Toshiba 46TL938G loses the WLan configuration after stopping down


46TL938G unpacked yesterday, updated the firmware on the Internet.

Wireless set in place with WPS works, but configuration is lost after turning the TV market / back.
I can't use assisted because of hidden SSID configuration.

In manual mode, I always get a bad autorhization information and/or encryption not supported. Access point uses WPA2-PSK AES.

Is it possible to Setup WPS paste?


Any news?
I recommend you try different configuration scenarios:

-try password that are more than 8 to 10 characters.
-Try different encryptions: WPE / WPA - PSK / WPA2-PSK (AES, TKIP or AES and TKIP)
-try to connect with prior authentication ON and OFF
-try to connect to the WLan using option hidden network - enabled or disabled

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    If you put the computer in Standby Mode when you stop, the USB ports are not powered off.

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    Hello Evillalona,

    I just looked at the issue you are seen and wanted to check with you on this subject.

    When you change the settings in the switch then go to the file management section

    the switch and make a copy of the running configuration to the startup configuration? I just wanted to

    check and see if that would fix the problem you are experiencing. I've heard other people with

    the same problem and that was the difficulty for them.

    Thank you

  • Satellite A110-378 loses the WLan connection during downloads of big

    Hi all
    I have a Toshiba Satellite A110-378 series and a wireless network problem. The card is an Intel 3945abg. I can connect with the router ADSL (USR9106) with WPA security is enabled. I can navigate on the Internet, but for a large download (or shall file a copy) the connection stop responding. Windows still displays the connection, but after a few minutes I got an error message.

    To re - establish it, I need to 'fix' the connection. The driver is the latest in Intel, and I tried to disable the power settings. Seems that the problem is the same with my ethernet card (I'm the check).

    Any ideas?
    Thank you very much.

    Hi Alex

    In my opinion, there is always possibility of losing the motivations and download WLAN connectivity more I prefer the LAN connection (sometimes runs during the night). Check this with connection to the local network, but perhaps is another side responsible for the interruption of the download.

  • Satellite L650 - lost the WLAN connection after upgrade to Win8

    I downloaded windows 8 on laptop Toshiba Satellite L650 of my partner and now the wireless connection does not work.
    Get Wi - Fi devices but the Toshiba is not now after the upgrade.

    I read somewhere that it may need new drivers or something like that, but I'm not tech savvy and don't know where to start.

    Can anyone help? I use another laptop for this post because there is no connection on the Toshiba.

    Thank you

    In a first time can you please post exact model laptop (L650-xxx) number?
    I want to check what WLAN card is inside.

    Open the Device Manager and check the status of the WLAN card. Please post comments on this basic information.

  • Equium L40 loses the WLan connection while surfing internet


    Every now and then when clicking on certain links in Firefox or IE, I keep losing my connection or even when I am surfing on my page crashes because a window came to ask connect me my connection to wide band, and yet I am already connected wireless!

    What can I do to stop this?

    Thank you


    Please visit the page of European Toshiba driver download and update the BIOS and the driver WLan.
    The two parties should be updated the last State.

    I read that this update improves the WLan functionality!

    Welcome them

  • Equium P200: sometimes loses the WLan connection


    Need help, my Equium P200 sometimes loses connection to the net. My partners are not!
    Also when in other peoples it losses signal so I know it s laptop, it s very intermittent, it can go for months and nothing, then he can do it twice in one night!

    It happens when I run the offline help it says that there is nothing wrong with the pc! It is said there is no network to connect to despite I don't know that there are ideas

    I think that it s an Atheros or something similar. Sorry if vauge


    You could try to update the WLan driver in most cases this helps
    The BIOS update would also be desirable if a newer BIOS is available on the European driver Toshiba page.

    Sometimes something like that happens to me if that happens I right click on the WLan icon in the taskbar and choose repair.

    Generally, this allows to recover the WLan

  • Satellite L300 PSLB8A - cannot locate the WLan adapter after downgrading from Vista to XP

    Model - L300 Satellite PSLB8A-01F004
    Australian model
    Place of residence current UK

    Happy new year to you all. I have a problem with the adapter wireless following a downgrade from Vista to XP Pro home. Device Manager indicates that a network adapter, which is the LAN and it does not work properly.

    I have two points with one exception - Ethernet controller and Modem on Bus High Definition Audio device.

    I find all the major engines of the Toshiba Australia but he lists three (I think) site possible WLAN - Atheros, RealTek, and one of the other manufacturers.

    I tried all three without success but am willing to acknowledge that I can have a mistake, perhaps by installing all three drivers at the same time for example.

    The indicator on the front of the box portable wireless lights on or off with the hard switch setting.

    I am also unable to locate the display of all available wireless netrworks, this can be a symptom of the driver is not installed.

    I tried to locate the wireless card, but it doesn't seem to be accessible through the background panels, including the Panel of RAM module.

    Any ideas please?

    > I have two Articles with one exception - Ethernet controller and Modem on Bus High Definition Audio device.

