To transfer the old backups Time Machine from a hard disk external to the airport in Time Capsule

Is it possible to transfer the old Time Machine backups from my external hard drive to Time Capsule airport?


Having done this in the past, I can say that it is possilble... but is not anywhere near the amount of time and effort it will take to do this.

Even when I was successful, Time Machine has started a new backup of the Mac... it has not added on the old existing backups, so I lost a good part of the backup on the Time Capsule space.

This will be easier if you keep just on the hard drive for a few months... in case you need to go back and pick up a file... While the time Capsule built a new story backups tons.  After 3 to 6 months, you will not need the old backups, and you can erase the disc and use it as a spare part.

If you want to try it anyway... see this article:

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    I recently started to use my Time Capsule to back up my early 2014 MBA 13 '' again. However the initial backup will never end. The TC is not used as a Wi - Fi router; It is connected to the existing wireless network.

    When I started having this problem initially. I erased the disc TC and more fresh and Time Machine, under System Prefs, told me that the backup has been chugging along just great. Well... now, after he had all of August to reach the end of time Machine always shows me "waiting for full first backup."

    If I choose "save now" widget menu bar or if I let the system restart automatically backups TM shows Control Panel "backup x of x, XX, XX" and the second number continues to increase. The backup will never end.

    I searched the Ko of Apple and these discussion forums and not found the answer. What can I do to make this backup finish?


    The TC is not used as a Wi - Fi router; It is connected to the existing wireless network.

    And that's probably the problem, because Apple does not officially support backups Time Machine to TB unless you use the wireless TC, or connect the Mac directly on the TC using a wired Ethernet cable connection.

    Things can work with your existing wireless network, but it will be no help if it is not. Sometimes in situations like this, a Mac will back up OK wireless, and another Mac will have problems.

    As you try to add 'new' backups 'old' backup, Time Machine can also have issues with this, try to compare the old and new files and get confused about what to keep and do not keep. In this case, the recommended solution would be to delete older backups of the MBA and then start again and try a new backup.

    Wireless is never recommended for a first full backup. It's OK to use it, then much smaller incremental backups.

    If you try this course the existing wireless you have and still have questions, other than to try to save on the wireless TC, on the only other option to try would be to connect the MBA directly to one of the LAN port <>- on the back of the TC using an Ethernet cable.  Since you have an MBA, who does not have an Ethernet port, you can buy a bolt of lightning for the Ethernet card.  Maid in Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - Apple

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    Hold down the 'Shift' key when you delete and it bypasses the Recycle Bin.

    See you soon.

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    If Windows 7 Home Premium came preloaded on the old computer where the motherboard is dead, the answer is no. If the Home Premium license is a retail upgrade or full version, then all you have to do is use the key and product upgrade Starter to Home Premium.

    If the Windows 7 Home Premium license you have access to is a retail version update or complete, you can use the product key and the Express upgrade from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Home Premium. First of all, check that the edition of Windows 7, you are upgrading is already enabled (if it isn't, you will encounter complications and that you might start all by performing a clean installation). Click Start, type Anytime Upgrade, click on the option to enter a key, enter the key of Windows 7 Home Premium, when asked, click Next, wait while checking the key, accept the license agreement, click on upgrade, wait while the software upgrades, (it may take 10 minutes or more depending on the if updates are required) your computer restarts automatically, after the reboot, Windows 7 will notify you updating the computer, the computer will restart once more automatically and will be completed the upgrade, a window will appear notifying the upgrade was successful and your computer is ready to use, click Close, you should be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium files the stored settings and programs.

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  • problem backup Time capsule

    It has been 29 days since the last backup from time machine of my imac 27 "and the mac pro to my time capsule.

    When I select the disk to use for the backup, after the display of connection to the disk 5 or 10 minutes later a messeage "wa there a problem connecting to the server airport time capsule."

    Did you turn off all of the network and restart everything in the right order... modem to transport CANADA for computer... with 2 min between them?

    If you have already tried you must reset the TC factory and redo the installation... it sometimes get lost.

    Start from a factory reset. No files are lost on the drive hard in doing so.

    Universal factory reset

    Turning off the TC... That is, remove the power supply cord or the power at the wall outlet, wait 10 seconds... Hold the reset button... be nice... Turn on always even now in reset... and keep holding in for another 10 seconds. You may need assistance because it is difficult to hold in reset and power on. It will show the success quickly flashing led front. Release reset... and wait a few minutes for the TC to reset and return with the factory settings. If the front LED flashes quickly you missed and simply try again. The reset is quite fragile in these... Press the key while it is just click away and not more... I've seen people bend lever or even break. I use a toothpick as a tool.

    NB. None of your files on the hard drive of the TC are removed... This simply clears the settings of the router of the TC.

    The installer the TC.

    And then redo the configuration of the computer with the Mavericks - Yosemite - ElCapo. (MYELCAP)

    1. the use of very short names... NO APPLE RECOMMENDED names. Without the space and pure alphanumeric characters.

    for example TCgen5 for the base station and the name of the TCwifi wireless.

    If the problem is using wireless TC24ghz and TC5ghz with fixed channels as it also seems to help stop the nonsense. But it can be tried in the second round. IE, plan on a first and second series of changes to fix this... If all goes well... I note other steps can you tour2.

    2. use all passwords also consistent with 1. but maybe a little longer. IE 8 and 20 characters of mixed cases and numbers... no alphanumeric non-caracteres.

