Toshiba Satellite M30X - cursor jumps around

I'm having a propblem when you type in all applications.
The cursor jumps suddenly somewhere elsewhere in the text and what the Tape is written there.
Ideas please, because it's really disturbing.

Thank you for answers

I had the same problem. Visit and you will find the solution. I hope so.

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    When I use the keyboard on my dv-7-1245dx I can't type a sentence without moving the cursor towards where I was typing the cursor jumps around This happens in documents, e-mail and other activities. It was a problem when I bought my computer with Vista. Now, it's a major problem with Windows 7.


    Jumping cursor problem is one of the common problem especially seen in Windows Vista and Win 7 usually when you type in word or outlook. My previous experiences that I noticed that there is no solution for this problem right. You may need to try different steps, but can not say that we're going to fix it.

    First of all, you can try these two steps that have worked for me in the past. If it does not solve the problem, there are other measures that we can try.

    1. Go to Control Panel ---> mouse---> Options of the pointer , and then uncheck "Hide the pointer during the strike". If this does not work then try turning off the score button if you have a

    2. If step above does not work then you may have to download and run this small program called Touchfreeze


    Some solutions may include measures directly related to changes in the registry that can cause serious problems if not used correctly. Use the following steps at your own risk

  • Cursor jumping around while typing of text.

    Original title: why you (Microsoft) ignore the fact that the cursor jump around for text entry is a global problem that occurs on several platforms and applications?  It is not a problem of mouse and you know it.

    UH well?

    Hi Ony Parsons,

    1. What is the brand and model of your system?

    We met this problem and most of the time that this can happen on laptop and when you increase the sensitivity of the touchpad.

    You can try to reduce the sensitivity of the touchpad and see if it helps.

    Some options may vary depending on the touchpad software you are using.

    a. click on "Start" and click on "Control Panel."

    b. double-click "mouse". The "Mouse properties" window opens.

    c. go to the tab "device settings". Click on "settings".

    d. examine the left panel of the 'Properties' window and expand the "sensitivity". Click on "Sensitivity to touch."

    e. reduce tactile sensitivity in moving the slider to the right, to the label of "heavy touch. Experiment with different levels of sensitivity until find you one suited to your needs.

    f. click "OK" to close the "Properties" window Repeat the operation with the control panel "mouse". Your new touchpad sensitivity settings are now saved.

    You can also consult the following article:

    Change the settings of the mouse

    Hope this information is useful.

  • When you type, the cursor jumps around. How can I correct this situation?

    When you type, the cursor jumps around.  How can I correct this situation?

    It is a very common problem when users become familiar with a new laptop. Either your palm/wrist/cuff/bracelet is touching the touchpad as you type or the touch pad sensitivity is set too high and reacts to strong strikes.
    • Someone to watch you while you type to see if you accidentally touch touchpad of the notebook.
    • Go to the control panel mouse configuration and reduce the sensitivity of the touchpad.
    • Make sure you use the latest version of the driver from the manufacturer of the laptop for the touchpad and update if a new becomes available.
    • Disable the touchpad entirely in favor of a wireless laptop mouse.
    As noted previously, this is a very common problem and users are usually completely unaware they do even when it is pointed out to them.
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    How can I fix t?
    Thanks for a much improved product.

    This thread is perhaps relevant: TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010-implementation to date of Services

  • I have problems with the cursor jumping around when I type, especially on facebook.

    When I type, the cursor jumps around. Most of the time he'll be back in the part I typed before. And for some reason, he does it almost everytime I type in the word you. I have run virus scans and she always does. Any suggestions?

    By chance, your computer is a laptop or netbook?
    I found that when typing, my wrist is sometimes contact with the touchpad causing the cursor to jump on.  Something specific on how you type 'you' might make your wrist touch the touchpad.  If this is your case, there is a program called 'touchfreeze' which disables the touchpad while you type.

    TouchFreeze: <> >
    Article: <>, 83501/description.html >


  • my cursor jumps around when I type

    original title: problems with my cursor

    When I type my cursor jumps around the place... How to fix this? I ran Norton, underthings will try to solve this problem, but is still bouncing around! I searched for days for a solution!  Help! Thank you very kindly

    This happened to me once.

    You have a laptop?  Your laptop has a touchpad?
    I have found that on some portable computers when I type, my wrist / hand comes in contact with the touch pad and move the cursor around everywhere.  Some laptops have a switch for the touch pad just for this reason.


  • I need a simple solution to the cursor jumping around.

    I need ' a simple fixto the cursor jumping around.   I tried a system restore, but it does not work.   I'm not a programmer, so it must be simple, please help.    I'm about to throw this Windows OS Dell computer out the window.   Laughing out loud


    1 does happen on all applications?
    2. you are using a desktop computer or a laptop?

    Method 1.
    If you use a laptop try disable the touchpad and check.

    Method 2.
    Step A.
    Check to see if the problem exists in Safe Mode, if the computer works as expected in mode without failure, then we can solve the problem in the clean boot state.

