window sometimes appears on the links

I don't have any add-ons that relate to this and only experienced after upgrade to FF4 but I get this window with a light yellow background that appears at the bottom there is a url Its super annoying and can not find a way to get rid of him.


His associates for the module Google dictionary and translation of 2.5. Go to options and uncheck the double click to translate the box. When you double-click anywhere on the screen in Firefox, it will try to offer a translation, and it is the dialog popping up

I hope this helps.

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    The computer hangs after that 'Windows stops' appears on the display. The same phenomenon occurs in hibernation mode. I have to turn off the computer by holding down the power button.

    I updated my bios, installed all the updates of windows that are available and made a number of other things. It starts just out of the blue. Any ideas?


    It happens after installing the OS from the Toshiba Recovery CD?
    You have installed any additional program?

    I noticed a similar freeze on my laptop. For the most part, it happened because the background process has not closed, and so the laptop could not force the closure downwards. In my case it was an adobe acrobat reader software that could not close.

    I think you should you HDD defragment and use the freeware CCleaner application.
    This program cleans the program errors and corrects registry entries.

    Try it! Maybe it s not a serious problem!

  • On an iMac 10.8 Flash drive does not appear in the sidebar on the finder under Devices window, now appears on the desktop

    On an iMac 10.8

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    Finder > Preferences > sidebar.  Scroll down to devicesExternal drives is checked?

  • Hi, I also have a similar problem with my asus s550cm and whenever I try to access windows update window blocking, here is the link to my dmp file.

    Separated from this thread.

    Hi, I also have a similar problem with my asus s550cm and whenever I try to access windows update window blocking, here is the link to my dmp file.


    Thank you

    Separated from this thread.

    Hi, I also have a similar problem with my asus s550cm and whenever I try to access windows update window blocking, here is the link to my dmp file.


    Thank you

    Follow the steps in the link below, then try to update windows again.

    Difficulty errors of corruption of Windows by using the DISM tool / system update readiness.

  • appearance of the link target

    Hi, I have tried to create references (internal links) in a document, so when the user clicks on the link need you a page (such as a glossary), with a block of text and specific header surrounded by an invisible linkbox. I want to change the appearance of the link box of the invisible visible (on the glossary), then when the user clicks on the link it disables the visibility and goes back to the page with the original referral link.

    Liaison with the text tool is no problem but I can't understand how specific target refers to (page glossary) via javascript and I can't find the link the names of variables.

    any ideas how links target with javascript?


    Use the buttons instead of links in the glossary. They are possible to appear active/inactive via JavaScript. For example, you can use a JavaScript in a link to the action to display the border:

    getField("glossary_target_1").strokeColor =;

    Where "glossary_target_1" is the name of the button in the glossary that you want to assign.

    And in the mouse to the top button action, it may reset the border color: = color.transparent;

  • How to hide a window that appeared at the bottom of my screen: Validation, etc. ?

    A window with the topics: Validation, Link Checker, browser compatibility, etc. is somehow appeared at the bottom of my screen. It takes about 25% of the screen, and I don't need. However, I guess that it will be useful for me one day. How to show and, especially, disappears?

    Thank you very much, Mr. Monroe

    To close the RESULTS Panel group, press F7 on your keyboard.

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    Getting Started With Dreamweaver CS4-

    Captivate Simulation demos workspace DW CS4

    Nancy O.
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  • "doesn't Windows genuine" appears despite the use of a perfectly genuine product with the appropriate key

    popup "does not work Windows genuine' began to appear; Enter the results of original product key 'success', but a few hours later "not running Windows" appears again. Windows was purchased with computer two years back and no problems so far.

    ignore all this. I have not read well, sorry for the confusion, but the symptoms are similar.

    Looks like you have installed vistalizator. see this:
  • Need to change the appearance of the link on the page

    Hello everyone, once again

    I continue onmy quest for a great CSS page and have taken another step bit and need advice.

    The siter is at

    I've done a decent job and learning through the use of some DW extensions. In my menu here, the .p7PMMh03 style, I can't find the style that will change the color of the menu text for the page I'm. (is what is called active page?) If I'm on the HOUSE. I would like the GREETING text to be even the flight stationary color, #900 and stressed if I wanted to.

    Any guidance is appreciated.

    Best regards

    I can be misread your question, but I think you're asking how to create a null state for any article of nav on the active page, reflecting the same appearance as the State pointed to an active link. If so, then add this code to your styles:

    .null {}

    color: #900;

    text-decoration: underline;


    Then, in the body of your page, replace this:

  • index2.html">HOME
  • to this:
  • HOME
  • Repeat the last step for the corresponding nav on the following pages element.



  • change the appearance of the link account when the Member is signed in


    I am creating a site of electronic commerce using BC for the first time. I have configured the area secure, users access by logging in after clicking on the top right of the my account link

    Once logged in the user box how can I change the my account link that when clicked on it is no longer necessary to the user to the login page, but instead leads them to their member/index.htm page?

