Toshiba Satellite Pro M30 & Power Saver stop error


I am struggling with this problem for months... the latest version of Eve on my toshiba satellite pro m30 running windows xp with service pack 1 installed gives a message box with an error message when the stop and I'm unable to eliminate this error. Unfortunately, I can't consider reinstall the system from scratch, because there are many other applications installed and I can't lose the settings for them. I read the forums and realized I'm not one of the problems with toshiba power saver. I'm even lucky to successfully at startup started it! Yet, it hangs at shutdown. It's pretty boring. also, I downloaded all the latest updates of this site for my laptop, including even the bios update.

I would like the opportunity to be able to download the version without toshiba this site energy saving bug, and I'm sure many other people would appreciate the patch too!

any comment on that?



If your laptop is installed correctly it should work well. All the software has been tested. The only reason for your problem may be additional software that you have installed later.

It is also possible that it may be caused by an Antivirus application. Maybe an application runs in the background? There are many reasons that may be responsible for this problem.

If you reinstall your Notebook of recovery CD it will not work properly. It is very unjustifiable to write on some versions bug-free. I sometimes have problems with BONES, but almost always after using some freeware.

Good bye

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  • Satellite Pro M30 Power Save error - code: 0x6A6

    Please help me!

    Until recently, I received an error during the judgment as follows:

    TOSHIBA Powersave
    A fatal error has occurred. The program will end. Code: 0x6A6.

    I tried to correct the error in downloading and installing the most recent drivers, but it does not work and the error message was the same, except the code has changed a bit.

    I tried to uninstall Powersave and cannot, and now my screen is always dim and unreadable in bright light conditions.

    Can someone please help me, I'm totally frustrated?

    Thanks in advance.



    It s not easy to say why this error occurs but, as the Quad, said, try to restore your operating system.
    The System Restore tool you can find under System Tools programmes - accessories-

    Good bye

  • Toshiba satellite pro m30 USB problem

    I have toshiba satellite pro m30 and HP scanjet 4600 scanner.when I connect the scanner directly to the notebok with its ' original usb cable there is no problem. But if I connect the scanner to the laptop with a laptop usb extension cable cannot initialize the scanner. There is no problem if I connect the scanner to the VAIO laptop with usb extension cable. What can I do?


    could you describe the difference between the original USB cable and the USB extension cable?

    The laptop and the printer works correctly with the original USB cable, but it seems that the extension USB cable is an inexpensive which does not fulfill the technical specifications and the laptop has a problem with this issue.

    To solve the problem in my opinion you could do an update of the BIOS, look if for your printer is a new driver available and reinstall the USB drivers.

    Also, you could test whether USB, the same problem occurs with other cables.

    Bye Bob

  • Satellite Pro m30: battery saver screen

    I have a satellite pro m30. with a Geforce x Go5200

    When I turn my laptop on its obscurity. I aways use power outlet. never just battery. I have to go in the setting every time I turn on. is the way to save all the settings

    Hi Dennis,

    Using the Toshiba power management or standard options of Microsoft?

    I would recommend the Toshiba utility, as this will allow you to set various options, including the brightness of the display.

    You should be able to set options for power supply and power of the battery of your choice, then save them so that they will be called automatically when you start your laptop.

    Power options are available from the control panel.


  • Satellite L30-106: Power Saver 0x7E error

    Hi all
    I own a Toshiba Satellite L30-106. I got it from Windows Vista to Windows XP pro, I installed all the Xp drivers provided by the Toshiba site.

    Everything is going well except for the Toshiba Power Saver utility, I can't install it, it still gives this error: error Power Saver 0x7E. Same thing happens when I want to uninstall it. How can I solve this problem?
    Thanks in advance


    I hope that you have installed the power saver right!
    The laptop is one of the series PSL33E. Therefore, you should choose the drivers and tools for this series!

    In addition it is very important to install the driver Toshiba and utilities in the right order!
    Then open the installation instructions and follow the lines of this guide!

    Please make sure that you have already installed "TOSHIBA common Modules or / and TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility" ahead!

  • Toshiba Satellite Pro M30 cannot use USB 2.0

    I can't use USB 2.0 on my laptop (OS = Windows 2000).
    Where can I download this driver-USD for this Board (Toshiba laptop motherboard).



    Have you seen yellow errors such as exclamation points in Device Manager?
    If not, in this case it of not necessary to install all the drivers.
    Moreover, the operating system automatically recognizes the USB ports.

    But what USB device doesn't work? As far as I know if this external device needs more energy than the 500mA so it is possible that the operating system can not recognize this device.
    In this case you need an external power supply for this part or you try to use the USB hub.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro M30 in IEEE 1394 error

    I think I have a problem whit the IEEE 1394 driver

    I can't find the drive to any party, and the cd of drivers do not have this driver, I don't know how to solve, and the re-installation of the S.O. do not solve me the problem...

    Anu thing?

    Tank is a lot


    you have runing OS OEM Toshiba (Toshiba Recovery CD) or you install a clean OS (XP full version)?

    It would also be good to know if the IEEE 1394 port has worked in the past or if necessary directly after purchasing the laptop?

    Have you checked the IEEE 1394 entry in the Device Manager? Try to reinstall the driver (I think this is a standard windows driver)!

    Sammy Bye

  • Satellite Pro M30 - real time clock shows wrong time


    most of the time I am using my Toshiba satellite pro m30 without the battery with the energy of the power system. the battery is stored somewhere outside of the computer for a month the real time clock shows a bad time if the computer is started after a period of time.

    I think my cmos battery is going to die soon.

    someone has an idea, how this cmos battery can be changed by myself?

