Toshiba Service Netherlands; dissatisfied consumers! Satellite C70D-A-114

Dear users,

My 8 week old * laptop Satellite C70D-A-114 * (purchased January 14, 2014) is down for the second time.
It is still the HARD drive which gave, as well as a broken cd tray.

Currently, the situation is that Toshiba blames me for inflicting damage to the laptop Satellite.
Well, without any physical damage on the outside, it's a hypothesis rather bold, true?

It is not just that I, as a consumer, have suffered a lot of frustration and discomfort by this second default when a 8 week old product, don't... Now, it's MY FAULT.

After calling several times to a pretty expensive 'helpdesk'... which is now the result broken down from the Toshiba laptop which has not left my house since I bought it 8 weeks ago.
(he also spent 2.5 weeks for repair and transport... so if you think... I used it about 6 weeks and now it is down for the second time)
The laptop remains the repairfacility, until I paid for the repaircosts. 25% of the price - new.
I lost not only my product, I'm subject to blackmail.

In any case, feel like it... feel like I'm made to blame for a product that is less... that makes me furious!

Way to go, Toshiba NL!
Excellent service * not *.

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Sorry to hear all this. Have you asked Toshiba hotline if there is only one service allowed in your country, or you can send it elsewhere?

I mean Toshiba contracts with various small approved partners and if you are not satisfied with one of them tried to contact someone else and ask for help.

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    I have a Satellite C70D-A-114...

    I rarely used because it was slow

    then I wanted to sell

    first I wanted to get back to factory settings

    Thus, in this process seems to have removed all the files

    so now I only get the message no bootable disk, etc.

    All tried, there is simply no file recovery

    So where can I find such a file for free? It is not normal that he is not on the site.

    All that you can find for free are all the drivers, tools and utilities. Original recovery image (software) is not for free and if you need you must order the recovery directly disk by Toshiba.

    You can order it on

    By the way: in the document of the user manuals is clearly describes how you can create the installation of recovery disc. I wonder that you he has not done in the past.

  • Satellite L10 - B - Toshiba Service Station does not

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L10 - B with Windows 8.1, that I bought for my wife. Expiry of the additional phone support, and I need help.

    Since I bought the computer, I am wondering how to check updates from Toshiba. I finally found out there is a program called Toshiba Service Station that is supposed to automatically check for updates, but I've not yet seen this program, or notifications of him.

    I went looking for using the search function, and now I know where to find.

    Just today, I tried to manually check the updates of Toshiba using Toshiba Service Station, but it is coming up with an error message indicating that the program has not been initialized and I need to restart or reinstall the program. I tried to reinstall the program from the Web site, and I still get the same error message.

    Where to go from here?

    I currently have a different problem but with my Toshiba service station on my Toshiba laptop Satellite P70 - A laptop computer 8.1.

    I got when Windows 10 free update became available. Had improved to 10 Windows. I had some problems with my Toshiba since the upgrade. But I'll fix it in another thread.

    The problem I have is the Toshiba Service Station as well. I received an alert notification in the Notification Center of Toshiba Service Station. That there was some new updates to download and install. I opened the Toshiba Service Station. A click on the download button. Wait for the download progress bar of progress overall. But he did not download the download progress bar was not even download an update of size small file for one of the Intel drivers. I'm like waiting and waiting for the progress bar fill. But only see an inch of the bar filled. The update has more than 300 MB to download. My internet speed is fast. So I don't know what's taking so long to download.

    Please tell me what I need to do?

  • Satellite A505-s6970: Toshiba Service Station does not work on Windows 7

    Hey guys I need your help,

    I installed windows 7 ultimate on my toshiba Satellite A505 s6970 and I downloaded all the drivers from and I installed all.

    When I open the Device Manager, 3 devices are not installed (Base-2 system device / / 1-Unknown device).
    Then I installed toshiba service station (Windows Vista / 7 32-64 bit because my windows is 64) it will search for and automatically download all necessary devices, but it does not work on windows 7, it worked perfectly in windows vista.

    Also the eco utility does not work, and the media touch buttons work just fine, but without giving that voice tone.

    Thanks for your help


    To be honest I have no experience with this tool.
    I m using Tempro.

    However, I guess that Toshiba service station was not tested and not designed for Win 7 at the moment.
    You may need to wait for the next update that works correctly with Windows 7.

    You must understand that the Windows 7 drivers have been released in Beta version, it would mean that the final version would be released in the near future
    In my opinion, you should take a look from time to time on the Toshiba page we.
    I noticed that each new day pilot is released and released.

