Tolerance of pixel on Satellite L30

Grateful if someone could tell me political pixel dead what Toshiba of Satellite L30. Thank you very much



Why do you ask? How many dead pixels is your screen?

If you really want to know, then you should check this Toshiba Support Bulletin:

Hope I could specify your question... :)

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  • Satellite L30 does not start

    I have a Satellite L30 101 and since he was able to load!

    The first time I turned it on it loaded correctly, then once the Windows XP logo came to the top of the screen started showing horizontal lines across the screen pixelated. It was clear after some time he'll luckily to load properly, so I turned it off. I then loaded it up.
    The power led and the activity indicator is entered, but the screen remains blank and nothing loaded.

    There is also very little noise from the computer, I expect that there is some sort of noise from him during this phase. I tried to turn on the computer again just before sending to it the power light just now and still it will not load.

    Anyone know what could be causing this? Or have any ideas at all?

    I'm skilled enough to build desktop computers, computers laptops not so much, but I'm willing to try to disassemble the laptop to see if I can find something that might be wrong.

    Where would be a good starting point?


    > screen started showing horizontal lines pixelated across the screen. It was clear after some time he'll luckily to load properly, so I turned it off. I then loaded it up. The power led and the activity indicator is entered, but the screen remains blank and nothing loaded.

    About your message, to me, looks like the graphics card would give up.
    Pixelated horizontal lines could be a sign that would confirm my hypothesis.

    I fear that this could be a serious hardware malfunction: (m
    The graphics chip is attached to the motherboard and in this case the motherboard needs to be replaced
    and this could be an expensive affair because the motherboard is one of laptop parts cheap!

    However, these are only my personal assumptions and if you want to be 100% sure what harm s with your laptop, then a laptop technician should check the hardware parts

    Man Bye

  • Satellite L30: XP Clean install - used to work, now it doesn't


    First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks to all those who want to contribute their thoughts. Now, the problem more in detail...

    * Summary *.
    Laptop comes with Vista. New installation of XP & drivers - all is well for more than a year. XP has become problematic, re-installed XP - same problems exist with clean install.

    * Prelude: *.
    I have a Toshiba Satellite L30, which came with Vista installed. After some disappointment with Vista, I decided to "upgrade" to XP. The XP installation went without a hiccup. Trying to find drivers for all that took time, as Toshiba is no longer distributes the drivers for the L30 model (at least not on the version of their Web site). I kept (and still have) copies of all drivers, I finally installed to get the laptop with XP works successfully, and everything was fine.

    * The problem starts: *.
    I had been using this setup for over a year, until recently, and suddenly, the laptop has become problematic (i.e. suspended in certain situations, be slow and usually does not). I have concluded that the laptop had probably lost power during the installation of Windows updates or update had problems and had become unstable. After trying different techniques to try to restore the system (System Restore, chkdsk, etc.), without success, I decided I want to do a clean install of XP.

    * Get your fingers Ready puzzle: *.
    Using the same XP CD, I used for the first installation, I begin to re - install XP. All right, until the installation reached "Record components", where it crashes. By pressing the power button to restart the computer laptop re-lance installation and installation is completed thanks to the end (perhaps because the installer reported that caused the coup be dried the second time around?). This behavior is now repeatable every time I have to format the drive and install XP. In any case, XP is now installed and boot - but guess what? It shows the exact behavior as well as before the clean install. He is suspended for the same thing and being generally does not. I continued to install all the drivers that I used the first time around, but still the same problem. (may be interesting to note that safe mode do not present any of this behavior and works very well).

    * The plot thickens *.
    So now, I think that it is likely to be a hardware / firmware issue, as it is set up exact same software. In the context of spending + long + time trying to figure out, I move using the Toshiba recovery disc that re - installs Vista and now everything works fine, no problem with anything (well, except that it's Vista). I installed all the available Windows updates updated all drivers and ghosts and then the hard drive, so I can go back at least to a configuration of work relatively easily. Thinking that this procedure + may + have restored balance for the setup of hardware, I re - install XP, but it's yet to be a problem in exactly the same way. I'm puzzled.

    * What to do now *.
    Personally, I prefer to use the cell phone as a Clipboard that is expensive to use it with Vista installed. I ordered some RAM so that he will be able to run Windows 7, but I don't wouldn't really be content of this workaround. By far, XP is the OS of choice, but I do not know what path to take then get back to work.
    I'd like to hear your 2 cents. Thanks for reading the above, I know it was long. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    I put t think that the problem is related to the lack of driver Toshiba.

    First parrowdice trying to install Win XP and Win XP does not support the VAP (value added package). VAP is released just for Vista and Win 7.

    I think that the Intel Matrix Storage Manager is also not necessary I think it might be something wrong with the hardware. Maybe HARD drive?

    Download the tool called disk HARD Drive Fitness Test. This tool creates a bootable CD that would go to a HARD disk check, I think that should help to check if a HARD drive is affected.

  • Satellite L30-10 X - need sata\raid drivers for Windows XP

    Need to install the drivers sata\raid for windows XP. Laptops Satellite L30-10 X. Please tell me where I can find it.


