5 used to be there. He moved or just removed?

    You can also right click on a tab to see this menu item.

  • What happened to the function "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 4.0.1?

    I found the function "To bookmark all tabs" very useful when I went to close Firefox (for recovering the memory), but wanted to be able to remember the bookmarks. In the 4.0.1 Version that seems to have been supplanted by groups of tabs in Panorama, but this isn't the same thing. I want just a simple way to bookmark, or make a group of tabs of ALL open tabs.

    {Ctrl + Shift + D} to trigger bookmark all tabs or use the menu option bookmark all tabs... in the context menu for each tab.

  • Firefox 3.6 has been a "bookmark all tabs" in the Favorites drop-down menu. How can I "bookmark all tabs", using Firefox 4.0.1

    I've recently updated to Firefox 4.0.1 of Firefox 3.6. Firefox 3.6 had a "bookmark all tabs" in the menu bookmark in the menu dropdown. It is not a "bookmark all tabs" in the bookmarks menu of Firefox 4.0.1 on the menu drop down. This feature has been removed since Firefox 4.0.1? If I want to save 24 tabs in a window of Firefox and 14 tablets in another window of Firefox, should I save all tabs individually? How can I set options, preferences, etc. so that I can "bookmark all tabs" at the same time in a window of Firefox 4.0.1. I use Firefox 4.0.1 on a desktop computer with Windows7 professional OS with Firefox as my default browser.

    Right-click on a tab and you will be able to bookmark all tabs. Or use the Alt + B keyboard that opens old style menu. You can make changes to Firefox, as explained in this post: /questions/799856 #answer - 155765

  • Can someone explain please the NEW, process RECENTLY CHANGED to "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 40.0?

    The process of "bookmark all tabs" apparently has recently changed. The window "New bookmark" that opens after choosing ' bookmark all tabs "does not make clear what needs to be done now to save all open tabs. It was a simple matter of just to name the folder. Now, it's not not clear to me that parts of the pop-up window must be filled to actually get the tabs open bookmarks instead of just get an empty folder called [name of folder].

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    Seems to be a problem with the Tab Mix Plus. See:

  • From 40 of Firefox, I can bookmark all tabs that must register individually.

    The dialog box that appears when you select Bookmark all tabs (at the bottom of the list of context menu in right click on a tab) changed completely familiar one that is launched when you select the next substantive choice, this bookmark [Ctrl D] tab. I hope that this feature will soon be restored. Thank you.

    Firefox 40.0, Windows 7 Home Premium

    • ActiveTouch general Plugin Container Version 105
    • NVIDIA 3D Vision streaming plugin for Mozilla browsers
    • NVIDIA 3D Vision plugin for Mozilla browsers
    • Shockwave Flash 18.0 r0
    • SumatraPDF Browser Plugin

    Thanks, y ' all. I've updated Tab Mix more to his version beta and it is fixed.

  • I use the excellent Firefox 5.o. What happened to the feature "bookmark all tabs" which is located under the bookmarks? I love Mozilla Firefox! :-)

    I looked under bookmarks position as well as history. What happened to the "bookmark all tabs" extremely useful. Loved this feature of Firefox. Thank you!!!

    Click right on a tab to see this menu item or use {Ctrl + Shift + D}.

    In collaboration with the new button of Firefox in Firefox 4.0 and with the addition of some new features that adds a number of new items to the menu, many of the menu items older have been moved or appear only in certain conditions. It can be a bit confusing until you get used to the changes, but beyond the addition of new menu items for the new features in the future, I don't think that there will be major changes like this for awhile.

  • Folder of bookmarks to default to "bookmark all tabs"?

    Is there a way to set the default bookmark folder "bookmark all tabs" to a specific bookmark folder?

    No preference for that - the new folder has been appointed by you, and this file will be placed in all bookmarks > bookmarks Menu. Firefox has no built-in options for this type of phenomenon, but there may be an add-on that adds a feature like this to Firefox.

  • "Bookmark all tabs" doesn't work anymore.

