To support a WRT54g2

Am bad with a WRT54g2, when I connect the ethernet connection to the router and desktop it won't receive a stream of connectivity.


Who is your service provider... ?

What is the ip address you found on the computer cable.. ?

Click on start > all programs > Accessories > guest... A black box will appear (command prompt)... In the command prompt window type ipconfig and press "Enter"... Look for Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection address IP, subnet mask, and default gateway...

IP address must be 192.168.1.x, subnet mask: default gateway: (assuming that your router is If you get mentioned above IP address, a subnet and address the gateway then you ping the gateway, type ping and press ENTER... If she gives you ask has expired, and then disable any firewall, the security software on the computer...

If you get 4 replies then type ping and press ENTER, if you get the request exceeded, then you must update the firmware on your router... If you get 4 replies then type ping and press ENTER... If you get answers from Yahoo, then you should get the Internet after adjusting the browser settings...

Setting of the browser settings: open an IE, click on tools > Internet Options, and then delete all files, cookies, history, forms... GoTo 'Connections', make sure that never Dial a connection is selected, click on network settings and make sure that all the options are unchecked... Once you are finished, click OK... Close IE and reopen...

If yahoo expires, provide static DNS on your connection to the local network...

Click the Start button > settings > Panel > Network Connections - right click on Local area connection icon and go to properties On the "Général" tab, select "TCP/IP Internet Protocol" and click on the properties button - select "Use the following DNS parameters" DNS preferred DNS auxiliary - > Click on the button Ok to save and click on 'Close' in the main window of properties... You should be able to go online...

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  • WRT54G2 support wds

    Hi all

    I do not think that all entry level Linksys routers (series WRT54G or its variants) will support WDS on the stock Linksys firmware. It is not listed as far as I can tell in the manual WRT54G2 . You will probably have to Flash the WRT54G2 to DD-WRT (who can not supported all versions of WRT54G2) or same HyperWRT if she supports the WRT54G2 to obtain the WDS function. Note however that flashes the router to 3rd party usually firmware makes nonsense of the guarantee of the router. And a bad 3rd party firmware flash could 'brick' (make it unusable) of the router.

  • Update Firmware WRT54G2 V1 problem

    I've been reading through this forum, but can't seem to find a solution to my problem. I have no problem to find and download the file from the Cisco web site. When I connect to my router wireless and go to the Administration page - Firmware Upgrade, I select the file. Even if I select Hardware version 1.0, the name of the file is: FW_WRT54Gv4_4.21.5.000_20120220.bin. The file name to specify Hardware version 1.0. Could it be the problem?

    The error message I receive after hit the upgrade button is: upgrade are failed! I used Firefox and Chrome and the same error message. My current firmware version is 1.0.04)is and I am trying to upgrade to version 4.21.5. There are known issues when someone else has tried this upgrade? In the affirmative, known bugs and workarounds?

    Thank you.

    latest firmware to WRT54G2 is 1.0.04...

    the one you are trying to download is WRT54G V4... What is the model number right from your router's WRT54G2? or just WRT54G?

  • My WRT54g2 can not see the internet through my wrt54g...

    My company gave me a new laptop which allow no connectivity WEP. I need wep for printers and other devices on my network so I bought a new wrt54g2 to manage wireless WPA and plugged into one of the ports opened on the old router. I went to the admin and everything set up for my taste, but for some reason any that it won't catch a connection... What should I do so that he could see the internet through the old router...

    If you connect a router to another, connect the two together by network ports. Then turn off the DHCP server on the router of the second, which sounds like the WRT54G2 in this case. You may also have to reconfigure the second router local IP address out in the same IP range as the first router but outside the DHCP server on the router from the first milking. For example, if the local IP address of router then the router is on, two IP local to 192.168.1. 5 (or something of the sort).

    Or autour routers and use the WRT54G2 as the main and several router that is configured for the secondary router WEP and turn DHCP on the secondary router. Other changes such as the reconfiguration of the local IP address of the second router must always be made. Or check your existing wireless devices configured for WEP see if they will support or can be updated for decision-making support WPA or WPA2. If so remove the existing router and use the WRT54G2 in its place.

    Also, make sure that both routers have different names for SSID wireless and are on different wireless channels to avoid a conflict.

