To find the hidden desktop folders.

I have a right-click on a folder on the desktop. In general, tab there is a 'hidden' option and 'read only '. I intend to have a password for the file and I selected the hidden option and then on OK. The record got disappered from the desktop. The folder contained important files and now I want to restore the file to its original position, i.e., office. Help, please

I have a right-click on a folder on the desktop. In general, tab there is a 'hidden' option and 'read only '. I intend to have a password for the file and I selected the hidden option and then on OK. The record got disappered from the desktop. The folder contained important files and now I want to restore the file to its original position, i.e., office. Help, please

Hi siham

Press the Windows Logo key + E to open Windows Explorer.

Click the organize button, select the folder and Search Options. Click the view tab.

Select the option Show hidden files folders and drives . Click apply/OK.

Back on the Office, click on the hidden folder and restores the changes made.

Once the folder is reaffiche, go to Windows Explorer and select the option hide drives, folders and hidden files .

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    (1) open a file at the office or anywhere... then click on view tab and do the following...

    (2) you can view it by using a command prompt
    Open a command prompt and Type attrib - a s h - r "filepath:\Your file name".

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    DO NOT DELETE THE HIDDEN ADMINISTRATOR PROFILE!  Just disable it is is no longer available for use (using the same procedures in reverse you used to activate it).   Then if your active Admiinistrator profile becomes corrupt, you can always turn it on again to restore the Administrator profile - otherwise, you're in trouble without an administrator account on the system (you might be forced to do a clean boot to get a new account of qualification and you don't want that to happen).

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Can not find the file desktop.ini

    I back up my files each week to an external hard drive. When I get asked if I want to copy the desktop.ini file in the HARD disk. Problem is that I can not find where this file is actually located and therefore can not delete it on the source computer. I would like to remove this file to avoid the annoying question whenever I try to save my computer.

    I changed the settings for source computer to view the files and hidden folders. After you perform a file search, the system shows a path to the c:\users\valued customer\appdata\roaming\norton utilities 14.
    This folder contains only a log of the entries, none of which can be edited or deleted.
    Not sure if I do something wrong by looking for the file "ini".
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    You are welcome.

    To clarify, I'm not Andy.  I copied and included the link where he was enrolled in its resolution in order to give credit where it is due.

    If you don't use Norton, use the uninstall tool to remove all traces of the software.  If she has appeared in the past about the 30 day trial and you disabled, perhaps why the desktop.ini file is displayed.

    See the solution re: lack of desktop.ini

    This fixit deletes the file

    Notepad starts with "[.]". "ShellClassInfo] [email protected]%SystemRoot%\System32\Shell32.dll,-21787" when you start your computer

    Places suggested to search for the file

    Look here for the desktop.ini

    • : \Documents and Settings\All Users\Menu Menu\Programs\Startup
    • : \Documents and Settings\All Users\Menu run\programs
    • : \Documents and Settings\All Users Menu

    Good luck!

  • Can not find the hidden files

    I hid some folders in the Favorites section in internet explore and now I can't find them. I went to the control panel and chosen to show all my hidden files, but the files have not reappeared. Any suggestions?

    Try an SR to before you hid.

    Restore point:

    Do Safe Mode system restore, if it is impossible to do in Normal Mode.

    Try typing F8 at startup and in the list of Boot selections, select Mode safe using ARROW top to go there > and then press ENTER.

    Try a restore of the system once, to choose a Restore Point prior to your problem...

    Click Start > programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore > choose another time > next > etc.

    Read the above for a very good graph shows how backward more than 5 days in the System Restore Points by checking the correct box.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    I'm stuck in a situation where I need a list of files & folders belonging to specific user (user is shane and shared path is------Qpmzeul\lis\IM( ) in a shared drive as well as its path.

    I created a file with the command "dir/s/Q \\Qpmzeul\lis\IM>fileslist.csv" .bat and he ran, I got the result but I got the result that includes the same information about other users also that I need, and it is very difficult to filter.

    and then I created the .bat file and used the command DIR/s/Q \\Qpmzeul\lis\IM/S/Q| FIND/i 'shane' > C:\test.csv

    Here, I got the list files and folders owned by user Shane but without path

    Please help me so that I get the path and the results for shane

    Thank you

    Hi Purudharth,

    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums:

  • How can I find the hidden in El Capitan user library folder?