    Right-clicking on a tab and selecting ' bookmark all tabs... ". ' is no longer adds all tabs in a window to my favorites. Instead, it creates an empty folder called "[new folder]" under "Bookmarks Menu".

    I already have FIrefox Version 39.something.something. There is a "Location" field in the "New bookmark" window that I don't recognize; I guess that's the part of the 40.0.2 update.

    This seems to be a problem with Firefox 40 and Tab Mix Plus. If you press Ctrl + Shift + d to call bookmark all tabs, you get the normal dialog box (two lines), or even the wrong one?

  • How to bookmark all tabs, but a file menu instead of bookmarks?

    I know you can right-click on a tab and bookmark all tabs open, but y at - it a way to bookmark/export open all tabs in a file? I want to keep this set of separate tabs and is not part of the bookmarks menu.

    You can search an extension that manages and stores the current session.

  • To bookmark all tabs does not

    Recently the "bookmark all tabs" doesn't work.
    When I choose this option in the right-click menu on a tab, I get a dialog box is closed for the most part and when I open and add a name and click on 'Add bookmarks', the folder is created, but no Favorites will be created.

    Any idea on how to solve this problem?

    I use FireFox version 14.0.1 on Win7 x 64.

    Thank you


    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance/themes).

  • where is the option to "bookmark all tabs"?


    Some menu entries in the main menu bar are hidden if you are using the mouse and only appear if you use the keyboard to open the menu (Bug 626825).

    You can see the difference if you use Alt + F to open the file menu and other menus such as the Edit (Alt + E) menu and the menu bookmark (Alt + B) and compare that to what you see, if you use the mouse to open the menu after the bar of menus visible by typing Alt or by pressing F10.

    • "To bookmark all tabs" (Shift + Ctrl + D) is no longer present in the menu bookmarks unless you open the bookmarks menu via the keyboard (Alt + B).
    • "To bookmark all tabs" are available through the context menu of a tab on the tab bar.
  • How to bookmark all tabs?

    I am currently using Firefox 5.0. Previous versions have an option to bookmark all tabs open as a group, rather than having to bookmark separately each tab. How can I do this in 5.0?

    Thank you
    Don Culp

    Right-click on a tab and use bookmark all tabs or {Ctrl + Shift + D}

  • Why 'Bookmaks' menu choice "to bookmark all tabs", removed the 5.o version, I have loved and used this valuable feature almost every day!

    This feature was version 3.6.18, why you would remove version 5.0! It allowed users to mark all the tabs open on the current window and give it a name. This impressive
    feature allowed the user to save all open tabs in the event of a failure of the system or power failure, or other.

    Bookmark all tabs is always available:

    • Right-click on a tab and choose "bookmark all tabs".
    • CTRL + SHIFT + D
    • Using the menu bar
      • Press the ALT or F10 key to temporarily show the menu bar
      • While the menu bar is displayed, click bookmarks > bookmark all tabs

    Information included in your message shows that you use Firefox 3.0.19 to ask your question. This version of Firefox is old, is no longer supported and probably has security problems. You should switch to Firefox 3.6.18 or Firefox 5, the only versions currently supported.

  • Where the option "bookmark all tabs open" disappear too?

    I use Firefox for years and liked the feature that you allowed to bookmark all tabs open in a Firefox window as a bookmarks folder name. This was supported up to the latest version 3.0.16

    But I've recently updated to version 4 and I cann't find the option in the drop down bookmarks more. Can you please advise me where his party too or what I have to put in work and where to get them.

    Thank you

    Some menu entries are hidden by default and only appear if you use the keyboard to open the menu.
    "To bookmark all tabs" in the Bookmarks menu is one of them.

    You can see the difference if you use Alt + B or Alt + F to open some menus.

    • "To bookmark all tabs" is no longer present in the bookmarks menu unless you open the bookmarks menu via the keyboard (Alt + B).
    • "To bookmark all tabs" are available through the context menu of a tab on the tab bar.

    See also:

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