Toshiba Camileo H30 problem with conversion of avchd video files


I have Toshiba Camileo H30-camera, how do I convert video files saved in FullHD mode in any format/good quality files that can be read by a DVD player?

When you left unconverted, they can't even read from the remote hard drive connected to the TV.
I know that his camera records videos in the form of AVCHD files with h264, but have no idea how can I covert them to any format reasonable and recently used.

I tried some converters, but no positive effect.

Help, please!



You can use converter like AVCHD Converter applications.
This would convert AVCHD files to .avi format.

But AFAIK the VLC Player should support the AVCHD file format and you could use VLC player to play movies recorded in this format.

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    Thank you

    You need to run your files through a conversion as Adobe Media Encoder, or even splice on the audio tool to separate WAV files by opening it up in the hearing. Otherwise, you can of course try as brake conversion tools at hand or MPEGStreamclip but AC3 CoDec trade involving granting licenses fees, there may be limits. Under these conditions, the smart solution is to choose another audio format in your device photo in the first place, is the settings to avoid all these steps, if possible. The AAC standard commonly used for STROKE / H.264 recording or audio MP3 would be much less annoying for further processing.


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    Hi all

    I would buy the Toshiba Camileo x 200 camcorder, but I have a big problem: its autonomy.
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    So my question is simple: if I want to use this camcorder in one place, can I use the AC adapter when using the camcorder?

    Thank you very much for your help!


    PS: Excuse my English, I'm french ;)

    I n t have this cam but I can use mine Camileo H30 when it is connected to the power running, so I see the reason why you can't do the same thing.

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    audio only, and is not yet all sounds.
    Can someone help me?

    Hello D.Feldman,

    have you tried with the maker of the enclosed software movie, too?
    I think there is no problem with them.
    Maybe the Windows movie maker missing some specific codecs?

    Another idea is to record in different resolutions (720 p, WVGA, VGA to PAL 50 Hz and 60 Hz NTSC) and try again.


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    any help is much appreciated
    Thank you


    As far as I know logon window can be displayed on the primary monitor only. Computers laptop LCD is set to a primary, and it cannot be changed. As you can see this option is grayed out in display properties.

    Good bye

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    I have try on i.e.i press video shows windows media player is launched and then I get another error message that says:

    Please if anyone can help that would be great... Thank you


    I n t have this unit, but try to do hard reset. How to do this, you can read HERE.

    Good bye

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    I already uninstalled problematic windows update which was which is rampant in others with the half blackened videos.

    So now I'm really confused

    I'm on Win 7 64 bit btw


    Thank you


    At this point, I think the conversion of files. It could be that Premiere Elements are in line only audio and video or the specifications of the program? Guessing.

    What else outside MPEG2.mpg with audio MP2 can you use for the webcam webcam video?


Maybe you are looking for

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