Toshiba 47L7453DG - CEC does not properly using exernal amplifier

I bought Toshiba 47L 7453 a few days ago.

It is connected to the amplifier Onkyo TX-NR535 but CEC does not properly. Volume control works fine but On / Off or stanby does not at all.

My previous TV Toshiba 42XV635DG was communicated by the CEC with the Onkyo even without any problem.

The wire connection is HDMI 1.4 certified.
Maybe the problem is with the firmware of the TV.

Maybe someone had the same problem.

Any suggestion?

Thank you



From my point of few TV and amplifier are connected some CEC (Volume control) functions that work. I think you should check the auto power settings and HDMI CEC standby control system.

Manual, you will find some important notes:

_Page: 11_
+ You can control the basic functions of audio/video devices connected with s TV remote if you connect an HDMI-CEC compatible AV amplifier or playback device. +
+ If several devices are connected, the HDMI CEC control function may not work correctly. +

_Page: 86 - 87_
+ When the point to activate the HDMI CEC control in the menu of HDMI CEC control configuration is defined on.
+ On, also allocated to individual features will be activated. +
+ When the connected equipment work, HDMI CEC control automatically detects the TV input selection. If the TV is in standby mode, it will be automatically reactivated. +
+ If the TV is off (standby), television will send a message turns off (standby) all devices HDMI CEC control connected to the TV. +

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