Toshiba Satellite L850 - display driver problem

I have a Toshiba Satellite L850-1j9, (PSKG8E-02D00KCE), in collaboration with i7-3630QM and an AMD Radeon HD M 7670.

The problem is, I'm not able to install the AMD display driver. When I try to install the software and drivers this problem appears:

The first time that I was using Win 10. I did the update to win 10 about a month ago and everything was ok until 4 days ago. I was working with my laptop with an external screen connected by HDMI and all of a sudden the screen started to Flash some green lines with a black background (something like you can see in the video).

I saw on the internet that some people have problems making the update to wion10, I have installed new Windows 8 to see if has something related to win10 but the problem persists.

I tried to install the intel CPU, a graphics 4000HD Intel GPU, but may not use it as a main GPU. I had this problem: "this device does not work properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31) »

I need help please to understand what I can do to solve this problem. I took a peek on the internet and so far, I found a solution that could solve my problem.

Thanks for your help.


any solution?

Does anyone know if toshiba will make an update of the bios where I can change the graphics card? AMD to Intel...

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  • Satellite L850-E8S - shutdown problems

    Hello everyone

    I bought Toshiba Satellite L850-E8S with Windows 8.0 (for a single language) preinstalled in October 2013. At the moment I can't get stop normally.

    Question: * pressing Shutdown (stop) of charms goes up "Windows is shutting down" and after that the screen turns off but power light is lit and the fan keeps operate.* I stop it by pressing the power button, I really want to quit smoking. (Once I didn't notice that and put the laptop in a bag for a few hours and it of a miracle that no equipment would have been burnt, despite the laptop was hot like the Sun) * the problem started after a month of use, and I didn't think her yet.*

    First of all, I thought that the case concerns him * hybrid Shutdown in the Win8. I have visited many forums dedicated for hybrid stop, proven fruitless discussions. *! AND! I had the same problem on my laptop with a slight difference - loading Win7 and Linux * the monitor stays on (with the lights and the fan on either). *
    Moreover, I also saw a BSOD after a day I bought the laptop. This problem concerned Realtek Audio driver and SRS Premium sound. As I understood the question is drivers conflict. Right now I have no installed Audio SRS premium and see no BSOD, but Realtek audio driver is not stable: the sound either begins to work in a few minutes after starting windows or it does'nt work at all.

    First of all, I wish really that someone to help me with the shutdown problem. All tips are welcome.


    Check it please, change the settings described and try to turn off your computer is turned on on a regular basis.

    It works for you?

  • Update on Satellite L850 HARD drive


    I bought Toshiba Satellite L850-A846 already for several months and my hard is completely filled
    and the cause of the nature of my work, I can't buy an external hard

    So I wonder if I can replace my hard intern (640g) with (2 t)
    I don't know my motherboard type and if it is compatible or not?

    Also, I want to know if I can do it. Will this void my warranty license?

    My number if you want to:

    Problem is that Toshiba doesn't provide any update list where you can find a list of compatible parts that can be improved.
    Still, HARD drive upgrade can be done by the owner for s (described in the manuals) laptop and it will not void phone warranty s.

    To find out what drives and what capacity max can be problematic.
    You can just hope that someone here has any experience with this and will issue a brief report.
    Otherwise, you can try to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. Maybe they can help you with all this.

  • Re: Satellite L850 - BIOS update problem


    I have problem with my laptop Toshiba Satellite L850 (PSKDLA-0C900R). When upgrading the BIOS to 6.1, there was windows pop up with error

    "Flash process will end!
    Current platform have secure start capability, it must provide the location of storage interface IHSI NV.
    Please contact BIOS OEM enginner to add functionality... »

    I pressed OK on this error and it upgraded the BIOS, but now I can't change any option in the BIOS, I can get into the BIOS settings and can see BIOS options but it does allow me to change a

    for example if I want to change the boot order, I can go into the BIOS and can see boot order but cannot change or select one of the options

    I use Win7 64 bit

    What should I do?
    Help, please...

    If I m remembering well updates to BIOS version 6 is designed for Win8.
    If it is not necessary to don t change anything.

    You have problems with your machine?