    Thanks in advance


    Take a look at your template main downstairs, I added the snippet for you. Edit this link with the link you want to use when the user logs -

  • When I opened a new tab and type in a URL, a new window opens, rather than the link that appears on the tab. Also, at the opening of links embedded in the pages, these always open new windows rather than tabs. I want to use the tabs!

    I cleaned my keyboard, I wonder if some button pushed that changed the settings. But when I look at the settings of firefox, nothing is obvious.

    You have changed your config file by accident? There is an option in the subject: config that modifies the default behavior. Here is the knowledge base article.

    You can check to see if it is set by default.

  • Windows Server appears in the sidebar

    Suddenly, I have a server windows appears in my side bar of the finder. It connects to nothing. It cannot be dragged out of the sidebar.

    My wife pro MacBook is connected, and I can see and access that.

    pathbar on the windows server says 'network', but the id is not the same as sys pref > network > advanced? victories on my computer or my wife.

    If I stop and restart, it disappears, but if I have access to the macbook pro, it reappears.

    I selected and deselected all in finder prefs and it does not go far, and the icon "Everything" is new.

    some screenshots to illustrate:

    How can I get rid of this windows server?

    Thought about it - stupid windows laptop to my wife used my network :~(

  • Every time I open Thunderbird, two same Windows Thunderbird appears at the same time.

    I have this problem 4 days ago. Everytime I open my Thunderbird program, 2 windows appears. I'd appreciate your help. Thank you!

    Use the file menu to close the one then the other. then restart

  • How to eliminate the paper on the window to appear of the old microsoft/qwest deal

    I have qwest (now century link) phone line DSL.  Qwest was an agreement to host with MSN email which ended.  However, whenever I am on a Web site with a link to click on send the company or the person on the Web site, the 'old window' opens to qwest/msn to connect to read emails.  The happesn of thing even if I go into file, send a link so that on a section of the Web site I want to send to others.   I can access my email on internet explorer or firefox hotmail account and have no problem using it.  I just want to know how to eliminate the Qwest/Msn link that is still on my computor

    You will find support for Windows Live Hotmail in these forums: [1]

    [1] your * address email is removed from the privacy * account is still valid and is accessible via the webmail Hotmail page:

  • When I log in the background screen of Windows XP appears, but the icons, start menu and taskbar do not appear. What should I do?

    To start my computer upward as usual and takes me to open a session. I connect and my background appears, however my desktop icons, start menu and taskbar DO NOT appear. I can still access the Task Manager and command prompt, but when I try to use a command, absolutely nothing is happening, leaving this method of system recovery is not possible. What should I do?

    Thanks for posting with us.  I suggest try to start safe mode and see if it works correctly.  If Yes, then you can start using the "last known good configuration."   If in Safe Mode, you have the same problem, you should run chkdsk /r and sfc/scannow.  Here are the instructions for these suggestions.  Post back with the results.

    This article explains how to start the Windows Advanced Options menu:



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  • I've just loaded Vista and I have no games, I tried to start - all programs - games - options set up the window options appears, the two check boxes are ticked and I select OK and nothing happens, please help __regards__carol games

    Recently downloaded Vista

    Hi Carol,.

    Welcome to the Windows Vista answers Forum!

    Which version of Windows Vista you have installed?

    Have you tried "turn Windows features on or off"? If this isn't the case, please follow the steps below:

    1. click on start.

    2. go in Control Panel.

    3. click on programs.

    4. Select programs and features.

    5. on the left pane, you will have an option turn Windows features on or off, click on it.

    6. a new window will appear on the, select games and click Ok.

    You need to restart the system to allow the changes take place.

    For more details, visit the below given link:

    Turn on or off Windows features

    You can also run a file system (CFS) auditor to see if any of the file system are damaged. This tool will fix the problem in itself.

    Scan SFC enforcement procedure:

    1. click on the Start button

    2. on the Start Menu, click all programs followed by accessories

    3. in the menu accessories, right-click on command line option

    4. in the drop-down menu that appears, click the "Run as Administrator" option

    5. If you have the User Account Control (UAC) enabled, you will be asked permission before the opening of the command line. You simply press the button continue if you are the administrator or insert password etc.

    6. in the command prompt window, type: sfc/scannow then press enter

    7. a message is displayed to indicate that "the analysis of the system will start.

    8. be patient because the analysis may take some time

    9. If all the files need replace SFC will replace them. You may be asked to insert your Vista DVD for this process to continue

    10. If all goes although you should, after the analysis, see the following message "Windows resource protection not found any breach of integrity.

    11. once the scan is finished, close the command prompt window, restart the computer and check.

    For more information, please visit the below given link:

    How to repair the operating system and how to restore the configuration of the operating system to an earlier point in time in Windows Vista

    Hope this information is useful.

    Amrita M

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