    Thank you

    Hello Reinhard

    I agree with you. It is time to replace the CMOS battery. It is not easy and the machine must be dismantled. If you are not familiar with the procedure for disassembly, it can be dangerous. A small mistake can result with damaging material.

    If you want to do it alone, you do so at your own risk. Be sure to use the right battery. Maybe you won't believe, but if you use a battery hurt it could cause battery explosion, or other damage.

    I'm not 100% sure, but the RTC battery must be placed on the left side near the touch pad. If you want to only please be very gently. The laptop parts are very sensitive.

  • Satellite Pro M30 - download drivers?

    Hello world

    I hope someone is able to help me:

    I tried to find the drivers for my laptop on this site here, given that my original CD with the top drivers is lost. I was able to get to the section pilots where I entered the serial number of my laptop. After that, I get redirected to a website, which appeared to store everything you need for the Toshiba Satellite Pro M30. Unfortunately, it didn't show the "loading circle', no matter which section, I tried to access (for example"manuals"or"drivers", etc.).
    Then, I hit up the forums and read on 'archive', in which the drivers and other utilities for older, obsolete laptops are available. Unfortunately, this article was not available at all.
    In addition, my research efforts on Google didn't get anywhere.
    Could someone tell me what I have to do to get your hands on these drivers or, where there is not such an option, download me these drivers (for example on pack?
    I would be forever indebted to anyone some.

    Thanks in advance!


    Go to the [page driver Toshiba |] and choose *... Archieve, * product type section.

  • Drivers for Satellite Pro M30 PSM35E XP/Vista

    I tried without much success to the drivers for my Toshiba Satellite Pro M30 computer laptop (PSM35E-000NU-AR).
    I have not found a link to the drivers on the toshiba europe site!

    Please can someone help me to get the drivers?

    Appreciate your help guys/girls.


    It is an old notebook series and that's why pilots have been moved to the archive area

    Choose from the download form first Archive-> Satellite Pro-> Satellite Pro M-> Satellite Pro M30 and you will find the drivers.

    See you soon

  • Can Satellite Pro M30, you help me how I can connect the wire of the COM series?

    Dear Sirs,

    Can you help me how I can solve my problem:

    I have TOSHIBA Satellite Pro M30 computer and as you know there is no Serial Port COM in this model.

    Can you help me how I can connect the wire of series Com (SR232 DATA)?

    Where I connect on the updated satellite of reserve.

    For your information I have is also trailer male sides.


    Ali H. Ba - Aqeel

    [email protected]

    you´ve got the alternative to get a PCMCIA Serial Port adapter.
    The Installation was easy to my laptop and runs without problems under Windows XP and 2000.

    Have a try.

  • Satellite Pro M30: new HARD drive - what is the max capacity?


    My Toshiba Satellite Pro M30 is 4 years old with a 60 GB hard drive (IDE).
    I would like to replace the hard drive with a bigger. What is the best? (BIOS version 1.70, Windows XP Pro SP 3).

    I would be happy not only to get the answer to my question but alos to where I might find the answer myself.

    Thanks and greetings


    As far as I know the laptop is equipped with an ATA-100 IDE / ATA-6 HARD drive controller.
    In this case, you will need to use the 2.5 IDE HARD drive.

    I know with certainty that this notebook would support 80 GB HDD, but generally a larger HARD drive should also be possible because the controller is able to manage the 48-bit LBA.
    The 48-bit LBA can handle hard drives of more than 120GB.

    In my opinion, you can try a 120 GB and also 160 GB HARD drive should be possible.

  • Satellite Pro M30: upgrade memory (RAM live) - maximum capacity


    My Toshiba Satellite Pro M30 is 4 years old with 512 RAM (2 x 256 DDR PC2700 SDRAM 166 MHz). I want to update my RAM the better. How much does it cost? (BIOS version improved of 1.50 to 1.70, Windows XP Pro SP 3).
    I would be happy not only to get the answer to my question, but also to know where I could find the answer myself.

    Thanks and greetings

    If you want to find it only then use Google and you'll find this info somewhere. Using Google, you can find almost everything.

    So now the question: do you want to search for only one or you want your answer? ;)

  • Satellite Pro M30 - NVIDIA graphics controller problem

    Hello everyone

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M30 with a Nvidia GeForce FX graphics controller. ([Image of the motherboard |])

    My problem is when I turn on the PC and wait a few seconds red and white vertical stripes begins to appear on the LCD and it cannot go after the BIOS password screen. I can type the BIOS password but when I hit OK or button that ENTER the laptop freezes. ([See image 2 |])

    In very rare occasions where the laptop was turned off for a long time, I listen to him on and he could overcome the BIOS password screen but freezes after a while: ([see Image 3 |])

    I plugged it to an external monitor and nothing has changed.
    I removed the inverter (responsible for the lightning of the LCD screen) and the problem is still there.

    Always to blame the graphics chip from NVIDIA.
    I read here that it is not possible to replace them because they are soldered to the motherboard. But I want to, where can I get a laptop NVIDIA graphics chip. They sell somewhere?
    I have a friend who works in an electronics manufacturing company (SAGEM) and told me that they have the tools needed to replace any piece on any Board of Directors.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hello, my friend

    I agree with you. It must be a faulty graphics card. I put t believe you can buy a graphics chip separately but you can buy mainboard used laptop on eBay. In my view, Exchange Board is no problem for you.

  • How to remove bios password BIOS on Satellite Pro M30

    How to remove the password of BIOS on Toshiba Satellite Pro M30

    Post edited by: Admin

    I'm afraid to tell you, but to do this, you will need to contact local ASP.
    Because it's not easy or possible how you would do this on deskopt PCs.

    That's why you have to take your ASP. Guys it can remove the password.

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