  • Satellite L850 - display problems external 1080 p

    I did turn my laptop Satellite L850 via HDMI to an external monitor without problem for many months.

    A couple of weeks, I tried to update the catalyst driver and have had problems since.
    Basically now when I select mode 1080 p via the Catalyst Control Panel, it makes the screen flash and present vertical lines.

    Occasionally, it will work for a short time, even up to a full day and it will randomly start once again. I can play a game in 1080 p mode and it will be totally random, sometimes which allows me to play for hours without having the screen flashes black while the other times, it starts flashing constantly and the only way to fix it is to reboot or pull the HDMI cable and plug back and cross your fingers you have enough time to reopen the catalyst and change in 720 p which is always stable.

    I tried:

    1 using the AMD catalyst removal tool and resettlement through the catalyst of origin Toshiba drivers factory default
    2. use to restore the system to go back before I made the changes
    3 using the removal tool from AMD Catalyst and update to the latest version via the site Web of AMD.
    4 reinstall my chipset with #1 drivers
    5 tried another monitor (still happens)

    On a side note, whenever I use the removal tool it removes my USB drivers too and I have to reinstall.

    The current graphics driver is AMD Radeon HD 7670 M and I also tried the solution on here tech support forum.

    I ran out of options other than a full format and reinstall I want to avoid if possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


    The AMD Catalyst (control software) update would not solve the issue.
    You need to update the graphics driver too!
    The graphics card driver can be uninstalled in Device Manager!

    I found also this Toshiba document to similar topic which appeared after the phone woke from sleep mode.
    [After sleep mode, a distorted image or a split screen may be displayed:]

    This problem was caused by the display AMD. V9.12.0.0 driver, which was automatically installed through the Windows Update feature.

    Download and install the driver of Toshiba page of European driver that should solve the issue of the line

  • Driver for my Toshiba Satellite to display missing windows 7?

    Hi all

    I have a problem with the display of my laptop driver. Specifically, the display driver is to stop working when I wake up the device from sleep. I tried to update the driver from Toshiba in Australia, but surprisingly I found the display driver for my model. So I tried to use the vista drivers but the problem still exists. Unfortunately ATI does not provide drivers directly to the laptop Toshiba instead they advice to go to Toshiba. Can any one advice me how to fix this. My Toshiba specifications detailed as follows:

    Satellite phone
    A300 series
    Product: PSAG4A - 02500M
    Windows 7 64-bit operating system.

    There is a link on the page of the Australian rider A300 "unable to find drivers for W7 - click here" (sound in red, small and not obvious). Looks like you want to go here []

  • Satellite A500-1F4 - nasal sound, display driver problem and dead pixel

    * Problem 1: *.
    Sometimes its stuttering 2-3 seconds when listening to music or playing games. Once, when it computer freezes and I had to restart

    * Problem 2: *.
    Sometimes the screen freezes, it turns black and after 2-3 seconds, he returned. And a notification appears at the bottom right that saying "Nvidia driver has stopped working and recovered 187,98'."

    * 3.* problem
    I have a dead pixel on the top right of the screen. It looks like red on a white background. (tried trouble programs and massage screen)

    Is it possible to solve these problems? I trust mark 'Toshiba', but I don't know if I bought another laptop I would not encounter these problems.

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    I have also this problem such as a freezing of the computer and the notification "driver Nvidia has stopped working". ". It's because of the display driver and we can nothing but just wait when Toshiba will broadcast a new, improved driver.
    That it was a dead pixel, you can read about it here

    It is for Lcd screens, but can also be applied to the display of the laptop

  • Satellite S3000 - X 11 - installation of display driver problem


    I am trying to install the display driver for my laptop and have downloaded the zip file "display-20080414134834' on the Toshiba site.» This file contains an update of the BIOS and the display driver.

    Unfortunately, when you try to install the update of the BIOS I tells me I need to insert a floppy disk, which, unfortunately, is impossible because this model of laptop doesn't have a floppy drive! It only has a DVD player and not a rewritable to it. Second, try to install the display (failed with BIOS) update, I am told to insert the disc containing Setup.exe. I don't know if this is the aforementioned floppy or another CD may be supplied with the computer. If it however came with the computer, it is not in my possession now (it is a laptop second hand that did not come with any driver software).