    Situation; a friend gave me a Macbook Pro upgrade so that it can use it with the more modern software. The first time he came he worked perfectly, using his login credentials. Went through the process to get the computer upgraded to El Capitan, which went perfectly, right upward through the appropriate shutdown sequence. Tried to start again after leaving the Macbook Pro to sit for 2 weeks and now I can not connect to the user account, and there is only 1 Administrator account on the computer. Is be the account that can not be connected.

    I need to get into users home folder/library, and now that I can not connect, it is not possible to use the thumb... Utility of Finder window. I need to reset the user account, but disk utility is useless these days, even if it does not resolve broken Finder problems. Cannot reset on Admin account or the other. Yes, I know, security risk. But...

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Finder > go hold the option key

    If you need to continuously show

    Open your Finder > go > home folder and then order J to see the display options

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    If you did not purchase BlackBerry directly from Research In Motion (RIM), please contact your service provider to determine if this software has been authorized for use with your handheld. "I contacted Verizon, and they do not seem to know, either.  Any help is appreciated. try this link, it takes you directly to the link on the blackberry on verzion Software.  If you look to the left in the list, it will show you the desktop option

    Hope this helps

  • my friend did not use his computer for about 4 years and it is safe enough, she put in a former name of buddies. We cannot find the hidden password. Is there anything we can do to manually reset the password.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Start the computer in safe mode and log on to the built-in account named administrator .  You will need to know the password, if any, for this account.  Once, go to Panel > user accounts and change the password, because you are self-employed. Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

  • How can I find the 'hidden' files that take more than 300 GB of space?

    "Get info" shows that I have close to 500 concerts in my user folder, but when I add each folder inside, it is only about 100 GB.  Where could hide these other files?  My garbage can is completely empty and I ran check disk on this drive and it shows no problem.

    Thanks for any help!


    Try this application.

    OmniDiskSweeper full - disk space 10.8 +.

  • How can I enable the Active Desktop on & off?

    My old sytem had Windows ME who had an active office. Now I have Vista and I said you can enable active desktop on and outside, but so far I can not even find the active desktop anywhere on my PC even doing a search, you can see my problem by going to this web page... about 1/4 way down the page you will see a button... Add to Active Desktop... when I click on it I get an error message and I am told that it is because my active Desktop is disabled and I need to start the first, but this seems to be much easier said than done! Dell Tech. chat support took control of my PC through Dell Connect and he couldn't understand either after telling me he could! Laughing out loud... Well... He gave the best move! Laughing out loud... I am open to any suggestions! lol good luck!

    He was also included in Windows 98 and later Windows versions up toWindows Vista, where the service has been abandoned.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Windows XP SP3: Unable to start, System Restore cannot drag and drop ALL the files/folders on the desktop and applications, many unable to start, services cannot search, cannot copy or transfer the any files folders...

    After a recent power outage, my system has restarted with a weird and very common Windows problems range. The system boots fine, all my personal files/folders/apps are intact, have suddenly stopped almost all functions of applications, but many crucial functions of the Windows kernel. Everything seems to point to several Windows Services are unable to start (administrative tools on the start menu). I am running Win XP SP3 and that he was going to upgrade to Windows 7, but I wanted to backup everything in advance. As I have 29 000 hours on my C: drive and a lot of time invested in my system, files, and applications, I am extremely reluctant to risk losing my files and applications by performing any type of reinstalling Windows. Strangely, begin to almost all my apps and all my files are accessible for the most part, but I've lost the ability to drag and drop files, folders or items in a list within the applications COMPLETELY. I can't copy or paste anything, can't move the desktop icons (although I can create new files and folders). So at the moment I can't save anything or even a single file transfer to a hard drive on another storage medium. Immediate reaction: try safe mode and try the system restore safe mode has the same problems (likely due to the large number of system services that inexplicably refuses to start) and the system restore says an error window saying "system restore is not able to protect your computer at this time. try restoring the system running and restart again", which of course NEVER changes. It's the equivalent of getting a tire on your car in the middle of nowhere to find the spare tire flat and the missing Jack. I have used to be fanatical about the definition of the regular restore points, but now can not access them. I have backups of most of my personal files, but over years have lost most of the original installation CD for many of my applications (there are over 100 applications on my system) and I don't want to lose the file associations and architecture of directory tree that it took my so long to implement. I started with Win XP media center edition of first (circa 2004 or almost) and have migrated twice more of 3 hard disks and 2 computers. All this time (5 years of daily use), I have NEVER known so many malfunctions for as many Windows basic and vital functions at the same time. I tried a lot of 3rd party "windows fix - it / registry repair" apps, all have no effect. Everything I can speculate is there was some serious damage to the registry and have no idea how/why so many Services refuse to start. In MMC, more than half of the services actually start and run, the rest all give the error message "the service or dependencies is not start (error 1068).» In addition, very oddly, no. APPS or windows appear in the toolbar AT ALL, but the Quick Launch toolbar works very well, just like the tray button and start tasks (?! )!). If I reduce a window, it "disappears" (Nothing on the task bar), but I can restore it using the alt - tab keyboard shortcut to switch apps, so all applications/windows appear on the list of the Task Manager. A few apps is paralyzed bad, as the player windows media, itunes, etc. (I guess because the service windows audio can not not start), some won't start at all, but 90% of them work fine, except to try to copy or back up all files. I can create new files, however. I'm desperate to find a solution to repair XP3 Win WITHOUT losing my installed applications and files, before I try and switch to WIndows 7. Any help/suggestions/links/advice would be much appreciated. I'm an experienced user, but I've never met so many malfunctions based on the OS at a time. I, however, very painfully learned (years before that my system so complex) it's been almost a re-installation of Windows guarantees to lose my installed apps and files, the directory tree architecture associations.