  • Satellite P850-12 - Toshiba Service Station error

    I have a portable Satellite P850-12 which is 2 months old. There has never been a fast computer, and now gas station gives me the error:
    Unhandled exception program!
    Source: Toshiba ServiceStation
    Message: The external component has thrown an exception.
    Target: Void Initialize Component()
    Inner exception: no

    (WHY are not copyable error messages so you don't have to type it all by going back to the error message?)

    Anyway, read on the forums, someone said to go on the site of Toshiba, redownload, uninstall, and then reinstall it from the download, which I did - still does not work.

    It tries to start when the laptop and it hangs for a long time before giving the error message. Dag that disappeared from Windows made an another update a few days ago that I had to uninstall, because he kept the computer to boot at all, so I think it's what pulled the TSS.

    Any ideas on how to make it work again and leave me alone? Thank you.


    It is well known that the original recovery image contains many specific Toshiba Toshiba and utility tools and also some additional applications and almost all of them starts with Windows. That is the reason why almost every new notebook Toshiba starts slowly.

    It can be changed. You must change the start option and disable some unnecessary services to startup with Windows. That s not a big deal.

    Return to your main problem: Toshiba Service Station. This software starts with Windows and inform you of software updates. To be honest, it is the first app that I removed from my system.
    In any case, what you can do is to try to reinstall. You have already done, but next time, after withdrawal of test system for clean using CCleaner registry entries.

    If there is the only way to get it working again is to reinstall the OS using HARD drive recovery option.
    In the end, I write again: it removes the system and the problem is solved. You don t he need at all.

  • Satellite L850/0C9: Toshiba Service Station recommend bad BIOS update?

    I have a portable Satellite L850 - 0C9 and Toshiba Service Station recommended I install the new update of the BIOS that are marked "Satellite Pro update BIOS of C850 - v6.50.

    Should I install that is not the same model as my laptop
    If this is not the case, why gas station recommend that I install it?

    I guess it's your laptop and all the drivers and BIOS available for this model of laptop:

    The latest version of the BIOS is v6.50 and it seems to be the right one.
    C850 Pro seems belongs to the series even though maybe the BIOS is the same.

    However, the update of the BIOS is still a technique sensitive and from my point of view it is not really necessary if you n t s were a serious problems.

  • Toshiba Service Station has stopped working - Satellite L500 PSLS0A

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L500 PSLS0A-019002 with Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed that I received as a gift from two months ago.

    Apart from some do not like the weird and useless (to me) Windows Vista / 7 functions, the Office I get the error message "Toshiba Service Station has stopped working" who proceeds to find a solution, but apparently never find one because this situation repeats itself whenever I start.

    On another thread in the forums of Toshiba, someone suggested to download the independent utility called Toshiba Service Station and put it back. I see no such utility listed on the page of downloads for my Toshiba model. Because I don't know what the Toshiba Service Station did (unless it goes by another name - Toshiba Bulletin Board perhaps?), I don't know what causes the error or how to fix.

    Does anyone have a more accurate solution?

    As the user above has said, you can remove it. It is not important utility and does not have a big problem in your system.

  • Satellite A500 - Toshiba Service Station is not responding


    Recently alone time I use my Toshiba Satellite A500, I get an error message "Toshiba Service Station unresponsive".

    (1) that I start the computer. Everything is good.
    (2) I'm in internet explore, ms word or ms excellent (my three most often used applications)
    (3) in the process of this future application, I get this error message.
    (4) the error message sits for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then, the program continues its startup of the process and I can continue to work without more questions.

    While nothing serious seems to have happened it's extremely annoying (especially when you're in a hurry). What could be the reason for this error message and what can do about it?

    Thank you!

    To be honest I n not know why this happens, but what I can say is that this application is not so important, and you can remove it from the system. I did the same thing and I m missing at all.

  • C870 satellite - Toshiba Service Station problem


    for a while, the Toshiba Service station software won't work on my computer when I open it nothing happened and I can't do anything.

    And another problem:
    When I turn off my computer there is an error message "Program prevents the closure of windows" and this program is the Toshiba Service station that is running the Windows Setup program.

    You have an idea?

    Thanks for help.

    Uninstall the Toshiba service station of the system.
    Clean the operating system using CCLeaner (3rd party software which can be downloaded from different Web sites).
    Download driver Toshiba UE page gas station and install again.
    Reboot the laptop.


