Toshiba laptop flash drive external 500 GB extended warranty


I bought a portable external hard drive 500 GB at a supplier in South Africa. They are promoting 5 year warrany if registered at Toshiba within 7 working days. I followed the link in the user manual and captured the product number, are going to get an error back this option is not available.

How am I supposed to register this HD?

Everyone has trouble?

Thank you very much

I put t know what the problem may be, but try to contact Toshiba in your country.
Details are at

Don t forget to send all relevant information such as serial number and date of purchase.

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    Follow these steps and check:

    To take ownership of a folder

    a. click on the USB key you want to learnand then click on Properties.

    b. click on the Security tab, click Advanced and then click on the tab owner.

    c. click on change. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    d. click on the name of the person you want to give to the property.

    e. If you want that person to be the owner of the files and subfolders in this folder, select the owner of subcontainers and objects replace check.

    f. click on OK.

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    Any card motherboard chipset drivers already installed on this PC?  Generally, these chipset drivers help Windows to see integrated devices, including USB.

  • Toshiba 1 TB drive external DRIVE not recognized anymore


    I recently bought a HARD Toshiba 1 TB drive that my Qosmio G50 now refuses to recognize.

    Anyone know if I would be able to open it and put the hard drive into one of these sata hdd docking stations I've seen announced?

    The hard drive contains about 500 GB of movies, etc.
    These I need access ASAP, so I don't want to go to the trouble of sending it back to the seller and expects a return, as well as all of the rigmarole that goes with it.

    Kind regards...


    You can try to open the external HARD disk enclosure, but you shouldn't t forget that then you will lose the warranty.
    So think about it!

    In your case, I would like to send the HARD drive to a service provider authorized. Then you can fix.

    Data on the external HARD disk enclosure but normally should not be stored on the external HARD disk enclosure. I have my data stored on the laptop and an external HARD drive.

  • Can I connect simultaneously on Toshiba laptop to 2 external displays?


    I am interested to know that toshiba laptop currently on offer support 2 external monitors simultaneously (one normal and then as dekstop extended in windows). I'm looking to replace my old configuration of the laptop and a station connected to two external monitors with a resolution of 1280 x 1024.

    I was looking on toshiba websita to
    Portégé R700-15 q

    with Port Replicator Port PA3680U-1PRP then some other laptop port replicator who but not the case on the site I could find if any concrete model supports the dual use of the two (VGA and HDMI or VGA and DVI) port

    I was looking on the the user guide at PA3680U-1PRP Port Replicator rpn = PA3680U & modelFilter = PA3680U-1PRP & SelCategorie = 2756711 & selFamily = 116319
    and in the troubelshouting part, I found this:

    Cannot display information to a
    DVD-D and RGB monitor to the
    same time

    Check that the cables connecting the monitors are firmly fixed on
    both ends. Some computer models don't support DVI and RGB output
    monitors simultaneously. See the documentation for your computer

    But even if you find on the file pdf of detailed spec and user guides, there is no information on whether they take in charge simultant output to monitors or not and what is the maximum resolution supported for this.

    Thanks for any help


    As far as I know it is not possible to connect two external displays. I know that you can only use a port. If you want to use two screens you probably external device as Toshiba Dynadock.

    Check it out.

  • Computer HP laptop slim 500 GB HARD drive: used for HP laptop HARD drive upgraded to Win 10 Pro with key now stuck after HP Drive Encryption Login

    I bought a portable hard drive used HP for the upgrade of my Lenovo G550 with ugraded CPU with Intel's CORE DUO T9300 2.50 ghz

    (HP hard drive: computer laptop slim drive HARD 500 GB SERIAL ATA DISK DRIVE S/N W627S9NL P/N 756731-001 MFG Seagate Technologies DOM 8 / 2015)

    I was happy to see that the hatd drive had already installed because Windows 7 I had bought already separate legitimate Windows 10 Pro license key for the upgrade. I was able to go online and download the upgrade of Windows 10 and used my purchased license key to activate my updated.

    While doing the installation, there are some HP software that was still on the hard drive. I thought it would be good to have some additional security protocols, so I also installed the WinMagic Securedoc Bootloader v1.2.12 and saved the drive encryption HP with the security issues and password for secondary access.

