To display the string on the one button dialog

I would like to format the display of the string through the dialog box only one button.  How do I do that?  I want the text to ensure that the different color and style.  I'm a string constand feeding the node of a single button dialog box.  I was teo may change the color of the text on the block diagram, but when it is displayed, the color did not appear.


You cannot format the text for the dialog a button. You must create your own dialog box. Examples are provided with LabVIEW.

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    Hi Sukritd15,

    I solved my problem! I had uploaded a PDF of a Mac OSX book

    10.7.5 with Adobe Reader XI (11.0.10) to another Mac OSX 10.9.5 and

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    See you soon,.


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    Thank you


    It may be a problem with the template that you created. Throw an example on Provide identifying information as well as the workspace name and we will have a glance.

    Kind regards

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    Try pressing the ENTER key on the keyboard instead.

    See you soon.

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    Export you or print to PDF? You must export.

    You must also select the options of interactive content.

    That preset, if any do you use?

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    • There is a keyboard shortcut in Windows, it is Ctrl + Shift + B

    • The option is still on the drop-down list of bookmarks but now at the bottom of the list (Ctrl + Shift + O) icon.

    The previous tabs is another potentially buried option.

    I don't know if the changes are reversible, or the reasoning for them. No doubt they options are not often used.

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    Thank you.

    Samsung Android devices provide a menu button in the same row as the home button and back Android. Use it to open the same menu as the menu 3 point.

  • How can I customize the toolbar to display the Cancel button?

    Y at - it an equivalent of DW to the 'standard toolbar' in CFB2, because I'm looking for a way to put the most basic commands of the Undo/Redo/copy/paste editing and don't see a way to add them to a visible toolbar.  What I see is that I have to click on the Edit menu, and then select the order I want.  I'll be really disappointed if I can't include the basic like this on a toolbar commands.  Please don't tell me about shortcuts keyboard, I know they are there, but I would like to have the Visual buttons on my toolbar, too.  Record everything and Word Wrap would be another order I current have a toolbar of DW, but cannot see how to customize it in CFB2.  Am I missing something?

    I have news for you, some good, some bad, and somewhere, you can still help your cause.

    First of all, I note that I have raised this issue for you to RIAcon this weekend, when Hemant (Director of engineering for the CF and the BFC) spoke on CFB2. He agreed that the addition of the extra buttons for people who prefer what could be useful.

    I must admit, though, that I could not remember which key it was and thought it was a "BOLD". Someone pointed out that there is actually a bar of buttons for such things HTML (even if behind a tab, you have to notice and open). I think that may have then deflected the concern of Hemant for this.

    So I added here as a CC (don't know if he is a member of this forum. BTW, Hemant, if you're not, then no answer is not getting to the group, but if you add me in manually ([email protected]), I'll forward your answer if I do not appear in the forum.)

    And as I have noted, DCwebGuy - why don't people use first names in these forums? -you could and should at least raise this as a feature request. There may be others who are with you. The bugbase does support vote, and you could answer this note with your bug id to give it more publicity.

    Go (and not to be in a bad mood, but on the contrary speaking sincerely) when you say that you are a coder pure and hard, I think that there must be 'designer-like' features of DW that you like (well beyond this problem of click of a button) enough to bring you to prefer to stay here and not take advantage of many features in CFB who are NOT in DW. If this is not so, then maybe you don't see enough of what WMC can do for you.

    I'll tell you this: some features (like some elements of the fantastic code help) work only if you go the extra steps to log in to a server and things like that. If you don't do this, you will not see and enjoy these new and unique features has NOT of DW. Do you have at least seen demos or read the guides to fully appreciate what you give up? It is not "just another editor".

    But again, DW has certainly something that isn't the CFB (and may never), so she really different races for different people.

    Finally, if it was truly about shortcuts keyboard vs mouse clicks, I'll suggest that, at least with cancellations, ctrl-z is used in almost all applications out there, is not as if it was a burden to learn and use. It's a terrible way to end, I'm sure it sounds in a bad mood. Again, I don't want to say it. I'm just saying that I'm sure some reading of that would think, so if you went to answer feel free to do it for them - but please take a breath first, if it got up your blood pressure. And please do not shoot the Messenger.


  • RoboHelp 2015 "Display the item" button doesn't seem to work


    Here's my problem: when a topic is opened in the design editor, by pressing the button 'Show element' in the Ribbon Edition does nothing. No new window is launched, nothing!

    I am completely new to RoboHelp software and my supervisor is puzzled. If anyone has experienced this problem or know a solution?

    Thank you!


    After you click on "View item" and nothing is not displayed, try pressing and holding the key of the Windows logo + left arrow a couple of times.

    If nothing appears?

    See you soon... Rick

  • Display the Hide button

    Using InDesign CS5, I am trying to create a button which, when clicked, displays another button; When you right-click again, hides the button that was previously shown. As a toggle. I was not able to do this.

    To remedy this I tried to do a button which, when flipped over, shows another button and when rolled, skins, show the button that was previously. Well, the works Show action, but when the action to hide the button text does not work.

    Is it possible to make this work in InDesign? I'm doing it in InDesign, rather than in Acrobat.

    OK, nothing like a good question to me to experiment.

    I came up with a method that creates a button with two functions you requested. It is a bit more elaborate to create, but I think that's what you're looking for.

    I created a tutorial on this on my blog:

  • Display the option button if the number of rows in the table is equal to 1

    I'm having issues there buy maybe a simple script out there.

