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Hello, I got a MacBook Air with Yosemite, I would like to know if theres a command so I can close or refuse all conections hollow port 5900.

After that it is there another command to re open or allow all connections (in case something goes wrong)?

Thank you very much

I would like to know if theres a command so I can close or refuse all conections hollow port 5900.

Turn off screen sharing in sharing preferences window.

is there any other command to re open or allow all conections

Select the same.

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  • No display on screen Z30 - a Portege but HDMI / RGB ports work


    I have a laptop of i7 Z30 - A old Portege of 6 months (PT243A-0HW02X) running Windows 7 64 bit and the internal display of 1920 x 1080 screen 13.3 "doesn't work - nothing is displayed on the screen.

    However, I can connect an external monitor via the port of RGB cable or the HDMI port and still use the laptop like that.

    I tried various output F5 toggle function choose Clone, external, Extend, switch display, but nothing works to get back out again to the laptop screen.

    The external option that I see a gray icon to clear color laptop with an X on the screen, and a '1' on another display icon and a window is displayed for "Toshiba Flash Cards" red x error message "Failed to initialize the output Configuration dialog box!". "."

    There is no extra help available to tell me what the problem is.
    When I choose the option to set up output function F5, the 'Internal' line is grayed out so I can't select it.

    Does anyone else have this problem?
    An update of the BIOS might help tell me if there is a hardware problem?
    There is nothing about the display error in the Windows Event Viewer.

    Thank you.

    I'm wrong CPU built in this Z30t-A-123 should be the Intel i7-4510U and this processor supports the Intel HD Graphics 4400.

    The latest graphics card for this Intel graphics driver may be downloaded from the Intel page:

    Here, you will get the list of drivers for the Intel HD 4400

    I recommend you to choose the ZIP package in order to install the driver in Device Manager by using the Advanced installation procedure.

  • TV Toshiba 43SH9UM - no picture but audio using the VGA port


    I have a 43SH9UM projection TV.
    But now that I model in research on the Internet don't could not find anything on this TV!

    Please let me user guide to download (I would lose it!)

    I have problems with this TV!
    When I take my laptop with VGA port to connect to a TV, I do not see any image!
    Connect the audio, but I can hear it.

    Thank you

    _Another wire we Forum_

    + Hi +.

    + Thanks for your response. But I think that you're wrong! +

    + Vga port to connect my laptop to my TV, but only at a resolution of 600 x 480 image I saw on TV (480i), but when I change the resolution to a black screen on my TV show. +
    + Who does not automatically go to 1080i. +
    + While this TV supports this resolution! +

    + How can I get my TV in 1080i resolution? +

    + You have the user manual? +

    Thank you

    When you connect the laptop to the TV, the first thing you need to do is to allow certain port on your TV.
    When the VGA port is combination of keys specific use of TV from laptop desk to the external device.

    I don't know what laptop do you have but on most computers Toshiba laptop is FN + F5 key combination. Of course it won't work if the external device is recognized properly.
    Somehow, I think that your TV is not recognized correctly.

    Can you see options to toggle between your laptop and the TV on your laptop?

  • How to disable WiFi for Portege R830 + Port Replicator & external keyboard

    Stupid question I know, but it's driving me crazy.

    I have an external keyboard Port duplicator and the attached monitor. The Port Replicator has a wired Ethernet connection to my local network. When I anchor my R830 in Port Replicator, ideally I would like to turn off the wireless adapter, but at least I certainly want the default use of the wired LAN connection not WiFi.

    Currently, it seems just randomly decide to use wired or wireless connection when I anchor.

    So, two part question:

    1. How can I pay the R830 automatically default to an Ethernet cable when I anchor?
    2. How can I turn off Wi - Fi when I am connected and using an external keyboard (the toggle F8 to activate wireless switch on the keyboard of the laptop does not work on external keyboards)

    Thank you very much in advance for your advice.

    > How can I set the R830 automatically default to a wired Ethernet connection when I anchor?
    If the port replicator is connected to the local network and then the laptop would use the LAN connection automatically if you connect the R830.

    > How can I turn off Wi - Fi when I am connected and using an external keyboard (the toggle F8 to activate wireless switch on the keyboard of the laptop does not work on external keyboards)
    Well, in this case, you can use the internal keyboard to turn off the WiFi using Fn + F8

  • 6009 USB + 5V port (31)

    I try to control a relay (3VDC, 73mA) with acquisition of data USB-6009. He looks the + 5V port is the only one able to deliver a lot more current (200mA) to toggle the relay. Is there a LabView VI for this port? I found a good VI (joint) on the Internet, but there are D e/s for the + 5V port is unfortunately missing.

    I am ready to write a program to control the + 5V port if there is no existing VI there.

    Any guidance is appreciated.

    5V port does not commute.  Connect the 5V through a resistance of voltage drop on the side of the spool. Use one of the digital ports to "justify" the other side of the relay coil.  Configure the digital port low to activate the relay. Ohm's law to calculate the resistance of voltage drop for 3V on the coil, when activated.  Don't forget to add a diode on the coil (cathode to anode to the 'mass' + 3) to purge the back EMF when the relay opens.