  • WRT54G2 slows down the internet connection


    Somehow, my WRT54G2 router slows down my internet connection. My PC is connected by cable and I cannot watch youtube videos and gave to wait fo 20 seconds for gmail to load up. If I connect the PC to the modem directly then everything works fine. Reset to the default router configuration solves the problem for a few weeks, but this solution is quite annoying. Is there another way to solve this problem once and for all?


    In the latest version of firmware notes, it is written:

    -updated with the patch to solve the problems of ping

    I'll try to update my routers firmware now, if this will fix my problem, I probably won't respond to this thread more.

    Router support page:

    Firmware release notes:

  • Xbox Live with ICS and WRT54g2

    I have a PC with ICS turned on and my xbox connected via ethernet.  The PC is connected wireless to my WRT54g2.  For the life of me, I can't configure my xbox setting network correctly.  Once I logged with the help of the network on the Xbox support page using but I can't forward ports in this way to open my NAT. I had NAT MODERATE warning.

    Can someone please help me get this straightened out?  What I am doing wrong?

    1 how the WRT is connected to the modem? Via the internet port?

    2. If you run ICS on a PC then the PC works as another router. You have now two chained routers: the WRT and the PC. Implementation of the port on the only WRT redirects will not change a thing because you do the port even redirects on your PC as well.

    3. the best recommendation: keep it simple. Do pass a wire of your WRT to your xbox or get a wireless adapter for the xbox to connect directly. Connection through your WRT and your PC ICS to your xbox is simply a mess. Even if you got all the ports properly transmitted, I won't expect too much stability and quality in your network connections.

    4. If you want to keep as you have now, you must configure the following:

    Xbox: set a static IP, subnet, gateway, DNS mask
    ICS PC: set a static IP address for your wireless network connection: IP subnet, gateway dns

    Next, configure the shipments of necessary port for your xbox on the WRT. Before all these ports to

    Then configure the same redirects on your PC of the ICS. Before all ports to

    If everything is configured correctly and works well it should work. But once again: don't expect too much.

  • WRT54G2 "Invalid IP address"

    I've been using the WRT54G2 wireless router and it has stopped working all of a sudden.  I tried to re-configuration, with the help of a conversation with the support of Linksys, but I can't overcome I always get the error message "" Inavlid IP address. "  First I tried to set it up again on the original computer I was using - an office - and I could not.  I'm having the same problem to set up with my new wireless laptop.  I received a new Linksys wireless router and still get this message.

    I followed the following instructions, I received during a chat with Linksys session, but nothing helps:

    To configure the router, just follow these simple steps:
    1. connect the modem to the port Internet from the router and the PC on the port, one of the router, then restart it. (This PC must be one that can get online so directly connected to the modem).
    2. go to your desktop and double click on Internet Explorer (located on the Windows XP Start Menu).
    3. when the "Internet Explorer" open type in the address bar and click Go.
    4. the logon window will appear.
    5 Skip user name and type admin (admin is the default password) as the password, and then click OK.
    6. click on the sub-tab Clone MAC address and click on 'Clone MAC to your PC', then save the settings. Configure the settings of the router wireless. Click on wireless. Change the SSID/network name of "linksys" in any name you want. In addition, change the channel from 6 to 11 wireless and press to save the settings. If you don't want other people to access the Internet using your router, you can enable the router security.

    6. click on the sub-tab Clone MAC address and click on 'Clone MAC to your PC', then save the settings. Configure the settings of the router wireless. Click on wireless. Change the SSID/network name of "linksys" in any name you want. In addition, change the channel from 6 to 11 wireless and press to save the settings. If you don't want other people to access the Internet using your router, you can enable the router security. Click wireless security. Choose WEP and type something under password, then click on generate or. Then, make a note of the key 1, the network key. Now click on save settings.
    7. return to the tab 'Basic settings', then set it to "Internet Connection Type" PPPoE.
    8. Enter your user name and password provided by the Internet Service provider and save the settings again.
    9. stop everything for 2 minutes.
    10. turn on (from the modem then the router and your PC).

    Right-click on the wireless icon. Click to open network and sharing Center. To connect to the network.
    Connect to your network and enter your network key, 1 key.