    Normally, you find that the SATA drivers in display driver package which you can download from the official website of Toshiba... Usually they are placed under the screen driver\SBDrv but I downloaded it and t SATA driver file is :(

    What you can do is download the driver of another model, perhaps Satellite L300D or similar model.

    An alternative you can install Windows XP compatible mode. Go into the BIOS, HDD AHCI mode to the compatible. Then, you don't need a driver.

  • Satellite L30: Cannot change my desktop wallpaper


    I am a user of Satellite L30. When I want to change the wallpaper, I get a message "this feature has been disabled - please contact your system administrator.

    Can someone help me please?

    The message says it all.
    This setting is disabled by an administrator. I suppose that you, a part of the domain in the network, and the administrator has disabled this setting.

  • Satellite L30 - Wifi card not in Device Manager

    I recently had to reinstall windows vista (32 bit) on this Satellite L30, all other disks installed correctly, apart from the internal wifi driver, I tried loads of different on the toshiba site, and none of them invite the wifi card to operate. \like as I say, the card does not appear in Device Manager or when I run everest, but assured me that this particular model has built in wifi and Yes, I have the switch on the front running.

    any ideas?

    Did you buy this laptop as used a brand new?
    Wireless network card is built in or not?
    Remove the bottom WIFI coverage and check if the wireless card is inside.

    If the wireless card is inside and you can not install the situation should be clear. What do you think about this?

  • Satellite L30-106: Power Saver 0x7E error

    Hi all
    I own a Toshiba Satellite L30-106. I got it from Windows Vista to Windows XP pro, I installed all the Xp drivers provided by the Toshiba site.

    Everything is going well except for the Toshiba Power Saver utility, I can't install it, it still gives this error: error Power Saver 0x7E. Same thing happens when I want to uninstall it. How can I solve this problem?
    Thanks in advance


    I hope that you have installed the power saver right!
    The laptop is one of the series PSL33E. Therefore, you should choose the drivers and tools for this series!

    In addition it is very important to install the driver Toshiba and utilities in the right order!
    Then open the installation instructions and follow the lines of this guide!

    Please make sure that you have already installed "TOSHIBA common Modules or / and TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility" ahead!

  • Satellite L30-115 - where to get XP Recovery disk?


    I lost my Toshiba Satellite L30 - 115 Windows XP Home Edition * CD Recovery *.

    How can I get another? Thank you.


    New Windows XP Recovery disk, you can get a provider of service authorized in your country. Just ask the guys if they can order one at Toshiba.

    Here is a list of all the FSA: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

  • Satellite L30-PSL33E - product recovery fails

    Laptop Satellite / L30-psl33E

    This is what happens:...

    Product recovery disc boots, loading files, windows recovery watch utility box select English, then gives possibility of partition of drive or any use, I click to recommended any disc, then computer past the black screen, delete the partition 0, erasure of partition 1. * error...
    (error creating file\\./physical drive0, the system cannot find the file specified),
    hard drive # 0 is not accessible or bad raid configuration.
    * Then an administrator opens upward *:... part of disk failed, has not the raid class, press any key to continue, * I press a key, *, the computer hangs, press a button again, another box of Directors appears with the command line.

    Nice anyone got advice or tips, thanks

    It's very strange

    The error message says something about RAID but the L30 does not support the RAID and also the RAID drivers are not necessary.

    I m a bit confused and I think there could be something wrong with the HARD drive.
    Have you tried to reinstall the operating system from the original CD of Microsoft Windows?

    Try this format the disk using this CD, and then try again to reinstall the operating system.

    If this does not work then a HARD disk problem is possible

  • Satellite L30-134: how to make a DVD of recovery on mine?

    I want to make a new DVD of recovery like the one I had with my laptop series Satellite L30-134.
    Can some tell me how I can do this?

    You must purchase 3rd party applications to create the own recovery image. For example I did with Norton Ghost 2003.

  • For the Archives: The upgrade of the Satellite L30-134

    I'm one of those old cell phones off a friend who had retired as being obsolete.

    However with a little time and money, it is possible to upgrade to a very usable machine.

    Not a power by any stretch but perfectly adequate for browsing the internet and watching videos (about 720 p watchable) standard definition etc.

    So as the search of these forums for more information for this project, I found a lot of conflicting advice, and some of my questions were not answered at all. I hope by documenting my experiences here I can help someone in the same position in the future.

    * Model *.

    This machine is the Toshiba Satellite L30-134, part number: PSL33E-00E013G3. It's probably very similar, but not necessarily the same as the other models L30. No invert them.

    * Original configuration *.

    Processor - Intel Celeron m 410 (Cache of 1 MB, 1.46 GHz, 533 MHz FSB, Socket M). It is a simple version of the Core Duo (Yonah core) processor core. It shares nothing in common and is not swapable with the previous generation Pentium M or processors Celeron Mr. He is also incompatible with the next generation of Core 2 Duo/Solo and Pentium and Celeron processors derived from these.

    Memory - A single 512MB SODIMM PC2 - 4200 (DDR2-533 MHz). This differs from the previous generation of DDR and the next generation of DDR3. The controller memory only supports single channel mode. There is no loss that the FSB of the processor is not fast enough to take advantage of the dual channel anyway.