  • Output a TTL HIGH 10 usec via the PFI port on AWG signal generator

    LV dear community,

    I want my signal generator (PXI-5422) to produce a pulse of 10usec with its PFI1 range each time that a wave of exit CH0.  The frequency of repetition of the CH0 impulses and the port of PFI1 is 10 kHz.  Is it possible for the signal generator automatically generate this HIGH TTL signals for usec 10 on the PFI1 line all at the same time produce a long-wave 100 usec?

    Another approach, that I'm considering is to re - route a pulse of RTSI1 (10usec) from an FPGA and output via port PFF1 of the GTS. However, I doubt that this is possible, as the HELP MENU for the working group said that the report can only occur when the Working Group is in "idle" mode.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Have a nice day I have attached a diagram of operation that hopefully, explains what I'm trying to do a little better.  Once again thanks for looking!


    Hi Denn_Mann,

    To get around the limit of 320ns, you should be able to use scripts with the FGEN markers to achieve your goal. Anything you want to do is use of script with markers in alternating mode. You may want to toggle high then low rocker after the number of samples you want pulse is high while your signal is present. I've linked some information below that should be good resources for script for you if you are not familiar.

    Trigger on the arbitrary signal generators and advanced waveform sequencing

    Creating an event marker in Script Mode

    Script mode

    Example of the expedition: "Fgen Arb

    Kind regards

    Ann Travis

  • serial port: input/output signal combined suburbs

    I am currently using LabView to replace another user for a scientific instrument interface.

    LabView is connected to this unit via a serial port.  The instrument spread 25 bytes of binary data from the computer every second.  I can read the binary string (Read VISA) and maintain will cause disc using a while loop.  In addition, there are some instructions I can send to the device that will do various functions (start logging, turn the LED on / off, etc.).  I can send these instructions to the instrument using the previous interface and in a stand-alone vi using VISA Write successfully, but when I place the function Write VISA in the largest interface vi, signals go haywire.  Specifically, there are two separate lights I can alternate with two different commands, but when in the biggest interface vi, the two commands Toggle the LED even.  In addition, it seems that the singal that immediately send to the instrument (a single ASCII character) bounces to the computer in the 25 bytes of binary data streaming.  In other words, after I pressed the LED 'on' the key, a column of my streaming data changes when it's not supposed to (ex: after binary to ASCII conversion, changing a single digit in a 20 digit value).

    At first, I thought that the problem was the sequence of read/write VISA.  I read all the data in the current configuration, and then leave for orders writing.  The two VISA functions are in the same loop to continuously monitor the data.  Is it possible the signal output of writing not letting the while loop and being read as input?  What would the instrument two different commands as the same as read?  My goal is to run an interface that displays data in ASCII and allows some options different rocking while that the interface works - there is an elegant/effective way more as a while loop?

    ~ Going bananas

  • WRT310N - Port forwarding problems.

    Problem is that it doesn't.

    I have a series of 600 Zyzel DSL Modem/Router in passthrough mode.  Everything works well.   PC on the network have no problem out etc... but I have several webcams wireless I can't access from the internet.  LAN has no problem.  I've set up port forwarding and nothing.   I can't access anything whatsoever for that set up the transfer.  I've updated the firmware, I toggle etc etc and nothing seems to work.   I'll guess it's maybe something with the pull-out decision, but that's just a guess... gut feeling.  I had an older router on the network before but got this new, but he wasn't in passthrough mode, I just used it as an access point for the wireless.    I guess that I couldn't take off passthrough and test, but not at home so I can't do it right now.

    Anyone aware of issues like this?   Does not much feel... all eyes right configuration.

    And he who responds, you can talk shop, I'm a blade L3 technician and an engineer of SAN...  That is, I know my way around computers and networks.

    Figured it out... ID10T...   Problem was, indeed, the devices themselves.   Because of the way I had the network installation before that all wireless devices had the wrong IP to the new access point.  Once I fixed that the transmission was successful.

    In addition, I kept the DDWRT firmware, it's so much better than the version of Linksys, it's not even funny.  (Wonder if they delete this because of me saying that...) I had problems of resistance low signal 30 feet away from the other side of the House... questions to xbox 360 streaming.  Once I have updated the DDWRT firmware the intensity of the signal went to full and streaming on the 360 problems disappeared.

  • HP Pavilion dv6 + Windows 7-1, 3 USB ports does not...

    Hi everyone, newbie here. I just bought a display model at a price great release. The USB port at the right angle does not work. No distortion of contacts or visible damage. Player flash & mouse receiver wireless work in other 2 ports, but no devices work in that port. I tried update autopilot day & toggle without result. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    I guess you have tried to turn the port is displayed correctly in Device Manager.  If so, it looks a likely the hardware failure.  To check the connection to the port would require some, maybe a lot of disassembly.

