To install Vista on Satellite M60

Is that what anyone has experienced hardware problems during the installation of Vista on the laptop above. I have already increased the RAM to 2 GB, which is the maximum.

I'm sitting looking at a copy of Vista and do not know to install on my laptop or home built PC, Help!

Thank you

Hello amber

If I remember well satellite M60 is not portable to Vista and there may be a bit more problematic with Vista support. I imagine that you will have problems because of incompatible BIOS version, but you can check your hardware using Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. You can find it HERE

Please use it and see the hardware compatibility report.

Just for example: I managed to install Vista on Satellite M70. It is also portable to Vista but Vista works well.

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  • How to install Vista on Satellite M40-298?

    I try to install vista on Satellite M40-298, but in the end, on the last restart, it crashes.

    My graphics card is ATI, hard drive 80 GB Sata, 1024 MB Ram...

    Can someone help me?


    installed all the drivers for this machine? If this isn't the case, I suggest you to do this and if your machine does not start or pause then start windows in safe mode vista and install the drivers.

    If you need a link for some drivers vista, just try it here:

    Good luck
    Welcome them

  • How to install Vista on Satellite M40-237?

    Can help guide me how to install vista on satellite m40-237?
    It hangs at the starting phase.

    Vista compatibility tool has shown this compatible machine to install vista.


    Satellite M40 is about two years old and this laptop is not taken in charge of Vista. I guess this hood must be new BIOS for Vista installation. Unfortunately will not create new Toshiba Vista supported BIOS and all drivers for this model of laptop. :(

    Computers laptops capable only Vista will be supported as far as I know.

  • Windows Vista on Satellite M60-104

    I need to install Windows Vista RC1 to test the operation of the applications under Vista, and my Satellite M60 is the only PC with a pretty good spec to run it. Are there problems installing Vista on this model?

    Don't know if it will have the same problem as the M40, where there seems to be a conflict with the PCMCIA drivers that keeps him from start. (The unit on the M40 motorway is Texas Instruments PCI-xx21/xx11 CardBus Controller with UltraMedia.) There is a way around this, however.

    With a name like "techpro" maybe it's a bit basic, but:
    You have a complete, tested backup?
    You plan to use it on dual boot?

    On the M40, the installation runs smoothly until the second reboot "Finish Installation" and after that just hangs.

    You must boot from the dvd, choose the line of command/Install/repair/advanced option and rename (or delete) the following files:
    Pcmcia.sys Windows\system32\drivers
    windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository pcmcia.inf_* (numbers here are different on the build 5600/5728).

    Or it may be a different configuration and install and start very happy...

  • Drivers for Windows Vista and Satellite M60

    I´d would like to know when Toshiba will release drivers for this type of laptop for sure Vista premium computer laptop.

    We have been waiting 1 month and a half, why users like me of this laptop are declassified on this way?

    Hello Tomas

    You should know that there is no producer of laptop that will support all models of laptops for the Vista operating system. The same situation is with models of Toshiba laptops. Each laptop producer must create dead line. I assume that this deadline may be portable production data or maybe hardware configuration because Microsoft gave some hardware requirements for the installation of Vista.

    It seems stupid, but Microsoft has obviously quite a lot of influence on all of this. In any case, on the latest portable WXP, you will see sticker to Vista. This means that devices with this sticker that can be preinstalled Vista (home to the less basic edition). For these models, you can expect a Vista support but for your older Satellite M60 chances are not so good because this laptop has probably no Vista capable sticker. My M70 also comes without this sticker.

    I'm sure that you can install Vista on your device. I recommend you create the second partition on your HARD drive and install Vista to test the feature. I'm sure it will be successful. I tested it on my Satellite M70 too and it works well but I am certainly not so happy with it and will use WXP Pro as before.

    Bye and good luck!