    10 Windows has been activated and everything was beautiful. But when I restarted the laptop, I put my password for windows and then it goes to this screen of disc HP encryption rises. I put the password and it is accepted - and then the screen turns white... not offshore... jblank TEU with a cursor flashing that doesbn can't react to inputs.

    I tried leaving it for a day or so and still nothing.  There is nothing I can change in the configuration of the BIOS that works so far.

    I also tried Reimage download on USB and re-creation of the sequence of boot, but not good. Even tried a boot drive, but nothing there either. I'll try again.

    I don't know where to go or how to get beyond the screen of HP encryption.  I am pretty good at following directions, I don't know coding, but may do what you suggest to help me fix this problem.

    Can you help me?

    Sorry... I missed the part that you have a license Win10.  I thought you were trying to activate 10 using the OEM HP license and causing problems.

    I do not use HP encryption applications - as having recently completed a career in the InfoSec, I personally focus together on the encryption of the PC to be laughable-, but my guess is that you are basically out of luck.

    If it was my drive, I WIPE the drive of all its content and then again install Win10.  A good product to do i.e. DBan:

    Once your disc is clean, then simply install Win10 on it.

    That said, with a bit of luck, one of the HP EXPERTS will probably come along and tell you how to get around their encryption.

    Good luck

  • Toshiba 32 GB Flash Drive and locking software for Ubuntu

    I bought a 32 GB Toshiba Usb Flash Drive, which comes with a lock. Works great under Vista, but if I stick in my Ubuntu desktop-driven, the files on the disk can be viewed or copied or deleted, so the software that comes with the drive is pretty useless as collateral.

    Any suggestions please?

    Hi Gumnut,

    What Toshiba flash drive you exactly, because there are different models on the market? I m not owner of this flash drive but for as far as I know Toshiba doesn't support Linux, so this software will not work on Linux, so the reader isn't locked.

    You can also contact Toshiba. I found an email address on the Toshiba memory product page: > Service & Support

    Just write an email and you can get an official response! :)

  • Satellite L675 - 11 H - cannot access and/or played on USB flash drive files

    Hi all

    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite L675 - 11H and tried to transfer files from a USB Pendrive on my hard drive from Toshiba. The files were already transferred from my old laptop (HP - XP) on my USB flash drive.

    Unable to access the USB flash drive to any of the USB ports that I connect my new laptop flash drive. What could be the problem here? Thank you for your help or tips!

    Hey Rush,

    Can you post more detailes about this behavior? What happens if you connect your laptop HARD drive, you don't see that Windows installs the drivers for the new USB device or do you have an error message? If you have connected the USB check of Windows disk management if she s recognized there (Control Panel > system and security > administrative tools).

    Have you tried other USB devices such as USB mice? If they don t work too the problem might be connected to the USB ports. In this case, you must delete all the USB ports on the Device Manager and restart your laptop. Also the chipset driver update might help.

  • Re: Unable to record the extended warranty on a replacement laptop.

    I followed the advice of Toshiba and my warranty extended and registered the day I got my laptop. Due to a hardware failure within the first 2 days, my laptop was returned for a replacement again. I saved the new laptop but can't save the extended warranty because it is always linked to the previous mobile phone number.

    Toshiba support sent several emails, I am either ignored or asks me to sign up for my new laptop (which I already have). Then how get into the mentality of the Toshiba Corporation and then ask to complete a very simple procedure to transfer my extended warranty on the new laptop?

    Or am I asking too much?

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    Your old notebook must be removed from the database of Toshiba.
    Try to contact Toshiba reuse this mail. Maybe they need several days for a response.

    To be honest, this is strange. Many people have two or more laptops from Toshiba and must be able to register extension notebook or guarantee for each of them. for this reason I can't imagine that you are not able to register the second book and extended warranty for it.

  • Satellite Pro P100: The extended warranty is not available?

    Hi, just about to buy a Satellite Pro P100, but when we look at the warranty I don't see this pattern on the list machines covered by the extended warranty available at Toshiba.

    Any ideas?

    It makes me a little nervous if Toshiba does not cover this model for extended warranty.


    Did you mean Satellite Pro P100 or Satellite P100-xxx?
    I asked it because I don t find any laptops Satellite Pro P100 on the Toshiba site. Only Satellite P100-xxx are available and these books are very new. Maybe you checked the list of bad guaranteed?