    See the article below for the procedure safe mode in Windows XP

    A description of the options to start in Windows XP Mode

    Step B.
    You need to perform a clean boot to find the program that is causing and then disable or remove.

    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State

    Note: When you are finished troubleshooting, follow the steps as explained in the article to reset the computer to start as usual.

    I hope this helps.

  • cursor jumps around Pavilion dv6

    I have HP Pavilion dv6 notebook.

    My OS is Windows 7 64 bit

    I have problems with the cursor jumping around while I type.  I've had the laptop over a year, but this problem started a few weeks ago.

    Can you help me with a solution?  I'm not very technical, but it can follow the detailed instructions.

    Thanks - this is a very frustrating issue!  It's the jump that I try to get this typed!


    First, download the Setup driver Synaptics following on the link below and save it in your downloads folder.

    Then, open windows control panel, open programs and features, right click on the entry "Synaptics Pointing Device Driver" and choose uninstall.

    Once done, restart the laptop.

    When windows has completely recharged, open your download folder, click with the right button on the setup of Synaptics and select "Run as Administrator" to launch the installation.  Once done, restart the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Cursor jump around

    No matter what I do my cursor jumps randomly around. He did 3 times until just typing this message. I read the other posts and they do not apply to me.

    I have a Dell Inspiron. With Windows 7 Home.  I have not loaded any new software. I don't know how to solve this problem.

    I'm not a techie. Thank you!!

    some ideas here


  • Cursor jumps around while typing

    In all applications on my computer, my cursor jumps around while typing. I can not type quickly because Ialways bring the cursor to where I type (just did again now). Something is wrong and needs to be fixed. I'm not technical and have no idea how to fix or what forum this question belongs to. Please notify.

    To all of you who have had problems "cursor jumps around when typing".  I had the same problem and my Sony VAIO support me help team with her.  They put in a solution that worked.  Microsoft.  It would be beneficial that you could contact Sony for this problem and access to the solution, they have set up for me, because they seem to have found a solution to the problem.

  • Why my cursor jump around the page when I type

    When I type on Word or an e-mail my cursor jumps around the Aalst page all the time. This could be the cause?

    Hi Phil,

    1. what kind of mouse do you use? Wired or wireless?
    2. is it a laptop or desktop?
    3 when was the last time it was working fine?

    I suggest that you check if the mouse settings are correct.

    You can read the following article and check.

    Change the settings of the mouse

    Method 2:

    Put the computer to boot and then check if the problem persists

    Follow step 1 in the link below,
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    If everything works well after a clean boot, you can deduce that some third-party services are at the origin of the problem.

    Continue with the remaining steps to pin-point on the third party service.
    After find you the program that is causing the problem, you will have to perhaps to update or install a newer version of the program, if you rarely use that you should consider uninstalling the software.

    Important: n ' forget not to put the computer to a normal startup follow step 7 in the link.

  • I can barely type a sentence in email or office without the cursor jumps around. It gets worse every day! ... What happens and how can I fix it or stop?

    I can't type a paper letter or in school without the cursor jumps around. It just happened again! ... He jumps around and I have to watch very closely... he already did 3 x now, just try to type these 3 phrases! What is wrong w / my laptop? and how can I solve this problem!

    Just a guess, you could have a setting on a place where some keys move the mouse. That would be used in the case that you do not have a mouse.

    Other that I can't help you much. If you are using a desktop computer, try to unplug the mouse and see what happens. If you're on a laptop, it could be that the trackpad is having problems.

  • Vista, why my cursor jumps around on the screen without reason?

    Vista, why my cursor jumps around on the screen without reason?

    You are using a laptop with a touchscreen?  Chances are good that you accidentally touch the touchpad while typing, and that moves the cursor.  Go to start / Control Panel / mouse and see if there are controls for adjusting the sensitivity of the touchpad or to disable the touchpad while typing.  Go to the web site of the manufacturer of your and download the latest device drivers, firmware, and software for touchpad you and your mouse (if you also have a mouse - you may have to go the manufacturer of the mouse for these drivers, if she did not come with the system).  New updates can offer options that did not exist before like the ones I mentioned.

    This happened to me also and I bought a separate mouse and disabled the touchpad and the problem disappeared - but he had me past for awhile until I finally figured it out by typing differently (with my hands up higher so the Palms do not touch and had no problem).  Even if this isn't the problem, update the drivers, firmware or software can solve the problem on its own.

    If none of the works above, we will need either to run a complete troubleshooting procedures (post back and I'll meet with them) or the touchpad or mouse is defective and must be replaced.  You can discuss these last with the computer manufacturer when you talk to them (if you talk to them).

    I hope this helps.  If you have any questions along the way, come back and I'll do my best to answer.

    Good luck!

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  • How to fix my cursor jumping around while I'm typing. I have a Dell Inspriron and windows 7.

    How can I fix a cursor jumping around while I type.  This happened before my hard drive chrashed and it still doesn't work after a new start with a new hard drive and all cleaned up.


    You can try the link troubleshooting steps and check.
    Mouse, keyboard or the Touchpad works not properly

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