  • Need drivers Vista for Satellite M60-139

    My notebook is Satellite M60-139 and I installed windows Vista 32-bit & I can't find any support for drivers & tools for my Toshiba.
    Please help me I have big problem.


    Akuma is right. Old laptop models are not supported in Vista. Maybe you will be able to end of some googling arround drivers but toshiba doesn't offer any specific tool of toshiba or utility for this model of laptop.

    You have already installed Vista? What it looks like in Device Manager?

  • How to install Vista on Satellite M40

    I have a Satellite Pro M40 and I think to install Vista on it. I have no problem with the development of an operating system on my PC, after many, many times before. but I'm not sure I put it on my M40.
    Can someone give some advice?

    Do I have to reformat the drive M40 first? If so, any reformatting program won't work or can I do it via the recovery disk provided. I am wary about using the recovery disc I do not know what to expect.

    Any help appreciated.

    You can choose several ways of instillation. You can upgrade XP to Vista, you can install the Vista on a second partition or you will overwrite the existing XP.

    If you overwrite the XP Vista will delete all installed applications.
    I recommend you to install Vista on the second partition.
    In this case, you can use the two operating system, XP, and Vista.

    When you start you laptop, you will get a Boot Manager.
    Then you could choose either XP or Vista

    PS: as much as I know many applications is not compatible with Vista, and you will need new versions (if they exist!)
    At the moment no Vista drivers are available for M40 :(

  • Impossible to install Vista on Satellite A300 PSAGCE - not ACPI compliant


    I'm recovering the laptop from a friend.
    He has installed Windows XP on its Satellite A300 PSAGCE and concluded that of course XP 32-bit Windows does not support the full functionality of the laptop.

    Now I wanted to reinstall Vista that came with it. I have two recovery DVD but when I wanted to start them (them two DVDs) I always get the error message that the system is not fully ACPI-compatible.

    Now of course this laptop should work with Vista and the provided restore DVD should work as well, no?
    I tried to download a Bios nw, but it seems 1.10 is the most recent.

    I also can't find all the ACPI settings in the BIOS that I could activate.

    Could someone help me?
    It is really urgent and driving me crazy!

    Thank you!


    Strange! Usually, if you have created the DVD recovery Toshiba using the TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator then everything should work correctly and you should be able to install Vista on this A300!

    I put t know if you have changed something in the BIOS or elsewhere, but you should access the BIOS and should define the default settings.
    Then try to boot from the recovery DVD Toshiba again.

    Good luck

  • Re: Install RAM in Satellite M60 - 104


    Need to install a new RAM in my Toshiba Satellite M60-104, seem to have problems try to suss out exactly where he is going and can't find my manual, can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance


    RAM modules are placed under the memory cover. This coverage is in the middle on the underside of the laptop you. If I remember well that hood is fixed with a screw only. Check it out.

  • Can I install Vista on Satellite M70-110?

    I have Toshiba M70-110 with windows xp pro and I would like to upgrade system to news - windows vista. I hope it's possible?
    I have more memory ram 1 GB and ati x 700 with ram 126.

    Please write to me is it good to change the system.

    Best regards

    Tom p


    I put t see any reasons why it shouldn't have been possible.
    According to your hardware specs the laptop should be able to use the Vista.

    One of my friends is using the M70 and it installed the Vista without any problems.
    Of course, some applications are not running and you will need new drivers, for example the driver WLan.

    In your case, I recommend to create a second partition and install Vista on this partition.
    I did it on my A50. Now I use two operating systems: WinXP on first and Vista on the second partition.

  • Unknown devices after installing Vista on Satellite Pro U200

    Yesterday, I installed vista ultimate, but unfortunately my U200 is not compatible with vista because the tile would make me believe.
    What does not work I have identified to date:
    -Speakers and headphone jack
    -Function keys
    -Fingerprint reader

    Almost any of the included toshiba software installs even after disabling "control of Application Security."

    Does anyone know where I can get the new drivers and software or when they become available?