    I have a table which can have up to four lines. If the table contains only one row, an option button can be clicked to change the format/entry of cells in this row. I have to hide this box of a user option, if they added more of a line to the table and make it available again if they reduce the number of lines to one.

    I have everything else works well (radio buttons change line format, add/delete rows in the table using buttons, number of rows in the first column)

    Anyone have any ideas?

    See you soon


    You can place it in the code that adds more lines when running... If you have questions send the fomr to [email protected] so I can check it out...

    Thank you


  • HP Pavilion g6-2330dx Notebook: keep displaying the "Windows Installer" dialog box and pressing OK button to restart over and over again


    I tried to update my laptop Win8 to Win10, but before that Win 8 must be upgraded to Win8.1 then Win10. Unfortunately, I encountered the problem after you install the free upgrade to WIn10.

    I decided to use the system recovery and the source is from my USB.  (I created the USB key recovery).  The restoration was completed and started making configuration suddenly my laptop just because of the excessive heat caused my laptop stop does not complete the installation of windows 8 and finished to get the dialog box of "Windows Installer".

    I inserted the USB key, but it seems that its not reading. I tried F2 - mode of the system, but it only shows the Bios and other tests not the usual display of F2.  I haven't tried F11 and same thing no chance.

    My question is, how do I make my laptop back to the operating mode as the way to reinstall the entire operating system and HP Recovery Manager or HP configurations.

    Do I need to buy a CD of HP recovery my laptop?

    I have HP reactions appreaciate or someone who is ready to help and assist.

    Thank you in advance.

    Screen of the image below:

    Hi there @KierV,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome! It is an excellent site to find answers and ask questions. I read your post on the Forums of HP Support. I understand that you had initially a question of upgrading Windows 10. After the upgrade, you have tried to restore on Windows 8 (previous version), and now you have issues going back.

    I did some research for you. I'll provide you with some troubleshooting documents that I had found.

    The first document is called a troubleshooting (Windows 8) HP system recovery problems. If this does not work, please follow this document called recover your computer from a USB flash drive. Please follow the troubleshooting steps in this document to see if you can get the USB recovery media you created to operate.

    If the USB key that you created still doesn't work after you troubleshoot, you can either you make on the Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB and drivers HP Pavilion Notebook PC g6-2330dx Page or you can use the following link to create yourself a file number, then give us a call:

    Step 1. Open the link:

    Step 2. Enter the product number or select Auto detection
    Step 3. Scroll up to "still need help? Fill out the form to select your contact options.
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on: contact HP options - click Get phone number

    File number and phone number are displayed.

    They will be happy to help you immediately.

    If you want to try to restore Windows 8, Windows 8.1 upgrade and then upgrade to Windows 10 once again, please read this document called upgrade to Windows 10.

    I hope this helps!

    Have a great day!

  • How to display the 1 button on the keypad for field textbox "BasicEditField.FILTER_REAL_NUMERIC"?

    Hi all

    I use "BasicEditField.FILTER_REAL_NUMERIC" for one of my EditField to only show the digital field.

    It works fine, but I am not able to see the digital 1 on the keyboard on the Blackberry 9530 Simulator.

    How can I show the digital 1 on the keyboard?

    I use the jde 4.7 with eclipse plugin.

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    It seems that there is a bug in the JDE which is solved in the version.

    I found this after searching the forum.

    Here are the links for more details.

  • HP Solution Center V14 will not display the scanning buttons.

    I just bought a HP Photosmart Premium c410a printer and I can't get it to scan anything either the printer or the PC using HP Solution Center V14.  I did the following:

    Installed the printer in a wireless device and the software stopped with a fatal error during the product Config.

    Everything uninstalled.

    Reinstalled the same printer way and same result.    Icon of the solution Center HP desktop, but when you click it nothing happens.

    A ran HP printer Diagnostics and it showed the error scanning.

    Everything uninstalled.

    Reinstalled the printer this time as a USB connection, install via the test page printed, itself went well.  Clicking on the icon, HP Solution Center and it worked but do not display any Scan keys and if I press the analysis on the printer all them that get is the "Scan problem" and I need not the printer to tell me that as well.

    Downloaded the latest version of the software of HP and Yes uninstalled and installed as a USB connection and everything went well, but the same result using HP solutions Center.

    Can I send items to the printer, I can copy documents if the printer seems to be ok, it's just that useless software.

    Any ideas (other than to return the printer to the store and get refund, which will be soon I think) or suggestions appreciated.


    Dr. & ShlomiL,

    Thank you two for your help, I've updated my FlashDrive to v11, still no luck so I used HP uninstaller and made a level 1 to level 4 don't uninstall get rid of everything related to HP.  I think part of the problem might have left to install my old printer psc1210 overs or my wifes.   After uninstalling and then stop firewall, protection against viruses and any other useless software, I had installed another as a wireless printer and it WORKED, yippeeeeee

    So now everything works perfectly, thank you once again.

    Merry Christmas and good luck for the holidays.


  • My pdf converts when I press the icon. the acrobat site does not display the export button

    Should what site I go to export the pdf to a Word file

    Why doesn't my convert button on the desktop?

    Hi tiffanyh13508900,

    It looks like you can use Adobe Reader on the desktop. Convert a PDF from drive requires a subscription to ExportPDF.

    With an ExportPDF subscription, you can convert via the web interface at , or by the player.



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