  • Need some drivers for my Satellite C70D-B-10U


    I see that not all the site provide download drivers. In the management of devices, I have yet 2 missing drivers
    PCI peripheral controller and unknown encryption/decryption.

    Can someone help me with it?
    Thank you

    All the drivers for the series of satellites C70D-B-10U (PSCLEE) can be found here:

  • ODD on my Satellite C70D-A-11F will not read DVDs

    WEIRD on my t Satellite C70D-A-11F (05.2014) won read DVDs more. No matter that one I try this simply does not work.
    The latest driver is installed.

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    If the optical disk drive is installed properly maybe bed lens dirty. Try to clean it.

    Otherwise, if your ODD can read CD but not DVD it can also be a malfunction of the equipment. The reading lens cannot be calibrated properly and failed to find the right position to read DVD media.

    In this case, ODD must be exchanged.

    Try to clean the lens and see if the problem still occurs. If so, contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

  • Need new display for my Satellite C70D - has

    I'm looking for a new presentation for my Toshiba Satellite C70D-A - 11 K!

    Help, please!


    The Satellite C70D - A - 11 K was fitted with the 17.3 "LED color LCD screen with resolution of 1600 x 900 px max support
    You should be able to order this billboard of local Toshiba authorized service provider, or you can see some 3rd party online resellers who provide parts for compatible laptop...

    As I mention above: you should look for the signs 17.3 " .

  • Satellite C70D-A-11 t - sound does not work with HDMI


    I buy a Satellite C70D-A-11 t and pass it on Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium edition.
    I have install all drivers, and I have no problems.

    When I want to connect it to my TV for the first time, I discovered that there is no sound on the TV.
    I try to go on the speaker (near windows clock), right-click, sound, first tab (I think it's 'Read' in English... I have a french Windows) and my device (TV) does not appear.

    I'll be back on the Web site of Support of Toshiba to download the latest driver "HDMI Audio driver" for my laptop, I connect the cable, and it appears in the sound properties. I select it as default device and the Øresund have just my TV.


    But when I restart my laptop (with or without the HDMI cable), TV disappear from the list in the sound properties, the only solution to reinstall the Audio HDMI driver to retrieve the sound.
    If I start the installation of the driver with the 'Advanced' option, I have the list of drivers to install and I see all the drivers are already installed, but the HDMI Audio Driver will be modernized... I have install and it works until the next reboot.

    Could you explain to me why the version of the driver do not remain on the system, and how to do the work without reinstalling every day?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


    Someone here? :(

  • Problem connecting Wi - Fi on Windows 8.1 - Satellite C70D-A-11F

    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-11F (PSCENE).
    The integrated Wi - Fi adapter is a "Qualcomm Atheros AR956x Wireless Network Adapter", but I can't connect to my private even when WiFi (WPA2-PSK-AES key).

    Color of the Wi - Fi indicator light is orange in front of the computer.

    When I try to connect, its status will change to 'Not connected' to 'Disabled', then back to "not connected".

    I can't understand the origin of the problem, or what to do, besides this Toshiba product is not listed in the list of elements supported...

    Any idea guys?

    Thank you.
    Damien Paris, France

    The amber light indicates that the network WiFi or Bluetooth is enabled.
    This means that even if the light is orange, the WiFi could be OFF and BT can only be activated.

    You should check if the WiFi is enabled. You can do this by going to settings PC (Win button + C, and then click Change PC settings)-> network-> WLan slider On / OFF

    The WiFi network can be configured too using the old method you know Win 7
    Go to control panel-> network & sharing Center control-> on the left click eat Wireless Networks
    Here you can add the network news and can start the configuration.

  • Satellite C70D - Has: game lag due to the graphics chip?


    I have laptop Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-11th week series 1.
    Unfortunately, I'm at the moment not really satisfied with the image... game is lagging because my graphics.

    My question is where you can find how much I consume the 4 GB.

    And where can I put I consume more or less. Since then, it is a separable memory Yes.

    My English is not perfect. hope someone understands.

    Please answer


    Well, I m wondering why you bought a device with a (inner part of the CPU) graphics chip if you want to use the laptop for games?

    The laptop supports the AMD Radeon HD graphics 8400 which is part of the A6-5200 Quad-Core AMD processor.
    This GPU is similar to Intel HD GPU, which is also part of Intel processors.

    Such graphic internal cards are not really designed for a game of course, you would be able to run and play a game, but don t expect too much

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