Told me that if I buy the first pro Adobe after effects is free, its telling me it is a trial version, im confused

Told me that if I buy the first pro Adobe after effects is free, its telling me it is a trial version, im confused


If you subscribe to a SINGLE, as the first application only, it includes Media Encoder and Encore CS6. If you subscribe to CLOUD CREATIVE at the higher cost, you get all applications including After Effects.

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  • If I buy the first pro adobe license, can I use it on the cs4 version?

    If I buy the first pro adobe license, can I use it on the cs4 version? Or how do I unstall latest version on windows 7 x 86

    No, licenses are only valid for the version for which they are purchased.  CS6 license will work not for a CS4 product.

  • Hello! I tried everything, but I can change the COUNTRY in my account ID /... don't know why but it's of the U.S.., instead of BRASIL, it is where I live.  I want to buy the first Pro app and I can not because of that... Help me!!!

    Hello! I tried everything, but I can change the "COUNTRY" element in my account ID /...

    don't know why, but it's the USA instead of BRASIL, it is where I live.  I want to buy the first Pro app and I can not because of that... Help me!!!


    The country store & the Adobe ID, payment details must be same.

    For tax reasons, it is not possible to change the country associated with an existing Adobe ID. To work around the problem, you can create a new Adobe ID to the e-mail address associated with your existing Adobe ID see the link for instructions:

    Change the country associated with your Adobe ID

    If you wish to contact our support group for assistance, please visit this link: (be sure to connect to with your Adobe ID first)



  • Still possible to buy the first Pro CS6


    Is it still possible to buy the first Pro CS6 version, or is the only option to subscribe to the CC? -Prefer a lump sum instead of a running...

    From what I read in a forum message, newer than 10.7 Mac must subscribe in the cloud instead of buy CS6... and someone with Win10 must also subscribe to the cloud for CS6 is not compatible (meaning that the seller will ask you your operating system and not sell you CS6 if she does not work on your computer... I don't know if this means that Win7 and you can't buy if you have Win8)

    Please report back with your operating system if you are able to buy CS6

  • I want to buy the first pro and Photoshop.  How does it interact with creative cloud?  How much will cost me to buy all 3?

    I want to buy the first pro and Photoshop.  How does it interact with creative cloud?  How much will cost me to buy all 3?


    Please visit:-Creative Cloud price and membership plans | Adobe Creative Cloud

    First pro and Photoshop are a part of the creative cloud, but you can buy them separately as well.

    Photoshop and Lightroom for $9.99 / month

    Add any unique application just for $19.99 / month

    And all the creative cloud just for $49.99 / month.

    This includes applications such as:-officeAdobe Creative Cloud | Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Failed to open the first Pro CS6 after installation on creative cloud

    Dear users of Adobe,

    Recently, I am a user paying for software that adobe offers me, including the first Pro CS6.

    Today, I tried to install it, but unfortunately it does not appear the button 'Open' / option and I'm quite confused. I started to look on the official website for help and suggested that I can also open it in the installation folder.

    I went to C: / / Program_Files/Adobe / but it shows that Adobe, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe InDesign CC 2015 (32 bit), Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 (32 bit) and 11.0 Reader

    It's quite strange that after the installation of the file "Adobe first Pro CS6" isn't here, so no possible way to open it to all the...

    I already rebooted my computer and re-installed first Pro CS6 twice, but no results yet.

    I would like to help here!

    You can also check that your computer meets the system requirements. Premiere Pro requires a 64-bit system.

    FAQ: What are the system requirements for the desktop creative cloud application and every creative application of Cloud?


  • Mercury pass working in the first, but not After Effects (CC 2015)

    Hello people. Did some research on Google, but not came with something useful.

    I use a TV regular ole plugged into the HDMI port on my graphics card to production and to see my work on a larger screen, thanks to pass mercury. 2014 CC gave me no problem. Make the same settings in CC 2015 and first works like a pro, but After Effects is a no-go. I tried to ensure that the window cross the edges of the screen, try it with or without first opened, with or without "disable in the background."

    Loss - of ideas? Of qualifying questions that can help to provide more information?

    System specs

    Mac OSX 10.10.4 (early 2009 MacPro)

    2 x Quad-core 2.26
    680 2 GB GTX

    20 GB of ram

    With the help of AE in the last update

    Hi DG;

    Have you tried measures to solve the issue that helped you? If so, mention the steps you tried this number shouldn't, t come on CC 2014 or 15 on 10.10.5 and below.

    Have you tried to calibrate the seconday monitor or rename the Adobe folder in the Documents and MAC hd library > Application Support > Adobe? or tried any other HDMI and redefinition of workspaces?


  • Dynamic link between the first CC and After Effects CS6 is not working :(

    Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 8.32.10 PM.png

    I'm editing with RED r3d files. I've just updated to CC, but he does not want the dynamic link with After Effects CS6


    Sorry, but Dynamic Link works only between the same version of the product.