    I always get the same error message.

    Thanks for any help,


    I returned and removed this network that I created and worked through the stages of the creation of another network, less the additional steps in the settings advanced wireless.  I am connected to this network between my laptop and the router, but it does still have no Internet connection.  I opened the properties of the network and the IP address, subnet mask and gateway are all what they should be, that you gave me before.

  • new WRT54G2 access point see an Internet cable modem connection

    I probably set p 10 points of access router WRT over the years.

    Linksys actually used to have a phone number of direct support in the past.

    Anyway, I'll put up a new point of access (WRT54G2 V1.5) and went through all the steps, but the Internet connection was not detected during installation.

    I am borrowing a modem Optonline (CableVision) that I am/was with my Apple Airport access point, so I know that the Internet connection is good/live.

    Any help would be appreciated?

    Thank you


    After a connection has dropped with the Linksys Chat, after two hours, I understood where the technician of cat was directed and started messing around with MAC cloning. The problem was that I use on a daily basis an Apple Air Port Extreme and I have been putting just the Linksys router as a test before I sent it to a friend.
    None of the MAC addresses of all the computers I use does not work. Finally, I tried the MAC address using the Aple Air Port and then I had an Internet connection!


  • The firmware Linksys WRT54G2 page links?

    I recently had problems with my router wireless wrt54g2 v1.0, remove client computer wireless connections. In an effort to solve the problem, I went to get an update the firmware here:

    Who created another problem. Firmware version 1.5 and 1.0 firmware have almost the same download link on this page as well:, 0.bin, 0.txt

    I figured this out the hard way after I've tried and failed to update my firmware.

    I've since found a link to an another firmware update, which is slightly newer than the one I had before. I found it here:

    There is no note of version that I could find.

    My questions, I guess, are;

    (1) is there any other firmware releass for my wireless router that are newer still?

    (2) if not, is there a way I can get the v1.5 firmware to work? TFTP and the web interface of the router to refuse this file that will be used to replace the current firmware.

    (3) in the absence of a solution in response to the foregoing, is there a solution that would allow my PC wireless client can reconnect to the wireless network after letting kickoff fall? Usually, they stay connected and will work perfectly for 20-36 hours, or should I say they can connect to the network without wire in this interval of time, but after that, if they are connected and get started, I can't their reconnected unless I have reset the router. Renewing the IPs on the client side does not work.

    I got the router using static and assigned by DHCP IP addresses and both with and without the wireless security is enabled (the nearest wireless AP is 7 miles away so I really didn't need the security anyway).

    Nothing of what I've done so far has solved my problem.

    Can anyone help?

    Hi Ricewind, first off let me say thank you for the answer.

    Then, let me say I think I've missed to erase me, so I'll try again.

    The firmware for my router wrt54g2 v1.0, on the Web site is not good firmware. I repeat that this does not work for my version, version 1.0, the router. I downloaded and tried. It does not work via the web interface or it works using the tftp interface.

    Here is a link to the page of my router:

    The link to download the firmware on my router is not correct. It points to the same folder as the firmware to version 1.5.

    Version 1.5:, 0.bin

    The unusable firmware to Version 1.0:

    Someone needs to change the link to the Version 1.0 firmware file to point to a file that can actually be used to update the firmware of the router.


    I could use this file to update my firmware:

    But this file does not appear in, anywhere on the support page for the wrt54g2 for any version of the router.

    I hope this helps.

  • No internet connection found WRT54G2

    I have modem BEFCMU10 and replaced my wired router (BEFSR41) with WRT54G2 wireless router.  I basically took all the connections between the wired router and put exactly the same thing in the wireless router and it does not find the internet connection.  I use Comcast cable if it has something to do with it.  So I put the wired router on and it works fine.  One thing... Photo and instructions says to use the BLUE cable to connect the computer to the router.  With the wired router, we used the BLUE cable to connect the modem to the router.  Right now, just trying to implement both our PC like wired and use the wireless for my Smartphone.  I buy adapters wireless at a later date for the PC.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.  It is much appreciated.

    Try this:

    1. check if you can get online directly connected to your cable modem.

    2. press and hold the reset of the router for 30 sec.

    3. cut OFF the power to your Modem and router.