    PS: I can t believe that the extended warranty is not available on this device.

  • Extended warranty for the Satellite A300 - 15 c

    I'm new here so sorry if I posted it in the wrong thread.

    I want to buy a warranty extended for Satellite A300 - 15 c (1 + 1 standard warranty) if I want to ask which package of guarantee gives the longer protection for this model.
    2 + 2 is the longest? ID: SE5054I-PDB.

    Secondly and more importantly, the laptop is more than 1 year old. When I bought it, in the store they told me that the extended warranty can be activated at any time, but now I see that he has this policy for 30 days. Y at - there no way how to overcome?
    Thank you

    Hello Pingo

    You must understand that this forum is the forum of users and what you need is advice from experts. So I recommend to contact the nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and order best extended warranty option.

    As a first step, you can visit Toshiba support page and pick up some information about coverage options.
    The link is > devices & Services
    On the same page under Support & Download > find an ASP, you can find the address and telephone number of your ASP closest.

  • Extended warranty does not

    Hello world!

    I bought a Toshiba laptop a few weeks ago (1 year warranty), and I got an extended warranty 1 year also. I tried to register this extension on the website of Toshiba Europe and the system OK, but as I watched my registration data, it shows only the standard recording instead of the 2-year warranty. Some have said that I should wait a few days, because the system needs time to update, but it has been so since a week now.

    Could you please help me what to do, because I don't want to exceed the enrollment period for 30 days! Thank you in advance.

    Best regards, Szilvia (Hungary)


    have you ever tried to check it out by calling the hotline of toshiba? Maybe they could clarify your question about your extended warranty. You can also ask a certified partner and let check the status of your registration.

    Here´s a link to find a servicepartner in your country:

    See you soon

  • Extended warranty free of Charge International Limited of 1 to 3 years.

    I bought the new portege 2 weeks ago, in the box, I found a pamphlet under the title: EXTENSION of WARRANTY for FREE if you register your warranty NOW, the booklet explains the following:
    "Your Toshiba laptop comes with 1 year international limited warranty. We are pleased to offer you an extension of 1-3 year International Limited warranty for FREE just for registering your laptop with Toshiba NOW. »

    I went on the website mentioned for the record (, I can register only the standard 1-year limited international warranty. When I tried to save the scope, it took a certain number, I thought that it was printed on the back of the booklet which reads SE5003I-BDB. This number is rejected by the system.

    If anyone can help with this?


    Please check the status of the registration under
    I'm sure you'll see that you have 3 years international warranty

  • Laptop sees no external Toshiba USB HDD 500 GB


    my new Toshiba drive hard external 500 GB USB does not appear in the laptop with USB 2.0

    The light of the HD post OK

    Tried all USB ports three (sockets) of the laptop.
    Can you help me please?


    Try to use a key USB * Y * cable that allows you to connect the external HARD drive to two USB ports.
    The point is that the common USB 2.0 ports provide 500mA max power.
    That is why it s advisable to connect two USB ports to make sure that enough power would be supplied on the HARD drive.

  • Windows XP does not recognize Portable Toshiba external 500 GB hard drive.

    I bought a Toshiba Portable external 500 GB hard and connected to my Windows XP. My windows XP will recognize any unit. I went into my computer > management > drivers to find the drive and rename it. He wasn't there. I have Windows XP SP2, and I said that Windows XP SP3 is not compatible with this device.  I went to control panel > adding hardware > allow Research Assistant for devices not installed and it still did not.

    Any suggestions?

    In the future, please start your own thread.  It does not appear that your problem has much in common with that of the previous, other than you poster, both have a problem with an external drive.

    Open disk management (start > run > diskmgmt.msc > OK)
    Your portable player should be shown here (probably as "disk 1" in the lower pane)

    If the disk space presents itself as "Not allocated" (as in the figure above), right-click and select "New Partition".  During the operation of the wizard, you assign a drive letter.  I suggest that your format using NTFS.  Once the disk has been partitioned, formatted, and has a drive letter, it should show in my computer.

    If the drive is already partitioned and formatted, see if you can assign a drive letter to right-clicked on.

Maybe you are looking for

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