    Thanks for your reply. I had a hunch, got brave, & er opened carefully. It turns out that the Ribbon came out somehow aft of the port. I plugged back it it & all is well.

  • I have a lg 4 k tv (40 "40UH630V TV LG ULTRA HD 4 K) with HDMI 2. 0 and if I buy apple tv 4 can be used with HDMI 2. 0 port or do I HDMI 3 port to use this? Please help me

    I have a lg 4 k tv (40 "40UH630V TV LG ULTRA HD 4 K) with HDMI 2. 0 and if I buy apple tv 4 can be used with HDMI 2. 0 port or do I HDMI 3 port to use this? Please help me

    You can use it with your TV.

  • MacBook Pro USB Ports

    MacBook Pro my keyboard and wireless mouse work in my usb ports but I can't mount drive flash sticks? Do not display in the finder, but will be blink in disk utility then disappears?

    Flash drives show in disk utility?

    In the Finder > Preferences > sidebar > devices is verified external drives?

    This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post moved to the forum of laptop MacBook Pro or another appropriate forum.

  • Trying to connect a computer to the lan port Aiport Express "auto assigned IP address"

    I am trying to connect a computer to the lan on my Airport Express port. In preferences, it says "status: connected, Ethernet has an assigned IP address and won't be able to connect to the internet." Any suggestions?

    An "auto assigned" IP address indicates that your computer could not find or negotiate with a DHCP server to obtain an IP address appropriate for network access.

    It should be more on your network to provide assistance if you need it. For example, is the terminal of AirPort Express the only router in the current configuration of your network? What exact model do? What is the brand and model of your modem Internet?

  • Port SSL messages to jabber/gtalk does not stick


    It is not purely associated with Sierra, as happening on El Cap.  The port default to Google talk is 5223, which is blocked in my company.  I had previously configured messages to use 443, which is not blocked (and supports gtalk).  But at some point during the last couple months, gtalk stopped linking to work.  When I looked at it, she returned to 5223.  When I try to set it to 443 (disable the account, change the port, re - enable the account) everything looks good, but at the time when I try to connect, it turns to 5223.  I tried to delete the account completely re - create, both as a right has Jabber (port 443 from the beginning of setting) or as a gmail e-mail account and then change the port later.  Nothing does.

    Thinking perhaps it was corrupted prefs, I deleted all the * prefs to iChat and everything that seemed related to google or jabber.  No change in behavior.

    Anyone seen this before?  Help to solve if possible of love.

    Thank you!


    Currently I use port 5222 and without SSL and my account settings Google is for applications that are less secure.

    I can't use 5223 or even443 with SSL on.

    21:01 Tuesday; October 4, 2016

     iMac 2.5 Ghz i5 2011 (El Capitan)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) 2 GB
     Mac OS X (10.6.8).
     iPhone and iPad (2)

  • Settings > general > keyboard > shortcuts toggle?

    I am running iOS 10.0.2 on my Plus 7 iPhone and my iPad 12,9 Pro.

    When I go into settings > general > keyboard IPAD Pro, there is a "Shortcuts" under the rocker switch to "Enable Caps Lock" and above the toggle to "Predictive". (Note that the rocker "Shortcuts" also appears on an iPad running iOS 10.0.2). 2 Air

    On iPhone 7 more, however, there is no such rocking "shortcuts".

    Because, on this same page settings, both devices have an "Alternate text" option that you can type on enter custom keyboard shortcuts, I have no idea what the rocker "Shortcuts" on iPad is for.

    I did on 1 million various searches on Google and you have not found the answer.

    Could someone kindly enlighten me?

    Thank you.

    The shortcuts are for tools to the left and to the right of the top of the keyboard that you see here. The iPhone screen is probably too small to make use of this feature.

    Shortcuts for editing text and paste it from the Clipboard.

  • iPhone headphone output port IS not working do not

    helmet SE iPhone does not work. Bought new Apple earbuds and determined this is the port the atria. Phone is only a few months old. Help, please?

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    My headphone stopped working this afternoon (after a few hours of use).

    I couldn't understand anything to make them work again. Returned and the phone and the headset are working again.

    Update Nevermind the last version of iTunes Music *. Each update is a version longer than music/iTunes

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    Can someone tell me where I can find a list of what means the various sequences of flashing of LED on a Tecra M9? I have one that will not be running at all and the power light flashes a particular model of amber. Toshiba Tecra M9PTM91E-04R03TEN

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  • Office Live add-in gives error Code 80070643 1.5 installation

    When I try to install the Office Live 1.5 Add-in Windows Update encounter an "unknown error" and gives me error code 80070643. I tried to run Office Source Engine like help and support proposed, but the installation always fails. What else could be t

  • I need to ask a question about Windows 7 updates that I receive.

    My problem: I use Windows 7 and do NOT want one of your other Windows programs. I just got this update but I don't think it is fair that my Windows 7. "Update for Windows 7 for systems X 64 (KB2952664) 4.6 MB - 4.7. I don't think it's something that