Toshiba and BIOS-satellite M30X power management

I just installed XP PRO with Service Pack 2. I tried to install the Toshiba power management tool. At the end of the blue installation screen appears and the system restarted. I tried upgrading BIOS (windows flash) and hanged just after flash system started.

Icouldn t restart even pressing the poweroff several seconds what is the problem? If possible answer also private e-mail [email protected]

Hi Mam

AFAIK for M30X that there is a new BIOS version (1.90).

Please check this document and be careful. D = TRO0000000b07

Very important is that your device must be connected to the power supply and DO NOT interrupt the BIOS update, because it can destroy the BIOS.

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  • Satellite M30X - power management problems does not


    I am new to the forum and some difficulties with my power management settings.
    Don't know why, but don't can't Hibernate my system or to keep. If I go to the Start button and try to shut down the system, I can only close or restart the computer. The standby or Hibernate button is sunk in gray, not allowing to choose these options.
    I have a Satellite M30X-144 with Windows XP Home Edition.
    From what I remember, these functions were functional when I bought the computer.
    Can someone give me a help?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Pedro

    First of all welcome to the Toshiba Support Forum ;)
    I'll try to help you.
    Well, you can find on unit you Toshiba Power Saver tool. This tool allows to use the Hibernate and standby modus. Please go to control panel, then power saving.
    There you can find lots of options and tabs. Go to advanced. The Enable hibernate support option must be marked.
    I won t explain all the options, but check these options in this tool.

    Best regards

  • Where to find the Toshiba Satelltie P10-554 on power management

    Hi there yesterday I work at the Satelite of mit girlfriend. I want to change the settings of powermanagment but the Windowssoftware gives me the answer sorry toshiba powermanagment software controls all of this works. After 30 min search I can't find any power management software.

    So I need HELLP to finde the download of wright. My Grilfriend send mit depending on a model No. Since his laptop: Satellite P10 554.

    On the Support and download section, I can't find help this model thanks


    It seems you re confused and I put t know why you are looking for 30 min for this application

    The operating system will automatically load the energy saver and you can find it in the taskbar or / and in the control panel.
    However, this energy saver is a tool of Toshiba and it controls the functions of different power.

    Why you n t check user manual before asking for simple things?
    In this manual, you will find the many information on service public electricity-saving.

    PS: Usually the saving of energy and other drivers and utilities you can download from the Toshiba driver page

  • Question about Win XP downgrade and BIOS - Satellite P200

    I have a dual boot XP-Vista system. If I downgrade to Windows XP BIOS V5.20 of VISTA BIOS V2.20, is there a particular impact on Vista? I am not at all interested in Vista that I leave here as a museum piece. But I can possibly want to connect to it in a year or two.

    I am also concerned by the application for a password after the flash. This was reported on 21 March in one of these threads.

    Not at all! You can do the BIOS update. Absolutely no negative influence on the functionality of Vista. I have it on my P200 and continue to use Vista. Don't worry buddy. You can use Vista anytime you want.

  • Satellite M30X - power problems

    When the laptop is plugged in (with the battery) the LED on the show before it has AC power to the laptop and the battery is charging. As soon as I try to turn on the laptop, the battery light turns off and the power led lights up. However, he never stays, he sometimes makes as much as windows sometimes cut it during boot up.

    I thought initially it was mabey a problem with the battery. So I tried out the battery and power on. The green light is stays on showing that the laptop has AC power but the light power light just and then turns off again immediately. It is not a battery because the laptop should still work without it.

    Then I thought it must be something to do with the power adapter. But the green light on the front shows that it is powered okay and, apparently, the battery recharges. I also tried to check the power cablw with a meter, and he showed that he is a 19V output (exact, the power supply).

    So the battery is ok the power supply is ok... so where else could the problem be?


    There would be something wrong with the electronic power supply.
    In this case, you should contact the ASP in your country
    because he can check it out and starts a few diagnostic tests.

  • Satellite M30X-129: CPU fan runs constantly after new XP Pro re - install

    I just installed a new Samsung 120 GB drive in my M30X-129, an upgrade of the 60 GB IBM drive with what it was originally provided.

    Tried ghost XP Home installation of the old drive to the new - but it didn't work for some reason, installation, attached to a page with the "Windows XP" logo on it...

    So, I installed XP Pro with SP2 from scratch on the new drive.

    After having done that, I then installed the Toshiba and utils drivers listed for your laptop:

    NES & action = search & teddProduct = 555

    The problem I have is that the fan runs at full speed all the time - this isn't the case with the old installation of XP (was rare for it to come on at all when slowed down in the office - running full bore 100% of the time)

    Research by and try a few suggestions:

    -J' installed the common Utils from Toshiba
    -J' installed the Toshieba power management - and set the fan speed to ' Silent' has ', but that doesn't seem to have any effect.

    Any suggestions? for example. where I get the latest versions of the applications?

    The noise of the fan slowly leads me to the top of the wall...


    Hello Ben

    If you have installed your own OS and Toshiba designed drivers, tools and utilities, I assume that this problem cannot be software. I'm really not 100% sure why the fan always runs at full speed but Satellite M30X is around 2 years and I guess it's time to clean up. The second thing can be your new HARD drive.
    It is also possible that new HARD drive produce more heat and sensors to register it and don t stop the cooling fan.

    I recommend you to professionally cleaned the unit and remove any dust inside the unit. I'm pretty sure that cooling fan does not work at all times.

    Also try to put the laptop into a slightly higher position (if possible at the back) and on this brand more interspace between the bureau and the cooling grill fan in the lower corner of your laptop.

  • How can satellite M30x, I find the model number?

    need to get the drivers for my old Toshiba Satellite M30x *. The stickers below are washed out and I can't read the model number more.