    Peter Garaway


    Premiere Pro

  • Cannot install the Premier Pro and after effects CS2

    I'm having trouble installing Adobe CS2. I use the "no validation" version to because the software I bought doesn't validate not because he is too old. I was able to install all programs except for Premiere Pro and After Effects. I extracted the files for first Pro first because it's a zip file. On these two programs, opens the configuration and I confirm the English as the language, and it continues for about a second and then goes and closes completely. He will not continue the installation, it comes close. All other files that I downloaded from this page properly installed. Any ideas? I really need to use these two programs. Also, I need the Extras_2 because I the Premium version, but the list of files is only Extras_1.

    Here's an update: I found another download site and download these two files that does not have, and this time they installed properly, so I no longer need assistance in this case. Thanks to everyone who offered help!

  • install the Premiere Pro and After Effect

    How to install these two applications if they do not appear in my creative cloud office. I downloaded first pro once before on another computer and I have a subscription to adobe. This touches me trying to download again now on another computer?

    Help, please

    Hi demivida,

    You will see these apps in Creative Cloud Desktop that is compatible with your device.

    64-bit support is required for the Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects.

    Pleasse check the tech specs for:

    After technical effects:

    Premiere Pro Tech Specs:

  • How can I go to first Pro CS5 After Effects CS6? (Problem)


    I try to send my first Pro CS5 video in After Effects CS6, but when I right click on the clip, I can't even option allows you to send to After Effects. I can see the option send to After Effects, but I just can't select it. Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Versions must be the same to make it work.  You will have to perhaps put the original clip in AE and when you're done, export off AE file for use in PP.

  • First Pro or After effects?

    I'm looking at the Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects. They both seem to be for video editing.

    PP for hollywood or more advanced video editing and After Effects a smaller version for smaller products?

    PP is for cutting and AE video than for the whole of the process from beginning to end?

    What is best for each file formats? If I import in a format, is it better to leave/get PP or æ to switch the smoother changes file?

    After Effects are for Visual effects, compositing and motion graphics.

    A way of thinking about Premiere Pro is that it was designed to take several movies source and cut them apart and then rebuild their time. That's why video editors are often called "cutters". they based on time to the cutting of segments of films together to make a new and coherent movie.

    After Effects, on the other hand is designed to take multiple images (including animated images) and mix them together on the screen at the same time. That's what "compositing." You use After Effects to make a matte painting of a sunset, that put behind an actor who had been shot against a green screen and then throw in a synthesis robot and the breath of laser eye of the robot. After Effects also has extremely powerful vector graphic and text animation tools, well beyond what Premiere Pro has.

    After Effects and Premiere Pro, overlap and people come and go between them, using each of its strengths. One of the strengths of Premiere Pro is that it is much faster to work with in general.

    See this page to learn more on how to move the information between the two applications.

    For After Effects, start here. Start here to learn Premiere Pro.

  • The two CS6: difficult to export to the first go of After Effects?

    Hello. I would like to start by saying that I am new to the community and new to the use of this software, please forgive me if I come off as ignorant. However, I need emergency aid.

    I am trying to export an After Effects project to Adobe Premiere (using file-> export-> Adobe first Pro Project). I'm coming up with the following error message when I try to open it using the first:

    "This project contained a sequence that could not be opened. No preview of the sequence only preset file or codec might be associated with this type of sequence".

    I think that my first preference would be irrelevant, because I can't access it even, unless I have a project open. However, here is my project settings for After Effects:

    • Time display style:
      • Timecode
        • Use a media Source

    • Color settings:
      • Depth: 8 bits per channel
      • Work space: no (this could potentially be the problem?)

    • Audio settings:
      • Sampling frequency: the 48,000 kHz


    All of the used video files are .mp4.


    I'll be ready quickly the information if necessary. Thanks in advance for helping out.

    Do not export!

    Open your Premiere Pro project, go to file > Adobe Dynamic Link > import after effects composition. Then navigate to the ASP file, select the composition and important the AE link in your box of pronect. Then you can edit the file in AE and when you save it, shows the changes in the body. There seems to be a bug with the dynamiclink.exe server that will not show the composition returned on the timeline. I hope that Adobe will fix it as soon as I've reported on the website of bug.

  • you have to have the first pro open after sending sequence encoder?


    I wonder if you have open first after having waited a sequence to encoder?

    For example, I put waiting for a 90-minute first pro show to the encoder and then the encoder works I want to go back to the first, but open a different project to continue working.  Is it possible or will this trip to the top of encoder?

    If anyone has any experience on this, please let me know.

    Thank you.

    SOUL will take precedence.

    It is in fact not true.  SOUL will go so far to pause encoding if the resources required by the PP, which has just title the priority.

    To answer the original question, PP doesn't have to be open during encoding.  But the coding will probably go faster if you use not PP, even if it is open.

  • How to assemble. Photos ARW (A7sii RAW photos) in first Pro CC/After effects CC?

    Hi ya'll!

    So I've been taking a lot of RAW photos on my a7sii to create videos of time. The pictures come out as the. ARW file type.

    I now need to assemble the photos in one. MOV files (as I did with all the other RAW photo types) so that I can pass it on to my colorist.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how to assemble the photos? I don't want to convert them to JPEG format, because I need my colorist to have the highest possible quality.

    I hope that this question is answered in the abyss without end of these adobe forums...



    Unfortunately it is not possible to import ARW files in first or Aftereffects. I had this problem a few months ago. I converted the ARW files with lightroom. If you find a solution to import the files directly in the first, please let me know!

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