To remove the old e-mail addresses of mail app

Hi just wondring can anyone help with this

When you send an email to someone the mail app remembers and stores each unique email address that emails are sent to

the problem is people change their email addresses and many addresses are not needed

If I click on "delete recent idir" it does not remove the email address, but if I disconnect from the icloud and connect to new even on a new device of bran that all pop e-mail addresses back up again when well even I removed the

Remove it from recent feature only removes the temporary email addresses

Nobody knows where exactly the e-mail addresses are stored and if they can be found and permanently deleted? Its very annoying because people change their email addresses all the time. Why can't we have the ability to delete old email addresses permanently?


Send feedback to Apple. They will not respond, but at least know that there is a problem. If enough people send feedback, it can become the problem solved as soon as possible.

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    You remove an identity in managing identities, but you can't in the one you want to delete.

    You delete accounts in tools | Accounts.

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    Thanks for your suggestions,


    When this old e-mail address appears, hopefully, you will see an 'i' in a circle on the right side of the pop-up window.  Click that circled 'i' and you will find a delete option.

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    What is the model of your phone?

    Normally you could not remove the default email but you can add a new account setting and if it is not the default, you could delete it in the account setting.

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    Do you need to delete the emails too?

    If you delete your account

    • Go to Edition-> properties, then select the account. Then click Action account at the left bottom of the active window and delete your account.

    If you remove the only shipping address, then delete the SMTP Protocol

    • Go to Edition-> properties and select the Server (SMTP) "outgoing" > choose one you need to remove.

    By default, you can't remove them, if you want to remove the default value, and then create new SMTP and make default and remove the old SMTP

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    Please report any follow-up replies to your original thread.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

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    It seems that you have resolved the issue and acknowledge the same. To check, please refer to the links.

    If the problem persists, I suggest you to report the query in Windows Live forums for assistance.

    It will be useful.

  • How to remove the old key wifi Windows 7? It is automatically to connect to the old key... If I delete also the same old key is coming.

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    How to remove the old key wifi Windows 7? It is automatically to connect to the old key... If I delete also the same old key is coming.

    Here you go:

    1. Control Panel
    2. Network and sharing Center
    3. Manage wireless networks.
    4. Right click on the wireless network unwanted.
    5. Delete
    Also note that since there is a network problem, a Forum that focuses on networking would be a better place to ask this question. This forum addresses issues of Windows security.
  • Remove the old backup in iCLOUD

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    Turn off, disconnect iCloud etc etc and tried all the suggestions on the site of the community but without success.

    Appreciate any suggestions.  I traded in my old iPhone for 1 year 6s MORE and got a new 6 s more on 3 June 2016. I deleted also removed the old iphone in my Apple devices. TKS a lot

    Have you tried to remove it from your computer.

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    Thank you

    You have a few applications that have been purchased with the old user id? Even free who may be trying to update?

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    I HATE IE and need my back Firefox - I'm dead in the water for a job without him.

    You check the Firefox (C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\) program folder disappeared completely?

  • How can I change the 'old Apple ID address' in Preferences system iCloud to my new Apple ID email address?

    I use a Mac Book Pro OS X Version 10.9.5

    How can I change the 'old Apple ID address' in Preferences system iCloud to my new Apple ID email address?

    When I change the password using my new Apple ID, I get a message to iCloud of system preferences to connect to the old email address Apple ID.

    How can I change the "old Apple ID email address stored in iCloud System Preferences' to my new Apple ID email address

    < re-titled by host >

    You must disconnect with the old ID and return with a new, you can't just change it in the text field.

  • NB100 - I am unable to remove the old RAM

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    I changed the ram on the portable precedents without problem! Tilt ram, remove, replace!
    I am unable to tilt the ram to delete.

    Grateful for any help, thank you

    Its identical to any other laptop, detach the side fasteners and the module will lift.

    If this does not work, the mechanism may be broken requiring a repair to an ASP.

  • Satellite A60-106: How can I remove the old CD/DVD player

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    How can I remove the old DVD to replace with a new one.

    Please help if you can email [email protected]

    Hi, Malcolm

    For this model of laptop, it is quite complicated because the STRANGE is from both sides. First you must remove the small screw placed in the Middle near the coverage of memory in the lower corner of your laptop (also near the cooling rack). The STRANGE is also secured with small hook placed under the keyboard.

    At the right place of this small hook is not known but I know that it is placed somewhere under the keyboard. I don't really know what you need to do. Have you already tried to remove the keyboard?

    I have to be honest and it's not so easy to give instructions here because I don't know if you're familiar with the disassembly. I don't want damage you something on your laptop. Small error can ends with a broken plastic cover. Please be careful.

  • Satellite A30 - 504 - how to remove the old HDD and new mount?


    I have problem with my laptop satellite. After the turn on I've got Announces s.m.a.r.t. disk is damaged.

    I do not have it is why I do not know how to remove the old HDD and replace the new statement.
    I will be grateful for the help.


    Looking first for similar discussions in this forum? I guess that you didn t ;)
    The advanced search option is very useful and you can search for single yarn that could help you.

    I found this:

    and this

    It seems that the hard drive on your A30 is in the optical drive, and you must remove all first the STRANGE before you get access to the HARD drive.

    Best regards

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