Top SMTP server

Bij het van een mail vraagt een SMTP Server top Mozilla question. Waar kan ik said vinden? Said is not sinds 12 augustus, voorheen geen problems.


Hi Geert,

I probeert mail you versturen via the SMTP server of van in dat lijkt een andere provider dan die sculpt I I mail ophaalt.

Kan I Extra-> Accountinstellingen lounge en bij dan links onderaan het zit op dzielnica (SMTP) server, will. Zie I right dan volunteers verschijnen SMTP servers? Zo ja, dan moet I links op I e-mailadres will en dan right weer onderaan bij dzielnica right selecteren Server (SMTP) server...

Hopelijk approached the dat.

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  • Classic BlackBerry Blackberry classic O10 cannot reach my mail smtp server providers

    I'm trying to set up my new classic of Blackberry to read my emails. My old blackberry curve has been problem free.  BUT even after providing all the exact smtp server and port information, classic BB says that he cannot reach my smtp server outgoing.

    I went through calls to technical support with my phone operator (Vodafone) and my provider to wide band/e-mail (utility warehouse).

    Vodaphone top tech expert says: old blackberry used to connect through the servers of Blackberry which was ok, but new Blackberry communicates directly with the e-mail servers and connect with gmail, Hotmail etc. (Yes, mine will), but it will not connect with individual service providers.  I found it shocking because BB is supposed to be the best quality e-mail feature.

    Utility warehouse (my ISP) tech expert says: Blackberry must provide a fix so that this works.

    Help there must be a solution to this

    Thanks for your detailed response. I'll get the links, but the problem is now resolved.  It dawned on me that my connection attempts were simply delay on my mobile signal, so I tried again when it is connected to my home, Wi - Fi, and Bingo!

  • Unable to send mail via SMTP Server authenticated using UTL_MAIL

    Hello world...

    I tried to send an e-mail message using UTL_MAIL on Oracle 10 g (, but get the error:

    ORA-29279: permanent SMTP error: 550 must be authenticated

    I have run utlmail.sql and prvtmail.plb connected in SYSDBA and set SMTP_OUT_SERVER.

    We have recently changed our email provider and a new requires authentication for the outgoing SMTP server, where the message that I get, but so far I have not found something on how to send the user name password to the procedure of 'send', in documentation or in previous discussions or other resources.

    Could someone help me solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    Not possible using UTL_MAIL, but if you roll your own using UTL_SMTP (which is what UTL_MAIL is written on the top) you can use the code fragment in Metalink Note 201639.1 to connect to a SMTP server using AUTH LOGIN.

  • Unable to connect to an smtp server

    My OS is ubuntu LTS 14.10, I use Thunderbird version 38.4.0.
    I have 2 accounts, a gmail account and an e-mail office365 account.
    Until yesterday, I could send and receive emails on both accounts, however now it fails with the following error:

    The message send failed.
    The message cannot be sent because the connection to the server failed outgoing (SMTP) . The server is may be unavailable or refuses the outgoing (SMTP) server connections. Check that your outgoing (SMTP) server settings are correct and try again.

    (Or a similar message when connecting to the server smtp office 365.)

    I restarted the computer, confirmed the address of server, reset passwords, confirmed that I can ping the servers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    The parameters of your server for Gmail seem good. I'm not really familiar with Office365, but they are probably ok as well.

    Are there external firewall or proxy, you have to go?
    You have all this computer's Internet access?

    What is suspicious, that the two accounts are not at the same time. So my best guess is that the cause is rather external and not Thunderbird.

  • How to determine the outgoing (SMTP) server settings?

    The message send failed.
    The message could not be sent to the help of Outgoing server (SMTP) for an unknown reason. Check that your outgoing (SMTP) server settings are correct and try again...

    How to do this? The parameters are defined automatically. Maybe Thunderbird should check its database of the email provider.

    It would appear that the outgoing serer must be
    Outgoing mail server: (SSL) (server requires authentication) port 465

    THEN right-click on the account in the list and select settings
    Open the entry in the list of accounts for the outgoing (SMTP) Server
    Select your outbound service, and then click on edit.
    Update of the parameters specified by your provider.

    Now, I got my information on page 15 of this document.

    Thunderbird information begins on Page 9

  • I would like to know how to prevent messages sent to be registered on the SMTP server

    Currently, my Thunderbird client saves a copy of all messages sent to the folder "sent", as expected. All sent messages are also stored on the Server SMTP (G-Mail in this case). To avoid having to delete them manually, I want to warn the outgoing message to be stored on the SMTP server in the first place. Currently, my account of Thunderbird for Copies and folders settings has a check mark next to the option 'Other' with a destination of the folder option sent in Thunderbird. I don't see any other parameters that could control how sent SMTP mail server handles. I use the POP service only with the G-Mail Server. What settings should be in place to prevent messages accumulate in the folder "sent" on the SMTP server account?

    I think I can now answer my own question! The question turns out to be a g-mail not delivered not a factor controlled by Thunderbird.

    Apparently g-mail can automatically a copy of all mail sent by SMTP service one account. It's a "feature" that cannot be disabled! A workaround seems to be to set up a filter in g-mail account settings for all mail with an address corresponding to your own email address and send the message to the trash folder. Items in the Recycle Bin are automatically deleted after 30 days. Google prevents the rule 30 days being modified by measure of security, but at least trashed messages for irrevocably removed in a month.

  • My SMTP server password stopped working

    I use Firefox and Thunderbird and up-to-date. Now, when I try to send an email, I get a message "connect to the SMTP server of . failed. "This looks like a Thunderbird message. I've had trouble now with several changes to my GMail account while trying to solve the problem, but none of my edits have corrected this situation. I tried to activate IMAP (I use POP3), switched on shed 2-step verification and reset my Google password several times. Sometimes I get an opportunity to enter a new password to access smtp and when I paste that I think to be correct, no still no access. Help.