    The Ethernet controller is the WLAN adapter.
    I guess that the WLan driver is missing and so the wireless network card does not appear under network adapters

    Please check this Toshiba How TO:

    This will help you find the right WLan driver for this chip.
    and here you can find the drivers:

    good luck and good news 2011 ;)

  • Freezes and the screen turns after stopping


    I'm having a lot of trouble with my iMac, Retina early 2015, and I can't understand what is wrong with it. The problem is that if I use the mac for a period of time, it can sometimes be almost a whole day, at other times, it may be an hour. It has all suddenly freezes them completely and the only way to get it to work is to make a difficult stop (hold the power button until it turns off).

    But when I try to turn the screen does not light. And I still have to make a hard, sometimes stop, it takes about 5 - 6 times before the screen lights up. And if the problem occurred once and I try to use the Mac immediately after, it freezes in the first 10 minutes, and the whole procedure must be repeated for another 10 minutes of use. The only way for it to not freeze is if I use it for like a day, but it gives me only about 3-4 hours before the problem occurs.

    I sent it to a repair shop for repair, I thought that maybe it's the hard drive. They ran a few test Apple and was told that it is not the hardware, but the software causing the problem. Then they plant restores and gives back to me. But it does not solve the problem.

    Any thoughts on what could be the cause of this?

    It is impossible to say without knowing what siftware you may be running. A report of EtreCheck please

    You can also do a physical check of base using Apple's Diagnostics using Diagnostics - Support Apple Apple

  • Vista 32 bit loses the internet connection after about 10-15 minutes.

    I lose my internet connection after 10-15 minutes.

    The message says local access only.

    The only way to reconnect is to restart the computer.

    I use a devolo home plug network system. It is connected to a 210 of BT router travel.

    I also have a new computer recently bought and installed Windows 7. There is no problem with that.

    Maybe it's a coincidence, but the problem started only since the installation of the new model.

    Hello Cody C.

    Thanks for your reply. I tried this. It is said that the drivers are up to date.

    I go into the settings of power network and checked the box "turn off network card to save energy.

    Since that seems to be OK. Only time will tell if.

    Thanks a lot for all the replies. EXTED

  • Problems with the WLAN configuration

    I can connect my raspberry using PuTTY on a static IP, but it does not work using WLAN.

    WLAN using my router sees a device no is not an IP address, which I suppose Raspberry.

    I guess that the tutorial is wrong, as it provides the same IP for the eth0 and wlan0, and it does not show the 'network' line in the section wlan0.

    Or I do something wrong?

    Here is the final solution to my problems. At the same time, there had been several configuration errors:

    1. I provided the two devices, eth0 and wlan0, the same IP address, as has been requested by the guidelines of Tom. Of course, this won't work. I had to provide separate IP addresses as @stainsb correctly pointed.
    2. My router was set to "isolate the wlan" which means that wlan is routed to the internet but not lan. Certainly to be able to communicate between lan and wlan, there must be no insulation. So I dropped this security feature.
    3. My router was set to "restrict the mac addresses" which means that only devices can connect to WiFi. Of course, I had to relax this restriction by adding the MAC of the WiFi dongle to the list of allowed devices.

    With this three changes I use eth0 and wlan0 successfully at the same time!

    BTW, it was not necessary or use wpa pairwise or wpa-group, as suggested by @khooke_acn.

    Thanks to all and sorry for bothering with my stupid administrative problems!

  • Lose the FTP connection after you put the computer to sleep

    I usually work in Dreamweaver on my Macbook. However, if I'm working on a Web site and decide to stop for a while (it's how I closed my Macbook), everytime I open my Macbook again, so lost FTP connection. Sometimes it comes back after a long period of time, and other times I can do return disconnection/reconnection airport several times. But most of the time, I just closed Dreamweaver and reopen it. If I do this, the connection works perfectly again.

    Does anyone know how to avoid to have to close and restart Dreamweaver in order to maintain the FTP connection after having put a Macbook to sleep?

    The FTP queue time is set by your web hosting provider.  I don't think DW has mechanisms in place to send empty commands to keep the connection alive, and even if it did, it would take the computer to be operational.  You shouldn't have to restart DW well in order to get a connection.  Simply by clicking on the login button in the files panel should do the trick.

  • Dell xps 13 restarts immediately after stopping down

    I bought my new dell xps 13 a month ago to Microsoft online store and had with 10 Windows.
    From the first moments, the laptop won't stop. If I try to stop it, it will stop down and a millisecond after it restarts already.

    I checked devices (USB, tuchped etc.) for power management options does not allow them to turn on the computer and also checked for differences in integrity and found nothing.

    What could be?

    Thank you


    This has been a problem of knowing for a while... Do not know if he is connected to W10 or Dell...

    Temp solution: press and hold the power button until the computer turns off completely. Wait 1 min and then turn it back on (important to wait at least 1 minute).

    Long-term (!) solution is to transform the hibernation that is made in advance for your power management settings. The standard is '180 min', set to 0.

Maybe you are looking for