    3. If the TC is router, you can ignore this point. It is only a problem when the TC is bridged.

    If ensure that the TC is always the same IP address... you will need to do this on the main router using a dhcp reservation... or a bit more complex setup by using the static IP address in the TC. But it's important for deriving from intellectual property in all directions when MYELCAP do not remember his name for 5 min after a reboot done for poor network management.

    4. check that your share on the computer name does not change... Make sure that it is also in line with the above... short without space and pure alphanumeric... but this change will mess up your TM backup... so be prepared to make a new, full backup. Sorry... keep this one for the second round, if you want to avoid a new backup.

    5 attach the TC disc into the computer manually.

    In Finder, go, connect to the server in the main menu,

    Type in SMB:// (or whatever ip of TC is that you made static. It's a default router and I encourage people to stick with it unless you know what you're doing).

    You can use the name... SMB://TCgen5.local where you replace TCgen5 with your name of TC... local is the default domain of the TC and does not change.

    However the names are not so easy as... the IP address nor reliable. They are not at least not in Yosemite. The field can also be a problem if you are not clogged or wireless directly to the Treasury Board.

    6. ensure that IPv6 is set to link-local only in the computer. For example wireless open network, wireless and Advanced preferences / TCP/IP... and the difficulty of IPv6. link-local only. Do the same for the ethernet if you use it.

    It is a lot more jiggery pokery, you can try, but the above is a good start... If you still find not reliable... don't be surprised.

    You may need to do more work on the computer itself. for example, to reset the NVRAM/PRAM/SMC... helped some people. A clean installation of the operating system is also useful if you update installed.

    Let us know how you go.

    No luck there which modem you have... and what OS is on your computer.

    Most any other details on your network that could relate to the issue... for example... are you using wireless or ethernet... other computers use without problems. Do you have an update or change anything recently?

  • How can I find missing backups time capsule?

    Installation of El Capitan in September caused my incoming mail to stop after a certain point, although he showed millions of so-called items waiting to be downloaded. After many attempts of troubleshooting, I went with my last resort for fitness and do a clean install of El Capitan.

    When I went to my Time Capsule to restore my documents and applications showed none of my previous backups using the Star Wars. There are available dates in the timeline view, and the time Capsule shows my oldest as backup being December 1, 2015 after I ran the backup check, but I don't see anything beyond yesterday.

    Backups must be present on the Time Capsule, because it shows "tuberculosis 1.14 2 TB available." My sparsebundle (only 13.2 MB) indicated no mountable file system when I double click on it. It also has . tmp.sparsebundle as the extension. There is no other sparsebundle showing.

    I was looking for answers online and this forum and have yet to find a resolution. My first care in disk utility failed after a few hours, then immediately when I tried again. Any suggestions? Is it useful to fitness again? I did not choose the time Capsule to restore initially. I wanted to see if the mail would work before putting the time restore everything.

    Thank you


    MacBook Pro (early 2011) El Capitan 10.11.3

    Time Machine, please press the shift-command-C key combination. The windshield will show the mounted volumes. All snapshots should now be accessible. Select the one you want and search for files to restore.

    If you need to restore from a backup of the hidden user library folder, first select a snapshot, and then press shift-command-G. A go to the folder dialog box opens. In this document, you enter the path to the folder. The dialog box will help you by automatically filling parts of the path when you start typing.

    The path starts with the slash character ("/"). Enter that. The rest of the parts is separated by slashes.

    The next part is the date and time of the current snapshot. Enter a '2', and the rest of the date should be filled in automatically. Press the right arrow key to access the end of the path. Enter a slash to start the next game.

    Next is the volume name (usually "Macintosh HD" unless you assigned a different name.) Start typing, then jump to the end and enter a slash.

    The next part is 'Users', followed by a slash.

    Then is your short user name. It is also the name of your home folder, which is represented by an icon of the House in the sidebar of a Finder window.

    Finally, enter "Library", and then press return. You should now be in the library folder. From there, you can move like in the Finder. You can also select another snapshot of the same folder.

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    I'm new to PowerCLI and find quite simple, but in the documentation I read, I don't see how to use a virtual hard drive, existing on a data store when you create a new virtual machine.

    Is this simple registration on the virtual hard disk, or did I miss something?

    My current create VM is the following statement:


    -Name $TargetHostName -host $TargetVMCenterHost -data store $TargetVMCenterDatastore DiskMB - 20000 -MemoryMB $TargetHostMemoryMB -NumCPU $TargetHostCPUs -ID $TargetHostOS -CD -Description $TargetHostName

    Didn't notice this before, but I think that vSphere will use a backslash instead of a slash in the paths.

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    Could this be related material or the recovery disc won't work?
    Any ideas I can try?

    The value of the default BIOS and try again.

    By the way: since when you noticed this message?
    Did you change that may be responsible for this?

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  • Two Time Machine drive backup restore to a single hard disk?

    Hello world

    I have a 2011 iMac that has a SSD running OSX and holding all of my applications.

    I also have a mechanical hard drive internal 3TO with my user on it and all my documents and files.

    I just bought a new iMac with a merger of 3 TB drive only and I need to restore everything as it is now (from two readers) on one drive in the new iMac.

    What is the best way to go about this?

    The SSD source looks like this:

    The Macintosh HD source looks like this ("timothy" is my user):

    Time machine has two backups separated according to me, one for each of the two drives internal, just restore both fully?

    Thanks for the help!

    The guarantee gives the right to the free phone support for the first 90 days of ownership.

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    Thank you!


    You will need to take ownership of the files if you do not have permission to copy files. You need to do when running Windows Explorer as an administrator.

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