    I use Firefox and Thunderbird and up-to-date.

    Please confirm your version of Thunderbird.

  • failed to connect to the SMTP server

    I can't send mail in ThunderBird sometimes. I use 31.5.0 version but I was wrong this problem in older versions either.

    It is said:
    "The message could not be sent because the server name of the SMTP server connection failed. The server is may be unavailable or refuses the SMTP connections. Please check that your SMTP server is correct and try again, or else contact your network administrator. "

    Sometimes, every time. But really bad situation for me. It happens with hotmail, gmail and with my own email accounts. For the time being. It sends to all accounts except for Hotmail. I tried not in , but there is no change.

    Could you help me please abou this problem?

    Is - this which does not send?
    Try this: / 587 / TLS

    Authentication the same as POP3 (username and password)

  • The search for my name of SMTP server, I don't have a number

    I'm trying to configure my e-mail account in my accounting program (Big Red Cloud) so that I can send emails such as invoices. The installation program asks the SMTP settings you but will not accept those given to me in Thunder bird (Tools > account settings > outgoing (SMTP) server support crowd said they can't help but I need to get my e-mail provider good server name.)
    Unfortunately my screenshot will not download, but I hope that I can help in any case

    Kind regards

    Your email provider their name server and affects ports. They can provide this info.
    Although if Thunderbird OK send that info should be on the SMTP configuration page.
    Tools-account-outgoing server (SMTP) settings

  • Unable to connect to smtp server

    Thunderbird worked fine yesterday but when trying to send a message this morning it says it cannot connect to the smtp server and put my password that I did - but it makes no difference.

    Thunderbird continues to operate correctly on my wifes computer and if I connect to the blank media, I can send a message from there, but still my computer it will not send and I get the same error.

    I tried to restart my computer completely and thunderbird, but it makes no difference

    Okay people, there jujst started working again - what is happening here that my wife has sent all the morning OK but mine has just started a few minutes there are - and they are both the same SMTP!

  • When you set the outgoing SMTP server, why not specifying the SMTP server 'by' is not working, but only the first specified server?

    I have several options for the outgoing SMTP server. I put a default and attempt to send. It fails and uses the first condition in the list.

    I restart Thunderbird and try to send. It uses the first condition in the list.

    I eliminated all SMTP servers in the list but the one I want, and it works.

    What escapes me, that I have observed this problem on all my systems for a long time?

    Kind regards


    your lack of anything that account having a SMTP server associated with them, which, if your 'in' an account more wrinkles 'default '.

    Right click on a folder in account, and then select settings.
    Click on the account name in the settings and on the right is a drop down list and the value 'default' smtp for this account.

  • The iPhone Mail uses the smtp server that does not exist

    My iphone SE mail constantly uses an smtp server that is not listed anywhere, but has been used there are 2 iphones.

    I deleted the account and smtp servers several times.

    There is only one main smtp server... not supplements

    I try to send an email whenever I get: user name and password smtp:[email protected] is incorrect.

    vodafone is not my provider and I use the smtp server of vodafone.

    Anyone has an idea on how to address this problem?

    Have you tried to manually create the email account using the selection 'other '?

    What your email account provider?

  • I need the name of 'smtp server' and 'smtp port' to set up notification by e-mail from an internet security camera.

    Maybe you can answer this question is in the area of my Firefox browser, or is responsible for my service provider of e-mail and internet, Frontier.

    Hello, an smtp server is a mail server that is used to transmit your outgoing emails - you will need to find out this information from your email provider.

  • could not connect to the smtp server

    Hi all

    I'm on a 21.5-inch iMac using OS 10.11.3 at the end of 2012. Yesterday (and today...) Mail would not send anything and gives me a status 'offline' for sending. I use Gmail IMAP with 2 accounts. The same problem happened to my wife on his computer with the shared e-mail account. My iPhone (4) will send the mail from the same account. If I log in to Gmail directly I can send emails. I deleted the account and re-written information. I quit Mail and restarted the computer. I looked at several solutions in the forums and have tried what appear to be common ones (that I could find), but nothing seems to work. After restart of the account Gmail sent me an email saying I had been blocked for using a "precarious" app, and I checked my Gmail settings so that I can use less secure (as the devil which means?) apps. The problem persists...

    Mail connection doctor says that it is connected to the internet and my 2 IMAP accounts work, but 2 SMTP accounts (I guess for the sending of?) say "not able to connect to this SMTP server.

    It all started yesterday without changing all the settings or preferences that I know.

    Any ideas?


    Have you checked the SMTP settings for the latest recommendations googles? Changed something on their end recently?

    You run a 3rd party cleaning apps (clean my mac, mac guardian, etc.) or AN Anti Virus on your Mac? If so, remove them.

    have you installed anything between mail works and does not?

    If so, remove it.

  • Cannot change the settings of the SMTP server

    Since I upgraded to El Capitan, I got e-mail problems. Whenever I try to change a typing mistake in my settings of SMTP server for a POP in my Apple Mail account, the changes seem to keep - I can then send emails fine - BUT when I exit mail and return in the incorrect SMTP server settings are back.  Who can I modify it to take?  Please help - this is driving me crazy.

    Usual brute force method: delete the entry of e-mail account entirely and add new.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • error on bluescreen 0x0000008e

    When you use the computer, the screen turns blue then says something about memory dump and give full disk analysis code 0x0000008e, tried and it says no errors of ideas why and how to fix it, he also said something regarding the RAM Thank you

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