    4. connect the Modem to the internet port on the linksys router then connect your computer to one of the numbered ports of the linksys router.

    5 turn on the power to your modem and wait 15 sec and then turn on your linksys router.

    6. check the LED - power/WLAN/INTERNET/ETHERNET PORT router

    7. check if you can get online wired to the router

    8. If it is online. Access the Setup page of the router by going to the address using your browser then go to the submenu and choos MAC address Clone set it to activate and then press the CLONE button.

    9. check the State and get the IP Internet address. If you have an IP Internet check address so you can get online. Otherwise, try to renew IP. Still no Internet IP, contact Technical Support for Linksys

  • Installation CD, WRT54G2

    I feel some time get an answer for this.

    I ordered a WRT54G2 router to my network home.  We have a satellite, wired computer 1 and 2 laptops and a connection console Xbox 360 with wireless connections.  My 3 year old WRT54G worked up to lately, even if a firmware upgrade a couple of days can extend his life a little.

    I read that Netmagic software comes with the WRT54G2 installation CD.  A reviewer of said his network has been "hijacked" by this software, he was not happy with it.  All I want to know is: if I run the installation CD, will be Netmagic installed on my system, or is this an option that I CHOOSE in order so that it can be installed?  Same question for the security trend software.

    On my old router, there is an OPTION to install the Norton firewall, which I did not choose.

    So... when pop you in the installation CD WRT54G2, what do you see on the screen?  There are screenshots somewhere?

    I don't want any additional software installed, I just want to the router and keep my current settings of the network and security.

    Thanks in advance for the answers.

    As I've seen with Network Magic Software, when you run the installation of the router software, it automatically installs the network Application of Magic. I used to recommend when I was a technical support agent has been set up the router manually through its website based GUI. But if you're not familiar with routers GUI installation, then by running the software is very good, but after all is installed, you will need to then uninstall Network Magic via-> All & Remove Programs Control Panel.

  • Don't WRT54G2 - a computer on network

    Hello, I searched through several pages to try to find a solution to our problem, and although I found a few others like it, I still need help.  We had a Linksys Wireless-G router that has played both our DSL modem did.  We bought a WRT54G2 and was able to get my computer back online (mine is the internet gateway) and the laptop from my employer online using the Network Wizard.  However, we were unable to get computer my colleague to connect to the network and get online.  It is the same as mine, a desktop computer.  All are Windows XP.

    I have tried everything I know to do including some tips here, but nothing worked.  I found that his didn't give any IP info when I do the search CMD IPCONFIG - say everything is disconnected.  He still has the antenna to the back of his computer accompanying the old router - I guess he still needs that?

    After you run the Network Wizard on the computer, it shows the new network and trying to connect, but can't.  I tried to delete it and run the wizard again but still not good.

    Any help is appreciated.


    Problem solved .  We ended up calling the technical support as the laptop lost connection to internet as well right after my last post.

    We had to uninstall the adapter wireless on another desktop computer, download a driver updated via my computer and install it on his.  She also gave me a new password key for all 3 computers.

    From now on, everything works fine.  We'll see what tomorrow holds!

    Thanks, Brickmonkey, for trying to help me I really appreciate it!


  • Secure erase is supported in the Sierra

    After downloading Sierra I can't secure erase access via finder?  How files are securely erased using Sierra 10.12?

    Hello TaxiFish,

    You must encrypt the drive with FileVault first. Then just delete. Apple now uses SSDS in most of their machines and these drives don't support secure erase.

  • Access denied... Apple Support pages

    Someone else gets this error on Apple Support Pages?

    alexbird wrote:

    Someone else gets this error on Apple Support Pages?

    first time I saw it.  How do you access the support page?

  • I have an iPhone 6 more, an official version of China, it shows a battery indicator when I turn off support, is this normal? I can depulicate this function to another iPhone? I know how?

    I have an iPhone 6 more, an official version of China, it shows a battery indicator when I turn off support, is this normal? I can depulicate this function to another iPhone? I know how?

    I remember reading somewhere on the Apple site in recent years on some models of Chinese iPhone with this capability. No other iPhones display this and there is no way to enable it. I can't find the article which includes this information.

Maybe you are looking for