    * BIOS *.

    My laptop came with very old version 1.3. Toshiba provides the latest version (3.10) for download. This is reported to be buggy and mess with the profiles of fan so I decided to leave it alone. I can confirm that my updates work without updating the BIOS.

    * Updates *.

    Processor - I swapped the Celeron for a Core Duo T2350 (1.87 GHz). Everything I read that all the Yonah core Core Duo/solo, Pentium and Celeron with a FSB of 533 are compatible. The FSB 667 models are not.

    The Core Duo T2450 at 2 GHz is the highest performing compatible processor but double the price on eBay. I paid just £12 (used) for the T2350 so there is really no reason to go down now, all of these parts are obsolete.

    RAM - there are 2 slots on this machine. Toshiba State a maximum of 2 GB, 1 GB in each slot. Unfortunately, the memory controller is very picky and survey of the weird errors, unless you get just the right ones.

    There is not enough information to understand it so for me it was a process of trial and error. Fortunately, I found an online retailer that guaranteed compatibility in 100% and returned by mail for free.

    The second pair of Poles worked well.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Satellite L30 - 10Y: Win XP - yellow? near bus in Device Manager controller


    a problem with the satellite L30 - 10Y PSL33.
    In management of XP - other devices - system management bus controller device - it is to present a question mark with a small exclamation point.

    Maybe reinstall a chipset drivers, but I have not found a right driver in toshiba's site.

    You have an idea on this message and if is it all reinstall drive, what type and the parent link for download?
    Thanks in advance.



    Hmm I don't very well if this entry could be linked to a m Chipset driver.
    But you can find the chipset driver yourself.
    Install a tool of diagnosis of equipment as Everest Home Edition and control hardware components. Then, you would be able to download driver chipset chipset manufacturer page.

    But in your case I recommend you delete this first device manager entry.
    Mark this bus controller and press to remove or uninstall.
    Restart the unit.

    Usually the Win XP should recognize and reinstall the device again

  • Installing WXP on Satellite L30 - 10Y

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite L30 - 10Y (PSL33E 03L031EN) (about 2 years), it is running Vista (installed come) and I'll replace it with XP pro SP3.
    I already have the drivers (from the Division of driver Toshiba), but I wonder if there are any issues that anyone knows how I could run in this case?

    I installed OS to my house several times, built offices with absolutely no problems whatsoever, but various articles I read there seems to be a bit of a 'ball game' different when it comes to laptops?
    Also I have Vista disks more so if XP will not install I can not simply go back to Vista.

    Tips, advice or warnings very welcome...


    ~ Q ~


    Your laptop is supported for Windows XP Home edition, and there should not be any problems at all. For installing WXP using Windows XP SP2 home edition.
    Download page for all the drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on Toshiba.

    You can also find document Setup Instructions. Install all the stuff of Toshiba following this order of installations. It is very important.
    If you help please let us know.

  • Satellite L30-114: driver not designed for this platform when installing IDE controller

    Hello! I have the satellite L30-114, I bought months ago. I have Win XP SP2 with all updates and the bios 2.3.

    A few days ago, I tried to reinstall the drivers for the ide controllers. I have delited in "Device Manager" and restart the system. After you start windows normally are both installed PCI - IDE controllers, then find ide channels (primary and secondary ide channal on ich) and the strange thing happens here: instead of the normal installation of these 4 channels, window "driver not intended for this platform". and after each reboot those devices Installing, to give me 4 windows "driver not intended for this platform".

    Now in Device Manager, I have 2 controllers IDE standard normal, and not 4 channel IDE working with yelow «!» The funny thing is that I not install new ide drivers. Drivers are the same who worked before reinstalling. Now the computer works, but is worth than before. on the toshiba site there is no driver Ide "planned for this platform.

    Anyone know how can I solve this problem? or where is located this driver? or what chipset whith this controller model in this notebook?


    In my opinion, there is no reason to do something like that. If the laptop works well let it go. Go to the Toshiba download page and download driver chipset for your laptop model and install it manually.

  • Satellite L30: audio sound does not work - WinXP SP2


    I just bought a new laptop (Satellite L30 PSL33E-02S01LBT). He had installed Windows Vista, but it was horribly slow.

    I installed Windows XP SP2 on it's updates. I installed all the drivers from toshiba site I could find for my model.
    Everything works fine except the sound. I tried to install the drivers found on the toshiba Web site, but it fails with this error:
    'No pilot only is supported in the suite of drivers' (AKA FRENCH: 'no driver no is supported in this suite of drivers').

    In my list of equipment I have this with a "?":
    (?) Audio device on High Definition Bus Audio

    I tried to install the Realtek drivers with version.
    Found the driver here:
    This driver has been installed successfully, but the sound still doesn't work.

    So, I removed this driver and found my "Audio on Bus High Definition Audio device"...

    What could I do? Is this computer model toshiba laptop has problems with XP and the sound?

    Thanks for the help...


    [Edited by: admin on March 8, 2007 20:21]

    Thanks for the solution Abe! :)

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