    Otherwise really like Vista. It is very reactive and simplifies many tasks. This is very pretty too, but this isn't my priority.
    Any help gratefully received
    See you soon

    This might help others with similar problems. I was able to get evrything working except my shortcut keys.

  • Sound problems after installing Vista on Satellite A100


    I have something new, something I've never seen and I do not much [as appropriate] of you.

    Today, I installed Windows Vista Beta 2 on my laptop Satellite A100-192. As it is Vista compatible now [I added some memory] I think it's the right time to see the new operating system [that is great, he will rule the world for sure].

    But back to the topic.
    After the installation of Windows Vista, which has detected almost all of the software in my pc and have fun on this topic / and there are a lot of things an old fart like me, can have fun with / I decided it's time to get back to work.
    So I restarted my toshiba for win xp, started working and has decided that music will surely improve my / concentration i'm from Poland and as many of you know, my team lost the first game of the 2006 World Cup. so they will not pass the group stage of WC2K6--real cause my humor today. After turning on my foobar, I realized that I don't hear nothing/i do not drink, so he can't really be the cause. I've set all volume settings, all the settings of the sound and nothing! I tried headphone jack, but it does not work too. I tried reinstalling the drivers, reboot the system several times and... nothing.
    I went back to Vista and... sound works like a charm.

    Bromine to Vista my sound on XP...

    Anyone has any bright ideas, how this could have happened and how to solv it / accept to remove vista from windows...?

    I would be greatfull for some advice...

    Best regards

    Hello Krystian

    If you use recovery media supplied for installation of WXP is the noise problem persist?

  • Error in device IO after installing Vista on Satellite A105-S334

    Need help please!
    Recently, I did a full restore of my computer Toshiba Satellite laptop.
    My computer came pre-installed with Windows XP Media Center edition.
    I had upgraded to Windows Vista, which was one of the worst computer decisions I had made.

    That's why... I did the full restore with the factory restore disk that came with my laptop.
    Before restoring, my CD player worked fine.

    Now all I get is an error message "the request cannot be performed because of an i/o device error."
    When I put in the disc, I can hear it turn. I see even my mouse cursor will turn to a disc as if she was about to open the drive, but the error message.

    I tried to reinstall the driver... no luck. I also tried to change IDE properties that don't seem to work either.

    Someone please help!
    If it helps, I have a rug * drive his DVD Ram UJ - 841 S Satellite A105-S334. I can't boot any CD, however, if a disc contains a few documents, it will open up very well!

    Help, please.

    Stand by. I'm a bit confused.
    If I understand you right you can use the drive as a boot device and boot media is readable, but you cannot use the drive just under the operating system. Am I right about that?

    Have you noticed this problem right after the clean install of OS? Did you remove some pre-installed software components? Did you install additional software for burning CD/DVD?

    Also check this Microsoft document

  • Cannot install VISTA on Satellite A100 graphics card driver

    Hi all

    I need help.
    I just installed Windows Vista Ultimate on my Satellite A100-326, (series PSAA9). This system has a graphics card from NVIDIA® GeForce Go 7300 with 256 MB dedicated memory that has worked very well on Windows XP MCE!
    The default graphics card driver does not work, so I downloaded the new driver for VISTA from Toshiba.
    Don't just install! I always get the following message: "the NVIDIA installer didn't find all the drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. The installation program will now stop. »
    We know what the problem might be?
    Did someone encountered the same situation?

    It's really frustrating...

    Thank you

    Hi Jota

    Please check the different view on the same driver problem.

    Try to download the driver again and see your results. Thanks ;)

  • Can I install Vista on Satellite P100-221?

    Hello. It is possible instead of Windows XP Edition Media Center for Windows Vista on model Satellite P100-221.
    Sorry for the bad English.

    I'm of the Russia.

    Hello, Valentine

    Of course, you can install Windows Vista on this laptop. If you need drivers to check it please

    Good luck!

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