    My question is how should I install this update and driver without a floppy drive or a cd containing setup.exe? Is there a way to get around this? The file I downloaded was available only on the Toshiba site, so it doesn't seem to be a provision which does not either one of the things I'm missing.

    If anyone can help I would be very grateful because this prevents me to play some computer games!
    Meanwhile the generic driver is great for surfing the internet, etc.

    Also, my operating system is Windows XP Professional.
    Processor: Celeron 1.1 GHZ
    RAM: 256 MB

    Help, please!

    Thank you.


    Satellite 3000 a Bay modular FDD and you can buy a. Autour Googling, I found the order number. It's K000810060. Check it out.

    You can use this driver and put it in place of the optical disc drive, or you can use USB FDD. You can find it on eBay for little money.
    Sorry but work around is unknown to me.

    Good bye

  • Display driver problems and clicking noise with Satellite C670D-11R

    Hi all

    my friend bought a Toshiba Satellite c670d-11r in Germany on a catalogue (Otto to be precise) with Windows 7 Home Premium installed on it.

    After a few months he brought to a computer store and a service in the city, he lives to do a fresh install of Windows. A day ago he came to visit me and complained about how slow it was and asked me to install Windows again and that's what I was doing.

    After installing that I asked him about the CD of drivers he has no idea where he is or if he even had one so I downloaded all the drivers on the site and installed on her laptop except the display driver.

    First I unpacked it in the Appdata path that has been predefined, but that he would not launch after extraction, so I gave in a path custom and tried to run "Installtb.exe" but still once nothing happened so I decided to run the 'Setup.exe', he began installing CCC and after installation, I checked "Dxdiag" but it doesn't always recognize not the GPU in the view tab as in the previous version of Windows, as a "Radeon HD 6320" but as a "Standard video card" I tried everyhing I could come with but nothing really helped, a little later, I noticed a rattling noise where I think the HARD drive should be (to the right of the touchpad) I thought that I broke something , but he said that he noticed that also a few weeks ago by clicking.

    I'll post the dxdiag log now if this will help.

    + System Information +.

    Time of this report: 25/02/2012, 19:19:19
    Computer name: ZLATKO-PC
    Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm. 090713-1255)
    Language: Serbian (Latin) (regional setting: Serbian (Latin))
    System manufacturer: TOSHIBA
    System model: SATELLITE C670D-11R
    BIOS: BIOS Date: 01/07/11 16:44:54 worm: 04.06.04
    Processor: AMD E-450 APU with graphics Radeon (TM) HD (2 CPUs), ~1.6GHz
    Memory: 4096 MB RAM

    Additional information:
    I'm not an expert at this, I have no epiriance with ATI graphics cards and it's a 64 bit version of Windows, as suggested.

    Thank you in advance.

    + The message was edited: useless info has been removed.


    In regards to the HARD drive clicking noise:
    It is nothing unusual can happen with some kind of discs hard I have a few hard drives (internal and external) of two hard drives produce a rattling sometimes noise, but the drive HARD running and working properly so I guess that its ok but nevertheless if possible, back up the data always

    Regarding the ATI driver:
    The laptop belongs to the PSC4AE series.
    Choose the series C670D PSC4AE in driver download Toshiba form European page pilot would show you the driver compatible v8.812.2.2.

    You must download and unzip the package first.
    Now you should see the file TCA0056800E.exe.
    This file must be decompressed too

    Now, go to Device Manager and select the graphics card.
    Here to choose install driver then the manual installation procedure. Now point to the folder where you have unzipped the display driver.
    AFAIK driver for Win 64 bit files are placed in the driver-> display folder
    Usually the Windows operating system must pick up the right files to install the driver

    That s it

  • Satellite L300-2This - display driver problem

    I had daily problems with a display driver. I've looked everywhere for a newer version, but it seems that he is no. I could find only version and it is one I have already.
    BTW the message I get on screen BSD is "igxprd32 driver has entered a loop" or something like that. In any case it is super annoying not not to be able to find a driver for a less expensive than a portable years TOSHIBA!