    Help, please!

    I'll be honest with you - your message is so difficult to read that I don't bother to go through all that. Next time consider using white space, ball or points numbered, etc. to make your message more readable. I stopped reading after your first sentence and only scanned the rest quickly. I do not mean to hurt your feelings; just trying to help you get targeted answers you need for the future.

    The blackout has corrupted your Windows installation. Back up your data now. Since you have problems so much, it would be probably best is to remove the hard drive, put it in a USB drive enclosure and attach it to another computer to copy the data OR start the target with Linux Livecd such as Knoppix system and copy the data to an external hard drive. IOW, do not use the damaged windows to try to get your data.

    You can try a repair that will leave your programs and facility data intact, but with this widespread bribery, it is unlikely to work. However, it takes only a few minutes and is so worth a try. If the repair facility does not work there is nothing to do, but a clean install. And Yes, it will mean that over again.

    Consider buying a UPS to help prevent future damage by power outages. For a single computer, you should look for one in the area of $60 to 80. A more expensive UPS is not necessary. Another good disaster recovery strategy is to buy an external hard drive and Acronis True Image. You can image your system (and can make an incremental backup image so that your image is still current). You can apply your image and be back running that you were in relatively few minutes after a hard drive or Windows to fail. - repair install how-to - Clean install - how-to - you will need at hand MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - Don ' t Panic!

  • I can't find either (hidden) icon by clicking on the upper right of the screen information desk.

    I clicked on something then that check my box info icon on the desktop (the one hidden until you click in the upper right of the screen) and all my icons of the screen disappeared.  also i can't find the info from the desktop icon box by clicking in the upper right of the screen.  How to return all icons without having to go through each program individually and by acquiring an icon.  also - how can I re - get the box of info icon in the upper right.

    If you right-click on the desktop, then choose "rearrange icons by" and then put a check mark to 'See the desktop icons' that fix things?

    By "information of the desktop icon box" do you mean options such as
    Rearrange icons by


  • Map of the C:/Users and undermaps is hidden in Vista and Windows 7 - How to display this map and find the main card for all the Point of junction of the operating system

    I have a problem or two, three and so of...

    I'm using a Vista and a Windows 7 computer and both systems hide many different cards when it is installed to even the fact that I have are the only user with administrative privileges on both computers.
    And I have to search all over the place for a few guides that can tell me how to:
    (1) show all cards like c:/Users/name/*.*
    (2) find the mainfolders diffirent behind all the diffirent Junction Points
    The two all I can get is someone who tells me to go and Explore/Optins/show/mark ' display all the hidden files and folders and clear Hide protected OSfiles hide known file types names. "
    (A Danish BONES that I use for my translations may not be accurate)

    That the two Don t unhide/Show map C:/Users and folders/files under this mainmap at all.

    So, is there someone who can tell me how I get fuld kontrol and get all the cards and visible files on my private property paid og computers without telling me to try this ot try it?

    (1) I'm sorry, but I don't know what you mean by "cards".

    (2) to see the junction points in the files they point to and C:\Users\Name, open a command prompt window and type:

    dir random Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

Maybe you are looking for