    How can I know the model number to get the right drivers?

    Thanks for help


    I checked the Toshiba download page and for Satellite M30x it is a model only PSA72E.
    So just visit download page of Toshiba under > support & downloads.
    When you open the download under product type area, select option ARCIVE and you will find the drivers for your model laptop.

    If you have any other questions please let us know.

    Good luck!

  • Power Manager BUG?

    Hi people;

    I have a x130e on Windows 7 (x 64) with Power Manager installed 6.68.8 with the Lenovo Power Management driver (from the same package).

    What I see is that the always on function USB does not work. It is enabled in the BIOS and enabled in the power management.

    But, on the way of troubleshooting, I noticed something about the power management program and wonder if there is a bug.

    If I go in the global settings of power and enable always on USB but that also, even when the computer is off, then click on apply, check marks remain. However, as soon as I shut off Power Manager and then re - start, the check marks are gone. They disappear.

    The same thing happens with the beep when power state changes button. Even if, with this one, it looks like the feature rest after restarting the App (I can hear it).

    I guess you can imagine that the always on USB troubleshooting feature made much more difficult when the Soft Power Manager seems to lose the settings after you close the program.

    A confirmation or ideas would be appreciated. I uninstalled the program and re-installed and rebooted the computer - same thing.

    UPDATE > I went all the way back to version 6.38 and I see the same behavior - the settings are not enabled between sessions of Power Manager.

    Nevermind, I solved the problem by removing the Power Manager software...

    Not the greatest witness, it's course...

  • Need help with my Y40-80? power management

    I get message to the center of the Action as follows:

    Compatibility problem between your power management system and Windows

    Your power management system is not compatible with this version of Windows.

    The name of the model of your power management system is ACPI Lenovo compatible virtual controller.

    Can anyone help please. I have windows running Y40-80 8.1 is a clean install of windows 8.1 x 64 all drivers are up to this day, just need help with the question above thank you

    Lenovo today released a new bios update for Y40-80 laptops, I did the update and, so far, the error message that I posted above has not appeared again so set the mite of update of the bios not sure yet, I'll keep up to date on this subject and write again soon

  • Lenovo V570 - Power Manager question WITHOUT BATTERY IS INSTALLED?

    Hey guys...

    I have a problem with my lenovo v570 model

    I installed an App... I think it was called

    Power Manager version 3.65

    but the main problem is, it says battery is not installed...

    It's all in the original packaging.

    and I have installed energy management and it recognize it on their...

    So how is it, I'm having a problem with the power manager?

    I did as the basic step, for example uninstall, reinstall...

    someone has an idea?

    Let me to Rodez them here.

    See this thread:

    You "pouvez" install programs LTT, but you "shouldn't" install the Manager feature of power, after the installation of main programs. Use the management of energy on your 570.


  • Reinstall HP Power Manager after the installation of Windows 8.

    After downloading and installing Windows 8, I received instruction HP Power Manager will need to be reinstalled from the HP drives provided. When I bought this computer, there is no HP drives. How can I reinstall it

    I downloaded and installed the HP Power Manager utility software on this link:

    I don't have the error message more on the center of the action.  :-)

  • Need of Windows Vista on Satellite M30X Toshiba power management tools

    Hi all

    recently switched to Windows Vista with my Satellite M30X.
    Unfortunately I can't manage my power options, because Windows doesn't let me do for the original use Toshiba machine tools to the place, but those with my laptop, I received are not compatible with Vista.
    There are no files available in this category on the download from Toshiba site.

    Do you have any ideas where to get these tools? Toshiba, or something different, but still compatible with Toshiba and Vista?
    Or at least how do to enable advanced power management options in Windows?

    Thank you very much for all the advice!


    Toshiba Power saver for Vista is not out for Satellite M30X, and it seems that you use clean Vista power options.
    But to be honest, clean Vista power options aren't bad and can be configured easily.

    Best regards

  • Satellite X 200 - no in BIOS power management tab

    I have a Satellite X 200 and I'm trying to access the tab in the BIOS power management, although no such tab exists. The reason is that I'm putting up a time of autostart. If it's any help, the BIOS is Phoenix TrustedCore V.2.10

    So I wonder where he is, or how to access power management

    Thanks in advance

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    Why you need a time to auto start?

    Sorry, but this feature is not available. I never had a cell phone that has been able to set the automatic start time.

  • Satellite A100: Toshiba Power Manager does not work

    Hello everyone!
    I just installed Vista on my laptop (originally I had Win xp on it)
    First I installed video drivers from
    Then I installed the bios update and additional package toshiba.
    But the toshiba Power Manager does not work!
    Vista uses only its tools to manage the battery.
    Can you help me?

    Thank you!

    Why do you offer the Power Saver doesn t work properly?
    You are getting error messages or what?

    The Toshiba for Vista energy saver is not the same as for Win XP.
    You can find some additional options in Vista power options!

    There, you can choose between 3 different power option.
    Choose one and click on the link below changes the power options

    The new window should appear and you can click on change advanced power settings link.
    In a new window, you can see the Toshiba Power Saver Settings.

    Good bye

  • Satellite 1410-604: I lost the screen saver and power management system

    I have a Satellite 1410-604. I lost my screensaver and cannot access the Toshiba power management system: I click and nothing happens. I saw a suggestion to run the system restore. When I go to system restore it says it is running, but is there something more specific that I can do?

    Thank you!

    I put t know what you did with your operating system, but more often if the system restore option enabled, then it shouldn't be a problem to restore the operating system to the beginning
    Simply, start the system restore and choose the starting point that was automatically created.

    I also found this useful FAQ:

    What about installation? Have you created an image?

Maybe you are looking for