    Thank you

    I think problem is not the driver itself. It must be something else that has a negative influence on the graphic feature. I put t know what operating system you use but install original Toshiba recovery image and I'm 100% sure that everything will work perfectly.

    Who knows what you have installed on your laptop and what are your activities.

    A few months ago, I installed Win7 32 bit on friends L300 and it works perfectly. Her HARD drive was dead, and we've updated the HARD drive and did clean install of Win7. Until now he didn't notice any problem with graphics or features in general.

  • Problems with the Satellite L850 display

    I have a new new Satellite L850 running Windows 8. Lately, when I open the lid or press the power button when the laptop is in mode 'sleep', the screen is shifted to the right or has black lines through it. When I put the laptop back to sleep by pressing the power button, then press it again to wake up to the top of the screen corrects itself.

    Any ideas on what is happening and how to fix it? All the drivers are up to date.

    I think you're the first person who reported on this weird display behavior. Have you noticed that from the first moment on the first day of use?
    Isn't the same case after hibernation?
    This happens to every time or just occasionally?

  • Satellite A200 - display driver stopped responding

    Periodically, I see this warning: []
    It appears after a short blackout by any reason. What is it?

    Satellite A200-1CR / Windows 7 Professional

    Hi createa,.

    Have you tried to reinstall the display driver? I put also t know why this happens, but theoretically, that might solve the problem.
    You can download the latest version here: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Before installing the latest version that I recommend to remove the old one first. Then, restart your computer and install the latest.

    Good luck! :)

  • The Satellite A200 display driver update do not work

    I tried to uppdate the displaydriver of my Satellite A200 (PSAE0). I downloaded from toshibas website. driver version. (vista 32 bit).
    But when I try to install the exe, I received a message that the computer do not have the minimi requirements to run the program.
    What could be the problem?

    I tried to update the driver removes I can't get any picture in WinTV, only sound. Used with the Hauppauge Nova-TD USB tv card.

    If you have installed some drivers Nova-TD or software I think you have screwed something.
    Achieve the clean OS install and you will see that you will need to install the driver to display without any problems.

    In my opinion it is certainly not a driver problem. The same driver, you can find in the recovery image and all proposed pilots are tested. So the problem must be something else.
    A few weeks ago I ve made some experiments on Satellite L500 nine friends. I tried to install the tuner TV USB Toshiba and Savvy TV software. Later, when I tried to run the software, I got message that laptop has not enough RAM or something like that.

    Something wrong with all this. Using other applications, everything works perfectly.

    So I think that there is something wrong with your software and additional hardware.

  • Satellite A300D - Display driver for Win 7 32 bit that support WDDM


    I recently got Windows 7 on my laptop Satellite A300D and I have problems with the Aero graphics.
    I can't fix it because my display driver does not support aero graphics and my driver (which I downloaded it the TOSHIBAS DRIVERS site) does not have something on WDDM...

    Please helpo me...

    Thank you very much


    WDDM means Windows Display Driver Model.
    Check out this MS page for more details

    and Wikipedia:

    Usually, the graphics card driver should support this
    As much as I know, that you need to install the latest DirectX Windows 7 supports DirectX10 and Vista supported DirectX9.

    What to say; I use the driver of Toshiba page and I was able to use Aero m.
    But note; Aero must be supported by the graphics card and other components of portable equipment. If the hardware requirements is too low, then you would not be able to activate Aero.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite C660 - display driver stopped responding

    I have a 3 years old Toshiba Satellite C660 and whenever I play on the Sims 3 the game freezes and the screen flashes white and displays an error message that reads 'Display driver no longer' and sometimes he eventually even be a blue screen saying there is a problem with the software?

    I'm not very computer savvy so if you could explain to me in simple terms how to fix this problem

    Thank you

    It is not easy to fix this.
    You are using the original display preinstalled by Toshiba driver.
    Please post the exact model name and operating system you are using.

    We can try to find the most recent version of the driver that you can install in hope this will help you.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Satellite T130-02F - display driver error

    Hello I just bought the Satellite T130-02F and after choosing 32-bit operating system, I had the power to recharge the battery and then started to get 'to display driver errors"where the screen black flash and then flash back on. I checked Device Man

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